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At Java Cafe, Brady and Arianna talk. Ari is worried about Rafe. He has told so many lies for Sami she is afraid everyone will blame him. Brady says not to worry about everybody, just EJ DiMera!
- At the hospital, Max approaches Mel. She has an application to apply for the nursing school program with the hospital. Max seems surprised. How could she commute from London? Mel now tells him she does
not think she will be going to London after all. He jokes a bit and says he is glad she will be doing something so important. Mel's eyes now follow Nathan as he walks up to the nurse's station. Max takes it all in.
Nathan approaches and says a sentence in poorly pronounced French. Introductions are made. Nathan hears that Mel has decided to stay in town after all and grins. Nathan makes some friendly small talk, hopes Max will enjoy London, shakes his hand, and returns to work. Max
asks Mel is she kidding! One should not change the course of one's
life all for one cute guy. Mel disagrees. Besides, she might only screw
up Max's life if she goes overseas. Big bro gives Mel an open ticket to London just in case and teases her about the object of her interest. "I love you," cries Mel and they tell each other goodbye.
- Replay of Elvis running into Sami at the church vestibule. Roman takes a step forward and warns him to stay away. EJ scoffs. Bo tells him this is the church and it is that little girl's funeral. Elvis states he is well aware of that. Nicole tells him not now. Sami sniffles.Elvis assures them he would never disrespect his daughter's service and it was not
HE who made her entire life a lie! Enter Will and Mia. Will gives Sami the brush off, so Bo informs him that his mom needs his support. Mia agrees.
- Inside the church, Father Matt lets Rafe know that God understands sometimes his plans are bewildering. Rafe bellows he has taken an innocent baby. Sami joints Rafe at the altar. She cannot stop thinking that Grace was the one who brought them together. Rafe promises she will always be with them. "Remember - the three of us against the world." He is there for her, to help her through this. Sami sniffles and puts her head on his shoulder. Elvis glares at them from a distance.
Almost everybody goes inside, except EJ and Nicole. They are still looking at Grace's smiling picture. Mia wants to know why Will does not wish to talk to Sami. Will points bitterly to EJ DiMera. That is Grace's father! Mia says nothing. They go inside together. Nicole reminds EJ he has much time to be angry and get revenge. He needs
to take this time to grieve, however. He takes a deep breath and blinks back the tears, admitting  he could never before imagine such pain. They embrace. Will and Mia continue their discussion. Will fills Mia in that Sami did not tell EJ he was Grace's father. He explains she was doing anything to keep her child from growing up in that house. Mia looks uncomfortable. She brings up the fact that Johnny seems alright
at the house. "So far," says Will. Mia sighs and they sit down. Elvis asks Nicole what Mia is doing here. Nicole explains she used to babysit for Grace. Elvis laments that a complete stranger knew his daughter better than he did. He asks Nicole for a moment alone so that he can say a prayer. However, instead, he places a call on his cell phone. "Is everything ready?" He cuts the call short when Steph enters. She announces she is untied and not scared to death. Perhaps he likes to pretend that it never happened and that he is not such a horrible person ... EJ points out it is his daughter's funeral. Steph smiles and continues her attack. "Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?" She pities Sami,who loved that child. But he does not know what love is and does not deserve to have children or to be alive. Elvis starts to tell her that she is lucky to be alive so she smacks him across the face and squeaks he should not threaten her again. Phil walks up behind her. EJ suggests
she exercise a little self-control, as he does, so as to keep the delicate balance of things. He walks off and Steph tells Phil she is sorry. He understands and feels she was within her rights. Steph decides they should go inside so they do just that. Steph tells Sami she is so sorry. Caroline now arrives and would like a word with Will. He steps away. Nicole places a reassuring hand on Mia's shoulder and casts her a sympathetic glance. She notes she is there for Grace and so she should be. Caroline approaches Sami. Sami gasps her grandma always said God gives them what they can handle. She now cannot handle that this was her fault. Caroline stops her. "Nobody blames you." Sami smiles that is another lie. Caroline hugs her. She then locks eyes with Elvis, who is sitting alone, observing the scene darkly. Arianna and Brady are now present. Brady seeks out Nicole. He believes perhaps there should have been a service for the baby that she lost. Nicole insists what she did was right for EJ and for Sydney. He asks if it was right for her. Of course she says sarcastically
Roman takes a seat in front of EJ and shows him his badge. If he hurts one more member of his family, he will turn in his badge and deal with him the way his family deals with others, showing no mercy! Roman walks off. EJ considers, now removing the folded document from his suit jacket.
Phil and Steph sit together and she criticizes EJ for pulling off the grieving father routine, given what kind of person he is.
Arianna takes brother Rafe aside and tells him she was wrong, she should not have faulted him for helping Sami. Brady now consoles Sami. He understands that any sane person would do what they could to keep their child from becoming a DiMera. He loves that she was protecting her kid. Sami now admits she was afraid of telling him.
They hug. Next up to offer their condolences are Bo and Hope. Bo states if she needs someone to talk to, they are there for her day and night. Sami was worried he was mad at her, but Bo could never stay mad at her.
Nicole quietly looks at Grace's picture. She was the first one to hold her, and she will never forget her ...
- Father Matt asks all to take their seats. They do. The service gets underway. Grace Raphaela has risen to a new life. He explains that life for them has changed, not ended. In tears, Sami sits with Rafe.Caroline reads and Will talks about Grace, overcome with grief. Father Matt
asks if anyone else present would like to speak? Elvis stands up and gives a speech on the love of children, adding that Sami and Rafe will always have memories of his daughta, while he has nothing! Elvis sadly steps down, glancing back at Grace's picture on the altar. Mia proceeds to sing Amazing Grace. Everyone in attendance joins. Sami sobs on Rafe's shoulder. Father Matt goes on with the sermon. He speaks of forgiveness. Soon it is time for Communion. Elvis sidles up to Sami
and wonders if she has been to confession, to absolve her sins. She replies at least she is sorry for them. Flowers are placed in Grace's basket. Exit Mia, after reminding Will that Grace would not want him mad at his mom. Sami and Rafe each place a flower in the basket. EJ and Nicole follow suit. Then comes the last farewell from Father Matt. Sami later thanks Steph for being brave enough to come. Steph turns
on EJ and Nicole and warns Mrs. DiMera that her husband has blood on his hands! EJ advises Philip to better control his woman. Philip advises him to stay far away from them. The mourners disperse. Rafe, who now believes it was a mistake to let EJ find out the truth, consoles heartbroken Sami by pointing out that Johnny and Aly are waiting for her at home.
- Steph and Phil head home to the house of Kiriakis, where the
prodigal son praises her for her bravado and steps away to order some
lunch from Henderson. Steph nervously glances at the newspaper on the table and continues to pop pills ...
- Mia returns to the Java Cafe, where she gets back to work at the counter, only to come face to face with Chad! She looks horrified. He grins roguishly.
- Back at the church, Nicole is mortified when Father Matt informs the remaining mourners that the nuns have arrived, having been slightly delayed by a flat tire. She had told Sister Theresa that her name was Mary! Meanwhile, Elvis brazenly hands Samantha the document he
has had prepared - a court order awarding Johnny to him. "That's the beginning," warns the mafia prince. He is taking Johnny from her, just as she took his daughta from him. An eye for an eye!

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Will is on his cell with Lucas and insists they need to talk now and it cannot wait!
Kate smiles at Chloe and Dan. "Those little appetizers are tasty. To
die for tasty!"
"I will see you both in hell for this!" says angry Sami to Nicole and EJ.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Subdued Sami reads Grace's obit in the newspaper, unhappy that
Rafe is not included as the father. Rafe wants her to eat something. Sami is a bundle of nerves. Rafe offers to talk to Elvis to suggest he
not come to the funeral. Sami feels he has every right to be there, however. She asks him not to go behind her back and try to take care
of her by keeping him away from the funeral. Rafe believes his being there would make it harder for her. Sami gasps they cannot fix this,
they simply must get through the day. Sami tells Rafe she loves him
and she knows losing Grace is killing him, too. Rafe laments he keeps waiting to hear her voice in the next room. It does not feel real. Sami gasps that it is and cries on his shoulder. She later tries to call Will but
it goes straight to his voicemail again. Ding dong! Rafe opens the door to Roman, who asks Sami how she is doing and gives her a consoling embrace. Roman is of the opinion that she got bad advice. Sami must go in the other room to attend to one of her crying kids. Roman is mad at Rafe, but Rafe has other things to worry about - he confides in the commander that he is very worried about EJ. Someone needs to tell
him to stay away from the funeral. Perhaps Roman can help? Roman promises he will not bother Sami! Sami now returns, sad that Johnny has been crying after Grace. She gasps Rafe can help in dealing with Father Matt and his questions for her. Exit Rafe, to do just that. Sami now faces Roman and defends Rafe. She did not want her daughter with EJ while he planned Phil's assassination. Roman wonders why she never told him. Sami points out he always does things by the book.
She is now scared about what EJ will do, yet she is glad she did what she did. She packs up Grace's things, which will be given to a rookie cop whose wife just had a baby. Roman thinks it is time to go.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ looks at Grace's picture and obituary in the newspaper, tosses the paper down, and laments it is as if his daughter had no father. Nicole and Stefano watch from the hallway. Stefano thinks she should be in there with him. Nicole says he only wants to
be with Sydney. Stefano feels the best thing would have been for Sami to say nothing. Nicole is so sad that he is mourning a child who was not even his. She has never seen him like this. Stefano explains there is no pain like losing a child. Nicole starts to moan that if he ever finds out
the truth ... Stefano grabs her by the shoulders and warns he can never know the truth! If she succumbs to her guilt and tells him, there will be more grief for everybody! Nicole enters the elegant living room, hugs EJ, and asks if she can get him something. She wishes Sami had not caused him such pain. Elvis sadly remarks nothing changes the fact
that his daughter is dead. "Don't say that," interrupts Nicole. "Grace wasn't ..." Elvis wonders what exactly she is trying to tell him. Nicole stares at him and looks down as he asks "Grace wasn"t what?" Nicole sadly says he never bonded with her. Angry Elvis declares that was because he was denied the chance. He raises his voice. Does that mean she did not matter?! Nicole moans that is not what she meant.He warns her to be careful what she says. He now angrily pours himself a drink. She points out he has Sydney, but his answer is that one child does not make up for the loss of another. Part of the reason he is grieving is because he was robbed of the chance to spend any time with  her and that woman lied! "Nothing that my father did ever amounted to that!" he bellows. Nicole is sorry. "Samantha is going to be sorry, very sorry, for the rest of her life," says the dark prince and takes a drink. Nicole later reads a document Elvis has handed her and now understands why Sami's life is going to be a living hell ... Elvis stands up and is off to get Sydney ready for the funeral, but Nicole exclaims she cannot go. Elvis casts her a surprised look. Nicole wants Sydney kept out of it, but he does not wish to let her out of his sight. Nicole reminds him he will be concentrating on Sami after he says goodbye to Grace. He relents. She adds that then it will just be the three of them "and Sami will be out of our lives forever." Enter the phoenix, who lets the pair know he will
not be attending the service, claiming he could not cope with it so soon after losing Anthony. Elvis understands. Stefano adds he would not wish to see those sanctimonious Bradys, though he sent a condolence card to Samantha. Elvis is not as kindly toward that woman, however. Stefano picks up Sydney and says he would rather concentrate on the future. He cuddles his grandchild ...
- At Java Cafe, Mia is at her first day at work but tells her boss she wants to leave and go to the funeral. He is understaffed. She insists. Will approaches and says she need not go just for him. "I'm not," says she. "I'm doing it for me." Boss Evan says he will cover for her. Mia mutters her thanks. She asks Will if he is going to funeral, then where
is his tie? He forgot it. She informs him he needs to go back and get it. He will wait until his mom has gone to the church. Mia takes his cell, notes he has five missed calls from her, and instructs him to call her back. His mom needs him right now. Will retorts she does not know his mom at all! Mia gets back to work and mean girl Kinsey soon arrives, smugly stating she has bumped into Chad, who was asking all about
her. Mia blanches and drops her coffee. Will walks over and tells her off for slinging dirt on the day they have to go to Grace's  funeral. The manager asks if everything is okay. No, retorts Kinsey. Will cuts her off, says it was his fault, and apologizes. The manager walks away, satisfied. Mia sends Will home to get his tie. Kinsey taunts her and wants to know why the name Chad always stresses her out! Mia
denies the charge.
- Back at Sami's place, Sami complains to Roman that she has done many things wrong and fears Will is not going to forgive her. Roman thinks he can handle Will. Enter Will. He mumbles he is there for his
tie and goes straight to his room, avoiding a convo with his mother or grandpa. Little Johnny later emerges and hugs Sami.She tells him when she comes back home, she will be able to play with him and his sister.
- Replay of Mel encountering shirtless Nathan in the kitchen. She assumes he was pretending to be a doctor at the hospital. He quips she is pretty, but she is an idiot. Mel tells him not to move and calls him a weirdo. He says he would not move, since this is a great place to stay. He has taken Mel's cell and she asks back for it. He teases her to talk with more authority and looks at the new phone with exciting options. She calls him a pervert. He points out he is welcome here. In fact, Maggie told him to make himself at home. He helps himself to a donut and Mel cries out in protest. Enter Maggie. "I see the two of you have already met." Mel is confused. Especially when Nathan calls Maggie grandma! He gets his shirt on and has a good laugh about their first meeting. Maggie proudly states he will be doing his internship at the hospital so they will be seeing a lot of each other. Mel now tells Maggie she plans to go to London with Max. Maggie will miss her. Mel gets teary-eyed. She will miss Maggie too. Nathan teases her about the first impression she makes on people. Maggie hopes that she is not running away. She points out both kids lived in France. They each speak a sentence in French with abominable pronunciation. They now talk Paris, where he could not get into med school, being an American, hence his return to Salem. He brushes some sugar from Mel's cheek and she blushes. Exit Nathan. Mel now notes there is no rush to go to London! She heads for the hospital and informs big nurse she would like to unquit her job. The nurse knowingly wonders who changed her mind!
- On the Kiriakis terrace, Steph looks at Grace's obituary in the paper. She closes it, only to see the Owen escaping headline glaring at her, along with a big pic of her tormentor's face. She stands up, has a glass of water, and steadies herself. Out comes Caroline, who is there to see how she is doing. Steph insists she is fine. Where is Philip? He had business in Chicago. Caroline gets miffed. She should not go to the funeral alone and Phil should not have left her alone at the house like that. She has a sinking feeling though Steph is not even married to him yet! Steph wants her to stop. She does not wish to hear anything bad about Philip and suggests she worry about Sami instead of her.
Caroline patiently explains she is worrying about Sami, as well as her. Steph disagrees when Caroline asks her not to go to the funeral. She boasts she will look EJ right in the eye and let him know she is not scared. And she believes the feud is over. Caroline hopes she is right and they walk out together ...
- In the church vestibule, Hope asks Zack to look after Grace. Bo comes up behind her with a hug. Poignant music is heard. Hope lights
a candle and Bo wipes away tear. Hope remembers Zack's funeral felt like a bad dream. She did not feel alive on that day, but it meant much to her that everyone was there. She feels she must be strong and they must stay, to help Sami thru it. Bo goes off to check security when
Rafe shows up. Hope tells him that they too lost a child and so she understands what he is experiencing. He asks about Zack. They then talk about Sami and how Bo and Roman are rather mad at Rafe.
Hope, however, is in his court, and praises him for loving Grace as if she were his own. Rafe later enters the church area. Alone at the altar, he prays at Grace's picture, which is surrounded by flowers, and cries out in frustration, his heart breaking. Enter Father Matt, dressed in white for the service. He asks Rafe if he is alright. Rafe does not know. He questions whether he should be there, as he does not know if he
can forgive God for letting Grace die ...
- Elvis arrives at the church with Nicole and looks at the photo in the vestibule. "She is going to pay," he seethes. She is going to pay for her arrogance! He adds that this picture is all he has as Sami enters with Roman. EJ looks at her with a pair of accusing eyes ...

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"Max, I don't think I'm gonna go to London," Mel tells her big bro.
"What I did was right for EJ and for Sydney," Nicole says to Brady.
Rafe assures Sami she can get thru this. "I'm here for you."
Steph slaps EJ after he drawls she is lucky to be alive. "Don't you
ever even think about threatening me again!" she squeaks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


At the hospital, Mel has had it and quits! Or does she? She walks
away and giggles, only to run into a good looking young guy. "Hi,"
says she. He smiles back. Does she know where the admin office is? First floor. He says thanks and goes on his way. Enter Brady, who teases smiling Mel that it looks like someone just fell! She states she is just happy for her new life, since she has decided to move to London. Brady tells her she actually has a very good reason to stay in Salem. She is just starting to get a life in town and has friends like Maggie and Phil and Steph and him. He can stand in for Max and be her bro. Mel points out Salem is not London, so unless he has another reason ...
He brings up the guy she was just talking to! She admits he is cute though she knows not who he is. Brady must attend a board meeting and drop off a check but makes Mel promise not to do anything drastic before talking to him first. Smiling Mel asks the nurse about the guy
she just bumped into and as it turns out, he is now standing behind
her. Mel turns around and looks embarrassed. She is Melanie. He is Nathan, having just arrived from Nashville. She offers to show him around,  but he receives a call, summoning him to the Brady pub. He excuses himself as Mel gazes after him. She gets back to work and Maggie brings by her wallet. She wants to talk to her about the house living arrangements but Mel is in a hurry and flounces off. Later on, Mel is back at Horton house, only to meet a shirtless Nathan in her kitchen! What is he doing there?
- Kate is at Java Cafe, discussing the first taping of the show with her right-hand Chris (Ross). He suggests that since the intense Dr. Jonas turned them down, she have a look at one of the new young doctors
in his file. Kate glares. "I gave you instructions. I need Daniel." He wonders if they should cancel the medical segments in the first show,
as he said no. Kate insists it will be Daniel today. Furthermore, has Chris accomplished his mission? She wanted him to dig up dirt on the good doctor and for his sake, she hopes he did it. He sighs. No, not
yet. However, his source will have something soon. Kate reminds him they are taping today and she wants it now. He explains she is getting scary. She warns she wants that info in the next few minutes or Christopher will find out just how scary she can be! Kate finishes by giving him the evil eye. Later, Chris gets to work on his computer and checks an email from his source. Success! Kate shoves him aside and sits down. She reads and gloats now she will have the camera shy doctor exactly where she wants him.
- Meanwhile, down at the pier, Daniel himself is jogging and stops,
only to be approached by sultry Chloe. She says she has been waiting for him and they kiss and kiss and kiss. The clothes start to come off. Jazz music is heard in the background. Chloe blinks. Back to reality. They are both wearing their clothes and facing each other on the pier. She brings up the fact that he is not doing the medical segment on
the show. He admits it is because of her. She laments she has made a complete fool of herself with him recently, but he commends her for
her honesty. She understands he was honest too, when he pointed out that she did choose Lucas over him. She wanted to meet him here to inform him that she has pulled herself together and has no more second thoughts. She says she knows what she wants. Their eyes lock and
Dan looks intense. They sit down and she continues. After they spoke, she and Lucas made up. She believes things are fine between them now. Dan drawls he is glad, though his eyes betray his emotions. She adds he forced her to face facts and get her priorities straight. She had been feeling lost. She thinks he saved her and her eyes become moist
as she adds he is always there for her and he is such an amazing guy. Dan looks down. Chloe is sorry. He shakes his head and forces a grin. "Don't worry about it." Chloe sadly says that although they can never be together, she will always admire him. They stare at each other with longing. Chloe remembers their passion and so does he. Dan puts on a brave face and pretends he is glad to hear she and Lucas are working things out. Chloe must now get ready for the first show. She notes that the replacement doctor will not be able to match up to him, thanks him for being a good friend, and gives him a handshake goodbye. The air is thick with their chemistry. Dan releases her hand and she slowly walks away. The tormented doc takes a deep breath and sits down. His cell rings. Tis Kate, who would like to meet him at Java Cafe pronto. He is busy, but she suggests he make time, as what they have to talk about will change everything for both of them.
- Chloe soon finds herself alone in the church, where she prays. She asks God for strength so she will have a good marriage with Lucas, though she cannot stop thinking of Daniel. The candles burn nearby
and she sighs. She wants to do right and be a good wife to Lucas, yet the thought of Daniel leads to another passionate daydream. Chloe rushes out, a wreck. Father Matt asks what is wrong. "I'm cheating on my husband!" she gasps. She pretends she is just thinking about Dan
all the time and wants him so much. What can she do? Daniel told her to be strong and make the right decision. She cries she did but she is
still not over him and never will be. "I'm more in love with him than ever!"
- Kate awaits Daniel at Java Cafe and has a creepy daydream about visiting Chloe's grave. She smiles and Dan approaches, wondering
what she is so pleased about. She is about to make him an offer he cannot refuse, says she! He reminds her he already refused to do the show and suspects she might be about to blackmail him. Kate coos she will match his salary and donate it to the breast cancer charity of his choice, in memory of his late wife. He questions how she found out
his late wife had breast cancer. He also wonders why Kate wants him near Chloe, knowing fully well they had an affair. Kate again claims
she is attempting to get past her anger. And she wants him to think of
all the women who would be helped by the donation. Dan thinks she can make the donation without him and use another doc for her show. Kate goes on to say the segment will also be about him advising
women how to prevent breast cancer. Rebecca would be proud. She asks him to think about it and departs. Maggie approaches and Dan fills her in. Maggie overheard. Dan is not sure he can work with Chloe so closely and keep his feelings hidden. Maggie praises him for his self-
control thus far. Perhaps he should concentrate on the good he can
do. That is a great deal of money for cancer research. Perhaps he is stronger than he thinks ...
- Kate talks to her assistant on her cell and says she believes Dr. Jonas is going to do the right thing!
- Still on the Kiriakis terrace, Steph apologizes to Phil, realizing the
note was just to confirm that a new car for her had been delivered! He grins she graduated from college, hence the lavish gift. She sheds a few tears in embarrassment and laments how paranoid she is lately. Phil sits her down and reminds her she has been through a lot so it will take a little while for her to trust again. She now wants to see the new car so they head out together. When they return together, Steph says she cannot accept such an expensive car. She is not a material girl. She loves him without the wealth. He says that is why he loves getting her stuff. They kiss. He wants her to accept the car. Besides, it would be better for the environment than what she is driving now. The prodigal son charmingly convinces her to accept the gift. She admits she would like to calm down and stop being so manic. He says he has news that may turn things around. They have brokered a truce with the DiMeras. And his father let him do the bargaining. From now on, Titan will be
run his way. "It feels good being my own man," finishes Phil. He vows she will be married to a different kind of Kiriakis and he will not let anything happen to her. He goes inside and asks her to wait. Stephanie crumples the note and tosses it to the ground. She then anxiously reaches into her bag for her pills and pulls one out. She flashes back to Owen at the morgue and takes a few more pills as well. Phil returns with champagne to celebrate her college graduation, the DiMera truce, and his new position in the family. She hesitates, but then changes her mind and drinks up. Steph now wants to get physical. Brady arrives
and they stand up and smooth down their clothing. Phil boasts they made a deal with the DiMeras. A truce. Brady seems to have doubts that it is real. Steph listens. Phil's cell rings and he goes inside to take the call. Righteous Brady now notes they are having champagne at breakfast. For breakfast, Steph corrects. She asks about his thoughts
on the truce. Brady thinks everyone is focused on other things, like Sami's baby. He explains Grace was really Sami's baby, whom she
was hiding from the father, EJ DiMera! Steph steadies herself and sits down. She feels for Sami. Brady thinks EJ will show up at the funeral. Steph gets a strange look in her eye. "Owen was hired by EJ DiMera." Brady advises her not to go to the funeral after all. She insists she will go. As Phil returns, Brady gets a call and walks off. Phil complains he might have to go Chicago and miss the funeral. Perhaps Steph should not go. She, however, is more determined than ever to go to that funeral!
- Back at the church, the kindly priest informs tormented Chloe that fantasies are not reality and with time will drift away. Chloe hopes so, for she has been too tempted. Thank God Daniel turned down working on her mother-in-law's television show. She does not know what might happen if she had to be near him for any length of time!
- Meanwhile, Dan places a call to Kate and accepts her generous offer. She is all smiles and asks him to meet her at the Kiriakis terrace. When the call is over, she pulls the small bottle of deadly poison out of her bag. "Goodbye Chloe, goodbye Daniel. It will all be over soon ...!"

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"You're pretty but you're a real idiot," Nathan chuckles to Mel.
Mia informs Will his mom needs him now, but he says she does not know his mom at all!
"Sami's life is going to be a living hell," Nicole says as EJ stares darkly.
"I'm scared about what he's gonna do," Sami whispers nervously.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On the terrace, Phil has left a note for Steph, informing her he is at
a meeting. Steph blinks and imagines seeing Owen. She hallucinates
he is on the terrace taunting her. He gets close and whispers he loves her perfume. He touches her face and she tells him to leave her alone. "I'm never going to leave you."  He smiles eerily. They are going to
go away together, does she not remember? He plays with her hair.
Steph is frozen. She asks him to leave her alone. He explains he went through a lot of trouble to escape from the police to be there today to
take her away. Is that not what she wants? No, she wants Philip.
Owen warns Phil will let her down due to the kind of family he is
from. There is darkness in everything he does. Steph shakes her head. Owen obsesses he will take her away, this time somewhere special. Steph closes her eyes in fear. She opens them, only to find Henderson standing on the terrace, offering her coffee. Perhaps something from
the kitchen? Steph thanks him and nervously says maybe later. Exit Henderson. Steph takes out a small bottle of pills, tosses back a few, and then rushes off ...
- Mel flounces into the pub, where Max is working at the bar. She
needs a coffee. He says the first one is on him. He wonders why she is up so early in the morning. She points out she got his message last night that he is leaving for London. Just how long will he be gone? She is surprised to hear he does not intend to return. "You can't leave!" she pouts. Mel cries there will be no one there to stand up for her. He
notes she has made friends lately, like Brady. Mel sniffles and forces
a smile. She brings up Phil and Stephanie also being nice to her. She mentions what happened and Max would like to hear all about it. He is shocked to hear about Owen. Is Steph okay? She tells him the whole story and how Phil was pounding on him when the cops arrived. She proudly tells how she snuck into the morgue and pretended she needed to bury her grandma. Max does not agree with her taking chances. He now does not feel he should leave her alone in Salem. She should go to London with him. Melanie chokes on her coffee with a laugh. Chelsea would love that! Max says he will deal with Chelsea. He would like her to think about coming to London. Mel smiles, finishes munching on her doughnut, and takes her leave. She bumps into Steph on her way out and says hello. Max now informs Steph he has just heard the news. Is she okay? Yes, says she. Nice try, says he. He gets his ex-girlfriend a cup of coffee and joins her at her table, to lecture her that he knew something like this was going to happen. Furthermore, she and Philip will never be a good fit for each other. Steph is displeased and says it
is not his call. She claims she is fine. Max thinks she just got lucky this time. What about next time, and with Philip there always is a next time! Steph insists this time it is really over. No more such situations. She states Phil is the guy for her and now talks London. She is happy for Max and Chelsea but she will miss him. He will miss her too and tells her one more time to be careful.
- Maggie has just finished showing Mia around her home. Mia is grateful but thinks she should not stay. Maggie asks why. Mia sadly elaborates. Here everything is so nice - but she cannot yet pay rent and she is not deserving! Maggie thinks she should go easy on herself and just stay so she does not have a relapse. Mia confesses she has done some things she is not proud of and if Maggie knew what they were, she would not want her around. Maggie makes them tea and points out to Mia that she too had demons to deal with when she was recovering. She feels she should leave her past in the past, where it belongs. She
too was alone in Salem at the beginning and was practically scared of her own shadow. But people reached out to her. Now it is her turn.
She is reaching out, so Mia should stay with her at least for a little while. Mia gets choked up and promises to pay her back soon as she gets a job. Maggie smiles anything will be fine. Mia agrees to stay and give her a big hug. Enter Mel, who looks unpleasantly surprised.
- Down at the pier, Elvis meets with Victor and Philip and assures them that there is nothing the DiMeras would like more than the slate wiped clean. A fresh start for all. Victor questions whether he speaks for the entire DiMera family. Indeed. Phil talks Owen. They want him! Vic agrees. He spied on them for years. Phil barks they need to tell them where he is. EJ retorts he cannot do that. Phil takes a step forward. He believes Owen had help getting away from the cops. He wants that S.O.B.! Elvis tells them to rest assured that when they get him, he will be treated harshly. Victor now wants to know where the hell Stefano is. Elvis promises he is coming. Vic doubts Stefano will agree to an all-out truce. Stefano now emerges. As a matter of fact, he does! And he
trusts his son to make some decisions for his family. Vic thinks it is a sham and starts to leave with his own son, but EJ asks him to wait. Yesterday he lost someone who was very important to him.Afterwards, he vowed to end this vicious circle of arguing over Tony's death. Both he and Stefano have decided not to pursue any further countermoves. Vic wants to know what exactly that means. It means he is there today to broker a truce. "Interesting," quips the Greek tycoon. "With Philip," finishes EJ. Victor informs Junior that he is in no position to make demands and if he wishes to negotiate with the Kiriakis family, he will deal with him. Phil takes the Greek tycoon aside for a moment.Stefano quietly asks Elvis if he is sure about this. He is. This is about the future of his family, and after this thing with Samantha, he will let no one ever control his life again!. Meanwhile, ambitious Phil thinks they are seeing the changing of the guard. EJ is assuming control and if he wishes to deal with Phil, perhaps Vic should step back. Vic disagrees. Phil brings up how many times he has fired him in the past and if he wants to fire him now, so be it. Otherwise, he should step back. Vic grumbles he hates that Brit! So does Phil, but it is about the future of the family. Time for Victor and Stefano to step back. The Greek tycoon considers.
Moments later, the new generation of Kiriakis and DiMera stand face
to face. Elvis suggests they go back to the way things were before. Everything north of the water is theirs. Phil adds that everything south
is theirs. They agree. As for the corporations, they will follow laws and simply compete. No more surprises. They agree on it, each son now speaking for his family. They then shake on it as the older patriarchs watch, flanked by their respective henchmen ...
- At Java Cafe, Brady makes a comment to Nicole about not being
the only one who lied to EJ about a baby. He then takes a call about a fundraiser. She is mad he dropped a bomb on her only to take a phone call. Now that the phone call is over, Brady explains it was about  a million dollar deal. Nicole is still miffed about his crack about her lying to EJ. Brady solemnly says he thought of her when he heard about Sami losing her baby and lying to EJ about it for months. He wonders. EJ got very upset with Sami, so what will he do when ... Nicole snaps he will not find out. She boasts she and EJ are closer than ever. Brady warns that after one simple blood test, she could be the next Sami. She claims she has covered all her bases. Brady brings up Dr. Baker. She retorts he is out of the picture. He reminds her there are others and one of them is coming thru the door right now. In comes Mia! Nicole informs Brady that when she let Mia hold Sydey, nothing happened. Brady warns she has been hanging around Will, Sami's son. His cell rings so he walks of to take the call. Mia sits at Nicole's table and
thanks her for helping her see Grace when she was unwell. She felt more with Grace than Sydney. Nicole suggests she not wonder about it too much. Brady now returns and Mia excuses herself to talk to the manager about getting a job. Brady sits back down. Nicole repeats
Mia is not a problem but Brady clearly has his doubts. He warns her
she is lying to herself. She says she did it to keep the thing that meant the most to her and if she had to do it all over again, she would! She moans she has a happy life she made happen. She now speaks of love, though Brady retorts she knows very well that  love has nothing to do with it and walks away ...
- Back at Maggie's place, Mel makes a remark about her house being a home for wayward girls. Maggie did leave her a message.Mel asks how well she knows Mia. Why, she could be a serial killer! Maggie replies she is not, she is just an insecure girl who is rather like Mel used to be, and she is certainly turning out just fine! Mel smiles for the praise. Maggie is proud of her. Mel complains about sharing the bathroom and then apologizes. She admits she is jealous and does not want to share Maggie with her. Maggie reassures her no one can take her place in her heart. And did she turn in her nursing school application? No, not yet. Maggie goes off to call Mickey. Mel whips out her application form
and ponders. Maybe London would not be so bad. She goes back to work at the hospital after turning in her application for nursing school. The nurse warns her that nursing school is rough and she does not feel it would be a good fit. Now it is time for Mel to start passing out books to the patients.She spies a brochure of London and picks it up. Enough. Moments later, she quits!
- Back on the Kiriakis terrace, Phil joins Steph. He has good news. She wants to know if  that means he found Owen. Nope and he is probably long gone. Steph frets. He promises the guards on the property are on high alert. Henderson appears with a note for Phil. He glances at it and drawls he will take care of it later. When he places it in his suit pocket, Steph demands to know what it is about. Business. "I don't believe you!" she says nervously. She panics and insists he hand over the note so he patiently obliges.
- Stefano and Elvis return to DiMera mansion, where they talk about Samantha. Elvis is still enraged and blames himself for not seeing thru her lies. For months she withheld his child from him! Stefano points
out at least he made a good decision in selecting Nicole over her, for it
is Nicole who always has his best interest at heart. Elvis agrees.
But Samantha is selfish. "What kind of person keeps a child from its fatha!" The phoenix also feels she did a despicable thing. Elvis declares that from now on, she will have to treat his wife with respect, for his wife is loving and caring and good and does not lie about children! Stefano pauses and takes a sip of his orange juice. He senses his son
is preparing for payback. Indeed. The mafia prince has a plan. He produces a document and shows it to the phoenix, who calls it brilliant. Elvis growls she will never know what hit her. Stefano nods in agreement ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
"What we have to talk about is going to change everything," Kate
says on her cell.
Phil informs Steph "And I've got news that may turn things around."
Mel tells Brady that unless he can give her a tiny reason to stay ...
"How about that guy you were just talking to," says he.

My goodness, what's wrong?
I'm cheating on my husband!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Steph is standing on the Kiriakis terrace and jumps when Philip
comes up behind her. He promises her Owen is behind bars, so
no one will hurt her again. They hug. Along comes serious Vic,
who needs to talk to the prodigal son pronto!
- At Brady pub, Rafe approaches working Ari and they take a seat together. He admits there is something he should have told her about Sami and her baby. Arianna is all ears. She later cannot believe that Grace was really Sami's. Why lie about it? Rafe informs her she did
not want the biological father to know. When she hears it is one EJ DiMera, she understands, as she has heard of the DiMeras. Rafe is surprised she is not lecturing him about Sami. Usually she rips into
her. What changed? She does not think Sami is the problem, but he is! Rafe wants to know what the hell she means. Ari elaborates. The way he is going after Sami reminds her of everything that happened before. He thinks she is wrong. This is a different situation. Ari does not want to be hard on him. Still, when he has done grieving, he will see she is right. Rafe stands up. Ari has not finished. "Whatever happens, don't
let this be like Emily." Rafe's eyes are filled with pain. He then catches himself, scoffs, and angrily walks out.
Also at the pub are Bo and Hope. Bo is livid, after receiving word that Owen managed to escape from a van transporting him to a secure facility. Hope notes he was about to start naming names! Bo remarks there is still one more person who could connect the DiMeras to the kidnapping, and so the mod squad rush off together ...
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Steph gets off the phone with Bo.
Enter Brady with cheerful Mel, who has dropped by to see Steph.
She solemnly fills them in on Owen's escape. Mel hopes he is not
crazy enough to come back there. Brady appears concerned and asks what exactly Bo said. Steph explains he is on his way over to talk to them about Owen and his connection to EJ DiMera.
Outside, Phil is livid once he hears of Owen's escape and tells Victor
he is sure the DiMeras got him out. He notes Victor does not seem upset. Victor does not want the police involved in their business. He points out that with Owen out of the picture, they may now deal with this family to family, the way it should be. "You're right," agrees Phil. The Greek tycoon adds that the only way they will be able to hammer out any kind of truce with the DiMeras is if Stephanie is willing to bend the truth! If she implicates EJ, then all bets will be off. "You have to convince her to lie," he tells his son.
- Replay of Sami telling Will that she gave birth to Grace. He looks stunned. She was already pregnant in witness protection, she goes on. Will asks why she did not want anyone to know and why would she lie about that? Sami appears to regret it now. She tells him the full story about the nuns etc. The only reason she lied was because she was
doing everything she could to protect Grace from her father. Will asks who he is that Sami would not want him to know the truth. EJ DiMera. She did not want Stefano to try and get his hands on another innocent child, the way he has done with their Johnny. Will wants to know if
she told EJ. She now has, though she had not ever intended to. After what happened, she just thought she should. Now that he knows, she assumes he will tell people and she just wanted Will to hear it from her first. Will becomes sarcastic. He is livid about the timing. Now that Grace is gone and it does not make a difference, he gets to know the truth! He does not believe she would have told him, had Grace not
died. She admits she might never have told anyone. She would have kept the secret forever to protect her. Will accuses her of not trusting him. He remarks Lucas will go crazy when he finds out. Sami drops bombshell number two. Lucas already knows. When Will realizes
Lucas knew the whole time, he is dismayed both his parents have lied
to him. He decides to leave and storms off, opening the door only to find Rafe standing there. Will orders him out of his way but Rafe tells him to hold on a sec. Perhaps the three of them should have a little
talk. Will states it is too late for that. He will be back for his stuff later and walks away. Sami calls after him to please wait ... However, it is too late. Rafe offers to go after him, though Sami does not believe it would do any good. Rafe assures her she is an amazing mother. Sami
is sorry she hurt her son and walks back inside. Rafe follows her and insists Will must know she did not mean to hurt him. Rafe tries to console her as she falls apart again. She feels like she is in a nightmare. She must tell everyone that she was Grace's mother. Rafe vows to stay by her side. Sami thinks it would be best for him to go, this is not good for him. He reminds her he lied to the FBI for her and turned down
that New York job to remain in town for her and Grace. "I did it because I fell in love with you!" He assumed she felt the same way. Perhaps he was wrong. Perhaps he is now no more than a reminder
of what she has lost ...
- On the pier, Will runs into Mia, who is carrying her bag, about to move into Maggie's place. Apparently her cousin has a new boyfriend. She is glad to be gone from that apartment. Will thinks she is lucky that she can get away from people she hates. Mia asks if something has happened. "It's my mom," says Will. "She lied about Grace." He does not think he will ever be able to forgive her. He left Salem last time due to his mom's lies. Mia asks if he is leaving Salem again. No, There are people he would miss regardless of his mom so he will be sticking around. Mia smiles she is glad and kisses him on the cheek.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, Bo and Hope are asking Brady some questions. Did Owen ever mention working for the DiMeras? Brady complains he has nothing. The only person who might have proof of that is Stephanie.
Out on the terrace, Steph and Mel are with Phil, who has just informed them there could be a truce. But there is a catch. The only way it will work is if they do not tell the police of Owen's ties to the DiMeras.
Mel agrees she is in, though Steph is not happy about it. Phil asks Mel to give them a brief moment alone, so she walks inside. Phil puts his hands on Steph's shoulders and she accuses him of wanting her to lie. He explains. If she implicates EJ, Stefano will come at them with a vengeance and they will be forced to hit back. "Don't say I didn't warn you," he finishes. Confused Steph ponders.
Meanwhile, Mel is now inside, insisting to Bo that she has absolutely
no knowledge of Owen mentioning ties to the DiMeras. They say she
is free to go so she flounces off. Phil now enters with Steph, who nods when they ask her if she is ready. Bo would like to speak to her alone, though Steph wants Phil to stay. Bo proceeds. Did Owen happen to mention who he was working for? Phil watches and waits. Steph says he never said anything about anyone hiring him and he did not mention the DiMeras. She is sorry they are disappointed. All she knows is that Owen wanted to take her away so they could start a new life together and he kept putting her in a dark drawer where she could barely breathe. Phil puts his arms around her, states she has answered the
two cops' questions, and suggests they leave. Alone again, Phil and Steph returned to the terrace., where she tells him she only lied to end this stupid war between the two families. She would not want anything to happen to him. She now remembers she has a doctor's appointment. Phil will drive her and promises that from this moment on, there will be no more secrets, no more lies. They kiss on it.
- Later at the doctor's office, Steph fills her in on her nightmares of Owen which prevent her from sleeping. The doc states that she will prescribe something to relieve the anxiety. She writes a prescription.
Out in the hall, Phil waits for his fiancee when Vic arrives and lets him know they must set up a meeting with the DiMeras ASAP! Pier 16 tomorrow at 10 a.m.. Steph walks out and overhears Phil state he will call EJ. She stops and looks down at the bottle of pills she is holding.
- Bo and Hope have returned to the pub, where they discuss Steph's refusal to cooperate. They know Phil got to her and the families have decided they are even. Hope points out at least no one else will get
hurt. "Except Stephanie," Bo retorts. He suspects she is in deeper than she realizes ...
- Alone with a bouquet of flowers, Brady slowly enters the Kiriakis mausoleum and approaches Isabella's crypt. Arianna is soon behind him. "Hi." Brady is surprised to see her and she explains sometimes
she likes to come to the cemetery on her way home from work. She saw him and hopes he does not mind she walked after him. He is most pleased to see her. When she learns the pretty flowers he is holding are for his deceased mother, she softly tells him she is sorry. He informs her he lost his mother when he was a baby and has decided to come by more often. Enter Mel, who turns to leave after seeing Brady has company, but he calls her back. Mel admits she has been looking for him to talk to him. Arianna smiles at them both, excuses herself, and leaves after she and Brady look at each other for a long time. Brady asks what is up. Mel grins that something bigger just came up. She teases him about Arianna. "You've got the hots for her, don't you!"
Meanwhile, Arianna is back in the cemetery, and kneels down at the grave of one Emily Hudson.
- Elvis darkly saunters into DiMera mansion and Nicole asks what is wrong. Sydney had a sister. "Grace was my daughta." Nicole looks shocked and suggests Sami is lying. She asks what exactly Sami told him. Elvis sighs. He went over to offer his condolences and check on Johnny and that was when she just told him that Grace was his daughter. He laments he had another child he never knew. Nicole's
eyes mirror her nervous confusion, but Elvis is far too devastated to notice. Nicole wonders why Sami would tell him now after keeping it from him all this time. Elvis feels perhaps the pain of losing the baby was too much and she therefore could not keep up with a lie. Sydney starts to cry and EJ wants to be the one to attend to her. He slowly
goes upstairs. Enter Stefano, looking for his son. Nicole takes him aside and informs him they have a big problem! Sami has told EJ that Grace was his daughter. The phoenix is exasperated. Why would she do such a thing now?! Nicole does not know. But what exactly does it mean for Sydney and her now that EJ has heard that Grace was his daughter?! Stefano explains it could actually work in her favor.Now that he knows Samantha deceived him, he will have nothing to do with her. Nicole unhappily shakes her head. She is convinced he still has feelings for Sami despite his denials. Now that he knows they conceived another child together, what happens if those feelings resurface? She does not know if she can handle this. Stefano advises her to focus and remain calm. "Control your jealousy," he warns. It is imperative that she maintain a pretense of ignorance. If Elvis finds out she knew about Grace, her entire world will fall apart. Does she understand? She nods. Stefano reminds her she is the mother of Elvis' daughter, the one he
has known is his from day one. She laments it is his and Sami's child. Stefano insists she say it is her child. She does. Stefano now points out that she too has Elvis' heart and if she says it over and over again, she will triumph the way she always does. After he leaves, she laments she wishes she had his confidence.
Upstairs, Elvis holds baby Sydney. "My darling Sydney." Every time
he picks her up, it brightens his day ... She is his sunshine. He walks downstairs with baby Syd and finds Nicole alone in the grand living room. He tells her that their baby has just started crawling. Nicole takes the baby in her arms and makes her giggle. She then puts her in the
play pen, all smiles.  Nicole catches herself and says she is sorry for EJ. He is sorry too and regrets he has been too close to Sami all this time. He admits he had feelings for her. Nicole wonders if he does still. Elvis coolly states that never in his whole life has he been so wrong about a person. What she did to him was deplorable. His only feelings for Sami are hatred. He did love her once, but he was foolish. He is sorry if he hurt Nicole and now embraces her. He now knows she and Syd are the most important things in his life. "You would never lie to me," Elvis praises her. She always puts the interests of their child first. "I always will," she promises.
- Back at Sami's place, Rafe continues his intense conversation with her. Perhaps when she looks at him, she remembers Grace. Sami whispers that is a good thing. "I love you so much!" she cries and throws her arms around him ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

Mia mutters to Maggie she has done some things she is not proud of.
Steph appear to have a vision of Owen, who says "We're going to go away together. Are you happy?"
"EJ is not going to find out about Sydney and I am going to live a
happy life," Nicole insists to Brady.
Arrogant Elvis addresses Stefano down at the pier. "I'm not letting anybody else control my life. Never again!"

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