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Friday July 11, 2008    
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- Kate and Chloe run into each other outside the pub. Kate is catty
and tells Chloe to stay away from her sons. Inside the pub, Caroline tries unsuccessfully to revive Victor, though she does get a pulse. Morgan arrives on scene and decides to call Phil. The paramedics
show up and Victor is transported to the hospital. Caroline follows. Stephanie also heads for the hospital, as she knows itís Chelseaís
first day of work there.  With both his mom and girl gone, Max goes upstairs to get his packed bag, writes a sappy note to Steph and Caroline, and then takes off for Europe!
- At the police station, Bo wants some answers from Phillip. He has sensed the tension between Lucas and Phil. Phil refuses to say what
itís about. Morgan suddenly calls him about Vicís collapse. He heads for the hospital with big brother Bo. Still at the station, Hope questions Lucas, who says his reason for leaving the mansion was personal. He vows not to lose his daughter!
- Meanwhile, Chloe is alone and blames herself for Lucasí arrest. She calls her mother to confide in her Ö
- At the hospital, Chelsea is smug as a bug about being a new occupational therapist trainee. She will be in the child development centre (they forgot about her rap sheet and also Zack huh!) Dan says
he wants to kiss her, too bad he canít right now. All of a sudden they get news of Vicís emergency. Chelsea is horrified. Dan goes into doc mode as Vic and family arrive at the hospital. Victorís words are slurred. He is taken to a room. As Kate and Phil wait for word, their conversation turns to Lucasí troubles. Phil lets her in on the secret of Lucas, Chloe, and the elevator. Soon Dr. Dan walks out, with bad news. The Greek tycoon has had a stroke. He is asking for Kate and Caroline. From his hospital bed, the stammering tycoon tells them to take care of his sons Ö
- Steph returns to the pub, only to discover that Max has gone and
has left her a note Ö
- Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Kate informs Dan she is so glad Chelsea has him to lean on, but if she ever learned the truth about
what went on between them, it would most certainly kill her!

Thursday July 10, 2008


At the police station, Lucas is questioned by Bo and Hope. He still
refuses to admit what he was up to at the Salem Inn and is convinced he will be thrown in jail, no questions asked by the judge, as it is his third offense. Sami arrives to see Lucas. Bo advises her to wait. He asks Phil why he is suddenly pals with Morgan and warns him that if
he finds out Phil was involved in Paulís disappearance, he is gonna arrest him. Lucas is still with Hope, who knows he is protecting the mysterious person he met at the Salem Inn! Lucas is brought out.
Sami rushes up to him, devastated. Why oh why did he have to leave
the mansion? Phil wants to know the same thing! Lucas is elusive.
Sami sadly watches as Bo carts Lucas off Ö

Meanwhile, Morgan wants a word with Chloe. The southern belle  accuses the opera diva of being jealous of her and Phil and that she must have lied about seeing Paul at the docks. Chloe doesnít mince words. Paul Hollingsworth is gonna burn! Morgan says Chloe is just using Lucas to get back at Phil. But Chloe ainít listening anymore.

At the pub, Max and Steph discuss Lucas' arrest. Caroline attends
to Victor, who is there to sign his divorce papers with Nicole. Vic
asks Caroline to go to a movie with him later. Lawyer EJ and client Nicole meet at the pub door, though she is still not willing to talk
about their relationship. Enter Nicole and EJ. She gets ready for the divorce papers signing by ordering champagne. Victor has some
colorful flashbacks of their past relationship.  Max walks up to Trent, whom he has asked to meet him there. He wants a truce but does he really mean it? Not! He gives Trent back the photo and says that he
doesnít care anymore. Max then pretends to Steph that he doesnít
care to find his sister, either. His real thoughts are that he wants to protect Steph from the dangerous dean. Nicole spies Trent and approaches him, accusing him of tailing her. She assures him EJ is
there with her on business only when he remarks she didnít break things off with him.  Finally the divorce papers are signed. Nicole departs, followed by EJ, who is baffled by her sudden indifference when she refuses to dine with him. She claims itís cos she thinks he
is still in love with Sami. Still inside the pub is Victor, who had been having a blurred vision problem. Caroline agrees to go on a date with him but then all of a sudden the Greek tycoon collapses to the floor in
a heap Ö!

Wednesday July 9, 2008

- At the pub, Max and Steph are relieved that the lights are back in Salem. Even Salem U is open. Enter Patch and Kayla, papa Patch proudly passing on how strong baby Joe has become. Max, who has summoned the pair, tells them about his half-sister but how can he
find her? Patchman to the rescue! He calls in a favor from a contact
to get a trace on her number. Max has a private heart-to-heart with Caroline and fills her in on the latest developments, who his da is, etc. Caroline confirms seeing Trent in town at the time they adopted Max. She throws her support behind her adopted son and tells him to find
his family. Max is grateful, points out she is his real family, and heads back to Steph and co. Steve gets word the number belongs to a Miss Melanie Layton. Max is elated but Steve suggests looking before he leaps, cos they donít yet know anything about her. He is also worried about Steph, having heard all about the evil dean Ö
- At the police station, Bo and Roman discuss the Hollingsworth case. Bo suspects John. In fact, both John and Phil are suspects! Enter Morgan. She is given Paulís letter and reads it. He is sorry, has done bad things, but is now leaving her something. No one in the room has any idea what that something is, however, including Morgan! Enter Phil, who has overheard the entire exchange. He is there on account
of Lucasí arrest. Phil is kicked outta the room. Elsewhere at the police station, Phil runs into Chloe, who assumes he is there cos Morgan is there. Moments later, Lucas passes by in handcuffs. Phil is waiting
for Uncle Mickey. He is blasť about Lucasí arrest. Chloe then drops a bombshell - she slept with Lucas! Morgan has heard the whole thing, too. Exit Chloe. Phil is stunned!
- Lexie shows up at the police station with Theo. The family agree to
go for lunch. Abe gets a call from the mayor. Lexie sees he is busy at work and heads to the pub with Theo. Theo throws his food. Lexie seems overwhelmed.
- Back at the pub, EJ and Nicole see each other just outside the door. EJ wants to talk. Nicole pretends their union did not mean anything more than sex. EJ insists it was special. She agrees, but then Trent shows up, acting possessive. Introductions are made. EJ leaves to go inside. Trent orders Nicole to stay away from EJ and threatens her
that there will be consequences! Frightened Nicole enters the pub,
tells EJ they should not be intimate again, and then leaves.
- Outside the busy pub, Caroline walks over, hands Trent his cell
phone and pretends it was in the lost and found. Sly Trent can see she knows exactly who he is. She warns him that she loves her son Max and will protect him ...!

Tuesday July 8, 2008


Max listens as the girl at the other end tells ďDadĒ that it's early to
call. Max is stunned and manages a weak hello. Steph soaks it all in. The girl wants to know who he is and why he has her fatherís phone. Click! Max and Steph deduce she must really be his sister but how
can he find her? Enter Roman. The green pub is still operational and has air conditioning. Can it be used as a shelter during the blackout? Max agrees. Roman heads out. Max talks to Steph some more. He is mad at Trent. How can the girl care about a monster like that who abandoned him - twice! Steph wants him to keep an open mind.
He wants to find his sis and is grateful for Stephís support Ö

In the elevator at the Salem Inn, Nicole fantasizes about being
married to EJ. Then itís back to reality. Nicole is happy they have
made love, but still uncertain. The elevator moves, the doors open.
EJ buttons his shirt. Sami rushes up to him, sees the pair together
as he finishes getting his clothes back on, and does the math. Sami throws a fit. EJ reminds her she told him to move on. Sami retorts
that Lucas would never do such a thing in an elevator and she loves
him anyway! She calls EJ a jerk as the emergency workers and
people present have a good laugh. Nicole calls Sami stupid. Sami repeats she only wants Lucas!

In the other elevator at the Salem Inn, Lucas tells Chloe that he
and Sami are over. Soon the elevator starts to move. Chloe decides
to create a diversion to enable Lucas to escape without being seen.
She has a fake panic attack when the doors open. Exit Lucas, who doesnít get very far. He bumps into Sami, is spotted by Nicole, and then gets caught by the cops, with Roman on the scene. Roman has
him arrested and informs him he is going back to prison to finish out
his term. Sami cries like a baby Ö

Monday July 7, 2008


-The lights have gone out for a brief moment at the Brady residence and come back on in time to reveal Chelsea and Dan necking. Enter Kate, who passes out. Dan tries to revive her. Bo wonders if itís the heat. Victor is livid at Dan. Caroline is not impressed either. Enter
Lexie and Abe. Kate comes to and wants a word with Chelsea, Vic close behind. Kate demands Chelsea end it with the dastardly doc pronto! Meanwhile, Lexie lectures Dan Ö
- At the DiMera mansion, John finally opens the lab door to Blondie. He has trashed the place and busted the disk as well. SLAP! Marlena gives him a piece of her mind and leaves. She comes across Sami,
who is still at the mansion and is looking for Lucasí ankle monitor, as he is nowhere to be found. Marlena laments over John. He and Ava soon waltz in and Sami goes on the verbal attack. Marlena says he has made a mistake in turning to a stranger. Ava reassures the pawn that they have more in common than him and Blondie. Ava and John head upstairs. Marlena and Sami then discuss EJ and Lucas. Sami insists
she wants to be with Lucas.  She complains about the heat. Marlena recommends she take the twins to the nicely air conditioned Salem Inn (of course she does!) Sami eventually arrives at the Salem Inn, which
is on backup power, and looks at the elevator doors after hearing that people are stuck in there Ö
- EJ and Nicole have just done the deed in one elevator, while Chloe and an uncertain Lucas are getting it on in the other elevator Ö
- At the pub, Steph keeps Max company. Nick arrives on scene. Max needs his buddyís help and shows him the photo. He believes the girl
in it is his biological sister. He needs more info and only Trent has it. The Nickster then summons the dean to the pub, pretending he needs to bum a ride. He manages to lift the dudeís cell phone and passes it
on to Max before leaving. He then returns by taxi, having pretended
he forgot some important papers. Max finds the most frequently called international number on Trentís cell and calls it. A female voice answers. ďDad Ö?Ē

Meanwhile, Marlena goes back to the lab and retrieves the broken disk, as John and Ava toast to a
new era. The era of John Black DiMera!
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