Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday August 1, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


- At the hospital, Chloe tends to Lucas and lets him know she is gonna stick by him. Enter Maggie, who is surprised that Sami isn’t around. She comes bearing Alice’s donuts and good wishes. She
and Lucas soon discuss his decision to keep a distance from Sami,
at least for the moment. Maggie wonders if Chloe is the right girl for him. She tries to promote Sami. Lucas is not up to it. Maggie has an idea to help him recuperate. The Horton cabin! Exit Maggie. Chloe returns. Lucas tells her about the Horton Cabin on Smith Island …
- EJ and Nicole continue their convo about Nicole still being married
to Trent. Nicole can’t bear to think of what Victor would do if he found out! EJ is pleased that Nicole has confided in him. Nicole
seems ready to pick up where they left off. However, Trent cannot
see them together or she will lose her divorce settlement. EJ wants to know the skeletons in the mean dean’s closet. Nicole informs him that Max is his biological son, plus Robbins wants her to find out why he went to France. EJ thinks they can find more dirt. He announces he will help Nicole, as a friend, not her lawyer. Nicole places a call to a waitress she knows at the pub and soon learns that Stephanie went to France as well. EJ is pleased. He will get all the deets they need. Nicole is pleased as punch that the hunky Brit is on her side …
- At the police station, Hope tells Roman that Morgan does not have any evidence from Paul. Her next step will be to find the origin of where that email was sent from. She does just that. First it looks like
it came from the Kiriakias mansion, but the cops know better. Their expert digs deeper and pinpoints the place of origin as the Java Café. Hope is on her way …
- Meanwhile, Bo visits Phillip at the hospital. Bo fills him in on the latest development. Someone knew what Bo did and emailed the Salem P.D. Phil tells him about the note he’d received. Bo senses a set-up. The same person wants them both to go down! He is pretty certain it’s John Black. He is also relieved that Phil is innocent. Phil reminds him they are both Kiriakises. Bo vows to find the trail that leads to John once and for all. Exit Bo. Enter Morgan. She is a bundle of nerves. Phil reassures her. He will find her father. He remembers that when he was unconscious she said she loved him. He whispers something to her. She smiles. They kiss.
- At the Java Cafe, the manager looks for the security tapes for Hope, so as to determine who might have sent the email. While she is waiting, Hope has a coffee with Doug. She asks if he would ever
break the law for family. He says he probably would and realizes she is thinking of Bo.  Once Hope is alone and watching the security tape, she calls Roman, to let him know that it looks like Ava Vitali sent the email.
- At the Brady residence, Bo and Hope have received a postcard from Shawn and Belle in Fiji. Hope lays her cards on the table and confronts him about the missing evidence. Bo finally makes a big confession to a horrified Hope. He tampered with the police evidence to protect Phil …!

Thursday July 31, 2008


- In Marseilles, Max is approached by a stranger who claims he
needs money now or Max will never see “Mel” again! Max refuses
to give the seedy character anything.  He says Mel owes him money. The Frenchman’s associates watch as he works on changing Max’s mind. Oh oh. Max is in trouble …
- Back in Salem, at the Java café, Nick fends off questions from
Trent about Max. Turns out Trent has also been trying to reach Melanie by phone, but cannot, so he just might be about ready to do the math. Nick plays innocent. Exit Trent. He calls Nicole, who does not have any lead on Max. Staring at party girl’s video blog on his computer, Nick suddenly realizes who she is! Moments later, he is
on the phone with Stephanie in Marseilles, and tells her he knows how they can find Max’s blogging “Premiere Party Girl” sister oh la la…!
- At the DiMera mansion, charming EJ plays with the twins. Enter Sami, who joins in the fun. She hopes she and EJ can be friends about their kids at least. EJ blames their problems on Lucas, which annoys Sami! She then gets a call from Roman, informing her that Lucas is in the hospital …
- At the hospital, Roman visits Lucas, who has gotten beat up in the slammer. He got close enough to the drug trafficker Manny Ortega
to find out he was still in business but then his cover was blown.
And that is why he got beaten up so badly. However, he did his end
of the bargain with the feds, which means that Lucas is now a free man! Enter Chloe and Nicole. They are relieved to see he got outta that place in one piece. Once alone with Chloe, Lucas tells her he has been thinking about her! Chloe eventually has to leave the Salem patient. Sami rushes to his side, certain they will now be together but Lucas drops a bombshell. He wants them to be apart for a few months, to figure stuff out. Sami breaks down ..
- Meanwhile, Nicole meets with EJ and finally tells him the truth
about Trent. The cad has been blackmailing her with the secret that they are still legally married! Lawyer EJ points out she could lose her settlement from Vic if this ever comes out. He then wonders what the mean dean was blackmailing Nicole about. She explains the worst
thing was that he wanted her to stay away from EJ …

Wednesday July 30, 2008


- At the DiMera mansion, new John continues to act strangely preoccupied.  He eventually leads a bewildered Ava down to the mansion basement. and hands her a key to open the door of a
secret locked room. She does just that and is shocked to see an unshaven, very much alive Paul Hollingsworth inside! He is fed up with not being able to leave. John reminds him how he saved his
life by pulling him out of the water. It becomes apparent that John
had put up Paul to the letter and tape fiasco. John is not sure what happened to the tape, if it ever reached the police station. He fills
Paul in on Phil taking a bullet that had been shot at Morgan. Paul is beside himself and wants to contact his daughter! John says no …
- Later on, Ava appears to be on a mission at the Java Café, where
she quietly gets busy on her laptop computer. Is she sending a secret email perhaps …?
- At the hospital, Victor seems to have stabilized somewhat. Dr. Dan lets Bo in his room for a brief visit. Vic is worried about Phillip and
has arranged for lots of his blood type to get to the hospital. Bo is still filled with guilt over having destroyed police evidence … Out in the hall, Dan tells off Kate for saying something to give Victor stress. She almost killed him with it! Chelsea defends Kate. Dan is hopping mad. However, he later tells Kate he is sorry. Kate says she knows just
how passionate he is …
- Also at the hospital, Morgan visits with Phillip, whom she has said she is falling in love with. Enter Chloe. Enter Hope, who wants a
word with Morgan. Hope is baffled that Paul had said he would send Morgan evidence and yet there is none to be found! Meanwhile,
Chloe tells sleeping Phil she wishes him happiness, no hard feelings. She then heads out of the room and runs into Nicole. They chat
about Phil and Morgan, and ask a passing nurse how Phil is doing.
The nurse stuns them both by announcing that her patient is his brother, one Lucas Roberts, who is now in the hospital, too!
- Down at the police station, Hope tells Bo about an anonymous
email they have just received, which asserts there was evidence in
the Hollingsworth case, so why the cover-up?!

Tuesday July 29, 2008


Max and Stephanie arrive at a café in France. Comme c’est romantique!  They wonder if Melanie might turn up at the café,
as it is one of her haunts.  Steph decides to call home so Max enters ahead. At the café, Max just happens to run into Daphne, a reporter
he once had a fling with. She is very heureuse (happy) to see him.
He asks her if she can get him the skinny on Melanie. She does just that. A few phone calls and voila! T’would seem Mademoiselle Melanie likes to party and also has a taste for the finer things in life. Tsk tsk. At the same time, Steph asks around at the café and meets Georges, an embittered fellow who Mademoiselle Melanie evidently used for partying purposes until he ran out of money.  Exit the flirtatious Daphne. Monsieur Max ponders the info she has given
him, seemingly unaware that he is being observed by a stranger …

Back in Salem, Nicole waltzes into the Java Café. Enter Trent, who runs into Marlena, while jabbering on his cell phone. Marlena gives him a piece of he mind when he places his order ahead of the next person in line. Nicole gloats. Enter EJ, who tries to speak with Nicole. Nervous about Trent, she tries to give EJ the brush-off, but he persists. What happened between them was special! Nicole pretends she doesn’t want to see him as Trent observes. Enter Nick. Trent needs his assistance on a physics problem. Nick obliges. Trent then walks up to Nicole and hounds her about seeing EJ. EJ has gone off
to get a beverage and finds himself hounded by Marlena. She tells
him off for the whole custody fiasco and his little immigration deception.  Exit Nicole. Exit Trent. He puts the squeeze on her to
find out where Max is and threatens to inform the whole town that they are married if she doesn’t do as he asks!

Meanwhile, web savvy Nick sees on a celeb news page on his computer that race car driver Max has been photographed in France. Oh la la! Nick also comes across a picture of an infamous “party girl,” who looks mighty familiar …

Monday July 28, 2008


- At the DiMera mansion, the cops and paramedics have already been summoned. Morgan is beside herself as the paramedics wheel Phillip away, working hard to save him. Enter Kate, who is on the verge of collapse. Roman attempts to comfort her. Enter Bo and Hope. The accusations fly as Roman all but accuses John of causing the whole scene on purpose, as an excuse to get rid of Phil. The whole story of what went down is told by EJ and John. Eddie assumed Morgan was gonna whip out a gun so he pulled the trigger and Phil dove in front of Morgan. The end. John points out he might press charges against Morgan if the cops give him a hard time. The cops finally leave. John gives Ava a drink. EJ advises John, as his client, to tell him everything the police might find out. John assures him he has no surprises. Moments later, they receive word that Ava’s extradition has been denied and the judge in her case is none other than John's bribed judge, Fitzpatrick! Ava is mighty pleased that John got her the corrupt judge but John has more on his mind. What would Morgan really do if she knew the truth about what happened to Paul Hollingsworth …?
- At the hospital, Chelsea visits Victor and brings up the tension between him and Bo. Enter Daniel, who tells her that kind of stress-inducing talk could kill him! He also warns her to stay far away from Victor’s dangerous world. Dr. Dan gets a phone call. The shooting victim is brought in. Kate follows. Dan gives the prognosis. Phil has lost a great deal of blood due to the fact that his abdominal aorta has been ruptured. Furthermore, he has a rare blood type and the hospital is out of it! Poor Kate wants to donate but her blood type is not compatible. Daniel consoles her. Kate visits Victor and tells him his son has been shot. Victor’s machines indicate a crisis. Kate calls for help.  Dan revives him, dismayed that Kate was even in the room with him
in the first place. A blood donor has been found for Phil.
- At the police station, Morgan continues to insist that John must have killed her father. Bo is filled with guilt over the incriminating tape he gave to Vic. Morgan mentions that her father wrongly assumed Phil
was dangerous and advised her to steer clear of him. After promising
to write down her statement, she leaves for the hospital. Hope just knows that Bo is withholding something. Maybe she should tell Abe …
- Bo and Hope head to the hospital, where Dan stops him from seeing Victor. Hope tries to be supportive of Bo due to yet another Kiriakis family tragedy. Bo feels somehow responsible and  quietly vows to take care of things for Phillip, who has saved the day for Morgan by taking that bullet. Moments later, alone with Phil at his bedside, Morgan thanks him for saving her life and tells her hero she loves
him …!
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