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In Chloe's hospital room, Kate taunts the sleeping patient that she
can now cause no more trouble, so she should just drift off and let go. "Everyone will be so much better off," she hisses. Kate is soon gone and Nicole enters, devastated to view her best friend lying in a coma.
There are so many things she had been meaning to tell her. She thanks her for accepting her and seeing something of worth in her, though she does not deserve her friendship! She proceeds to tell all her sordid secrets to her sleeping pal, including the miscarriage, Mia's baby, and the sinister baby switch with Sami's biological baby. Nicole sobs and continues. Mia's baby died and Sami still does not know that her real baby is alive! She cries perhaps even she will not forgive her for what she has done. All of a sudden, Chloe squeezes her hand! Nicole soon summons nurse Maxine, who explains that it was no more than an involuntary movement. However, it is possible she can hear what is being said. Exit Maxine. Nicole now wonders if she has depressed her friend and praises her for being a great confidante. "Come on Chloe, open your eyes," she cries.
- Outside her room, clueless Will asks Brady why Chloe is in hospital. Kate appears and pretends to console Will, as she knows how fond he was of Chloe. Will just wants the facts. Kate replies she is ill. And someone tried to kill her. When he hears Dr. Jonas is suspected, he is even more confused. As Brady disapprovingly watches, Kate tells Will that Daniel was in love with Chloe. Will assumes she had rejected him. Brady uncomfortably excuses himself. Kate now says Chloe was in
love with Daniel. Will is stunned she tricked them all. He hopes Jonas will stay in jail! "I know," whispers Kate sympathetically. She adds
they should be prepared for him to fight to prove he is innocent - and who knows what lengths he will go to. He might say bad things about her! Like what? She warns lawyers will lie, so his father and her need his support. Will talks about Chloe recovering. Kate sadly shakes her head and says it would be a miracle if she survived.
- Back in Chloe's room, Brady comes across Nicole weeping at her bedside. She stands up and they console each other with a hug. He states he is there for her. Nicole sees he still cares about Chloe and he admits he does not like the thought of her not being around. Nicole laments she will have no one to talk to if she leaves. "You still have
me. We still have each other," Brady promises.
- In jail, Dan has a visitor. Enter Lucas, posing as his lawyer. "You
son of a bitch," he seethes. Dan is sorry but Lucas doesn't buy it.
"You slept with my wife and then you tried to kill her!"  He does the math and figures out what has been going on. When he refers to Chloe as a wh*re, Dan slugs him and they continue to fight in the cell. Eventually they stand apart from each other and Lucas angrily wonders if Dan is now Chloe's knight in shining armor. He calls her a sl*t and adds Dan is a murderous, home wrecking bastard. A guard approaches and warns them to keep it down. Dan now tells Lucas that they had
an affair before she married Lucas and if he needs to hate someone, he should hate HIM, as he was the one pursuing her. He advises him to go to the hospital and be with his wife. Lucas thinks he is a fool. He now knows she broke off their engagement originally as she was in love with Dan the man. Embittered Lucas deduces what happened the night of
the explosion. Dan admits they were ready to run away. Lucas wants
to know why she married him anyway. Dan tells him of her pact with God. He insists Chloe did love Lucas and was faithful to him after their marriage. Lucas remains angry at the doc, who points out he agreed to keep his distance after their wedding, as she asked, because he loved her! Lucas can grasp that concept but if he loved Chloe, why the hell did he try to kill her! "I didn't," says the doc. Lucas asks who did. "Your mother," breathes Daniel. Lucas looks shell shocked.
- At Meredith's hotel room, Stefano is ready to explain why he has brought her to town. He gives her a big fact check. His corporation awards lots of grants, says he, and the hospital in Florida where she is an administrator has been doing some wonderful things. He flew her
in to receive the check after finding out she grew up there and assumed she would enjoy coming home. Meredith grimaces, as being in Salem has been rough. The phoenix gets her to open up by bringing up the tragic loss of his son. The pain is unrelenting. Meredith can relate and brings up losing her sister. And the man responsible for her death is in Salem! Stefano manipulates her into telling him more. She does just that. Emily moved to Virginia to be with her fiance when he joined the FBI. And he has since moved on, without accepting responsibility for Emily's death. According to Meredith, he murdered her! How did it happen? There was a car accident. She starts at the beginning. Prior to the wedding, Emily had seemed troubled. There was tension between the bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner, she noticed. Apparently
on their wedding day, Emily had found out a secret about Rafe that threatened to destroy his career at the FBI. She never told Meredith what it was, but she is still certain he killed her over it! Meredith was helping her get ready for the wedding and went to run some errands. Then she was called and told that Emily and Rafe had gone for a drive. The car crashed into a tree and Emily was declared dead on the scene. However, Emily had never said anything to her about going for a drive with Rafe, and the wedding was to be at the house. No one knew why they got in the car and Rafe would not say.The police let the matter go.
- Chez Sami, she and Rafe make out until he realizes something is bothering her. Sami thinks he went somewhere after leaving Emily's grave and she would like to know where. He drawls he will tell her the truth. He went to see Meredith, who still blames him for her sister's death. Sami feels Rafe should stop blaming himself, but he feels he could have prevented the accident. Sami points out Emily would not want him to torture himself this way. Rafe is grateful Sami taught him how to love again. They emotionally tell each other "I love you." He will always love her and hopes she believes him. Of course she does, though that does not mean he has to shut out his old feelings and memories of Emily. "You are an honorable person," says she. He has been there for her and she and family need his strength. Rafe credits
her with giving him that strength. They kiss and take it to the bedroom. Afterwards, they lie happily in bed together and Rafe tells Sami she is his hero. Sami giggles. Rafe points out she is also the hero of her kids. Now she has something to tell him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to her. "You are my life." They kiss in bliss again.
- Back in Meredith's hotel room, she tells Stefano she changed her
mind about Rafe a few months after her sister's death. He repeatedly refused to explain what they had been doing in the car. The police refused to investigate, then the FBI hired Rafe, and she did not see him again. She has since stopped trying to get justice for Emily as it is too late. "For justice it is never too late," declares the phoenix. Perhaps
Rafe will not go to jail, though there is still someone who should be enlightened about what he has done ...!
- Meanwhile, Rafe watches sleeping Sami and remembers Emily. He remembers holding her after the crash as she lay unconscious, blood tricking out of her mouth, all those years ago. He then blinks back to reality and sighs, his eyes filled with guilt ...

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"You know damn well that your mother would do anything to protect her children, including murder!" Dan tells Lucas.
Stefano looks at Meredith solemnly. "Would you want another
innocent woman to fall victim to the man who killed your sister!"
"Oh my God!" Sami gasps into the phone as Rafe watches.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


At the hospital, Brady is disappointed to hear Chloe is having tests,
so no visitors. He asks nurse Maxine if she will come out of the coma. Possibly not for a while, if ever. She is sorry and advises him to think good thoughts.
- Panting Sami rushes into the pub, desperately seeking Rafe. Arianna wonders what she did to make him run off. The two women clash.
Ari thinks he never should have gotten involved with Sami and she told him so! This is his first relationship since ... Sami realizes where he must have gone and rushes out.
- Pensive Rafe is at Emily's grave, wondering if he even deserves to move on. Sami arrives and tells him she is sorry, but he replies she should not have come there. She talks about last night's conversation. He points out this is not about her. Sami gasps she knows it was an accident and wishes he would not judge himself. She understands
why he did not tell her earlier, and she does not judge him for what happened. Rafe softens as she says she loves him and insists it was
not his fault. He wistfully wonders if this was meant to be. She agrees. Maybe it was fate that she ran into Meredith, Emily's sister. Rafe is caught off guard to hear Meredith is now visiting Salem, all the way from Florida. How did she meet her? Sami replies it was when she
was setting up for their picnic. She regrets not telling him back then. According to her dad, she is staying at the Salem Inn. Last night she tracked her down, but she now knows Meredith is not thinking clearly. Rafe does not appear pleased to hear that Sami went out last night to find Meredith. He becomes distracted and distant again.
- Mia and Nicole have a meeting at the park, Nicole is nervous about Chad but Mia is confident he will not be a problem. Whatever Nicole said to him worked. He will back off. "Now he will never know I was pregnant with Sydney." Nicole is still anxious. Mia assures her he bought everything. Does EJ suspect anything? Nicole hopes not. Her husband and daughter are her whole world. She walks off, vowing she will make sure she does not lose them.
- Chad works out at the gym and remembers being with Mia when
they declared their love. Back to reality! Kinsey shows up, as does
Will. Kinsey chats with Chad and notices him staring at Will. He has something Chadman wants, says she. Mia! Chadman thinks she has
a thing for Will Horton. He suggests she lay the groundwork for her future with Will, cos he is sure him and Mia will not last! Kinsey considers and then joins Will. She forces a sweet smile and apologizes "for being such a total b*tch." She claims she has always been jealous of Mia. Will thinks she should apologize to her, in that case. Chadman watches from a distance. Enter Mia. Chad drawls their meeting again
is fate. He says he is sorry for not believing her about rehab. Mia excuses herself as she is meeting Will. Mia now approaches Will and Kinsey, who pretends she is happy to see her. Mia doubts it. Kinsey suggests that she and Mia have a talk sometime, flirtatiously tells Will goodbye, and gives them their space. Annoyed, Mia remarks they appeared rather friendly.
Moments later, Will learns he has received a number of messages from his father about his dad's wife. Something has happened. He takes his leave. Chadman approaches Mia to tell her his latest news. He hopes she will be as excited about it as he is, he charmingly says. Due to his good behavior, his folks have decided to let him remain in Salem, and he will be attending the same high school as her come this fall! Mia is speechless.
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis holds baby Syd and whispers something is very wrong.
In the grand front hall , Stefano has just gotten off the phone, telling an unknown person that he is looking forward to it.
Nicole returns to find Elvis sitting with Sydney, looking distracted and wistful. He wishes she would not go away. Nicole becomes baffled.
Go away? Enter fatha, ready to talk biz and solidify a deal. EJ goes upstairs to get the papers, leaving Nicole and Stefano alone. She thinks something is wrong. She has a feeling something terrible is about to happen. EJ seems too suspicious. She just knows that something is bothering him. Stefano reminds her not to make him even more suspicious with her paranoia. She nervously says he will be able to get the proof he needs from Rafe! When EJ returns, only Stefano awaits, and he would like to know what is going on. He reminds his son he loves him and would like to help. "Just tell me what is wrong." Elvis announces he loves his wife and daughta. However, he cannot get Samantha out of his mind! He had a dream and cannot seem to shake
it. The phoenix advises him to forget about Samantha's perverse hold
on him. He must prove to himself as well as his family that he loves them. Otherwise, he will lose what he cherishes!
- At the park, Ari walks along and tries to reach Rafe on her cell. A creepy guy appears, gets too close, and calls her hotcakes. Along
comes Brady, who pounces on Mr. Creep and proceeds to beat him
to a pulp. Mr. Creep gets away. Ari thinks he overreacted. She can
take care of herself. Brady swears no one he cares about will get hurt again! "Again?" she wonders. What is going on with him? Brady tells her about ex-wife Chloe's condition. He really regrets not being more observant, which would have prevented her from ending up the way
she is now. To overreact is better than not to react. She understands and stops him from leaving. She calls him an amazing guy. He notes
she is afraid to get involved with him and assures her he will not slip
up. And he can prove it. She is not sure, yet he is! Brady gives her a passionate kiss and she kisses him right back! He then asks for another date and she smiles in agreement. "Alright. I'll go out with you." Once Brady has gone, Mr. Creep returns and calls Arianna by name. She hands him an envelope full of cash and he gives her something small and unseen, which she secretly slips into her bag.
- Brady is back at the hospital, disappointed  to hear still no visitors. Will walks up behind him and asks if Chloe is okay, clearly unaware
of her comatose state. Brady casts him a sympathetic glance.
- Meredith opens her hotel room to Rafe. He says it has been a long time. "Since you killed my sister?" says she! Rafe drawls he blames himself and understands how she feels, but what happened was an accident. Meredith now believes Rafe's sorrow was just an act. Rafe insists he loved Emily. Meredith frowns. "To death." She asks how he found her and then realizes that blonde Sami Brady must have told
him. Rafe admits they are involved. Meredith taunts him with the inconvenient timing of her return! Rafe informs her he is moving on with his life. Meredith gets sarcastic. He states he would have done anything to trade places with Emily, but will not feel guilty for falling
in love again. Meredith warns him that everyone will find out what really happened on the day of his wedding, including Samantha Brady!
- In the park, Sami and Nicole run into each other. Sami admires Sydney's pretty face and then laments she and Rafe appear to have broken up. Nicole cannot believe it. Sami mumbles more about the apparent split and then walks off. Nicole is none too pleased and wonders could Stefano have done this? She immediately heads home
to the mansion, looking for Stefano, only to find Elvis alone. He has
bad news. Chloe is in a coma and no one knows what caused it. Nicole is devastated. "You can lean on me," offers Elvis. He apologizes for
not having been attentive lately and promises he is now there for her, one hundred percent. He is all hers. They kiss and hug.
- Sad Sami is home alone. Rafe returns and she expresses her surprise that he came back to her. Of course he came back, says he. "I love
you. Nothing's ever gonna change that, you know." They lock lips.
- Meanwhile, Meredith has another visitor - Stefano DiMera - whom she thanks profusely for arranging her return to Salem. "It was my pleasure," purrs the phoenix ... !

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Kate informs Will that Chloe was in love with Daniel.
"Are you saying she tricked me?" asks the upset teen.
Lucas visits Dan in his holding cell. "You slept with my wife
and then you tried to kill her!"
"Rafe killed my sister because of what she found out about him," Meredith informs Stefano.

You could have stopped her from dying?

RAFE (quietly)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


At the police station, Mayor Abe sternly reminds Commissioner Bo
that due to the evidence, he must arrest Daniel. Bo laments the doc
is innocent and he would rather find the real poisoner! Abe later talks
on his cell to Lexie, who informs him that Chloe's condition has worsened. It is a deeper coma. How to tell Lucas? Bo now says he intends to explore all the possibilities in the case ...
In the interrogation room, Daniel faces off with Officer Hope, who quips obsessed Kate would have had some kind of talent and luck to
get leukocystine, according to his theory. Dan desperately insists
Chloe is in danger and begs her to keep Kate away from her. Hope points out that if anything happens to Chloe now, Kate might then be suspected, not Daniel. Therefore, she is safe, if his theory is correct. Hope, however, stops short of saying she believes him. Dan advises
her to keep a very close eye on Kate because if Chloe wakes up, she can back up everything. The stakes are extremely high.
- At the hospital, replay of Vic telling Kate not to frame his godson as Lucas enters, asking what is going on. Vic wants to know if Kate will tell him or should he! Kate is quick to respond to her son and sadly directs him to Chloe's room. Lucas enters her room. Vic quietly heckles Kate. Inside, Lucas asks the attending Dr. Lexie if his beloved will
make it. They are not sure. He asks what the hell happened to her.
She was put in a coma by poisoned brownies. Lucas walks out. "Who the hell would do something like that?" Enter Phil, who states that, according to the news, it was Daniel who poisoned Chloe! Lucas is agitated and confused. Kate thinks Daniel is sick. Vic is quick to point out he is certain Daniel is not the guilty party and will be exonerated.
He casts black widow Kate a knowing look. Lucas returns to Chloe's bedside and orders both Vic and Kate to stay away from her. He promises he will never leave her again. Lexie now comes in with even more bad news. She might never wake up. Lucas is devastated. He
begs her to get better but fails to notice when her hand moves slightly. Out in the hall, Vic and Kate disagree on whether Lucas would believe the Greek tycoon that mommy dearest was the posioner.Phil reappears and wonders why Daniel might have done such a thing. He later comes back to Victor and Kate arguing, with Kate in tears, and wonders what is going on between them. Vic admits they were arguing about Daniel. Kate tries to keep her son on her side by informing him that Dan had
an affair with Chloe! Phil sighs in shock and returns to see Lucas, to whom Kate has asked him to say nothing.
- Chez Sami, she gets annoyed that Rafe has caught her lying and retorts what she was doing is none of his business. Mr. FBI points out that her nosing around his past would be his business! It soon escalates into an argument and Sami pressures him to tell her about his past once and for all. She feels there is something major he is not telling her and demands he tell her everything that happened. He admits it hurts. He does not like ultimatums or even questions, so she offers to open up all about her sordid past if he does the same. Sami proceeds to tell him the story of her life, including the good, the bad, the ugly, and Stan, her alter ego. Rafe looks shell shocked, but points out Sami chose to tell him the story of HER, he never asked. She insists she must know who he is.  Perhaps EJ is right and she is living with a total stranger! Rafe has had enough of her manipulations. He eventually gets worn down and drops a bomb. He was driving too fast with Emily in the car on the day they were supposed to be married. There was a car crash. The car hit a tree and he blames himself for her death, as does her family.
"I killed her." Now upset, Rafe blames himself all over again and takes off. Teary-eyed Sami calls after him. She is sorry ...
- Back at the police station, Bo enters the interrogation room to let
Hope and Daniel know that Chloe is slipping deeper and deeper into a coma. Dan is devastated. The two cops exit. Bo soon casually returns, ready for an off the record chat. He lets him know that his fingerprints were found on the small bottle of poison. The doc gets sarcastic. What about the pharmacist's prints, not to mention the convenient paper trail. Dan senses the commissioner is indeed listening. Bo explains that he is getting a lineup ready for the pharmacist. And Victor has summoned a lawyer. Daniel realizes that on some level, Bo at least believes him.
- Back at the hospital, Hope arrives. Kate cringes when Victor smugly announces he has something to tell the officer! He declares Daniel is innocent. Hope, however, is more interested in concrete evidence and speaking with Lucas. Kate tries to talk her out of it, so Victor pulls her away for fresh air. Hope finds their behavior odd, to say the least. She enters Lucas' room and lets him know she is here professionally. She needs him to prove he was out of the country when Chloe fell ill. He offers to give her his boarding pass. Hope throws in a few questions.
Did they have any marital problems? No, as they had not been married long enough. Was he ever in Dan's apartment? There was evidence in his apartment. Lucas recalls they found a scarf there. His head hurts. He wants the cops to find whoever did this to his wife and bring them
to justice!
- Now outside, Victor claims to Kate that he is trying to protect her.
He does not think she should pay for poisoning Chloe, but simply will not allow her to frame Daniel for the crime. He claims he is giving her the chance to get out of it without facing prison. "Or worse!"
- Hope later emerges from Lucas' room and informs Kate she made no mention of the Danloe affair. Before departing, she makes a comment that Kate would do ANYTHING for her son. Phil now approaches his mom and she asks him for a favor. She asks him to tell Lucas that Dan and Chloe had a fling, and reasons that if he hears it from his brother,
it will soften the blow. Lucas saunters up. "Hear what?" Phil tries, but finds himself at a loss for words, so Kate impatiently snaps to Lucas that Chloe betrayed him! With Daniel, says Phil. Lucas becomes drunk with emotion and finds his way back into sleeping Chloe's room. "How could you!"
- At the police station, Abe updates Bo on the lineup. The pharmacist was unable to ID anyone for sure. The DA wants to press charges
now! Attempted murder. Bo disagrees. Mayor Abe reminds him it is
the DA's decision. Thus, poor Daniel is brought out and officially arrested, protesting as he is taken off to be processed. Bo laments to Abe that they have just made a big mistake. Hope returns and updates Bo, who seems to suspect Kate more than the doc. He asks Hope to oversee Dan's processing. Victor now arrives and tells Bo his godson is innocent. Bo has a question and stares down the Greek tycoon. Does
he know who did it? Vic returns his stare. "No. I have no idea at all."
- Meanwhile, Daniel Jonas is unceremoniously fingerprinted and then photographed for his mug shot. The savior turned lover turned suspect is marched down to his cell. The door clangs loudly behind him as
Hope watches thru the bars ...

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Ari faces out of breath Brady and notes something is going on with
him, adding "Why are you so upset?"
At the gym, Kinsey smiles at Mia she is glad she is there. "No,
you're not," mutters Mia.
"How the hell is she going to get proof?" Stefano barks at Nicole,
who sneers he knows damn well how. "Rafe!"
"Sami, you shouldn't have come here," says Rafe, standing outside.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chez Sami, Rafe finds out from Roman that he was the one who
called Sami earlier. He wonders why she was not up front with him
and deduces they are hiding something from him! He fears she might get too impulsive now, given her highly emotional state. Roman gets testy, points out her asking Rafe to move in might have been such an impulse, and advises Mr. FBI to ask her himself if he wants to know what his daughter is up to! Once alone, Rafe calls Caroline, who, as it turns out, has not seen Sami. He gets off the phone and quietly curses her for not having dropped her Emily investigation, like she promised.
- At the pier, Sami is glad to have found the mysterious Meredith, who asks her what she wants. To discuss Emily.  Meredith would rather
not. Sami gasps she knows about grief and begs her to talk. Meredith laments that Emily's death was caused by something that should never have happened. They were as close as two sisters could be, but then everything changed because of HIM. Sami wonders who she means. Meredith's eyes flicker. "Rafe Hernandez!" At first he seemed nice
and heroic enough but ... Meredith becomes overly emotional and runs off, leaving confused Sami alone to ponder. She sighs and puts her hands on her hips.
- Sami returns home and lies to Rafe about where she was. She could not find Aly's smock but had a nice visit with her grandma. Rafe mentions Roman dropping by. They had an interesting conversation, says he. Sami gets nervous. What was he doing there? Checking up
on her. Rafe adds "Sami, why are you lying to me?"
- Having been carted off from the hospital, where his beloved lies comatose and in danger, noisy Daniel soon finds himself at the police station. The desperate doc tries to get thru to the commissioner that he was set up by black widow Kate. He exclaims Kate will kill her so he needs to get back to the hospital! Bo threatens to have him tossed in a cell if he does not cooperate. Dan agrees to tell all. Out in the hall, Bo and Hope discuss. Bo alludes to the fact that anything is possible with Kate! Hope now has a session with Daniel in an interrogation room.
She is harsh and snappy. Dan admits he has made mistakes, like his affair with Chloe. Hope wants to know if he was angry. Only at the situation. He is of the opinion that Kate wants to strike back at him for having fallen in love with Chloe, after his affair with the black widow was over. Kate could not handle it that he and Chloe love each other. He thinks Kate recorded him and spliced together that bogus tape of him threatening Chloe, in addition to planting the poisoned brownies. Sounds elaborate, says Hope. Dan presumes Kate was hitting back because of herself and also Lucas. He insists he loves Chloe.  Hope does not know how Chloe can vouch for Dan, given her unconscious state. She would need some kind of concrete evidence. She now explains why it looks like Daniel is the master poisoner and adds her belief that Chloe might have been silenced to prevent her from
divulging something. Dan insists Chloe would back him up, were she awake. Hope is curious how Dan came to accept Kate's offer to
appear on the show with Chloe. He tells it like it was and explains it
was too painful to be near Chloe, which was why he decided to leave town. Hope recalls Lexie mentioning that Chloe claimed she did not want the doc anywhere near her when she was recently admitted to hospital. "Why would she say that?" she asks, giving him the evil eye.
- Bo has a visitor in his office - Mayor Abe. The commissioner complains that forensics is not helping enough. He just knows Daniel
is innocent. Mayor Abe angrily reminds him to stick to the facts, and there are many. The mayor talks tough. He has been dealing with calls about Bo possibly giving the accused an easy time of it, like he did with his brother. Matter of fact, according to the Attorney General, "Your ass is on the line." Everyone knows that the suspect is the godson of Bo's papa Vic. Also, Internal Affairs is watching. He needs to take his concrete evidence seriously. Bo sarcastically tells Abe to fire him. No, he will not do that, though he wants him to be aware of the fact that
he is under a microscope. Bo is soon handed the latest lab report.
More bad news for Dr. Jonas, t'would seem. The commissioner heads over to the interrogation room where Hope is speaking with Daniel and solemnly gives her a note.
- Alone again with Hope, Daniel asks what the note contains. Hope becomes impatient and probes when the doc says Chloe might have been afraid to have him treat her. She asks if that means Chloe was afraid of him. No, it means she feared the medication would make her blurt out how she really felt, says he. The doc goes on to say that he suspects Kate may have confided her dastardly deed to Victor Kiriakis. Hope appears to consider. Kate would have to be obsessed for his theory to be true, not to mention something of an expert to have obtained the right poison. She suspiciously says one would have to be
a doctor for that. Daniel is desperate. He implores Hope to keep the crazed Kate away from his Chloe!
- Back in his office, Bo admits to Abe that according to the report,
they have Daniel's fingerprints on the bottle. In addition, there is that prescription written in what appears to be his handwriting, and a man matching his description who picked it up. Still, he feels he is innocent. Abe advises him to do what he has to do regardless ...
- Meanwhile, in Chloe's hospital room, Kate quietly taunts her to die. She brings up the fact that Dan gave her antidote, and makes her way toward her IV. "I think we've had enough of that." Enter Dr. Lexie, who orders her away from the IV and out of the room. Once in the
hall, Kate runs into Victor, who does not appear the least bit concerned with Chloe's comatose condition. He invites his ex for a cup of coffee
at Jave Cafe. She, however, would rather stay put, to pretend she cares about Chloe when Lucas arrives. When Victor again hears she is in a coma, he snidely remarks it could not happen to a nicer girl! Was it an accident or something? "Or something," mutters Kate. Vic now senses she is not telling him the whole story.  Kate tells him of the tragic collapse. Vic quips he hopes she caught it on tape. Upon hearing that Chloe might never wake up from her sleep, the Greek tycoon cackles maybe they can help it along. He thinks this sounds like the handiwork of Kate. After all, she does hate the girl. Kate is quick to point out she has been careful. Besides, she hates him, too! Kate asks Dr. Nathan
for an update. They are still monitoring the progress of the antidote
that Dr. Jonas came up with. The realization that poison was involved peaks Victor's interest. He pulls Kate aside and gleefully wonders if she gave her a big shiny red apple with arsenic in the center! She wants
him to go home but he thinks the fun is just getting started! Kate puts on her best innocent face and tells Vic that the docs think Chloe was poisoned over a long period of time. He warns that Lucas will suspect she did it. Kate boasts she has that covered, too!  She now asks him to leave before Lucas arrives. Her son will be heartbroken, but it is for the best.  She hopes Victor will keep her secret. Vic is delighted to oblige and commends her on a job well done, though what is she going to do about the police and Lucas? How will she throw them off her trail?
Kate smugly purses her lips and then acts like she has no idea what he
is talking about.
- In the Salem patient's room, Lexie informs Nathan that the antidote
no longer seems to be working. Nathan asks Lexie if she really believes Dan poisoned her. Lexie advises him not to play cop as their job is simply to save her life - provided it is not too late. Turns out things are looking worse by the minute. The poor girl might never wake up.
- In the hospital hall, Vic's convo with Kate is interrupted by a phone call from Bo, asking for the name of a good criminal lawyer. They are about to arrest Daniel Jonas for the attempted murder of Chloe. Once the call is over, Victor's attitude changes. He calls his lawyer to arrange for Daniel's bail, and then warns his ex-wife that he will not allow her
to pin her crime on Daniel! He is family. She retorts Bo will not believe him if he tries to turn her in. The Greek tycoon threatens to tell Lucas and he will believe it!  He will NOT allow her to destroy his godson! Kate talks of the mounting evidence and dismisses a godson as not
even being a real relation. All of a sudden, Lucas rushes in and asks what has happened. Victor dangerously asks Kate if she will tell him,
or should he ...!

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"I care about finding out who poisoned Chloe and it sure as hell
wasn't the doc!" Bo tells Abe.
Dan faces Hope. "You watch her. You watch Kate very carefully
and then you can prove that it was her ..."
"Come on, just tell me what happened - all of it!" Sami snaps at Rafe.

Monday, July 27, 2009


In bed at DiMera mansion, Elvis wonders why Nicole is not telling him the truth. He knows she distracted him by seducing him. Elvis remarks Nicole is no longer the calm, rational girl she once was. Nowadays she seems to look for danger in every corner. Nicole dismisses the notion. EJ adds he has even discussed said situation with Stefano, who pointed out she had been greatly affected by little Grace's death as both she and Syd were born on the same day. She notes he has had his own share
of dark days. He thinks that is understandable, but why is she in such pain? Nicole states she does not appreciate this continual assumption that she is not sincere. She feels Elvis is projecting his own dishonesty onto her and adds insult to injury by accusing him of obsessing over Sami. When will he let it go! Elvis retorts he has had quite enough.
First she seduces him, then she brings up Samantha! Nicole alludes to the fact that his reason for marrying her was because she was pregnant. He insists he was in love with her. Nicole gets insecure. What if he had found out Sami too was pregnant with his child? He claims he would have married Nicole anyway and reassures her with a kiss. "I love my wife very very much."  Later, however, Elvis dreams of Nicole in his bed, holding baby Sydney, only to morph into Sami holding Syd! He wakes up with a start.
- Chez Sami, the kids are asleep and Rafe has a surprise. A romantic candlelight picnic indoors! Sami remembers Meredith, aka the wailing woman in the woods, and gasps she is sorry for cutting today's picnic short. She informs Rafe all she needs is him. "You got me," says he. They kiss on it, all smiles. but he feels something is off. Sami denies it and they eat and kiss. Rafe steps into the kitchen to get dessert. Sami's cell rings. Tis papa Roman, with news on Meredith. She is staying at
the Salem Inn. Roman is still baffled why Sami would want to know, but their convo is cut short when Rafe returns with a tray of gooey treats. They chow down. After a little while, distracted Sami suddenly announces she has to go to the pub and gasps she left Aly's smock there. Once she has departed, Rafe appears to consider. He later has an unexpected visitor in Commander Roman, who is there looking for answers from his daughter!
- Meanwhile, down at the misty pier, Sami has tracked down Meredith and says she is glad she found her.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Steph enters and Philip updates her on Chloe's sorry predicament. Steph finds it hard to swallow that Dr. Daniel Jonas is the party responsible for poisoning the opera diva. Phil would rather not discuss it and is about to pour himself another drink. Steph now announces she is there to tell him of her misunderstanding with Mel and to apologize for thinking they had slept together, which she now knows not to be true. Phil takes it all in. Steph declares she
has regrets about some of the things she has said and decides "I'm still in love with you!" Phil roguishly asks what she wants to do about that and closes the distance between them. Henderson suddenly reappears with news on Master Lucas. His plane touches down in two hours.
Phil quips Henderson seems to have spared Steph of something she would have regretted later. Steph assures him she would not have regretted kissing him. Phil points out he would have had nothing to apologize for had he slept with Melanie, given that she dumped him! And he will never change the way she wanted him to. They agree at least they can be friends. Steph sadly leaves and Phil shuts the door.
- At the hospital, Dan stares accusingly at Kate and announces he is
not the one who poisoned Chloe, but he knows who did! Kate returns his glare. The doc explains. Kate insisted he tape one last show and came to see him at his place. She must have planted the drugs in his apartment! Bo admits opportunity and Hope asks after motive. Dan states she has been acting strangely and jealous ever since she found
out about Danloe. She wanted revenge, says he! Bo and Hope turn
their attention to Kate, who feigns hurt. And to think she actually used to care about the dubious doctor! Dan and Kate argue. She claims she had no reason to wish Chloe ill and becomes teary-eyed. She never wanted such a horrible thing to happen! She reminds him Chloe begged HIM to leave her alone! Kate claims she let her anger go. Chloe vowed she would dedicate her life to Lucas and Aly, and Dan promised to leave her alone. She cries and wonders how this will affect Lucas.
Hope appears to believe her story.
In the doctors locker room, Mel approaches Dr. Nathan and Maggie. Maggie laments about the kitchen possibly containing poison. Mel
offers to clean it up. Maggie walks off to contact Mia and warn her about the kitchen, leaving Nathan and Mel alone in an uncomfortable silence.
- In the hall, Maggie comes across the cops and the two almost suspects. Dan and Kate continue their heated argument. He did not poison her! Bo wants the passionate doctor to take it down a notch.
The redhead mentions telling Lucas about Dan and Chloe's affair,
which comes as something of a shock to the cops. Maggie recalls that night Lucas drank too much and then forgot everything. Suspicious
Bo, however, is not so sure he really did forget. The web has just become that much more tangled. Lucas had access to the tainted food and he does have something of a vigilante history. Kate is quick to defend her son. "You are not going to blame this on Lucas. I know for
a fact he didn't do it!"  Bo asks if that means she knows who did! She says she just knows it was NOT Lucas and chides the cops for ignoring the prime suspect.
Brady saunters over to Maggie and offers his support. What can he
do? Maggie laments this tragedy started in her home and cries on his shoulder. Moments later, Lexie approaches the group, bearing bad news.  Chloe is not doing that well now. She suggests a family member sit with her. Black widow Kate steps up. Dan protests but the clueless cops let her go in anyway. The doc's face is filled with worry. Brady soon informs Bo and Hope that he has been in contact with Chloe's folks Craig and Nancy. They were shocked. The cops are surprised Kate did not contact her parents and tell them what was happening.
Dr. Dan would now like a word with Brady. He suggests he go in to be with Chloe and keep black widow Kate away from her. Brady agrees.
Meanwhile, Kate is at Chloe's bedside, telling her "Just let go" because no one loves her! Brady eventually enters and Kate makes nice. She
lets Brady sit at his ex-wife's bedside. He does and encourages her to
be strong and come back to them. He begs her to fight. Chloe manages to squeeze his hand.
Nathan and Mel discuss their almost date She is sorry she did not
wait. Much to her pleasant surprise, he would like to reschedule.
Out in the hall, Bo advises Dan not to leave town, though the evidence is presently circumstantial. Brady now emerges with news. Chloe squeezed his hand! Lexie warns it may have been an involuntary movement. Daniel is desperate to see his beloved and get through to her. Just then a forensics report is delivered to Bo. The vial found in Dan's apartment had his fingerprints on it. He denies it. Commissioner Bo has no choice but to take the prime suspect down to the station.
Dan flat out refuses to leave his beloved, convinced Kate will hurt her. He loudly protests as the police drag him away. The elevator doors close and Kate smirks slightly ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
"Damn it, Sami, you said you were gonna drop it about Emily,"
laments Rafe.
Meredith informs Sami that everything changed because of HIM -
Rafe Hernandez!
"Okay, okay, I'll tell you whatever you wanna know," Dan tells Bo.

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