Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday July 25, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only


- At the Brady residence, Steve drops by to see Bo, who thinks he talked too much after those beers the previous night. Steve agrees
with everything that Bo has done and points out that Hope is gonna
do the math sooner or later. Bo laments he has put everything on the line and doesn’t want to drag his pal into the mess.
- Meanwhile, at the Johnson residence, Caroline has dropped by for
a chat with Kayla. She is very worried about Bo. And just what was that bizarre tension between him and Victor, not to mention the Greek tycoon saying to thank Bo for something he refused to divulge? Caroline senses their secret is connected to the Hollingsworth case. Kayla replies that Steve hasn’t told her of any new information he may have learned from Bo. They then discuss Ava. Enter Steve, back from his visit with Bo. He assures them the dude is fine but Caroline doesn’t buy it!  She and Kayla head out to talk to Bo for themselves. They advise him to confide in Hope, no secrets, please! And he should also go ahead with that surprise he had planned for her as well …
- At the grand Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Phil are in the dining room. The prodigal son complains about Bo assuming that he really did murder Hollingsworth. Enter Henderson, with a note which was left
by the front door. Tis an anonymous note which says simply “I know your secret.” Phil is convinced that John is behind it and angrily takes off to confront him …
- At the DiMera mansion, John reads in the newspaper that the cops
are searching for Hollingsworth’s body in the river. He seems to know they won’t find it there. Enter Marlena. Enter EJ, who wishes to speak with Ava privately. Ave alludes to her and John’s affair in front of Marlena, who reminds John that it is infidelity. He wonders if she
wants a divorce. She wonders why he hasn’t even given them a
chance and then seeks out Dr. Rolf. She privately informs Rolf that
she is trying to get him a deal with full immunity. Rolfski claims he cannot help. Marlena promises that John will not find out about anything. Meanwhile, EJ wonders if John will soon be in need of a divorce lawyer. Here comes the judge! Judge Fitzpatrick has been summoned to the mansion. EJ wants to discuss Ava. It would be best, he feels, to have Ava’s trial kept in the U.S.A…
- Ava and Marlena soon run into each other at the pub. Marlena lets the mafia spice girl know that one day real John will make a comeback and then he and Ava will be history!
- Ava decides to pay a visit to Steve and Kayla. Steve is home but Kayla isn’t back yet. Ava wants to know if Steve can testify for her? He says he will tell the truth about who she used to be before she was drugged, but he is also gonna tell the truth about what she did. Enter Kayla. Exit Ava. Kayla is livid about Ava’s visit but supports Steve …
- Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ confers with John about his meeting with the bribed judge. All of a sudden Morgan storms in and accuses John of killing her father! She wants answers now!  Ava’s henchman Eddie is on scene. Enter Phillip. Morgan nervously opens her handbag, looking for something. Eddie whips out his gun, assuming the worst. Phillip jumps in front of Morgan, to protect her from the inevitable as Eddie pulls the trigger …!

Thursday July 24, 2008


- On the French train, there is a slight delay, though they are very
close to Marseilles. Max is eagerly anticipating meeting his half-sis. They prepare to track her down. Steph calls an old pal in France and finds out there is a boarding school on the street they know her to be on. Steph places a call to said boarding school and learns that Melanie
is indeed a student registered there!
- At Dan’s new apartment, Dan is showing Chelsea his pad’s great view. He is staying in town on account of her, he says. Chelsea is pleased as punch. She also intends to find out what is going on
with Bo and Vic. Dan is against it. They dance on the balcony.
- At the DiMera mansion, felonista Ava has a drink and complains to John, wondering if they both should jump bail in lieu of facing the music. John insists he has done nothing wrong, but sneaky spice girl
Ava overheard Tony accusing him of killing Paul. She points out the authorities will likely also think John killed him!
- At the police station, Morgan sees there is tension between Bo and Phil. Meanwhile, Marlena has come to see Roman in his office. He informs her he has not yet heard word from the ISA. Marlena is stunned when he tells her about Sami almost subletting her old apartment across the hall from Steve and Kayla to Ava, of all people!  At the same time, Phil convinces upset Morgan to go home with him. Bo is unable to hide his anger as Marlena happens by. He admits he’s frustrated. Moments later, he privately tells Phil that he should stop hanging onto Morgan like a wet blanket. Number one suspect Phil refuses to step aside. Morgan needs him. Exit Phil and Morgan. Bo
then gets busy and goes thru the old evidence in the case ...
- At the Johnson residence, as baby Joe sleeps, Steve laments that his history with Ava led to Shawn Sr.’s untimely death. Kayla feels Ava deserves a go-to-jail card. Roman and Marlena drop by. They discuss Bo’s stress and also Ava’s imminent conviction for murder and kidnapping. Steve is gonna be a key witness at her trial. Kayla fears
Ava could hurt someone again …
- Back at he DiMera mansion, Ava wonders if John’s reluctance to
run away with her is his interest in Marlena. He denies it and strolls away to make an important phone call. Just then the doorbell rings. Marlena calling!  John assumes she too wants to know if he killed Hollingsworth. She asks if he did. John’s answer? He puffs away on
a Cuban cigar. Ava stares at the scene unfolding …
- At the Brady pub, Bo and Steve meet for a drink. At Kayla’s urging, Steve has decided to get to the bottom of what’s eating Bo Brady. He wants to know if Beauregard be in trouble. Bo says he could be and confesses to covering up for his half-brother, Phillip Kiriakis …

Wednesday July 23, 2008


- At the pub, Kate and Tony toast their success. Hearth and Home
is a hit! Roman happens by and suddenly gets an important call. Kate pries. Roman informs her that Paul Hollingsworth may have been a victim of foul play. He won’t give the deets and departs. Tony is onto Kate concealing something and tells her as much!  She pretends she is just troubled by the idea of a murder and goes off to call Phillip. Phil tells her he can’t talk now and hangs up. Meanwhile, Tony recalls
John speaking to him of Paul and wonders if new John might have
done something. Tony then leaves a voicemail for Anna. He will be meeting with John but shall later see her at the pub. Exit suave Tony. Moments later, Anna steps into the pub. Kate states that Tony has
just stepped out. Anna will wait. The two divas sit together and try to make small talk. They drink up and talk about children. Anna knows Kate would do anything to protect hers. Eventually they waltz outside. The cops are dragging the river, in search of a body …
- At the DiMera mansion, John and Ava get cozy and reminisce how good it felt when they were together. Enter EJ, with news from the D.A.’s office. Exit John. There is a visitor at the door. Tis Tony, there to see Uncle John! John is elusive. Tony brings up Paul.Why did John wish to help him anyway? New John curses Hollingsworth the double-crosser. Tony is of the opinion that the fellow is likely dead by now ...
Alone with Ava, EJ gets straight to the point. There is loads of evidence against the felonista and  people lost their lives, so it doesn’t look too promising, drugged state regardless. Then there is the matter of her cousin in Ireland who made a deal in exchange for immunity, agreeing to testify against her. EJ will also need to fight any extradition to Ireland. He laments they would need a good judge for him to help her. Otherwise, prison awaits. He advises her to make some sort of deal or get assistance from someone powerful. She says she wishes daddy could fix the mess. Exit EJ. Ava starts to cry …
- At the Brady residence, Bo informs Hope that Paul’s jacket was found in the river. He tries without success to reach Phil by phone and is unable to hide his anger. Hope asks him what he really knows about Hollingsworth’s disappearance. Bo will not divulge more and departs
to take care of something. Hope senses something is amiss …
- At the police station,  Phil must wait outside as Abe continues his discussion with Morgan, who is overcome with worry. Abe tells her 
the jacket found near the docks in the river is likely an indication that Paul is not alive. She should brace herself. Moments later, Morgan confides in Phillip. She was always closer to her father. She becomes distraught when she realizes that the cops are dragging the river. She goes to call her mother. Bo arrives on scene. Roman admits he thinks they are gonna find a body soon. Roman and Abe walk off for a moment. Bo has a word alone with Phil, whom he now suspects killed Paul Hollingsworth! Victor’s heir emphatically denies the accusation but Bo is filled with regret. He thinks that because of his actions, which he only did at Vic’s request, Phil might have gotten away with murder …!

Tuesday July 22, 2008


At the Brady pub, Dan and Chelsea discuss themselves. She is happy
to be working with children but doesn’t mind she won’t be able to
have any of her own. Chelsea invites the doc over for dinner. Dan
says sure. He senses Bo is anxious about something.  Meanwhile, at
the Brady’s house, Bo and Caroline talk about Victor. Caroline senses something is up with Bo and Vic. They have all just finished dinner. Enter Chelsea and Dan. Bo is preoccupied. Dan is, too, after he hears from the hospital that Bo and Phil’s visits to Victor made his blood pressure dangerously high. Thus, no more visits! Exit Dan. Bo gets a call from Abe concerning new evidence in the Hollingsworth case …

At the Salem police station, Lexie shows up, wanting to plan therapy
for Theo. Abe has cash flow issues and other stuff on his mind.

At the grand Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Phillip sit at the dining table. She tries to puts his mind at ease when she announces the incriminating tape is gone. However, he is still worried about Bo getting caught. Enter Morgan. Exit Kate. She ends up on the rooftop where Dan is about to rent an apartment. They repeat that Chelsea cannot know about their fling. Meanwhile, still at the Kiriakis mansion, Morgan suddenly gets a call from Abe. New evidence has come to light. Morgan asks Phil to head to the station with her. He does. Abe has something tragic to give her - Paul’s jacket, which has been found floating in the river, without Paul …!

On the train in la belle France, sleeping Steph opens her eyes, only to discover that a strange man is beside her! The cad mutters how romantique are the French cities. Steph is petrified, remembering the Ford Decker incident. She whips out her pepper spray and threatens to use it. Exit the Frenchman. Enter Max with a continental breakfast. Steph tells him about the incident with the would-be pervert pickpocket but assures him she is ok. They seal it with a kiss …

Monday July 21, 2008


- At the police station, Lucas drops by Roman’s office, in full
orange  uniform and chains. He be on his way to maximum security!  Roman gives him the chance to change his mind about his undercover mission. Enter Chloe, who says she is sorry for everything.  Lucas
has no regrets. Chloe wants to get physical but the guard is against
any physical contact with the prisoner. Lucas is carted away …
- Steve and Kayla’s apartment is a hub of activity as preparations are made for having baby Joe home. The nurse and family help Kayla,
who feels overwhelmed …
- At the DiMera mansion, Sami complains to Marlena about Lucas
being moved to a maximum security prison.  She also laments about
the tenant who was subletting her apartment moving out. John
suggests subletting to Ava – or he might just let her move into the mansion! Sami then heads for the apartment to reluctantly show it to Ava, who has been having trouble finding a landlord, on account of
her being a mafia princess. Ava wants the apartment but Sami soon realizes that Steve and Kayla now occupy the apartment across the
hall!  Kayla is livid, explodes that Ava can live elsewhere and slams
the door after lashing out at Sami. She then lets Steve have it as they rehash the Ava story and the fact that he had withheld segments of
his returning memory from his own wife! The Patchman insists he
loves only Kayla.
- At the pub, Sami waltzes in, a bundle of nerves, and spies Chloe.
She angrily blames her for Lucas’ re-arrest!
- Back in Roman’s office, Marlena wants to know why Lucas has to
go to max security. Roman is tight lipped. Marlena then shows him John’s disk but refuses to divulge how she obtained it. Blondie
suggests they offer Dr. Rolf immunity in exchange for repairing said disk. Roman is hesitant. What if the contents of the disk kill John? Perhaps they ought to send the thing to the ISA. Roman has concerns about Marlena being around new John and reminds her that if nothing works, she is gonna have to let him go …
- Meanwhile, new John and Ava console each other once more and get hot and heavy on the rooftop ….
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