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At DiMera mansion, Nicole leaves a nervous voice mail for Mia.
They need to talk. She later tries again and wants to know if she has heard from Chad! If he finds out the truth, it will be a disaster!  She implores her to call her back, no matter how late. Nicole now realizes Sydney is in the playpen - alone! She lifts her up and barks for maid Mary. Enter Elvis. He patiently explains Mary is upstairs. He puts Syd back in the playpen and scolds Nicole for scaring him half to death.
He had feared she was hurt! He explains Mary went upstairs for one minute but he had the baby monitor. Nicole laments the terrace doors were unlocked and talks kidnapping. EJ thinks she is overreacting and wants to know what is up with her. Nicole states she wants Mary fired. Elvis laughs in disbelief. He certainly will not! Maid Mary was on the phone with her sick mother. He wants to know what on earth is the matter with Nicole. She now tries to cover up her overreaction by claiming she recently saw a movie about a kidnapping. She relents and admits she was rather paranoid. Master DiMera later pours himself a drink and Nicole walks in with baby monitor, having put Sydney down. She gets close and suggests they take it upstairs to the bedroom, to get rid of their stress. They kiss and do just that. In bed, Elvis cannot help but notice the fact that Nicole keeps glancing over at her cell phone.
She denies it. "Why are you lying to me?" says he.
- At the pub, Steph faces off with Mel. Steph calls her a two-faced b*tch. Mel asks what her problem is. "My problem is you and Philip!" Steph declares. She accuses her of sleeping with her ex and nastily
calls her a pathetic little sl*t. Mel rightfully slaps her. Simple Steph is caught off guard and wonders what is the matter with her. Mel calls her cruel. Steph accuses her of sleeping with her fiance. Mel exclaims she did not and the fact that Steph still thinks he is her fiance even though she ditched him is not her problem. Besides, she even tried to get them back together. Mel now wants to know what she told Nathan. Steph smugly says she told him she is a little troublemaker. Mel informs her she did not sleep with Phil, besides they are broken up. She starts to
cry she thought they were friends and she trusted her. Psycho Steph now calls her a conniving little wh*re and Mel retorts she has crossed the line with that one!
- At Kiriakis mansion, replay of Phil breaking his glass of booze. Enter Brady, who sarcastically notes he must be in a foul mood. Phil admits he screwed up. Brady assumes it is about a woman. "Make that two women," Phil mutters. He comes clean to Brady, who gives him a talking to for drinking, not to mention hitting on Melanie. Phil decides he is off women. Brady exits for a meeting at Titan.
- Back at the pub, little Mel tells Steph her name calling is unfair and insensitive, considering her rough childhood. Mel cries louder and
Steph apologizes but accuses Mel of lying to her. Mel shrieks all she
did was stop Phil from drinking and driving. She continues to cry and turns around, only to run into Brady, who hugs the sobbing girl reassuringly and looks at Steph in bewilderment. Crying Mel tells him what happened. Brady suggests she tell Steph exactly what happened between her and Phil. Mel does just that and adds her friendship with Steph meant a great deal to her. She could never hurt her. Steph looks remorseful and admits she should not have jumped to conclusions.
She just snapped. She cries she is sorry. Mel is sorry too. They hug. Exit pleased Brady.
He later returns and joins Mel at her table. He is glad things worked
out. Mel gets a call from a girl at work and now finds out about Chloe. She tells Brady she is in hospital as someone tried to kill her! Brady is concerned about his ex-wife, who is his current friend. Mel suggests he go to the hospital with her. They leave together.
- At the hospital, the restrained Dr. Dan calls out to Chloe as Dr. Lexie zaps her heart to get it going. Maggie cries at the window as Hope and painted Kate also observe the scene unfolding inside. Dan yells he knows she can hear him. "I love you! Come back to me!" All of a sudden, there is a heartbeat. When things have calmed down, Bo
enters and asks Lexie the prognosis. They will need to do more tests and may need to give more of the antidote Dan started. Bo asks her to keep him posted and solemnly exits.
Outside, Maggie exclaims it was a miracle and Kate walks off to call Philip. Bo asks the cops to release Dan and lets him know he has more questions. But he should call a lawyer first.
Dr. Lexie emerges and thankful Maggie and anxious Kate approach. Kate wants to know her prognosis. "Is my daughter-in-law going to live?" she asks nervously. Lexie admits she is breathing, though she is
in a coma. There is a slight chance she might never recover. Kate pretends to be sad. Maggie wishes she had been kinder to her and goes out for air. Kate sighs. Phil soon arrives and Kate continues to play the worried mother-in-law. She tells him of the tainted brownies that were found on set and blames herself. But how could anyone poison Chloe? How could anyone, she wonders aloud, be so malicious and evil? Phil cannot believe anyone would want to hurt Chloe. Kate pretends to wonder if Chloe was not the intended target and Phil consoles her with a hug.
Outside, Nathan comes across sad Maggie on a bench. He is truly sorry to hear of Chloe's predicament. The redhead laments that no one has been able to reach Lucas. The poor soul is unaware. To make matters worse, Dr. Dan has been accused of poisoning Chloe and the cops probably won't let them get back in the kitchen! Nathan takes it all in. But he appears to have his doubts that Daniel Jonas would have done such a thing.
In the doctors locker room, Daniel expresses his disbelief that Bo and Hope actually think he might have poisoned Chloe! Dr. Lexie enters
with news. Her vitals are stable. Dan talks medical talk and goes off to help. Bo stops him. He needs to call a lawyer. Dan needs to be with the woman he loves! Bo insists he is on his side, yet he requires answers to help him. How did those drugs get in his apartment? Daniel too has no idea!  Bo points out his name was on it and he signed the prescription. Enter snappy Hope, with more. The pharmacist recalled a Caucasian middle-aged male picked them up. She casts Dan a suspicious glance
and hands Bo the original prescription. Bo holds it out. "Is this your handwriting?" Dan stares at the forgery. He admits it is similar to his handwriting. They are running tests on the vial that was found in his apartment. The cops ask if anyone had access to the doc's apartment
in the last week or so. Yes, Lucas, to pick up his suit.  He gave him
the key. Bo lets him know Chloe and Lucas picked up the suit. Dan demands to know why they are not questioning Lucas. Commissioner Bo replies they are questioning anyone on set, who had access to the tainted food. However, Dan is still a suspect. Dan denies the strange phone call Maggie received. They now talk tension and the fact that Chloe had stated she did not want him near her the last time she was brought in - clearly not the request of a woman who is about to leave her husband. Hope thinks Daniel is lying to them. Dan explodes. "No more questions!" When Hope brings up the fact that one of his apples made Chloe sick, Bo states someone did poison that apple. "Someone who wanted Chloe dead."
Out in the hall, Maggie returns and mentions Daniel getting a work
over. Phil is stunned to hear he is the prime suspect! Kate pretends to think Daniel is not responsible, that it is just a misunderstanding.
Maggie goes off to call Mickey. Phil offers to try and reach Lucas
from the house. Once alone, Kate sighs.
- Phil walks into the grand house of Kiriakis and asks Henderson if he has seen Lucas. Negative.Phil asks him to call the airline and track him down.  He goes off to do so. Ding dong! Phil opens the door to none other than Steph.
- Back at the hospital, Dr. Lexie offers Chloe words of encouragement. Outside her room, concerned Maggie asks Kate how she is holding up. Not well. "I want this nightmare to end," states the black widow. Meanwhile, Bo, Hope, and Daniel have emerged. Bo's gut is telling
him someone else had a motive to harm Chloe. Dan now remembers Kate's harsh words about Chloe and the fact that she gleefully showed up just before Chloe took a bite of the evidently poisoned apple. Kate walks into view. Dan stares at her as he finally understands what she has done and whispers "You!"

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"I don't need surprises, I just need you," says Sami prior to kissing Rafe.
"Why does everything always come back to Sami?" Nicole asks EJ.

I'm still in love with you.

What do you wanna do about that?

Crying Kate tells suspicious Bo "No way I want to see this happen!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009


At the hospital, after Hope mentions Dan is now a suspect, Kate remembers her evil deeds and feigns tears for Chloe! Gullible Maggie gives her a hug. Kate later sees Dan attending to the patient thru the window and whispers "Just die!" Maggie later hopes Kate is not mad
at her for blurting out Dan and Chloe's affair. Kate acts gracious and sadly says Lucas will be shattered if something happens to her while
he is away. Maggie is surprised Dan is still in there, given what Hope told them. Kate innocently wonders if Daniel could be responsible for this illness. Maggie hopes not.
Bo arrives at the hospital and Hope tells him leukocystine poisoned Chloe. Bo thinks something is off. Dan the man is a good doctor! Still, the conscientious commissioner has a job to do ...
In Chloe's hospital room, Dan administers antidote, watches, and encourages her. "You have got to fight," he implores, taking her hand. Enter Bo, there on police business. He would like to ask Dr. Jonas a few questions.  He must come with him. Dan flat out refuses. Boss
lady Lexie says she will stay with Chloe and orders him to deal with
the police now. Dan impatiently heads out with Bo. Lexie sits next to Chloe.
Hope announces she has more questions for Maggie and Kate as the two gals stare after Bo walking away with Dan. Especially Kate. Hope thinks it is odd that Dan would decide to leave town so abruptly. Kate points out he used to live out of a suitcase. Hope asks if there was tension on set. Maggie steps up and repeats what Chris said - that they had seemed uncomfortable together. Kate sweetly says he was brusque and impatient, but he is a busy man. Hope wonders if that tension between Dan and Chloe stemmed from their previous affair. Kate now pretends she feels she is to blame for what happened. Why, she should never have pushed them into doing the show! Maggie reassures Kate she is not to blame.
In the doctors locker room, Dan tells Bo the story of his romance with Chloe. Bo takes it all in and fires back with questions. Dan calls them stupid questions and wants to get back to the ailing love of his life! He admits their love never died and just before she collapsed, Chloe had decided to leave Lucas. Bo asks if he is sure. Dan gets impatient and wonders why he is looking at him like that. Bo points out he heard a conflicting story. He tells him about the sinister phone call Maggie received and brings up the fact that Chloe collapsed just after their private time together. Dan cannot believe what he is hearing! Bo insists he is his friend and after he answers a few more questions, they will be done. He asks about leukocystine. Dan answers it could only be administered by a doctor. But where is he going with all this? Bo informs him that poison was found in his apartment! The doc is most indignant they searched his place. Bo explains he was simply retracing Chloe's footsteps. Dan now realizes he is suspected. "I would never
hurt Chloe!" Bo believes him and asks him to cooperate so he can help clear his name. "I have to consider the evidence." After all, Dan was
the one who prescribed that drug that ended up in Chloe's system.
Dan explodes. He has to get back to save the woman he loves. "If you truly are a friend, you will let me do my job!"
Out in the hall, Dr. Lexie walks by and overhears Hope, Kate, and Maggie's discussion. She is aghast to hear that Daniel and Chloe were lovers and tells the gals that explains why Chloe told her to keep him away from her! Hope wants to know all about it. Lexie recalls how Chloe was uttering "No Daniel, no" even in her earlier delirium! Hope takes Lexie aside. Can they talk to Chloe? Lexie sadly admits that she might not make it this time! Hope proceeds to probe Lexie about Chloe's recent hospital treatment. There was suspected tainted food,
not to mention there seemed to have been an apple that made her sick. Kate is pleased to walk over and innocently announce it was part of a housewarming gift from none other than Daniel. Hope deduces it is
best that Lexie keep him away from Chloe.
- At the pub, Steph approaches Nathan, who is dining alone, and concludes Mel stood him up. He explains he was late and then got paged away so she waited for a while. Steph wants to know why she did not let him know she wouldn't stay. There are things he should know about that Melanie Layton. Nathan stops her, as he has heard it all. Steph calls herself an idiot for being gossipy. He should give Mel a chance. Nathan now says Melanie left the pub with Philip, according
to Arianna. Steph fumes. Mel stood him up for Philip! She snaps Melanie is obviously back to her old tricks. Nathan gets paged back to the hospital. Steph smiles an eerie smile and claims she will be fine. Before he departs, she throws after him that he has a right to be involved with whomever he wants.
- At the cabin, Mel and Phil get hot and heavy and hotter and heavier! Mel pulls away as he is drunk and just broke up with Stephanie. Phil talks connection. Mel admits there is also someone else. He asks about the competition. Mel says he is a doctor and he is fun, but they have
not really been on a date yet. She was kinda waiting for him at the pub. When Phil hears Mel let herself be dragged away by him regardless, he perks up. There is something about that picture!
They later return to the pier and he is sorry for what happened. Mel admits she sent him mixed signals. They both agree to keep it quiet.
Mel confesses she does not know if what happened was real, but if it was, then he must make certain he is totally over Steph before it ever happens again. Phil agrees. And he thinks Mel has a heart, not to mention that she is a standup person. They go their separate ways.
- At the park, Mia and Will walks and talk. She is about to tell Will her secret when jogging Chad happens along and thwarts her plans with his appearance. Chadman boasts he is training for cross-country and pokes fun at Will's crummy baseball record. Will gets a call and walks off to answer it. Chad notes they are tight. Mia says they are friends. Chad asks her if she remembers how great they were together. He is sure
she remembers. She flashes back to Chad saying he would love her forever, and gets defensive. Chad declares her rehab counselor warned him to stay away from her - but he can't! He is sorry he ever hurt her and is hoping for another chance. "Are you for real!" Mia bitterly replies. He asks her to think about it. Will reappears and wants to know think about what. Chad pretends he was just trying to get Mia to trade shifts with him. He gives her a meaningful look, asks her to let him know if she changes her mind, and saunters off, pausing to apologize
to Will about the baseball crack. Will thinks he is an ass and is sorry Mia has to work with him. Mia now informs him "Chad and I, we
were together. I mean, really together." Will asks if that is the big
secret. Yes, says she. They were involved for a few months. The break-up was mutual. They decided to end things before his folks shipped him off to school. Will acts like it is no big deal.
- Mel runs into Nathan as he rushes out of the pub. "I gotta go," says
he and then he is gone. Mel unhappily watches him walk away. Inside the pub, she finds herself confronted by Steph, who calls her a two-faced b*tch for pretending to be her friend, when all she wanted was Philip!  Melanie looks genuinely hurt.
- Phil walks into the house of Kiriakis and pours himself a stiff one.
He is still smarting over his break-up with Steph and angrily throws
the glass against the fireplace.
- At the hospital, Officer Hope pours herself a cup of tea as Doc Lexie laments that this just does not make sense. Neither wishes to believe Daniel would harm anyone.
Meanwhile, Maggie is in Chloe's room, crying at her bedside. All of a sudden, she flatlines!  Maggie rushes out and Lexie rushes in. Dan and Bo are now in the hall, flanked by two burly cops. Dan is desperate to get to the love of his life. The cops restrain him and Bo states it is for his own good. "She needs me," says the exasperated doc. "CHLOE!"
he cries as Lexie attempts to revive her. He shouts he is there and she should hang on, while Kate lurks outside the Salem patient's window, her painted face void of all emotion ...

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"A certain woman?" Brady says to Phil, who corrects him. "Make
that two women!"
Steph nastily calls Mel a pathetic little sl*ut so Mel slaps her good!
EJ waves his finger at Nicole. "What is up with you?"
In the hospital hall, Maggie cries "Oh dear God, no!" and restrained
Dan calls out "CHLOE!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


At the pub, Phil tries to convince Mel to take a spin in his Ferrari.
Mel also gets a text message from Nathan, who seems hopeful he
will be able to get away in the next 10 to 15 minutes. Phil thinks she would love to take a ride with him. She sheepishly smiles she would. However, she has a kinda date. Phil grabs a beer from Ari's tray as
she passes, downs it, and staggers away with another one he has just bought. Mel stops him from drinking and driving. She gets his keys from him and leads the way, as she will be doing the driving. At his insistence, she takes him to Horton cabin to find his $4000 watch
that he left behind. Mel thinks he just lured her there so he could keep drinking. She knows this is about Stephanie. He sighs maybe it is and
a part of him will always love her, but Mel was the one who warned him from the start that Steph would never accept him for who he was. She was right cos she knows him well. There has always been that connection between them. Phil kisses her and she pulls away.
- Nicole, who is chic in blue, is surprised to open the DiMera mansion door to Will. The lad is there to see her. He thanks her for helping EJ decide to let his mom have Johnny again. She never helped people like that before. Nicole remorsefully admits when she was with Lucas, she was not the person she should have been. She is touched by Will's thanks and hopes he and Sami are okay now. Pretty much, but he thinks things are hard on Sami, who still cries after Grace. Nicole,  remembering the baby she lost, sadly explains that the loss of a child and the dreams that went with it can make a mother do strange things. Will thanks her again for doing a great thing and departs. Alone, Nicole sits down and starts to cry.
- At Java Cafe, Mia is back at work. Chadman stares and probes. "When and how did you become such a liar?" he wonders. He asks for the name of the rehab centre, her buddy from there, the kid who got
her on drugs, or the dealer. He wants something real. He knows she would never touch drugs cos he tried to get her to use them way back when and she would not. He calls her story that she started to use after he left town lame and adds if she does not tell him the truth, he will
find out on his own! Nicole later arrives as Mia is finishing her shift.
She laments that the father of her baby is in town, wanting answers. Chad is back for the summer and he is not as controllable as Will! Nicole asks her to tell her everything about him, including the drugs
he might have used. "I can fix this."
- Mia goes to the park, where she sits on a park bench with her computer. She types her latest journal entry, stating that if Chad found out they had a baby, he would tell everyone, including Will.  She shuts the computer when Will shows up and asks why she is so intense. He thinks she is upset. She admits she is and tells Will he deserves to
know everything ...
- Elsewhere in the park, smiling Nicole stops jogging Chad and lets
him know she is his worst nightmare come to life! She claims she is supposed to ensure Mia remain clean and sober and calls him the
reason Mia started drugs. She warns that if he does not back off, she will make sure his parents hear about what he did. His mother would then not get that appointment to the federal bench, not to mention that his folks would likely send him to an even more far away military school! Chad agrees to do the right thing and back off. Nicole is pleased. "That last thing that Mia needs right now is to relive her past."
- On set, replay of Chloe and Daniel's passionate kiss. "Helloooo!"
Chris knocks on the door as it is show time already. The doc needs another minute. Dan vows he will never let anything come between them again and kisses Chloe. She repeats she wants to be with him,
but first she must tell Lucas. They have to wait until he is back in
town. Chris insists they finally open the door. Dan obliges. Chloe is a tad disheveled. Dan is out of breath. Diva Chris organizes the crew
and cameras. Chloe eats another brownie. "Lights! There will be lights, people!" calls out Chris. Dan now realizes Chloe's temperature is up again and appears concerned.
- After Kate has finished playing the doctored recording, which sounds like Dan angrily threatening Chloe, she drops the cell phone in the river and gleefully saunters off. Meanwhile, Maggie is at the hospital, having heard the exchange. She panics. Hope approaches. Maggie tells her she thinks something terrible has happened! Bo arrives. Maggie tells them Chloe sounded afraid and Daniel sounded angry! Nathan happens along and gets paged away again. Bo has tried to call Chloe's cell, which keeps going to voice mail. He tries Maggie's place, given she is likely there for the shoot. Chris answers the phone and informs Bo the star
is busy as they have a show to tape. When Bo identifies himself as the Salem P.D., Chris mistakes him for a sicko fan and hangs up! Maggie
is relieved to hear they are taping as that means Chloe must be alright. Still, Daniel sounded so angry. Bo and Hope decide to check it out.
- On set, Chloe assures Dan that despite her earlier episode, she is
well. It was just stress. Dan points out an elevated temperature could
be caused by an infection. Chloe insists she is fine. Enter Kate, who wants them to get back to work. Chris organizes. Action! Chloe looks into the camera, starts to talk, and then collapses in Daniel's arms!
"Call 911!" barks the doc. "We need an ambulance now!"
Kate observes and licks her chops, barely able to contain her dastardly delight. When Daniel hears the ambulance will be there in 10 minutes only, he lifts Chloe up and carries her off to the hospital himself!
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan wheels in his beloved Chloe. He orders the nurse to get blood work, and he will need x-rays, too. The patient's pulse is irregular. As the nurse prepares the saline and hooks up the monitors, Dan holds Chloe's hand and promises he will fix this. She asks him not to leave her and closes her eyes again. She soon says she is feeling a little better, but her head is spinning. Dan assures her he is there for her. Did she eat or drink before this happened? She had some of the set brownies. Daniel finds nurse Jennifer. He asks her to contact Commissioner Bo and let him know there is the possibility of an ingested substance so he should pick up the set food for testing. All
of a sudden, Chloe has a seizure! Dan is back at her side in an instant. After it passes, she does not feel as cold and remarks she felt like she fell asleep. She is tired. The nurse announces her blood pressure is dropping. Dan orders a dopamine drip. Her heart rate slows. The nurse fears she will code but Dan refuses to lose her!
- Bo and Hope are now talking to Kate and Maggie on set. Kate says Dan has always been strange when it comes to Chloe. Maggie gets uncomfortable. Kate asks Maggie not to say anything. Bo reminds
them this is becoming a police investigation. Maggie informs the two cops that Daniel and Chloe had an affair! Kate claims she wishes Maggie had not mentioned it.  They were over before Chloe wed
Lucas and she insisted they were done despite Daniel's persistence. Kate acts surprised  when Maggie tells her of the sinister call she received. Kate pretends to defend the doc, though she does slip in that he has a temper. Chris now steps up and tells of Dan and Chloe being locked in the kitchen prior to the shoot, after which Chloe's clothes
and hair were messed. Daniel had wanted to talk to her. Bo and Hope are all ears. Kate points out Dan is a doctor and would not even have the time to hurt Chloe. "You sure about that?" asks Bo. Kate pretends she is not sure of anything anymore. Bo decides to bag the brownies that were part of the shoot. Kate now informs the cops that Daniel
quit the show and had intended to leave town. She also points out that Chloe and Lucas went to Dan's apartment recently, after which Chloe was acting odd. Bo heads off to get Dan's apartment searched. Hope receives a call that Chloe has been hospitalized and it does not look good. She rushes out.
- Back at the pub, Nathan appears a tad disappointed to hear from Ari that Melanie left with Philip.
- Meanwhile, at Horton cabin, bad boy Phil grins roguishly and tries
to get close to Mel. She quips she will not be his rebound. He insists they still have a connection and the pair start to kiss passionately.
- At Dan's apartment, Bo and his search team have found the small, almost empty bottle of leukocystine. He tells Hope over the phone. At the hospital, Hope asks Maggie if she has ever heard of it. Maggie suggests she ask nurse Jennifer. Kate now approaches Maggie and tells her Chloe appears to have come out of this crisis. Officer Hope approaches the two gals to tell them the police have found damning evidence in Daniel's apartment and as of now, he will have to be
treated as a suspect!
- Still in Chloe's hospital room, Dan begs the now unconscious patient to stay with him. She seems to be improving. Enter Dr. Lexie with news. Leukocystine was found in Chloe's blood. And there are rumors that the cops are involved. Dan hopes so! He now knows what to do. He administers the proper antidote to his beloved, anxiously waiting
and watching, unaware that he has just become the prime suspect ...

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"So you're saying Melanie stood you up for Philip," Steph tells Nathan.
Mia faces Will and mutters. "There's something else about me."

What the hell is going on here!

Why don't you tell me.

Kate pretends to be upset and addresses Hope. "This is completely
my fault. I'm responsible."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


At the park, Phil runs and works out. Along comes Dr. Dan, who assumes the prodigal son is doing his best to forget about breaking
up with Steph. He joins him in his workout. Today will be the doc's
last day in town. Phil asks if he is leaving due to woman trouble.
Dan does not deny it and jogs off.
- At the hospital, Chloe is ready to go home as she appears to have recovered. Kate thinks her departure might be a tad premature. Chloe insists she is good to go. Kate now asks that she make herself available for the last taping today, as it is Daniel's last official day in town. Chloe wonders why he is really leaving, Black widow Kate replies it is cos
of her. Does that upset her?  Chloe pretends she is relieved that he is leaving Salem and goes into the next room. Once alone, Kate reminds herself that the third time is a charm, alluding to the fact that the third poisoning attempt should do the trick! She also slips Chloe's cell phone into her own bag!
- Chez Sami, replay of Rafe lamenting over Sami's designated secret spot as he looks at the directions she scribbled down for him. Knock knock! knock! Tis Roman, bearing a baseball glove for Johnny, who
is nowhere to be seen as he is with Caroline. Roman finds it odd that Sami fought so hard to get back her boy and yet now spends so little time with him. He takes in the boxes and realizes Mr. FBI has moved
in with his daughter. Roman gives him the evil eye. Of course, Sami's life is her own business, but he does not approve of what Rafe helped her do with the Grace situation. However, he still thinks Rafe is a good guy and calls him the first man who might be up to the task of handling her. He tells him to take care of his girl and not let her get hurt again.  Rafe states he intends to protect Sami. Papa Roman approves but nothing had better happen to her and he means it!
- Meanwhile, at the designated secret spot, Sami stares at the wailing woman in the woods. "EMILY!" Sami approaches. The woman says that she still cannot believe what happened! Turns out she is the sister of Emily, who misses her terribly.They used to come here all the time. Sami is interested to hear more. What exactly happened to Emily? The girl goes on. There used to be happier times there with family and
Emily and her fiance. "This was her favorite place," she cries.  Sami is sorry for her loss. She can relate, as she just lost a daughter. She now introduces herself. Meredith Hudson introduces herself. They shake hands. Sami tries without success to get a coherent answer about Emily's fate. Meredith eventually departs and Sami returns to her spot. Rafe arrives and notes she is not quite herself.  Sami does not tell him about meeting Emily's sister.
- Chez Maggie,  Mel joins the redhead in the kitchen and admits she failed as a matchmaker and Phil and Steph are done. Mel gets ready
for her dinner date with Nathan and flounces off, assuring herself it is not a big deal. Maggie smiles knowingly.
- At the hospital, snappy, embittered Steph approaches Dr. Nathan.
She is preparing a press release on the new class of interns and would love to interview him. Nathan considers. Steph goes on. She wants to hear his fascinating story!
Dan the man soon returns to tie up some loose ends and meets up
with Dr. Nathan, who admits he is going to miss him.  Nathan asks
him to check out a patient's file (Chloe's) and gets paged away before he can show it to him, so Daniel remains unaware that Chloe was hospitalized again.
Steph later overhears Nathan say he did not realize how late it was. "Going somewhere?" she wants to know. He is meeting Mel for dinner. Steph makes a snide remark and then remembers breaking up with
Phil. Exit Nath. Steph proceeds to daydream about Phil when lo and behold he enters! The prodigal son must attend a board meeting at the hospital. Steph tries to play it cool but Phil does not think he could handle being just friends and walks away.
- On set Chez Maggie, Maggie takes Chloe and Chris upstairs to show them the perfect scarf she has for Chloe to wear. Left alone in the kitchen, Kate gleefully drops poison on a plate of little brownies. Dan later arrives and he would like a word alone with the star.  Kate ushers Chris out after offering Chloe a brownie. Chloe eats the brownie and wonders if Dan is leaving because things did not work out with the new woman in his life. Dan breathes she is the only woman for him. Chloe looks at him wide-eyed.
Outside, Kate yells at Chris for not having brought the antique picture she wanted and storms off to get it.
Inside, Chloe continues to eat brownies as Dan insists he was dating no one! Chloe admits she dreamt of him when having those spells. He is
all she ever thinks about. He says it is the same for him! Chloe now declares she made a terrible mistake in marrying Lucas. She then drops a bomb. "I know that you're the only man that I'll ever truly love!"
Daniel thinks things are finally right! He stops her when she says she
is nothing but trouble. "Do you know how long I have waited for this moment!" He touches her face and notes she is warm. Dan now learns she had been at the hospital earlier and vows to stay in town and find out what ails her. She wants him to stay for good. He asks about her promise to God. She cannot help how she feels so God can damn her
if he wants. She has decided to leave Lucas so she can be with the
man she loves forever! They start to kiss passionately.
- At the pub, dressed up Mel runs into Ari and they are friends again. Mel has a pretty flower in her hair. She awaits her date and wonders where he is. Nathan soon arrives and the pair happily chat - until the young doctor is paged away. Melanie offers to wait for him.
- Rafe and Sami's strained picnic gets underway. He tells her of Roman's visit.  Rafe then pours them each a glass of red wine and kisses her. Sami pulls away and declares she must pick up the twins from grandma's. She gasps she will meet him at home and hastily departs, much to Rafe's confusion.
- Back at the hospital, Phil comes out of his board meeting with an attractive woman. Steph watches as he gets in the elevator. Nathan realizes that is her ex and she informs him they had actually been engaged. Nath remarks he seems to be handling it better than her,
unless he is pretending. Steph remembers being at the hospital when
he was shot and yet now ... Nathan tells her he is sorry. Nathan soon runs into Maggie and she agrees when he says he will text Mel.
- At the pub, wistful little Mel blows bubbles with her straw and tells
Ari she is off Phil, cos she is no one's sloppy seconds. The nice guy is
a better bet. Bad boys are all drama. Ari agrees. Enter Phil! He joins Mel at her table and it is clear he has been drinking too much. He grins and slurs he just got a new Ferrari. Would she be interested in taking a ride?
- By the pier, Kate calls Chris and asks what is going on there. Chris replies Dan and Chloe have been in the kitchen for a verrry long time. Kate gets miffed and snaps she will be there in 5 minutes to start the taping. She then sits on a bench, puts on a pair of red gloves, and calls Maggie with Chloe's cell, tape recorder ready. Maggie is still at the hospital and assumes the caller is indeed Chloe. When Kate plays the recording, the redhead hears what sounds like Chloe trying to keep
Dan at bay, to which he says "If I can't have you, no one will!"
Maggie desperately calls out, asking Chloe if she is still there!
- Chez Sami, Rafe wonders what is taking her so long. Meanwhile, Sami meets Roman outside the pub and asks him a favor. She gasps
she needs to find out everything possible about Meredith Hudson, her family, and her past ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

"You do realize this is turning into a police investigation," Bo tells Maggie, somber Hope at his side.
Nicole is seated with Mia and solemnly says "I want to know
everything about this boy."
Phil informs teary-eyed Mel there is something she needs to know.
As Chloe lies unconscious in a hospital bed, Dan insists to his unseen co-worker. "She will not code. I will not lose her!"

Monday, July 20, 2009


Chez Sami, the young mom chats on the phone. Enter Rafe. It is hot and they have the afternoon to themselves. How about a picnic at his fav secret place? She wants to take him to hers. They kiss on it. Rafe puts on the air conditioner, which makes a strange loud noise. They  discover it is on the blink and Rafe is sure he can fix it. He removes his shirt and gets to work. Sami grins and calls him Agent Fix It. When he starts to come down the ladder, however, she steps away and he comes tumbling down, ladder and all! Sami rushes back, gasping and crying how sorry she is. She sobs she was scared and she can never lose him. Rafe assures her he is okay. He is not goin' anywhere so she will not lose him. Sami laments her sadness will not end. How did he deal with losing Emily? He just did and he is thankful he found love again.
- Chez Maggie, the  redhead congratulates Mel on acing the nursing exam. Mia comes in and sees Maggie has her notebook in the kitchen. Maggie compliments Mia on her writing, which seem to indicate a great deal of life experience and insight. She now talks rehab. How about
Mia write a journal for therapy?
- At Jave Cafe, Will is looking for Mia. She is not there, but new hire Chad has a serious question. He asks Will about Mia's rehab situation.  It is news to him she had a drug problem! Matter of fact, he knows she never touched drugs. Will quips maybe he did not know her as well as he thought. Chad retorts he would have known cos they were THE couple at school! He remarks Will evidently does not know her as well as he thought. Will gets nasty and tells him to go to hell.
- On the pier,Will soon meets up with his buddy, who is heading to the beach with a group of people. Will wonders if any kids from Mia's old school will be there. Mia is always reluctant to discuss her past. His buddy suggests he ask her himself but then realizes he already did.
Will now decides she has a right to her privacy and assumes he knows all he needs to.
- Once Mia arrives for her shift at the cafe, Chad approaches her and says he knows why she had to leave school early. Moa blanches and drops the cup she is holding. It shatters on the floor and the teen looks mortified! Chad cannot believe she used to criticize him for getting high and then wound up in rehab herself. Mia appears a tad relieved that
was what he was referring to.She pretends she got involved in the drug scene after he was gone and sadly remembers he never called. Chad notes her hand is bleeding from picking up the broken cup and has a look. Enter Will, who sees Chad holding Mia's hand. Will wants to know why she is bleeding. She explains she dropped a cup and goes to the kitchen for the first aid kit. Chad and Will trade verbal barbs. Mia returns. She has been given the rest of the day off. Will offers to take her home. Mia gives him the brushoff. Chad remarks she is not that
into Will! Will snickers that Chadman thinks he is so cool and warns him to stay away from Mia. As cowboy music is heard, Chad gives
Will a sarcastic look. "Wow. You are scary, man!"  Will haughtily departs. Chadman then wonders what is really going on with Mia,
cos, unlike Willyboy, he does not buy into this rehab stuff!
- Meanwhile, Mia is at home, typing her first journal entry. She writes that now everyone thinks she was into drugs, though it is better Chad think that than know she was pregnant. It would not take him long to find out he was the father and if he learned she gave their baby away,
it would ruin everything. She shuts the computer and sighs.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano informs Nicole that the one person she really needs to worry about is Mia. Nicole thinks she can handle that one. He hopes she is right. Enter Elvis with baby Sydney. Almost as if on cue, he announces he just ran into Mia! Stefano looks intense while Nicole's eyes flicker. Elvis explains. Will and Mia were at the park and praised him for being a good father. Nicole now holds Sydney. Still embittered over having his daughta Grace witheld from him, EJ vows that one day, karma or whatever will punish Rafe and Samantha for what they have done! "They'll have their day," he finishes as Stefano observes. Elvis is diverted when his cell rings, and leaves the room to take the call. Nicole reminds Stefano she is worried about Rafe.
"Don't be." The phoenix promises that the wheels have already been
set in motion and he is not leaving it up to fate. Sami and Rafe will get their payback! Furthermore, Sami will never find out Sydney is her daughter. Stefano assures Nicole he is on her side. She thanks him.
"For what?" wonders EJ as he walks back into the grand living room. Stefano claims he had just announced a trust fund he had set up for Sydney. Nicole asks EJ if he would like to join her and Sydney at the park. EJ declines, stating he has work to do. He shuts the door behind his wife and child when they leave and solemnly asks Stefano what is going on. Stefano talks trust fund. EJ points out Nicole already knew about the trust fund. He has noticed how close the phoenix and his beloved have become these past few days and he wants to know what is going on! Stefano declares the reason he and Nicole have formed a union is due to Grace and how the loss of her is tearing EJ apart. "We are concerned." EJ brings up their furtive glances. He is not amused they have been talking behind his back! Stefano insists he would give him the world. He brings up Nicole's devotion and wish to ease his suffering. Elvis understand and mentions the mess Samantha has
made. Stefano advises him to get her out of his head. "She is going to have her comeuppance and then she will never torment you again. Of that you can be certain!" he promises. Elvis ponders.
- At the pub, Ari talks to Brady. She admits she is nervous due to her new job. He notes he makes her a bit nervous and she does not deny
it. He soon orders a shake and takes a seat.  She brings him his shake and he drawls she has been giving him mixed signals. Ari joins him at his table. She apologizes and then suggests they start over. They smile and re-introduce themselves. Ari then gets back to work at the bar and tells herself he is a great guy so she should let it go. Before he departs, Ari repeats she wants them to start over. She becomes teary-eyed as
he states he understands she changed her mind because he was once
an addict. He notes perhaps the feelings are not strong enough on her part. She alludes to the fact that the feelings are incredibly strong so Brady kisses her and she kisses him right back!
Nicole, having just arrived outside the pub with baby Syd, sees the whole thing thru the window. Brady then leaves behind a smiling Arianna and walks out, only to run into Nicole. She thinks he is tense and it must be due to Arianna. She is convinced something is off about that one and her brother. Brady is not interested and leaves for a meeting. Nicole decides to go inside with Sydney. She enters the pub and asks Ari for an iced tea, sitting down with the baby. When Ari brings her the tea, Nicole asks after Rafe. Ari informs her she does not gossip about her brother, especially with someone who obviously has it in for him! Exit Nicole. Enter Mel, who has been summoned by Ari. The wise Latina woman gets hot under the collar and advises her to
stay out of her life and back off! She now states she and Brady will not become an item. Ring ring! Ari gets a mysterious call, and agrees to make something happen. After she hangs up, Mel realizes something more is keeping her from Brady. Ari tries to deny it, but Mel calls her on her lying and waltzes out. Ari then quietly admits it is true.
- At the park, Brady is brooding when Maggie happens along, on her way back from the market. She notes he is not happy. Is it about the woman he mentioned? Brady admits he put on the brakes, but then seeked her out and kissed her. However, he agrees with what Maggie said earlier - that it is too soon for him to get involved again.
- Back at Sami's place, she arranges to pick up the kids when Rafe
soon showers and will then meet up with him at her designated secret spot. She will leave him directions. Rafe heads off to shower after she thanks him for helping her thru another meltdown. Sami sits down and writes the directions. Once she is gone, whistling Rafe emerges and looks at the directions. "Oh no, not there," he suddenly sighs.
- Nicole returns home with Sydney, only to find EJ wearing a dark expression. Fatha informed him they were keeping things from him and he told him what they were. Nicole panics, as she assumes the worst, and assures him she can explain ... Elvis has his say first. Fatha told
him how she was concerned over the effect losing Grace has had on him, but there is no need for secrets, no matter how well intentioned. Besides, in the end, they always come out.
- Sami has made her way to the designated secret spot, to prepare for the picnic. Her attention is soon diverted by a figure nearby. "Emily!" cries the wailing woman in the woods!

Next on Days of Our Lives

Dan tells wide-eyed Chloe there is no other woman for him!
"You and Melanie have a great time," Steph sarcastically says to Nathan, who replies "Thanks."
"Where are you, Nathan?" wonders Mel.
"To us," Rafe toasts a very tense Sami. "To our future together."

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