Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday July 18, 2008    
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- On the train en France, Max asks Monsieur le Conducteur what
time (à quelle heure) they will reach Marseilles. Monsieur Max does
not understand the reply (il ne comprend pas la réponse).  All of a sudden (tout d’un coup) enter Stephanie. Max is so happy to see his chérie but is worried about her and wants her to get off at the next
stop. Steph says mais non, for she believes Max needs her. She flirts
and he agrees she should stay. Ah, l’amour!
- At the Brady pub in Salem, Ava admits to Nicole that she and John don’t seem to be going anywhere. She thinks he’s still in love with Marlena. Nicole tells her about EJ and confides in her that Trent is stopping them from being together. She agrees to tell Ava what secret Trent is holding over hear head and apparently does so as the camera pans elsewhere …
Enter Rolfski, wearing a beret and sunglasses. He is there undercover for a meeting with Marlena. Blondie cuts to the chase. She needs his help and won’t accept no for an answer. She whips out what’s left of the disk. Rolfski fears he will be locked up for good if old John makes
a comeback. Marlena announces she can get him immunity. He wonders if he can trust her. Marlena plays hardball. She will find out what’s on the disk one way or another and if he doesn’t help, he will
surely be thrown in the slammer! Rolf considers …
- At the Salem police station, Lucas has made a deal! Roman informs Lucas that to complete his secret mission, he’ll be going to a maximum security prison. Lucas doesn’t want Sami to know, but Sami walks in just in time to hear he is going to a bad place. Roman gives them a moment alone. Sami is beside herself. They argue over EJ and Chloe. Lucas is taken away. Roman returns and tries to console her. She
asks Roman to give Lucas this photo of their baby girl. Exit Sami. Lucas returns to Roman, ready to go on to the next stage of his dangerous mission …
- At the DiMera mansion, EJ has set up a meeting between John, himself, and Judge Fitzpatrick. Exit John. EJ hands the judge a hefty campaign donation, courtesy of John. She is hesitant to accept but
does anyhow! John sees it all on the security camera. Exit Judge Fitzpatrick, along with her big fat check. John is impressed with EJ,
but will he prove as loyal as he was to Stefano? He adds he knows
EJ still wants Sami. EJ retorts he knows John still wants Marlena.
Enter Sami. She is looking for Rolf and complains Lucas is going to
be sent back to prison. EJ doesn’t care. Sami storms out. John sagely advises EJ not to use Sami’s babies against her. He adds that EJ will never work for him, but with him, and he still has to prove himself.
His attention focuses on Stefano’s chess board as he symbolically knocks a man down  …

Thursday July 17, 2008


On the French train, Max sweetly text messages Stephanie, happy
she is not mad at him. Little does he know that she is at the pub, dreamily planning her great escape to France! Steph gives Caroline
his letter, which she reads before heading for the hospital. Enter Chelsea. Steph tells her about Max’s European adventure. Outside
the pub, EJ and Trent run into each other, with EJ sarcastically getting the dean’s name wrong. Nicole arrives on scene and Trent gloats that they are old friends. EJ is suspicious and even more so when the mean
dean doesn’t let Nicole talk to him. EJ walks off  but warns Trent he intends to keep an eye on him. Robbins informs Nicole he needs her
to do some snooping around. Inside, Morgan and Chelsea surprise Steph with gifts for her trip. Steph insists she can parler le francais! Nicole slinks in, asking for Max. She finds out he is out of town for
a few weeks and saunters back to Trent to update him. He threatens her again to stay away from EJ, then walks off to find out why and where Max went. Calling Max’s cell, he pretends to be offended that Max did not let him know about his little trip. Max hangs up on him!
- At the police station, Morgan lets Abe know she does not wish to
keep the money Paul sent her. Elsewhere at the station, Marlena visits Roman in his office. She is concerned about Sami. Roman brings her
up to speed on the elevator trysts and the fallout. Marlena the mother blames herself but Roman ain’t buying it. Sami is responsible for playing the two guys against each other and losing both in the process. Roman is of the opinion she’d be better off without either guy. Abe drops by to let Roman know Morgan does not want the cash. Marlena takes the opportunity to inquire about little Theo and suggests a support group. Marlena then continues her convo with Roman and gets him to agree that he will look into whether something can be done for Lucas…
- At the hospital, Bo exits Vic’s room in a huff and demands a word with Phillip, leaving Kate to chat about nothings with Dr. Dan.
- Bo hauls Phil over to his house and chews him out for what he heard on the recording - that Phil threatened to kill Hollingsworth. Bo now demands answers. So did he do it? Phil insists he killed no one. Furthermore, he has no idea where the corrupt customs official is. Brother Bo tells him how he is protecting his a**, at papa Vic’s request. He gave the Greek tycoon the evidence but this conversation is off the record! Back at the hospital, Kate has managed to get her hands on the tape recording and has listened to the entire thing. She tells Vic she will burn it to protect their son. Meanwhile, Bo calls Abe and says he doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it to the station today …
- At the DiMera mansion, John and Ava toast to themselves as the expensive wine flows. Enter EJ, with a proposition. He wishes to work for John’s business, in a legal capacity. He has had quite enough of playing Mr. Nice Guy as it didn’t get him very far. John eventually agrees to let his new legal eagle come on board …

Wednesday July 16, 2008


At the pub, melancholy Steph has summoned Patch and Kayla.
She fills them in on how Max lied to her and then took off. Steve
feels he is to blame as he advised Max not to take her with him.
Steph is livid cos she is a woman already, not a child! Kayla agrees. Steve says he’s sorry about having been overprotective. Steph goes
into Amazon mode and prepares to go after her man in France …

Meanwhile, across the ocean, in la belle France, a train makes its
way south toward Marseilles, which is on the southeast coast, on the Mediterranean Sea. One of the passengers, Monsieur Max, hands his ticket to Monsieur le Conducteur. Max then proceeds to gaze out the window at the passing scenery, unaware that someone is taking his photograph! Paparazzi alert! Max finally notices and confronts him. Remy, the photographer, admits that mais oui he is the paparazzi and Max is a famous race car driver, after all. Mad Max warns him he
does not want any publicity. Exit Remy, who secretly calls a contact
to inform them that a famous race car driver is en route to Marseilles…

Chez Bo et Hope, in Salem …
At the Brady residence, Abe has brought little Theo over to play with
Ciara. They have to play separately, however, after Ciara complains that Theo is acting mean. Hope and Abe discuss Abe’s marriage and
the Hollingsworth case. Abe senses something is very missing in the Hollingsworth puzzle. Bo is gone off to the hospital with the recorder, which he did not mention to Abe!  Lexie eventually arrives. Abe reminds her he loves her and Theo, they are his world.

At the hospital, Phil is asleep at Vic’s side. Victor remembers what
Phil told him earlier and his monitor goes haywire. Kate wants to
know what is going on. Phil says he has confided in his papa about
an important crisis. Kate wants in on the secret. Phil is tight-lipped.
Vic has stabilized. Phil and Kate have headed for coffee. Bo visits
with the Greek tycoon. An awake Victor tells Bo he knows he has evidence on Phil but he cannot use it as Phillip did not kill anyone! Furthermore, he wants that evidence! His machines indicate his stress level is dangerously high so Bo reluctantly leaves the recorder in his
bed …

Tuesday July 15, 2008


- At the police station, Bo and Hope lament that they still have
not found Paul Hollingsworth’s evidence package but at least they
have the receipt for it. The USPS website indicates that said
package is now at the post office near Salem U. Bo gets a warrant
so they can intercept it as Hope tries unsuccessfully to reach Morgan
by phone …
- At the post office, Phil and Morgan have already arrived. Miss Morgan is a nervous wreck. What if the bad guys who were after
Paul have followed them there? The postal clerk says the package
isn’t there anymore but Phil insists she look again. She does. Morgan signs. Exit Morgan, Phil, and the evidence package. Moments later enter Bo, requesting the package. The clerk informs him that Miss Morgan has already signed on the dotted line and taken it with her …
- At the DiMera mansion, Sami fights a losing battle with EJ, whom
she now accuses of being a true blue DiMera! She throws a fit. He retorts he’ll be damned if she is taking his son outta there! Legally,
she can do no such thing! Of course, she may leave if she wishes.
Sami says she just wants to be a family with Lucas, not him. EJ wonders if she will say that EJ hit his boy, the way she lied about
Lucas in the past. He calls her irrational and brings up her most noticeable anger management problem. He can find someone to be
his son’s mother if need be. Furthermore, he might take Johnny out
of the country. Sami explodes. EJ does not back down and walks
away from her. Clearly he has the upper hand …
- At the pub, Morgan and Phil have a seat. She is still nervous and
asks Phil to open the package. Enter Hope. Enter Bo. Phil is ordered
to back off as Bo shows the signed warrant which makes the package now a police matter. Phil has no choice but to scram.
- At the police station again, Bo asks Morgan to now open the
evidence package. She finds money and a letter. Morgan is emotional after she starts reading the letter. She needs a moment. Exit Hope with Morgan. Bo takes a closer look in the package, which turns out to contain a recording.When it is played, one hears Phillip telling Paul
that unless Paul does as he says, he will kill him.
It sounds just like a
death threat!

Meanwhile, Phil confesses to Victor that he is in dire need of help.
He has royally screwed up and it might destroy their whole family ...

Monday July 14, 2008

At the hospital, the Kate/Dan convo is replayed. Chelsea can never
find out what happened between them as it would KILL her. Chelsea joins them and the topic of discussion becomes Vic’s stroke. Chelsea also tries to find out why Kate didn’t want Dan as her doc. Kate sidesteps. Meanwhile, Bo and Phil visit the Greek tycoon in his private room. He is asleep. Phil cannot stand the thought of losing him. Bo reassures him he will bounce back, the way he always does. Phil
blames himself and says Vic should have been taking it easy, he
caused him stress and let him down. Vic wakes up. He is proud of his boys. Enter Dan. Phil and Bo must leave so the doc can examine his patient. Out in the hall, Phil runs into Miss Morgan, who tells him
papa Paul left behind proof of whoever was after him! He said that if anything happened, he would mail it to her . Phil looks uncomfortable but gallantly agrees to help her sort thru Paul’s belongings, Exit Morgan and Phil.. Once Dan is done with Vic, he spies Kate, who says they have much to discuss. They recall their fling and vow to keep it in the past.  Inside his room, Vic talks privately with Bo. He needs his help with Phillip. Bo later calls Hope to update her on the Greek tycoon’s condition when he suddenly gets a text message - a break in the Hollingsworth case and it doesn’t look good for Phil … !

At the pub, Nicole has followed Chloe inside, after overhearing her tell her mother all about Lucas on the phone! Sami, who is also in the pub, overhears Nicole talk about Chloe and Lucas. She cannot believe her ears! Chloe says it’s true, so there!  Sami throws food at Chloe. Chloe hits back as well. Sami prepares to aim again for Chloe, who ducks just as EJ enters. POW, right in the kisser! EJ is aghast at Samantha’s lack of consideration. This is the last kind of thing Caroline needs at her pub. She fills him in on Chloe seducing Lucas, as she believes, and blames EJ for everything. EJ tells her Lucas moved on as he found out Sami said she had feelings for EJ!  Sami storms off, announcing she is moving out. EJ follows. Nicole and Chloe have a drink. Chloe knows
it is over with Phil, on account of Miss Morgan. Later on Phil and Morgan arrive but hastily leave when Morgan finds out there is something waiting for her at the post office …

At the DiMera mansion, Sami orders Rolf to pack her stuff pronto. EJ says not so fast and whips out a
court order that prohibits her from removing Johnny from their home before the custody hearing …!
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