Days of Our Lives July 30, 2010
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Friday, July 30, 2010 
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-  Sami asks Caroline does she mean she should marry EJ?! Caroline replies evidently Sami thinks it is best for her and the kids, so she would not try to change her mind. However, she would rather not even be
having this discussion! Sami gets annoyed. Caroline sighs they keep going around in circles. Sami still wants to talk. Caroline repeats her position on the DiMeras, the opposing view of Sami that EJ is right for her. Sami laments she is confused. Caroline points out she was not confused with Rafe and she loved him. Does she love EJ? Sami diverts her eyes and does not answer. Caroline suggests she tell him that she does not love
him, and wishes they could talk about something else! Sami knows she is annoying, but it upsets her that Rafe is always busy with work. Caroline does not think that is fair, then walks out back to get started on the clam chowder.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ gets off the phone after speaking to someone
of his mysterious surprise.
- Tim and Rafe are at Rafe's FBI office. He wants to crack the code of
the last place to look. They soon notice another address, which indicates Nicole is retracing her steps like when she had Sydney. Rafe heads off, drawling he is really after EJ!
- In her room, Nicole admires her cd of the incriminating conversation between Stefano and EJ. She flashes back to taking it out of the locker. Ring ring! Assuming it is Baker, she hopes he is not in jail, but the caller
is mama Fay, suspiciously wondering what she is talking about! Nicole asks why she called. She pretends she is working with at risk teens and has breaking news. Click! She now makes another call. "We need to meet!"
- Bo is in his office, getting confirmation from little Theo that the wallet treasures were from Ciara's mommy. Enter Mayor Abe. Bo tells him he
is concerned. He shares Theo's intel with Abe. They send Theo over to another desk to draw. Bo is troubled, though he hopes there is a logical explanation. He must speak with Ciara. Abe offers to help. Bo insists he go on with Theo to the ball game. He will manage to get to the bottom
of this.
- At the house of kiriakis, Vivian taunts Carly for trying to kill Bo. She suggests the black widow turned on him as he still wanted Hope! "A woman like this doesn't stop," says she. She warns Carly will never give up as long as he is alive, for her anger toward Bo will merely fester and grow. Hope is rendered speechless. "Stop it!" exclaims Carly. She yells at her to leave Salem, just get lost. Hope is displeased that Vivian has used what happened to Bo, to lash out at Carly again. Viv warns Hope that she will end up with a knife in her, like Lawrence, and exits. Hope feels sorry for Carly. Carly is surprised. Hope knows she has an alibi for the time of the attack. She marvels the way Vivian described the person who tried to kill Bo, that felt right! She gets Carly a glass of water. They sit
and discuss. Hope cannot imagine how Victor puts up with Vivian. Carly
is dismayed Madame keeps bringing up Lawrence. She admits she got twisted up inside after Lawrence's cruelty. But Bo is different, as he does not set out to hurt others. She wonders if Hope has a different view.
Hope says he did not deliberately set out to hurt her, but Carly points out he did. Hope wants to know more about her motivation when she killed Lawrence. Did she have a plan, just like the person who tried to kill Bo? Carly murmurs she had not planned to kill. When she grabbed the knife,
it was out of desperation. Any regrets? She does regret taking a man's life, though Lawrence was ruthless. Hope agrees there was no other way. Carly admits she feared he would hurt a little child. "I did what had to be done." Sometimes even now she still needs to justify to herself why she killed a man. She remains haunted by the trauma of taking a life. Hope informs her she thinks she is very brave for what she did. Carly is baffled. Hope is not happy about being questioned again. She decides she needs to get some sleep. She is soon upstairs on her bed, wearing pajamas, ready for a good night's sleep. As luck would have it, the bottle of pills is empty! "How did that happen?" she whispers. The pills are nowhere in her purse, except for a lone one. She pops it in and takes a drink. She will call the doctor for more first thing in the morning ...
- Bo is at the kids camp, meeting with the pretty blond undercover cop assigned to Ciara. Bo hands her her work check and she leaves as Ciara approaches. She is glad to see her daddy. He asks about mommy and her treasures. A frown creases her brow and she declares she will not talk about it, nor can he make her! He understands she is mad as he did not listen before. She complains he did not believe her. He explains he does now and he found out the treasures are wallets. He embraces her and apologizes for not believing her. This is important. Mommy could need
his help. She wants him to first promise that he and mommy will not get divorced. He reassures her he wants to help mommy and they will always be a family. Ciara looks at him. He now asks her if the treasure from mommy were indeed wallets. Yes, they were under her bed. Those were the treasures but now they are gone. Bo assures her he believes her. Just one more question. Does she know who those wallets belonged to?
"Uncle Roman, Uncle Justin, Uncle Abe," she says earnestly. Bo sighs.
Is she sure? Yes. She wonders why mommy had those wallets. Bo holds his daughter tight. He says he does not know, but he is going to find out. His troubled eyes, however, indicate he has already done the math ...!
- Baker nervously drinks at his place and considers his options. This situation is bad for his blood pressure! He flashes back to Hope and sighs he cannot go, cos Hope needs him! He reconsiders. "She's not done. Things are gonna get worse - a lot worse!" He drinks some more and decides leaving is the only sensible thing to do. He will just stick around until tomorrow ...
- On the pier, EJ coldly wants to know what Nicole requires from him.
He warns he will not give her more money. Money is not what she is after. She needs to use flunky Marco - pronto! No questions asked. And kindly send him to her place. She walks away. EJ now makes another call and states he is ready for something to be brought to the pier.
- Rafe is outside, talking on his phone. He tries to get on the white list,
yet must accept that for the moment, he is only on the morning flight. He saunters into the pub and literally bumps into Sami, who was on her way out. She laughs nervously. He is glad to see her. It was great seeing her and Johnny at the office earlier. He admits that he misses the kids and asks her to give them his love. She will. "I miss you too," says he, and wonders if she will stay and have coffee with him. Sami decides that is great, as she has something to tell him about her and EJ. They sit down
to talk. Sami gets flustered, then sighs. "I guess I should just say it ..." Ring ring! FBI Rafe steps away to take the call. Sami gets miffed that some things never change. Rafe comes back and apologizes. The FBI is not a nine to five job. Sami gets curt and makes a comment about him being too busy for her. She is miffed he did not put his phone on silent
and accuses him of just killing time with her. She stands up to leave. He explains he had to take that business call. She snaps she does not want to be another part of his case load. Rafe becomes exasperated. What does she want? She yells she wants to be more important than a phone call! Just then he gets another one. "That's fantastic," he tells the caller. He sarcastically drawls at Sami to give his best to EJ and the rest of her DiMera roomies as he proceeds to leave. "Jerk!" she calls after him. Rafe walks out, having decided not to tell her anything until he has got the goods on EJ!
- DiMera henchman Marco drops by Nicole's. She hands him a picture of  a guy and instructs him to pay him a visit. She gives him the address. He wants a name. "Dr. Richard Baker."
- Carly storms into the pub, where Viv elegantly stirs her martini, and gives her a piece of her mind. She has no business pulling poor Hope into their issues. If she does not leave her alone, she and Bo will make sure Victor throws her out! Vivian slyly brings up Daniel, the fact that Carly never came down on her for setting Chloe up to believe she and Daniel were cheating. Carly repeats to leave Hope alone and exits. Madame muses to herself that she made a retreat, which means she is keeping secrets. "And you know how I feel about that!" she purrs.
- In her grand bed at the house of Kiriakis, Hope opens her now crazed eyes and sits up. "That was refreshing. Thank you, Carly. You helped
me more than I can say!" She gets out of bed, ready for action ...
- Elsewhere, waitress Fay is about to get back to work. Rafe saunters in, announcing he would like to ask her a few questions about her daughter. He shows her his FBI badge.
- Outside, Sami walks on the Salem pier and bursts out laughing when
she comes across EJ, who is wearing a blue fisherman's hat, and fishing
in the river!  He does not think it is that funny. She assumed he had his fish flown in first class from Dover. He mentions her grandfatha fished. He also has a pole for her. Sami accepts it and wonders what he is doing. She removes his hat with a smile. He explains he wished to show her he could be a regular guy. And he thought it would be fun. He notices she
has a bite. Sami replies she does not, as there is nothing pulling. He insists there is. She soon reels it in and there is a ring attached. EJ gets down on bended knee, ring in hand, and smiles up at her. Sami gasps in surprise. She thought they were going to wait. He did too, yet he realized when she asked to move in that something had changed. More than he could hope for. "I love you. I've always loved you, Samantha." She holds a special place in his heart. Sami starts to quietly cry. EJ emotionally continues. "I'm asking you, please, to let me love you. Will you marry me ..?"

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