Days of Our Lives July 29, 2010
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Thursday, July 29, 2010 
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Proposals, Wallets, and the Living Dead!

-  Replay of Sami and EJ talking about Johnny, him mentioning when
they are married, Sami's shocked reaction. "What did you just say?"
She heard what he said. He drawls has she never thought about that!
She gets flustered and claims she has not, then gets sarcastic. EJ is not amused. "Does it really seem like such a terrible idea?' They would be
a family under the same roof. Sami whispers is he proposing? EJ pretends he is not. Sami is relieved. He still would like her to realize they live there as a family and their children are happy. He feels Johnny wants them to
be together. Sami can comprehend. EJ continues. And daughta Sydney is so relaxed. He is happy with things if she is. She admits she is. He adds they should not try and fix what is not broken. Sami stammers her agreement. He mentions getting married in the future. She explains she
is good the way things are now. He has one more thing to say. "If I ask you to marry me, Samantha, you will know." He grins. He will wait until the time and place are right. He takes her hand and looks her in the eyes, then explains that is what he will do. He will tell her how much he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Sami is stunned into silence. She pulls her hand away and gasps she is glad he is not really proposing, as she is not ready. EJ stands up and agrees they will wait
and see. He implies they should let their hearts rule, for are they not all happy? However, perhaps they should wait until they are positive. Sami nervously excuses herself and walks out.
- Nicole is pacing her room, smugly on the phone with her bank. She is elated to find out the big money is available as of now! She can start
living high on the hog and even treat Brady for lunch. She hums cheerily and departs.
- Baker takes off on the pier when Brady speaks his name. Brady takes off after him, but loses the dastardly doc. Brady now bumps into Nicole. He is out of breath and drops a bomb. He just saw Dr. Baker! Nicole blanches. They soon sit down at a pub table and Brady notes she looks faint. She insists Baker is dead. Brady drawls he is indeed alive and well, running around town. And he took off when he said his name! "It was him. I know his face." Nicole suggests he left town. Brady hopes not, for if not for him, the babies would not have been switched, so he must be caught. He would like Nicole to understand that the doctor not only blackmailed her, but also hurt Sami. He has to go down and that is why Brady called the cops! He wonders why she is shaking like a leaf. "What
if he gets caught and tries to retaliate," says she. Brady assures her he
will not be able to hurt anyone, especially her. She breathes he is right. Ring ring! Tis Baker himself, informing his former partner in crime that they have a problem! She pretends it is her pal Jane. Baker tells her that her boy toy saw him and almost tracked him down. She knows and suggests he remember her advice, to lie low. Baker retorts he has things
to do first ... Nicole ends the call. Brady asks about this Jane. Nicole claims it is a flaky employee at the station and abruptly leaves. "I don't
like this," drawls Brady, and walks out of the pub. He follows her to the pier and stops her. He knows she has not been honest and suspects it is about Baker. What is going on? She pretends to be stressed about Baker running around, that is all. Brady reassures her the cops will get the guy. She now insists she must go and scurries away. A frown creases Brady's brow as he is left standing alone on the pier.
- At the police station, Mayor Abe has dropped by on his way to a ball game with Theo. Stefano happens by, delighted to see grandson Theo.
He was there to speak with the police about the case, at their request. He also gave them an alibi. He now tells Theo to remind his mother to bring him to the house soon. Cousins Giovanni and Sydney are now living there too!
- Carly asks the somewhat hypnotized Bo what he saw when he came home last night. He claims to remember, opens his eyes, and gives Hope
a very strange stare. Carly gets him to focus. What does he remember?
He smelled gasoline. She asks if he saw anyone. "I think yes," replies Bo and looks at Hope again. Carly asks who it was. T'was Ciara, and he encountered her at Victor's house. Carly probes him to recall what they discussed. Bo suddenly states "Hope. It was about Hope!" Hope appears baffled and uncomfortable.Why was he talking about her? Bo recalls he had gone there to see her. Then he came home. Carly asks if anyone else was there. He does not remember. Bo stares straight ahead. He cannot remember more. Carly asks if he ate or drank anything. "I think ..." he begins, until Hope yells "Stop!" She shakes her head and states she feels
it is too much stress for Bo. Knock knock knock! Tis Caroline. What is going on? She asks Bo if he is alright. He comes out of the trance and updates his ma. She appears irate and returns to the pub. Hope explains she is upset, as last night no one told her he was in the hospital. Carly points out it was Roman's decision. Bo thinks it was the right decision. Hope must depart to help Ciara get ready for her camping trip. Carly remains worried as there is still someone out there. Bo is determined to
get to the station to look thru old files and crack the case, but Carly is against his leaving the house! He insists he needs to work, promises to
call her every hour, kisses her, and leaves. Carly laments maybe she can get him to hear out someone else and also walks out.
- Victor is home at the house of Kiriakis, drinking. When Viv enters, he wonders if she was the one who tried to kill Bo! Of course not. That was too amateurish. He knows it was not really her, as she does have an alibi. She reminds him of her promise at their wedding. Victor gets sarcastic when she speaks of love. The Greek tycoon growls neither of them has room in the heart for love! Madame Viv deduces this is about Maggie Horton. She must have turned him down and rightfully so. He is the man she is married to. Victor reminds her they have nothing more than  a business arrangement and walks away, slamming the door behind himself. Viv considers. Perhaps if he realized she had his and Bo's interests at heart, then he would love her!
- Hope soon returns to the house of Kiriakis. Ring ring! Tis Dick Baker calling. He thinks it is not necessary to identify himself and explains
"Hey, don't hang up. I really need to talk to you right now!" Hope blinks. He realizes she must still be mad at him, but he was spotted and just wanted to warn her. Hope has no idea who he is or who he was trying to speak to. But Baker has already hung up. Ding dong Carly calling! She asks Hope for a favor and it concerns Bo. Will she talk to him about the fact that he needs to rest? Hope will try. However, these days he does not seem to give a damn what she thinks! She and Carly proceed to disagree. Hope states she is not interested in arguing, she simply wants to find the person who tried to murder Bo. Enter Vivian. She purrs that person is standing right before her and indicates Carly!
- Caroline is keeping busy at the family pub when stressed Sami enters. Caroline  perceives something is wrong. Sami sighs she does not think she wants to hear about it. Caroline deduces it is about EJ. Did he ask her to marry him, she jokes. Indeed. Sami admits she is not sure what to do."EJ is so different. He is so sweet to me ..." In addition, the kids adore him. However, "I am still in love with Rafe!" Caroline wonders why she is
even thinking about marrying EJ if she still loves Rafe. Sami sighs she has no future with Rafe and she wants to do right by her kids. EJ is good with them. Plus, she cannot deny there is something there with EJ. He also  accepts she still has feelings for Rafe. Eventually she believes she will get over Rafe. She feels this time EJ will be different. He is great to her and the kids. Caroline shrugs her shoulders. "Well, then, marry him!"
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ is looking at a photo of his family. Enter Stefano, who makes a remark about erasing that blonde woman in the middle! EJ now boasts that Samantha has agreed to live at the mansion permanently. Stefano is not surprised. Whatever it takes to live rent free! EJ insists she is only there because of the children. He adds there is one small thing. "I intend on marrying Samantha." The phoenix gives him a  dark look. Why in the world would he marry that viper! Living together
is one thing, but marriage! He calls his son an imbecile in Italian, among other things, and pours himself a cognac. EJ defiantly insists he will wed Samantha. Stefano raises his glass. "May God have mercy on your soul!"
- Bo runs into Theo and Abe at the police station. Theo is excited about the ball game. Bo has a ticket stub from when he went to the World series and looks for it, unsuccessfully. Abe must step away to take an important call. Moments later, Theo points at Bo's wallet. "Wallet.Treasures.Ciara!" Bo is surprised. "Ciara's treasures are wallets?" Affirmative. "Treasures from mommy!" explains Theo. Bo gulps."Ciara's mommy?" Theo replies yes. Bo takes it all in ...!

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