Days of Our Lives July 28, 2010
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010 
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Bo's hypnosis, Nicole's money, Brady's shock, Rafe's clues,
and EJ's slip of the tongue ...

-  Commissioner Bo is dressed in his hospital room, ready to check out and uncover who did this to him. Enter Carly, upset he wants to leave
the hospital and go after the attacker. Does he have a death wish! She
tries to block him from leaving. He insists he is fine. Besides, he has his
own personal physician at home! Carly is upset and thinks the hospital
is the one place where he will be safe from the attacker. Enter Victor,
who seconds the motion! He asks for a word alone with his son. Carly obliges. The Greek tycoon wonders if there is any connection between Bo's attack and what happened to Lawrence ... Bo retorts he cannot pin
this on Carly. Victor drawls whoever did it will regret they were even born!
- Hope is at the station, trying to work on the case. Pal Justin sits down beside her and consoles her as she cries Ciara would never have gotten over losing her daddy. Justin puts his arm around her and assures her
they will find the evil attacker! She does her best to focus. Who would want to do something so evil! The person is still out there and she fears they will try again! She falls apart again. Justin continues to console her. He will help her in any way possible. Hope calls him sweet, though she needs some time and space. Justin sighs he does not understand. He had assumed she wanted to spend more time together, given their kiss. Hope does not know what he is talking about. The kiss was a cover. He means the other kiss. Hope repeats what she has told him several times - she is not ready to move on and might never be. She excuses herself. Justin considers.
- Baker is lounging in his room, reading the news about the attempt on
the commissioner's life. He flashes back to Hope raging about killing Bo. She is nuts so why does he like her so much anyway!
- On the phone, Nicole informs EJ that she wants cold hard cash. Or it is over! He arrogantly reminds her he could end things for her and Brady, too. She warns she is not scared of him and if he keeps on playing it like this, he will be sorry!
- Rafe is working at his FBI desk. He murmurs each of Nicole's numbers represents a location. There must be something verrrry incriminating. He suspects it will soon be over for EJ, thanks to Nicole! His colleague Tim enters and Rafe explains the numbers of the code are all locations. He also thinks there is a locker number and Nicole is blackmailing EJ. Tim notes he will be able to save Sami from EJ. Then what? Rafe smirks. In waltzes Sami, there with Johnny for a visit. The excited tyke is wearing his FBI jacket. Once they are alone, Sami explains Johnny was hoping to take a picture of the fingerprinting machine. Rafe teases perhaps he should take the heavy machine with him and compliments his muscles. Johnny shows off his imagined biceps. Sami thanks Rafe. Rafe and Sami are later alone in his office, as Tim is entertaining Johnny. Rafe uncomfortably says he should get back to work. Sami laments he does not have even 2 minutes for a friend? Rafe admits he is doing something - and it is for her! "For me?" whispers Sami. He gets cagey and proceeds to dismiss her. Sami does not understand. He had said he wanted to have a relationship with her kids. Rafe points out they are EJ's kids, too, and he does not think
EJ would want him hanging around with them. He presumes EJ would have a say in the matter. Sami admits he would. Rafe drawls she cannot have it both ways! Sami gets miffed and storms out.
- Nicole waltzes into DiMera mansion. EJ snaps if she wants something from him, he wants something from her first! She pours herself a drink. He points out she has no more power over him than he has over her.
She reminds him she has proof, so fork over the money! He offers her a deal - he will give her money one time only. But if those tapes ever turn up, he will kill her! And she had better make sure they are somewhere secure right now! After he promises to wire her the cash in the morning, he walks her to the door. Nicole hears Sydney crying and gets upset. EJ informs her Mary is there to look after her. Syd stops crying. EJ remarks she still misses her. Nicole gets teary-eyed and admits she loved Sydney with all her heart. He does not doubt it. He implies she did not care about him, however, just as he did not care about her, and casually walks off to see his daughta. Nicole takes a woeful look around her former home and leaves.
- In Maggie's kitchen, she talks to Brady about his sobriety. He states he
is fine. She brings up Nicole being connected to his sobriety and stress level. Brady is not happy when she points out Nicole would do anything
to snare him. She knows he is too smart to take the bait! Brady looks uneasy. Maggie hopes he does not trust Nicole. Brady says he never said he did not trust her. She wonders if he loves her. He explains she is trying to be a better person. The redhead doubts it. Ring ring! Brady must take the call. Tis Nicole, with great news. He replies he cannot talk at the moment, as he is in the middle of something. He adds he is with a friend and promises to call her later so they can catch up over lunch. When he gets off the phone, Maggie snaps it was Nicole. She insists on giving him some unsolicited advice. The redhead knows he is being evasive and has trouble looking her in the eye. That worries her, as that is not the Brady she knows. Knock knock knock! Saved by the door! Tis Victor, who has stopped by to tell Mag that Bo is fine and has been released. He wanted
to see her. He had thought maybe they could ... He now spies Brady and states he did not realize she had company. Brady excuses himself. Once Vic and Mag are alone, he notes he interrupted something. The redhead is worried about Brady. So is Vic. She laments he only confides in her up to a point, as she is his sponsor. She believes she might have now blown it. He drawls that is impossible. She wonders if he puts her on a pedestal. 
He quips that is where she belongs! She reminds him what she already
told him. "You are a married man and you're not supposed to come here. Go home to your lovely wife." Victor sighs in dismay, clearly hurt by the icy reception.
- Nicole is at the pier, on the phone with Baker. He is ready to leave town and she does not seem interested in giving him money. She warns him to keep lying low or he will be lying underground! She now heads back to
her room and goes online to check her bank account situation. "I'm rich!" she exclaims excitedly.
- Meanwhile, Rafe is busily trying to open a locker.
- Sami and Johnny enter the mansion. Johnny gets mad he cannot wear
his jacket indoors. EJ approaches and wants him to listen to his mother. Hot Johnny wants a popsicle. Now! Sami says no. EJ points out it is close to dinner time so he should listen to his mother. Johnny calls his mother mean, and runs off. EJ soon returns with the tyke, who tells his mommy he is sorry and he loves her, followed by a hug and a high five. He then runs off to play. Sami is grateful for EJ's help. He teases the lad always pushes to get his way - just like him.  Sami chuckles he is like him! She says EJ amazes her sometimes. He retorts she amazes him - all the time! He praises her as  wonderful mother.
- Carly and Bo return to his house. He starts to talk about what happened and suddenly stops. Carly asks if he might have remembered something. Bo confesses he cannot think straight with such pain in his head. He had
a headache just before the attack, too, and glances at a photo of himself, Alice, and Hope. Carly suggests he lie down. He does, on the sofa. Carly decides to try some relaxation techniques, to help him get rid of the headache and maybe remember something. Enter Hope. She is there to check the shed, as it was overlooked by forensics. Bo explains they were about to try some relaxation techniques, to help him remember. Carly is glad Hope is there, to help ask the appropriate questions. Hope becomes uncomfortable and would rather not be that involved. She takes a seat
and quietly watches as Carly begins. She instructs Bo to close his eyes, breathe, and remember something nice. Bo flashes back to sailing on the Fancyface with Hope in their younger days.
- Brady walks along the pier, stunned to see a familiar face. "Baker?" The felonous doc turns around. Their eyes meet ...!
- Rafe is disappointed the locker he finally managed to open is empty and vows he will still get Nicole - but,more importantly, EJ!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami does not think she is so amazing. EJ praises her for her wonderful passion for the people she loves. He sees something is troubling her. Would she like to talk about it? Sami speaks
of Johnny growing so fast. EJ wonders what he said. Sami complains he told her that he wanted to tell the judge he loves his daddy more than his mommy. EJ grins he told him the exact opposite! Sami sighs he must be confused, in that case. EJ airily agrees joint custody is not all it is cracked up to be. He mentions when they are married ... Sami stops him. "What did you say?!" she gasps
- Carly wonders where Bo's mind is now. He murmurs he is on the Fancyface about to sail around the world with Hope. He sees blue, the sky, the ocean around him. There is peace and beauty. The pain is gone, Hope watches intently. Carly now asks him to move forward in time to last night. "When you came home, what did you see?" Eerie music is heard as Hope stares at the scene unfolding ...!

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"That guy has to pay, he has to go down!" Brady tells a visibly
shaken Nicole.
"EJ, are you proposing?" Sami whispers.
"What do you remember?" Carly asks Bo as Hope nervously looks on!