Days of Our Lives July 27, 2010
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 
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Chloe lies, Chad meets Kate, Rafe studies code, Nicole schemes!

-  Newlyweds Phil and Mel are making out in the kitchen. Nervous knocking is heard. Mel opens the door to Chloe, who is desperate to get
in touch with Daniel. She exclaims everything is wrong! Disheveled Phil gives her a look. Chloe admits they had a fight. When Me heads out, Phil wants to know what Chloe is talking about. She is anxious that Daniel thinks she is postponing the wedding all because she does not love him enough. Had it not been for protecting Phil, she would have told the truth by now! She no longer thinks they can keep this a secret. He retorts yes they can! He assures her his idea may feel wrong, but she will realize in the long run it was right. Therefore, she should do as he says ...
- At the hospital, Carly praises Dan for saving Bo, but what is the matter? He laments things have gone to hell with Chloe. He feels she does not wish to marry him. Carly makes a comment and he begs her to tell him what she knows. She assures him that Chloe does want to keep him and gets paged away.
Carly is later back at the nurse's station. Mel informs her she is glad that Bo is alright. She just wants Carly to be happy as she cares "Cos your my mom!" She gets teary-eyed. Carly is moved and hugs her daughter.
- Chloe and Dan both come home within minutes of each other. She praises him for saving Bo, calling him a hero.She wants him to know how much she loves him. Her wish to put off getting married to him is about something else. She explains she is feeling like an emotional wreck. She cannot stop thinking of what happened to Nicole, her miscarriage. Such thoughts have been torturing her. "I'm scared. Really scared."  Dan gently interrupts. He should not have been insensitive to her feelings. Chloe
really wants him to know she needs him and wants them to be a family. He whispers he does, too. She asks if he can give her one month. He can and will, yet he asks her to always tell him what she is thinking. He gives her an emotional embrace.They are good again. He kisses her and wishes he could stay. He must meet with Melanie. Before he departs, Chloe tells him she thinks Mel is great and he is a great dad. She feels he will love
this baby as much and unconditionally as his daughter. Daniel thanks her for making him see where she was coming from. Alone, Chloe laments
but it was not the truth!
- Nicole admires the code in her journal and smugly muses she has proof that EJ kidnapped his daughter! She shuts the diary. Brady drops by with
a housewarming plant. He makes a remark about her not so nice place. She thanks him for the plant and agrees her place is awful. Brady says it
is cozy. Nicole is glad to see him. Does he really want a fresh start with her? Indeed. She goes in the kitchen to fetch him a soda. Brady spies the lone journal lying on the table and frowns. He picks it up. Nicole comes back and overreacts. "Give me that!" She snatches it out of his hand. Brady blinks in confusion. She points out it is her private diary. He teases he would like to see what she has written about him and reaches for it.
Nicole gets upset and shouts no! He explains he was joking. She is sorry she overreacted and puts the diary away. Things have been tough lately. Brady steps up and offers to help her out financially, to get her a better place in a better neighborhood. She replies she will have to do things on her own and smiles she has a feeling her ship will soon come in! Brady drinks his soda and probes. She will say only that she is involved in a
risky investment. He does not like the sound of that and hopes EJ is not connected. Nicole lies he is not. She diverts his attention by arranging to meet for lunch later. Brady happily departs and Nicole sighs she loves
him, but must secure her future first ...
- In his FBI office, Rafe is still at work, staring at the code of Nicole's journal, determined to break it! Why would she go to such lengths? Ari shows up and immediately realizes it is a bad time. He does not deny it. What is he hiding, she wonders. Classified FBI biz. She senses this is about EJ. She notes Rafe is acting very strangely. He lectures her for not heeding his warnings and steering clear of that DiMera! However, on this one, Ari thinks they should simply agree to disagree. He wonders what if he could prove to her once and for all that EJ was not the man she really thought he was! Ari states she already knows he is not perfect, but he was the one person who stood by her for her ordeal. He is a complicated guy who is trying to do better. Rafe replies maybe she is right. Once Ari is gone, Rafe sarcastically mutters there is no doubt in his mind about EJ.
He stares intensely at his computer monitor, and soon discovers he has found something!
- At the elegant DiMera mansion, lady of the house Kate is focused on Maddie's obituary in the paper again. Enter the phoenix, who chastises
her for being so disconsolate. Kate claims she just feels for Chad. The phoenix points out they barely know the boy. Besides, the threat of that woman is gone for them. "Poof! No more threat!" Kate flashes back to looking at Chad's original birth certificate when her phone rings. Tis Chad and he wishes to speak to her as soon as possible! Stefano later kisses his wife and reminds her to forget about Madeline, as they dodged a bullet. Kate calls Chad an innocent young man. Stefano drawls that he has no compassion for that boy or his buffoon of a father. She should save her energy. And she should learn that DiMeras do not coddle and cry for enemies - "They obliterate them!" Exit the phoenix. Chad later appears
for their meeting. He thanks Kate for her kindness, as his father has been unfair. Kate hopes he is not blaming himself for what happened. He is,
yet he is trying not to do so. He must understand some things about his mother's past and was hoping Kate could enlighten him. He had heard
that once up a time, Maddie was a working girl - to be blunt, a hooker. That was what they were fighting about before ... Chad emotionally catches his breath. He just needs to know and Kate's past is no secret,
so he was hoping he could ask her. "Is it true?" Kate wants him to let it go and just remember how much his mother loved him. That is how to honor her memory. Nothing else matters now. Chad, however, does not appear to find much comfort in her response. He is gracious and thanks her for giving him something to think about. She praises him for his courage and agrees they can talk again sometime ...
- Stefano and Will are at the pub, having a meeting at a table. Stefano looks at his report and compliments him on his work. He is so impressed that when this internship is over, he wants to give him a part-time position - and he never kids about business. Will is elated and thanks him. The phoenix coos he should thank him, for he will be a great asset to DiMera Enterprises. Will admits he is uncomfortable not telling Sami about his internship. Stefano points out that sometimes keeping secrets protects the ones we love. His mother might assume something that might not be true. "Besides, we all have our secrets!" he adds airily.
- Dan comes to Mel's place. Mel is back at home and Phil is on his way out. Daniel has not forgotten their father/daughter date - and he has an early graduation gift. A pair of diamond earrings. Mel is grateful, but worried he and Chloe are having problems. Not anymore. He grins things could not be better!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Chad thanks Kate and opens the front door
to leave. There stands Stefano, who forces a smile. "Chad! To what do we owe this pleasure!" Kate pretends he was there to see Will and she
was offering her condolences. Chad politely excuses himself. When he is gone, the phoenix remarks he did not bother to text Will? Kate admits
he wished to talk about his mother. She did not really tell him anything. Stefano does not want her to see him again. From now on, he will have the butler tell Chad she is not at home. They must make the lad go away. "Understood?" Kate quietly agrees, then sighs anxiously ...
- Chloe opens her door to Carly and complains about having to lie to Daniel again. She cannot go on like this! Carly assures her it will end sooner than she thinks. They can have the test done across town, under
a false name - at St. Mary's.
- Meanwhile, Daniel invites an excited Mel to accompany him on a trip
he must make to assist in a skin graft surgery across town - at St. Mary's!
- Phillip sits on a park bench and curses himself for the lies to Daniel. Perhaps it is time to come clean. He imagines what would happen if he dared to - Mel screaming that she hates him, slapping him, insisting they are done because of his betrayal!
- Schemestress Nicole leaves a message for E.J., that the time has come
to talk about their deal, what he owes her, and when he will deliver ...
- Back at Salem FBI headquarters, Rafe grins at his computer, drawling this is exactly what he was looking for. "Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, you are
so busted ...!"

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