Days of Our Lives July 26, 2010
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Monday, July 26, 2010 
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Bo confused, Hope upset, Abe gets a lead, Kate keeps secret!

-  At the hospital, Bo wakes up in the morning. Carly asks how he
feels. He gasps his throat hurts. She mentions he wanted to tell her something. He stares uncertainly and breathes he does not remember! Does he remember who did this to him? Bo looks confused. No. Carly reassures him. Enter Roman. He tells him never to worry him like that again! He is now ready for Salem P.D. type questions. What is the last thing he remembers? He was at Victor's. Roman reminds him he sent
him a text. He now updates him on the entire sinister incident. "You
were one stroke of a match from your last ride, partner!" Bo wonders what he was drugged with. They will have the lab results later. Roman
is in a hurry to catch the perp. Carly gets upset with the cavalier attitude
of the macho brothers and calls them Starsky and Hutch! Bo hugs her as she complains this is more than just as regular case!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Hope wakes up and realizes she has a missed call from Carly Manning. Wonder what she wanted! She gets dressed and walks down the stairs, her mood light. Enter Justin with bad news. He is surprised no one told her, but Bo has been attacked!
- In the hospital waiting area, Victor suggests sleepy Maggie go home
and get some rest. His car is downstairs. Caroline arrives and she is upset he never told her that her son was at death's door! Maybe he thought
three would be a crowd! Victor explains that was Roman's decision. Caroline makes a snide remark about him having Maggie for company. Maggie points out she was with Victor when he got the news. Caroline snaps he should have told her no matter what Roman said and storms
off. Maggie is flabbergasted that everyone keeps thinking she is the other woman. Victor chuckles she is a dangerous dame! The redhead insists he go make things better with Caroline. He grins at her and walks off to do just that.
Hope has arrived at Bo's hospital room in time to see him hugging and reassuring Carly, who is lying on his nekid torso. She enters and Roman goes off to see how mama Caroline is doing. Hope gets Carly to leave by bringing up her need to ask Bo some questions. Carly departs. Hope flips open her notepad, ready to start. She is clearly shaken up by what has transpired, and has no memory of her murderous actions the previous night!
Out in the hall, Victor apologizes to Caroline and gives her a hug.
Justin approaches Carly just as she receives the toxicology report.
In his room, Bo admits to Hope that he has been seeing images, though
he does not remember more. Enter Carly. She announces there is a good reason for that and he is lucky to be alive! Eerie music is heard. Dr. Carly explains what the dangerous sleeping pills were. Bo starts to have a vision, but it is blurred. All he can see is the coffee mug. Vic and Caroline walk
in to see their son. Hope steps outside with Carly and asks her where she was last night. Carly expresses her belief that she just wants to pin this on her! She explains she was on duty at the time and it can be checked out. She walks away. Ring ring! Justin approaches Hope and she shares the info she just got in that phone call - the alarms had been disabled, not to mention the mysterious caller. She is convinced that someone out there knows a great deal!
In the hall, Abe is joined by Lexie and Theo. When Lexie asks about Hope, Theo exclaims she has a treasure! What kind of treasure? Ciara
had it, says the lad. Lexie asks him to show it to her next time ...
- Phil is on the pier, talking on the phone that he will visit Bo when he is permitted visitors. After that call, he telephones Mel, to get ready to meet him now, though he will not say why. Back at Maggie's, baffled Mel soon has a visitor - Nathan. He is there to get some boxes as he is moving in with Stephanie! Mel looks miffed, then sarcastically says if she is sick, it will be convenient for her to have a doctor nearby. She calls Nath and Stephanie "kids" and pretends she hopes they will be as happy as her and Phil. Nath goes in the other room. Phil comes home and whisks her away for the surprise.
- At the elegant DiMera mansion, Stefano reads about Madeline's passing in the paper. Enter Kate. He is sorry she died, but not sorry the secret
died with her. Kate declares everything is going to be fine. The phoenix stands up to approach his wife. He sensed a certain doubt in her voice. Is there something about Madeline he does not know? Kate flashes back to finding the shocking document, then lies she was just worried she missed something in the safety deposit box. Stefano is not fussed about it. He refers to Madeline's end as divine intervention and exits. But Kate has Shakespeare on her mind. The evil that men do lives on after them!
- At the pub, Will enters and sees a disheveled Chad. Will understands if he wants to kick him out, cos he thinks he is to blame for the death of his mom. He should not have said anything. Chad does not blame him. His mom had a secret life, though it had nothing to do with her death.
- Adrienne drops by to see Steph. She tells how papa Steve spoke to her on the telephone about how concerned he is that she will be living with a man. He wanted to come to town to speak to her in person. Steph is dismayed - until Adrienne assures her she neutralized him. They sit on the sofa and chat. Steph is elated about Nath moving in. Adrienne knows it is an exciting time, then remembers Justin. Steph insists they still love each other and she is sure they can get back on track! Adrienne admits she is worried about him, though he thinks she is just jealous of the strangely behaving Hope.
- At the pub, a drinking D.A. Woods tells Kate to go to hell when she informs him how sorry she is about Madeline. She adds she and Stefano would like to make a memorial contribution in her name, if she had a preferred charity. The D.A. would not know, as her safety deposit box contained no will. Kate is sorry. The D.A. doubts it as she leaves.
- Nath brings his boxes out, disappointed that Mel is no longer in the kitchen.
- Mel is all smiles when Phil takes her to a surprise picnic at the beach.
He hands her the results of her nursing courses, and she has done well.
He was able to obtain them early, given his clout. Mel giggles she is in the accelerated program, so she might be able to help deliver her little brother or sister. Phil embraces her, though he now looks distracted. They drink wine and Mel talks about childbirth. Not Phil's favorite topic. Now she wants dessert. He has a present  for her - a charm bracelet. He tells her she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. They embrace again and he remembers telling Chloe he will be there for her if the child is his... Back to reality. "I love you,"says Mel.
- Chad goes back to the pier, to see the scene of the accident. Will is with him and tries to make him feel better. Chad admits she did get out of that line of work. He recalls how she spoke of secrets before her death and declares he will find out the truth - from Will's grandmother. Will thinks
he should let it go, though Chad insists that is not going to happen. He needs answers!
- Lexie and Abe are taking a break at the beach. He informs her he put Hope on Bo's case. She seems to be better when she has something to focus on. Lexie wonders if she will be objective. Perhaps not, though she will be relentless! Later on Theo excitedly picks up a wallet and shows it to his parents. "Auntie Hope, Ciara, treasure!" Lexie and Abe appear shocked.
- Nathan is busily carrying boxes into Steph's place. When he walks out for a moment, Steph opens a box and sees an envelope, which contains a photograph of Mel and Nath, when they were a couple. She hastily puts it back as Nath enters, and pretends she is unpacking. He asks if she is alright. She claims she is and impulsively kisses him.
- Mel and Phil return to town from their picnic. At the pub, Adrienne asks after Bo. Phil replies he is better and he will visit him soon. Adrienne is relieved to hear it. She goes on to inform Phillip that an overly zealous neighbor almost called the cops when she saw him in their building, but she smoothed it over by letting her know he was just visiting Dr. Jonas. Mel comes behind in time to hear and wants to know what he was doing at her dad's place! Phil clarifies. Chloe had asked him to pick up some things for her when she was at the hospital. Mel remarks he never told
her that!
- Kate is home at the mansion, relieved the D.A. had nothing. It seems
she has the only copy of the birth certificate that proves who Chad's papa really is, she mutters, glancing at the document, then placing it in her bag. Stefano emerges and wants to know what she just said! She claims she was thinking of poor Chad, whose father was drinking. However, he did tell her something - that Maddie's safety deposit box was empty. Stefano
is pleased they have nothing to worry about and walks off. Kate has another look at the record of Chad's birth (btw he was born on March 3, 1990). It seems no one else knows the secret. Ring ring! Tis Lucas. Kate smiles she was just thinking about him.
- At the hospital, Victor insists he will take Maggie home. He appreciates her support, She grudgingly agrees they are friends. The Greek tycoon grins she is crazy about him. Not as crazy as he is about himself, quips
the redhead, as she waltzes off!
- Hope rejoins Bo and Roman  in the Salem patient's room. She has just spoken to CSI. They will be at the house for a few hours. Exit Roman. Hope notes Bo looks like he is feeling better. He wants to know if they will tell Ciara what happened. Hope gasps she does not want her daughter to know that she almost lost her daddy and that Hope almost lost him too! Bo looks surprised by her emotional state. She laments she missed Carly's call. Bo asks her to come closer and takes her by the hand. "I am fine." Hope, however, fears whoever did this is still out there. She could not imagine this world without him in it. He feels the same way. She points out they are family so they will get through it. Bo agrees. "We are family and we always will be." Carly is about to enter and stops in her tracks upon witnessing the tender scene ... !

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