Days of Our Lives July 23, 2010
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Friday, July 23, 2010 
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Hope's mistake, Rafe's big clue, and EJ's portrait plans!

-  At the hospital, Hope coldly wonders what to do with Bo, a dangerous glint in her eye."I loved you so much." She leans forward and gives him
a kiss of death. Bo, however, sleeps on.
- Nicole feels sorry for herself at her hovel of a motel room. She laments she will be sleeping alone, too. She now flashes back to making the deal with EJ. But he will have to pay so she can put this place behind her!
Ring ring! Some with a muffled voice wants to meet her, to talk about a hot lead. He wants to meet her at the pier now, to give her the story. Nicole agrees, not realizing t'was sneaky Rafe on a payphone, his voice disguised!
- At DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ go over the mistakes they have made. He blames just himself. "I am the one who ... did things, who needs to
ask for your forgiveness." He reminds her that he is in fact a DiMera.
She makes light of it and praises him for changing, for becoming his own man. He frowns and stands up,admitting the real issue is was what he has done. He flashes back to lying to her that their baby was dead. Back to reality. Sami asks what is wrong. He somberly mentions conning her so many times. She tells him not to be bummed about it. He laughs she has made him angry and happy, but she has never "bummed" him out! He recounts how he was supposed to get close to her and then fell in love with her. She grins their attraction was never a problem. Sydney starts to cry and EJ goes off to soothe her, assuring Sami their daughta just knows him better, which is why she responds more to him. EJ returns and Sami strolls off to attend to the twins. Sitting alone, EJ decides he knows what he did, but he will make it right. They will be one big happy family.
- At the hospital, Carly announces she will call Hope. Roman asks her to hold off, as Bo is alright and there is no need to worry people and have them scurry over just yet. Dan and Carly discuss. She holds her coffee and cries what if Daniel has not found him! He reminds her he did and they hug.
Abe and Roman discuss what went down. Abe feels Hope has a right to know. Roman replies Hope has been through too much for him to wake her up now. He needs to know more first. They both feel the attempt on the commissioner's life was personal. Abe cannot imagine who might hate him that much ...
In Bo's room, Hope prepares her syringe to inject a lethal air bubble into Bo's I.V. She wants him dead! She proceeds to inject the deadly air bubble. Bo opens his eyes. "What are you doing?" She replies she is doing what she should have done a long time ago. "Why?" groggily says Bo. Voices are heard approaching so Hope takes off.
Carly and Daniel are soon in Bo's room. Carly tells him that she will call Hope. Bo mutters "She was ..." and appears to have an attack. She sends Dan running for the crash cart. Dr. Dan zaps Bo a couple of times as Carly cries, not understanding how this could happen. She begs God to help. Bo is stabilized. Dan watches over him. Carly goes off to call Hope.
Out in the hall, Roman and Abe deduce this was the work of the serial mugger
- Victor phones Maggie with the news that he has finished the plans for Mickey's foundation and wants to show her. She coyly states she is looking for a good spread sheet and agrees to see him. He chuckles he
will be right over and eagerly shuts his briefcase. Viv tries to keep him there with an offer of brandy. The Greek tycoon responds with sarcasm. She suspects he is headed for Maggie's. He quips he is and it is none of her damn business! She calls him a grump and invites him for a brandy. He is miffed she is talking to him like a child. Madame suggests the redhead is only using and manipulating him. Besides, she has a business plan which she has taken care of for the scholarship fund. Victor glowers at her and takes a look. He soon realizes she outsourced it. She claims she just wanted to free up her husband's time. And she can make him happier than that red headed cow! She realizes she should not have said that. Victor growls he will not forget it and storms off.
- Once roving reporter Nicole has left her room, Rafe breaks in using a credit card and proceeds to look for her deepest, darkest secrets. He searches through her belongings and opens a drawer, finding a photograph that makes him smile. He continues to look and drawls it seems pointless, until ... He finds a black book and opens it. Numbers. A code of sorts. He takes a photograph.
- Nicole tiptoes to the pier. "Is anyone here?" she whispers. No answer, just the sound of lapping waves. She eventually calls the phone number the muffled voice called her from and finds out it was a pay phone.T'was a trap! She places a call to EJ and accuses him of luring her out. He has
no idea what she is talking about. She warns he better not cos then it is over, and he will never see Sydney again! Click!
- Rafe chuckles it will take the dude in cryptanalysis about 2 seconds
to crack Nicole's amateur code. All of a sudden, a key is heard opening
the door ...
- At DiMera mansion, Sami enters the room and realizes it was Nicole who bothered EJ on the phone. She does not trust her. He promises he can deal with her. Sami wonders what she wanted. EJ declares she is jealous of them! Sami sighs Nicole was his wife, whereas she is just a house guest.She admits there is nothing Nicole could ever do to get her to forgive her. She announces she will go spend some time with Sydney, as she is behind on her parenting. Alone again, EJ quietly damns Nicole and vows no one will ever find out! Sami eventually comes back and asks about the new dress she saw in Sydney's room. He informs her he bought a new outfit for all the children, including Will, for a family portrait! Sami is pleased. He adds he got her something to match the others' outfits. She wonders if he got himself something. No, as he assumed it was a family portrait. Sami insists he should be in it too! He grins he does indeed have something to wear.
- Hope races back to the house of Kiriakis, dismayed that Bo looked into her eyes and knew she was trying to kill him! Oh oh!  Once she is inside, the babysitter leaves her with sleeping Ciara. Hope pats her head and laments she did this for her. They lost Zack and then things got worse. She tried to make things right for Ciara, but she failed. Ring ring! Hope sees it is Carly calling. She deduces Bo told her everything and now they are coming for her! She embraces her sleeping daughter and whispers she is so sorry.
- Viv heads to the pub and downs martinis, complaining about her non-marriage. She was treated better by kings! Flunky Gus thinks it is wrong. "Madame, if I may, I think you should remember who you are and what you're capable of doing." She should not take it! Mr. Kiriakis and his little candy striper should be reminded who they are dealing with! She slurs
she will go to Chicago. Gus is exasperated to hear she wants to pick things up for Victor from a Greek store, to make him happy. She admits Maggie Horton is getting on her nerves. Gus advises her not to get sad but to get even! Tipsy Viv gleefully considers ...
- Victor enters Maggie's house, laughing about wife Vivian, the moll in a 1930s gangster movie. Maggie does not like to hear him speak of Viv that way. He brings up the foundation numbers. But Maggie wants to talk about - them. She could not sleep, which is why she did not want to be alone. He assures her that is alright, as they are friends. She feel maybe they should not be! He hopes she is not serious. She explains it bothers
her that he is married. She must do what she believes is right. From now on, he should speak to her lawyer about the foundation ... Ring ring! Tis the hospital calling. Bo has been hurt. The pair are on their way!
- Nicole re-enters her room. The window is now open and she senses someone has been there! Perhaps EJ wanted to get her out of there. She checks for the black book in her drawer and is relieved to find it. She
now tells herself reporters do get false leads all the time, so everything is fine!
- Back at his FBI desk, Rafe has a picture of the code from Nicole's black book. "Call me a soon as you get this," he drawl to his associate on the phone. He hangs up and declares that DiMera is going down in flames!
- At DiMera mansion, Sami gasps how happy she is about the family portrait. Rafe had said ... She stops herself, but EJ assures her it is alright to speak of Rafe. He was a part of her life before. Sami states she wants to get some beauty sleep for the big photo day. EJ tells her to wait and kisses her tenderly. She is flustered by the time she departs.
- Back at the hospital, Abe and Roman still wonder who tried to kill Bo. Stefano DiMera? No, but then who ...?
- Hope gets in bed and sighs. "This is goodbye," She shuts her eyes.
- Meanwhile, at the hospital, coughing Bo comes to and removes the tube from his mouth. Carly senses he wants to tell her who did this to him. He gasps, unable to speak the words ...!

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