Days of Our Lives July 22, 2010
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Thursday, July 22, 2010 
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Bo saved (for now!), Rafe sleuths around, and more ...

-  Replay of crazed Hope drenching Bo in gasoline, about to set him on fire. The match burns out. Hope gets a glazed look in her eye. Outside, Daniel approaches the front door. Hope is torn over Ciara, then decides she will go through with it. Knock knock! She freezes. Dr. Dan opens
the door. "Carly...?" No answer. "Bo?" He spies Bo lying on the floor
and smells the gasoline. Hope watches from another room, her pistol drawn, as the medicine man tries to revive the unconscious commissioner. Sirens are heard approaching. Roman arrives, as do the paramedics. They wheel him out. Roman wonders if he is going to make it. Only if they got there in time, replies Dan. Still in the other room, Hope whispers he was not meant to die from the overdose of drugs, but if it happens ...
- At DiMera mansion, dream state Sami has a visitor - Rafe. She makes a snide remark about his assistant. He drawls they were not done talking. She said they had a chance. Did she mean it? Yes. Sami gasps she would walk away from EJ in a heartbeat to be with him. They kiss passionately. Sami now wakes up alone on the DiMera sofa. T'was just a dream. "Rafe and I are over," she laments. Really over!
- Down at the pier, replay of Nicole telling EJ her terms, his agreement. (Rafe is behind a tree). She talks about their truce and he reminds her
they need to keep it a secret. Rafe watches and listens. EJ repeats it is imperative she keep her silence. She agrees. He reminds her they both have much to lose and they walk off their separate ways. Rafe emerges, and he feels he has hit the jackpot!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami stands up and decides her dream was
the truth. She glances at a photograph of papa EJ and little Johnny.  But EJ is now the kind of man she always thought he could be ... Ding dong Rafe calling! Is EJ home? No, he is meeting with the investigator about Arianna's case. Rafe informs her he just saw him with Nicole - and they were talking about their truce! She doubts it. He knows what he heard
and a secret was mentioned. Sami thinks that EJ might just have wanted Nicole not to cause trouble for Arianna, hence his words. Rafe becomes exasperated. He accuses her of deluding herself, regardless of what is staring her in the face! EJ is now lying to her, making truces with Nicole! Sami looks at Rafe defiantly and retorts that unlike him, at least EJ wants her in his life. Rafe explains he felt she had a need to know, so he told
her. She sarcastically mentions his assistant Tiffany. Rafe drawls there is nothing between them. Like them, says she. He notes she went running back to EJ anyway. There is a chill in the air by the time he leaves.
- At the hospital, Chloe is looking for Daniel and sees Carly. She hopes Daniel will not find out about her paternity test. Carly assures her she
will not tell him. Chloe sighs she has until the end of the week and complains this is all Carly's doing. Carly is baffled. Chloe admits Daniel wanted a quickie wedding and then learned she deceived him with Father Matt, so now he is mad at her. She blames Carly for making her wait until she knows the baby's paternity. Carly assures her that if the baby is his, she will step back and forget all about the other man. Chloe realizes she wants what is best for Daniel, yet things have become so bad that he just might not even want her anymore despite the baby! They sit and talk. Carly knows it all started with Vivian. Chloe is in this mess all because Vivian hates Carly. How can she help her? She assures her that Daniel loves her so much. Chloe is less optimistic and rehashes the problems. Enter nurse Maxine. Carly is requested in the ER. Exit Carly. Chloe sighs there must be a way to keep the situation from getting worse ...
- Chloe now meets Father Matt at the pier. He reprimands her for her latest deceit. She appreciates that he did not tell Dan the truth. The priest somberly states he is bound to keep her confidence. She now tells him she is pregnant. The priest probes why she will not marry Daniel yet. She tells him of Carly's ultimatum. Father Matt admits he knows not what to say. She blames herself and thinks she is not worthy of anyone. He assures
her, as a child of God, she is indeed worthy. He warns Daniel might learn the truth from someone else. Chloe wonders if Daniel would understand the mess she made. The priest points out he loves her very much. He will keep quiet, hopes she will find the strength to tell him the truth, and also promises to pray for her ...
- Baker gets off his phone as Nicole enters the empty underground poker place. She bears news. She got them off the hook by making EJ an offer he couldn't refuse so they are in the clear! He is curious what she has on EJ. She sidesteps. He appears relieved to hear EJ has nothing concrete
on their culpability and now tries to get rid of Nicole. She notices he is  distracted. Trouble in paradise? He was just trying to help his friend ... Nicole wishes him the best and departs. Baker wonders where Hope is
and what the heck she is up to! Hope soon arrives and accuses him of tipping off Bo's brother. Baker insists someone needed to save her from herself. "How dare you!" says she. He points out offing her commissioner husband would send her away for a long time!He was not to about to step back and let it happen! Hope feels betrayed and rages she had it under control! She angrily leaves to finish what she started.
- At the hospital, Dr. Dan is attending to the still unconscious Bo when Carly rushes in. She begs him to save him and insists Bo does not use drugs! How could he overdose? Dan concludes he did not do this to himself and tells her of the gasoline, the anonymous tip to the cops. Bo suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Carly is a wreck. Dan asks her, as a loved one, to wait outside. She watches through the window as the medical team works to save Bo. Daniel soon emerges with good news. The Salem patient is coming around. He takes a relieved Carly off to sit down. Hope, hiding behind a corner, has overheard ...
- EJ saunters into the DiMera living room and asks Sami if she is alright. She airily asks about his meeting. He replies it did not go well and pours himself a drink. She asks who it was with. The investigator, in order to corroborate statements. Most of the evidence against client Arianna is circumstantial and there is a little forensic evidence, though nothing too serious. She acts impressed and points out he was gone for a long time.
He now informs her he ran into Nicole on the way home. He saw her at the pier. Sami wonders if it was a full moon. No, but they had a strange conversation, with her saying she wants to make things right between them. He claims he pretended to go along to find out what she was up to, but found out nothing. Sami deduces she must be up to something! EJ dismisses her as someone pathetic who is craving attention. She is living
in a dive of a room and only working on Salem TV, not Hollywood. She will not be a problem. Sami decides to believe him. She admits her family has warned her not to trust him,and smiles her trust in him has gotten her this far. She now updates him on Marlena wanting to sell the townhouse. He is curious about where she will live. Sami gasps she was hoping she and the kids could stay at the mansion - with him. He smiles. She smiles right back.
- Rafe saunters into the bar and orders a bourbon. The bartender remarks he must have had a bad day. Rafe thinks today is the day he finally got sane! Enter Nicole. Rafe orders a refill and watches Nicole, seated at a table, arguing on her phone about not having a parking spot at the cheap motel where she lives. The bartender asks Rafe if he wants another refill. Rafe replies nope, but he could use a favor! And so the stage is set ...
The bartender walks by Nicole and spills red sauce on her white top. She is livid. He offers to get it off and she walks out to the kitchen with him. Rafe does not waste any time. He has a look in her gold purse, finds her address on an envelope, and takes off, as that should be enough ...
- Outside Bo's room, Roman runs into Carly and Dan. Dr. Dan informs him Bo will be okay. They discuss the clues. Someone wanted to burn
Bo alive! Carly wonders who would want to do something like that! Meanwhile, black widow Hope slips into the Salem patient's room and taunts him there is no one in the room next to him, as though she were meant to be here. She is pleased to see he is still unconscious and glares
at him. "Good, but not good enough ...!"

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