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Friday, January 30, 2009 
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Sultry Chloe is at Daniel's door. She will stay there until he lets her
in, she states, so he obliges and opens the door. Enter Chloe. His message was a complete 180, she begins. He said he could not give her up, now suddenly he says they are over? He explains he cannot destroy what she has with Lucas and the kids. Chloe continues. According to Kate, he seems unhappy. Daniel now asks her to leave. She calls him a liar, adding there is in way in hell they can end this! Dan calls her predictable. She refused to let anyone know about them and then when he said they should end it ... They argue. He is not proud of the fact that he has fallen in love with someone's fiance and he cannot bring himself to break up a family. Chloe presses. What if Kate wants him back? Dan does not wish to discuss anymore. Chloe is upset he told her he loved her and then ended it with a voice mail. He understands, They argue some more and then he kisses her. She kisses him back. In a moment clearly inspired by the Cher movie
Moonstruck, the passionate princess pushes him away, calls him a
son of a b"tch, then grabs and keeps kissing him. Afterwards, they
are happy in each otherís arms on the sofa. They kiss again. Dan's beeper sounds. Tis the hospital paging Dr. Dan ...
- At Brady pub, Commiss Bo has a vision of the hospital, Hope appearing to reach for a gun, Kayla going down. Hope asks what is going on. Bo covers and sips his coffee. Hope already knows he had
a vision but he will not discuss. Enter Patchman with a possible lead on Marino's killer. He did some digging with an old buddy who is a hard core computer geek. A company that comes up several times on DiMera's computer is connected to a bank in Salem. He will check it out some more. Bo thinks Roman should be brought up to speed. All of a sudden, Bo has a full fledged vision of Hope shooting Kayla! Patch sees Bo is troubled and takes him aside. Bo comes clean about his vision of Hope shooting Kayla. Patch suggests they keep the two ladies apart. They return to Hope and sit down. She has just talked to Roman. Bo thinks they will wrap the case up soon. Steve stands up. Time to go. Hope decides she will go with him, to visit Kayla. Bo intervenes. "That's a bad idea." Steve covers. Kayla is presently at
an emergency at the hospital. He exits. Hope now wants Bo to tell
her the real reason he did not wish her to see Kayla. He claims he
just wanted her company and to talk about the case.
- At the pier, Maggie comes across the bleeding, unconscious killer. After getting over the initial shock, the red head has him taken to hospital, where Kayla speaks with her on his progress. The Salem patient, whose identity is not known, is still unconscious. Kayla
thinks it was a mugging. She then gets a call. Joe is at the sitter and needs his stuffed dog. Maggie offers to pick it up. She then goes to
the apartment and is at the door when she spies Dan and Chloe
kissing outside his door as he leaves for the hospital. Dan walks
away, oblivious. Maggie stares. Chloe stares back.
- At the safe house, injured Rafe cannot get up. "Sami, be careful,"
he whispers. Remembering how the killer was set to find Sami at the convent, he finds the strength to crawl to his cell phone ...
- Back at the hospital, the assassin wakes up with Dr. Kayla at his bedside. "You look familiar. Do I know you?" she wonders.
- On the Titan jet, a very pleased Master Elvis speaks on the phone. He soon chats with Fatha. He is leaving Rome now and the future looks bright for them. On the way home, he remembers Nicole and leaves sweetheart a voice mail. He will soon be back.
- At the clinic, Sami sends the nun to find out what is happening.
Said nun goes looking for the doctor. Meanwhile, Nicole informs Baker she wants Sami's baby. Baker reminds her they already had it all settled. Nicole refuses to back down. Let her take Sami's baby
and he can have Mia's. "Out of the question," says the doc. Nicole insists. "Everything is coming together." They put the babies down and talk. Nicole admits she was envious when she heard Sami was carrying EJ's baby and gave the nun the clinic card so EJ's baby would be born there. "It's fate." And she thinks the switch would be plausible. After all, stranger things have happened than babies being accidentally put in separate basinets ... The doc recalls that the first moment he met Nicole, he knew something was off. "Now Iím convinced," he adds solemnly. "You're a psychopath." Nicole resorts to sarcasm. Baker tells her to leave. She will call the cops on him. In that case, he will tell on her. Nicole continues her argument. Baker points out she now does have a baby. Still, she cannot get over EJ's baby. But she is not hers, repeats the doc. How could she expect to pull off such a thing? Nicole considers. Sami has not yet seen her baby so she will not know the difference. Baker doubts that. Nicole says Sami is giving the baby to the convent, she is abandoning her anyway. And she wants this child, unlike Sami. Baker asks how she can be sure Sami does not want this child. Nicole claims she had overheard her telling the nun she never wanted the pregnancy. She and EJ, however, will give her a good home. The doc refuses. Sister Theresa appears at the door, trying to get an update. Baker shoos
her away and shuts the door. The nun returns to stressed Sami. All they can do now is pray. Meanwhile, Baker and Nicole disagree on the baby switch plan. Nicole warns she will play the innocent victim after nailing him for his baby brokering. He has more to lose. He will lose his medical license and his liberty, as jail most certainly awaits. The doc sighs. "How the hell will you pull this off?" She claims she
is most capable. He wonders how she will handle the guilt years from now. She replies she will have everything she ever wanted. And she can give this baby her biological father. "Let me have that beautiful baby girl," she concludes, her eyes filled with tears ... "Give me
Mia's baby," the doc quietly says. Nicole hands him Mia's baby after assuring her the nuns will find her a loving home. Now she wants to hold her new daughter. She lifts her up as Baker departs.
- Master EJ's plane has landed. At that very moment, Nicole cuddles Sami's baby in one room as the nun and Sami pray in another. Baker slowly approaches Sami with Mia's baby. She is fine, perfectly healthy. "All she needs now is a mother. Would you like to hold your daughter ...?"

Next on Days of Our Lives
- Mad Maggie tells Chloe "I saw you and Daniel kissing." Chloe asks her to give her a chance to explain. "You really can't" quips the red head.
- "It's like Sami never existed," Nicole coos to the baby in her arms. "Just you, me, and daddy."
- "Thatís my baby?" Sami asks Dr. Baker.
- "I swear I've seen your face somewhere before," Kayla tells the killer, who reaches up and grabs her by the throat!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


At the pub, Chloe remembers her passion with Dan and checks her voice mail. She listens to Dan say he cannot come between her and Lucas. Chloe sighs he did the right thing. She then picks up her
phone again to make a call. She leaves a message. "We really need
to talk about what's going on with us." Maggie walks in and
overhears. "Are you having problems with Lucas?" the red head inquires. She smiles. She is Lucas' aunt and would like to help.
Chloe admits she has a confession to make. Lucas dealing with
Sami bothers her. She fears perhaps they moved ahead too quickly, before he had truly resolved things with her. Maggie senses it is something else. Chloe says her mother called and remarked she
might not be ready to marry Lucas. She now has doubts. Maggie believes she should come clean to Lucas about being worried about Sami. Chloe looks away. Maggie sees again it is something else.
Chloe says yes, it is her. Maggie states she is perfect. Chloe wonders if Lucas loves the perfect person he thinks she is, not the real her. Maggie understands, but Lucas and his pink cloud will not last. One marries the perfect man and then things happen. However, it is good to have a leap of faith even though there will be bad times, for their love will overcome. "Nobody is perfect," sagely says the red head. "Don't try to be."
- At Dan's apartment, the doc sits before the fireplace, assuring himself he did the right thing. Knock knock. Tis Kate, dropping in. She did not like how they ended things. He thinks it is fine they decided to be friends. Kate adds she might have been too hasty.
What she means is she is getting the feeling that ... Danís cell rings. He sees it is Chloe and opts not to take it, without telling Kate who it is. Kate continues. She still has no idea how he feels about what happened. He feels it is what she wanted. She asks what he wants.
He accepted her decision. Kate laments he is an impossible man to reach deep down. And what are his plans tonight? He is ordering a pizza and invites her to stay. Ok. She says she made the right choice but she does miss him. However, she has a family and Dan is all alone. The doc considers. He pours himself a drink and joins Kate
on the sofa. She wishes he could tell her what is wrong. He says he does hate talking about himself. Kate admits she thought he was custom made for having an affair as he was detached but maybe someone ... Dan, holding his phone, ready to order pizza, now gets impatient, then apologizes. Kate wishes he could confide in her. He wants to keep it simple. A doctor-patient relationship. He requires some alone time. Kate agrees, but she sees he is somehow lying to himself. Exit Kate. At the door, she pauses and wonders what is
really going on with him.
- At the pub, Kate soon runs into Chloe as she is leaving. She is concerned that something is wrong with Dan. Chloe listens. She then heads for his apartment, where Dan has been drinking. When he opens the door to her, he repeats they shouldn't be together. They are through. Chloe says that is why she has come ...
- At the safe house, Rafe faces the killer's gun and rushes him. They struggle for the weapon. Rafe elbows him. He goes down, then gets up and counters with his knee to Rafe's torso. The FBI agent lurches forward. The killer grabs a knife. He gets Rafe but Rafe gets him
too! The wounded assassin staggers out the door. Rafe collapses, gets up, and collapses again. Meanwhile, the assassin staggers to the pier and falls down.
- Back at the clinic, Nicole enters and hears Sami crying she wants to see her baby. Doc Baker says she needs medical attention and leaves with the baby. Sami laments he must be scared cos she is gonna die. Nicole sees Baker race out carrying the baby and becomes worried. The nun tries to console Sami. Sami thinks it is her fault the baby
has a problem as she did not get proper check ups and she was really just in witness protection to hide her pregnancy anyway. She yells
and sobs it is her fault, for she lies and lies and lies again. Perhaps God is punishing her. The nun disagrees. Sami cries after Rafe. She howls and gasps and gets sedated by the nurse. She dreams that Rafe has come and tells her it is all over. He will not let anything happen
to them. "Donít ever leave me," she begs. She soon wakes up and sends the nun to find out how her baby is ...
Nicole, baby basket in hand, enters the room where Doc Baker is working on the baby in an incubator. She implores him not to let EJ's baby die. What can she do? "Pray," advises Baker. "Somewhere else." Nicole walks out sadly. EJ does not deserve this and because
of her, he does not know anything. She could not take another baby being lost and begs God to please let his baby live. A cry is now
heard from Baker's room. The newborn is breathing well in the incubator. "Everything is fine," smiles the doc. The baby makes
noises and Nicole is thrilled. Baker plans to take her to the mother
but Nicole says they first need to have a little talk! She tells Baker
that Colleen is really Sami and she just had EJ's baby. The doc is surprised that even the nun was lying. Nicole is very focused on having a happy ending. Baker suspects she planned the whole thing. Nicole denies it and points out Sami is in witness protection. She guided her to give birth there, yes, but EJ is a wonderful father and the doc will be well compensated. Baker now sees Mia's baby and picks her up. She seems fine. Nicole looks at EJ's baby, noting she has his eyes. Baker appears exasperated. Nicole wants EJ to raise his child. Sami Brady is a responsible mother so she will make sure the baby is well taken care of. She lifts Sami's baby in her arms. She and EJ will raise this child and they will be very happy together. Baker
now realizes where this is headed with the notorious Nicole ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Dan and Chloe get in a heated argument which turns into a
passionate kiss.
Steve tells an interested Bo and Hope "I think I may have a lead
on Marino's killer."
Sister Theresa asks Sami not to get out of bed. "I have to find out whatís wrong with my child," she insists.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


- At Titan, Phil runs into Brady, who is ready for a work out.
Brady invites him to play hoops with a client. Suited and serious
Phil, however, has other things on his mind. He is on a paper trail hunt, cos there is trouble with Melanie! Brady is curious. Phil is incensed. EJ DiMera, that son of a b*tch, is trying to steal the alternative fuel project from them! Phil's source is confidential.
Brady wonders what they should do. "We have to stop her," retorts Phil. He regrets he trusted her with a verbal agreement and now senses she wants a bidding war. Brady asks what he needs him to
do. Phil suddenly gets an idea. He knows exactly how to deal with  the likes of Melanie!
- At the pub, smiling Mel skips in to see big bro Max, who is tending bar. What does he know about EJ DiMera, she asks. She pretends
she is just networking. Max is bemused and wants to know why. Well, seeing as he is her brother, she can tell him, so long as he doesn't repeat it. Max agrees. Miss Mel explains. EJ found out about Nick's project and approached her about it. In fact, he is interested in funding it, she giggles. Max brings up her deal with Titan. She points out it is verbal. "If EJ wants to do business with me, that's huuuge." She might initiate a bidding war and it will be like EBay! Max warns her she is in over her head. He does not want her to get hurt. She
will not let that happen. This project is also something for Nick to
look forward to when he gets out, she says. Max mentions a verbal agreement is biding. She states there was no written proof of it. She  goes on to complain that Phil treats her like dirt. Max frowns. He had no idea. Mel admits her motivation is also a bit about money. Enter Phil. He smiles he was hoping he would find Mel there. Max leaves them alone. They sit at a table. Phil says he is a little embarrassed. Truth is, he didn't want to eat alone. Mel laughs that is sweet and plays along. Phil states he wants to iron out some deets about the project. Mel suddenly excuses herself and takes off. They will have
to talk about it tomorrow, she says airily before leaving. Phil stands up. Mad Max advises him to stay away from his sister. And she can certainly see when someone is playing her. Phil thinks Max's attitude is due to his dating Steph. Max says no, that's not it. It''s about his
sis. He warns him to back off. If he does not treat her with respect,
Max will make sure his sis leaves Titan, with the patent! She has already complained Phil treats her like dirt. As ominous music is
heard in the background, Max repeats his threat. Phil walks off to
use his phone. Max then receives a delivery - a very large envelope (package).
Outside, Mel runs into Brady. She notes he looks lost in thought. He was thinking about his dad. Mel is sorry and hopes that John will get better. She recalls her own da was murdered. He wasn't the best,
but you only get one. They share a sad moment about grieving over fathers. Brady asks Mel about herself. Mel says her dad must have loved her as he left her half the fuel project, to make up for what
he did. That project, she believes, is her chance at redemption. "I'm not gonna blow it," she says earnestly.
-  Chez Mia, Nicole holds the baby. Mia diverts her eyes as the baby is placed in a drawer. The lovely Mia's heart is breaking. Nicole commends her on her bravery. Mia cries. "I can't do this, I just
can't." Does she look like her? Nicole claims all babies look the
same. Mia laments that if she sees her face, she ... Nicole reminds
her she already decided to give her up. Nicole also thinks she should go to the clinic, to be checked out. Mia refuses, says she has to rest, and asks Nicole to promise her baby will always be happy. Nicole replies she cannot. Mia understands. No one is always happy. Mia wonders if her daughter will ever forgive her. Nicole tells her the longer she waits to let Nicole take her, the harder it will be. Mia gives her the green light. Nicole thinks she should take her to the clinic.
Mia insists she is fine, she just needs to rest. Before Nicole leaves,
the young girl thanks her. "You're gonna be a great mom, I can
tell ... Bye baby girl," she says softly. Mia then falls asleep. Nicole marvels that she is just a baby herself. She hopes she will not have any regrets, though she knows she will. She gives her a reassuring
pat, leaves some money, and thanks the sleeping teen again. Her attention returns to the baby in her arms as she coos at her. Then it
is time to find out if Sami has had her baby. Nicole loves this little baby but just wishes she were EJ's! She gets her coat and bag and quietly departs. Mia opens her eyes. "My baby ..." she whispers.
- At the clinic, Doc Baker and Sister Theresa encourage Sami, who yells, gasps, and makes a lot of noise. The doc wants her to push - now. Sami howls and pushes. The doc asks the nurse to hand him forceps. More pushing Sami follows.
- Back at the safe house, the assassin informs Rafe he will kill Sami's kids. Rafe calls him sadistic. The killer says he will start with a two
for one special. "Stay away from Samiís kids!" the Rafester growls. The killer presses. Rafe enlightens him about something. One of Sami's offspring is a DiMera and if he so much as touches any grandchild of Don Stefano DiMera, he might as well pick out his gravestone! The killer, however, is desperate. She is the last loose
end who could ID him as the mayor's killer. Thus, he has nothing to lose. He asks Rafe whether he believes in heaven and hell. Rafe advises him to leave innocent people alone. "In my book," reasons
the killer, "nobody is innocent." Rafe calls him a sociopath. The assassin taunts him by asking which twin he should kill first. Rafe
still will not say where Sami is. He nervously glances at the medal on the counter. Alright. He will tell him where Sami is, he fibs, but then goes silent. All of a sudden the killer gets a clue and grabs the medal. She is at the convent! Rafe denies it. He secretly unties his hands and feet. The killer points his pistol at his head, with deadly intent. Game over. He no longer has any need of Agent H ...
- Meanwhile, at the clinic, out comes a baby girl. Sami soon sees something is wrong. The infant is not crying. "What's happening?!" she demands, but the doctor has no answer ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Kate tells Dan that something or someone has gotten to him.
Dan, who appears to be on his cell phone, cuts her off. "Damn it, Kate, would you just shut up!Ē"
Chloe looks at Maggie. "Remember when you warned me not to
hurt Lucas. I have a confession to make."
Still in her bed at the clinic, Sami whimpers she knows why they are scared. It is cos her baby is gonna die. Meanwhile, a shocked Nicole listens outside her room.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


At the safe house, replay of the assassin finding the baby pamphlet that Rafe says is from his girlfriend. The guy threatens to kill her
and points a gun at Rafe's head. Rafe gets sarcastic. The killer slugs
him. No luck. The bad guy decides to play his trump card. He leaves the room. Rafe tries to wriggle out of the chair and remembers his moments with Sami.
- At the convent, replay of Sami gasping as her labor starts. "This is definitely the real thing." The nun wants to call the clinic. Sami
wants to find Rafe first. Sister Theresa says that is not possible.
They will leave a letter at the convent for Rafe. Sami starts to pant. She needs a doc now!
- At the clinic, replay of Nicole getting Mia's labor call. "I'm on my way," Nicole exclaims. "Showtime!"
- Outside the pub, in the dark night, Chloe and Dan run into each other. She is there to meet Lucas. Dan wonders if she has changed her mind about them. "No," sultry Chloe says. Kate approaches.
What is going on? Chloe says she was just telling him about her spat with Lucas. And how is Kate? She feels great and went to a health club. She tells Dan she went by his apartment again. Chloe recalls spying her in the distance when she opened the door and excuses herself. Kate assumes Dan was not at home when she went to see
him as there was no answer. He replies he was there. She wants to talk "about you and me." She realizes the way she ended things was awkward. He understands and wants her to be happy. She is cos her kids are happy, especially Lucas, whom she used to worry about.
But now he has found the right girl!
- Now in the pub, Chloe joins Lucas and little Aly. Chloe admits she may have overreacted about Sami. Lucas insists she is the one he loves, but he needs to take responsibility as he has kids with Sami. Chloe pretends it was just the trip that upset her. He says that is alright. They are good again.
- Outside, Kate and Dan see the happy scene from the window. Kate asks Dan to join them. He declines and sadly watches. Kate enters
the pub. Vic comes up behind the depressed doc. "You want what Lucas has, don't you," the Greek tycoon observes. A family. Does
he plan to settle down? Yes, says Dan, he will stay in Salem. Vic assures him he will find the right woman. Dan laments that they
seem to be taken.
- In the pub, Caroline and Chloe and Lucas and the twins are all smiles. The assassin sneaks up and photographs them with his cell phone, unnoticed. He then walks off into the night, passing by Dan, who continues to watch the family scene thru the window. Kate is now at their table. Lucas tries to feed Aly, who tosses her food.
Chloe tosses mashed potatoes at Lucas. Kate smiles and leaves. Johnny joins in. Kate passes Vic at the door. Caroline and Vic start
to chat. Vic calls Lucas and Chloe selfish idiots. That girl, he concludes, will destroy Lucas the same way she destroyed Phil and Brady. "This relationship is doomed and so is Lucas." He asks Caroline to join him at his table for a moment. She does and asks
him to stop picking on Chloe. Victor smiles. Caroline is just too kind for her own good, he thinks.
Chloe's cell rings. She chooses not to take the call upon seeing it is from Dan. Now at his apartment in front of the fireplace where they once cuddled, Dan leaves a voice mail for Chloe. He will not try to come between her and Lucas and their family, he has decided ...
- The killer returns to prisoner Rafe at the safe house and taunts him with his recent cell pics of Johnny and Aly. "Son of a bi*ch," says Rafe.
- At Titan, Phil tells working girl Steph tis time to clock out. 
She says no, she is working. He has a surprise. Dinner reservations
in Chicago! The Titan jet awaits. "I can't do that," Steph croaks.
He doesn't undertand. She is apparently not comfortable with his
idea of a five star restaurant and swanky wine bar. He asks what her perfect date would be. She kisses him.
- At Mia's apartment, Nicole arrives. The teen is scared. The contractions are very fast. She cannot even stand up to get to the clinic! Her water breaks so Nicole calls the doc. He has to put her
on hold when the sister calls on behalf of a young woman. The doc instructs her to bring the young woman in. He then returns to his call with Nicole, who is elated when he tells her of the nun coming. 
Mia cries "I'm having the baby now!" Nicole's attention returns to
the terrified teen. She will boil water. Smart Mia says she does not trust Nicole. Nocole insists she is bringing the baby into the world
and that's all there is to it! Meanwhile, back at the convent, the sis helps Sami with her coat as a church bell starts to ring.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Steph has brought Phil for a date. She wants to kick back, drink beer, shoot some pool. She challenges him to a match as the blues music plays in the background. "Rack 'em up," says Phil. Steph shows off with her pool skills. Phil gets closer to
help her with a shot but she makes him stand aside. She will win fair and square. She smugly wins and heads for the ladies room. Phil
goes to the owner and tells him if he closes up and gives them
privacy, he gets 2000 bucks. When Steph comes back, they are
alone, with lazy country music in the background. Phil makes a
world class pool shot. She is miffed he obviously let her win before. They tease each other and get closer. She grabs and kisses him again. His cell starts to ring. He eventually answers. Tis the office. "Now? Yeah, I'll be right there." He is sorry, he must go. She understands.
Important biz. He will be back. She agrees to wait. Exit Phil.
- At the clinic, Sister Theresa introduces Dr. Baker to "Colleen."
He has Colleen/Sami taken into a room. The nun tells Baker she is
so grateful one of his patients referred them. It is truly a blessing she told them about that clinic. Doc Baker considers. Once in Sami's room, he hears from her she has not had much pre-natal care. It also appears there is stress on the baby. Not enough oxygen and they cannot do a c-section as there is no operating room. Sami starts to howl and yell. She gasps and is given oxygen ...
- At Mia's apartment, Nicole encourages the teen as she pants and pushes. She is in pain. Nicole helps her and tells her to scream but
not give up! Together they do it and Nicole soon holds the baby in
her arms. "You're here," she coos. "You're finally here." Would Mia like to see her? Mia looks sad, poignantly smiles, and closes her
eyes. She does not wish to see the baby. Nicole quietly thanks God...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Phil angrily tells Brady "EJ DiMera is trying to steal Melanie and
the bio-fuel project from Titan!"
"My baby, she's mine," Mia weakly says to Nicole.
Sami screams at Baker "Is my baby okay? Answer me!"
The killer raises a knife to Rafe's throat. "Tell me where Sami is or her kids die tonight."

Monday, January 26, 2009


At the convent, Nicole (still calling herself Mary) continues her meeting with Sister Theresa in her office. The nun gives her tea in
an elegant porcelain cup. Has she made arrangements for her birth? Nicole hands her Dr. Baker's card. He will help her. The sis thinks
this will help another in need as well! Nicole says by all means, pass
it on. But her family can never know they met. The nun agrees. "Your secret is safe with me." Nicole stands up, thanks her, and prepares to leave ...
- Sami encounters another sister and asks to be taken to Theresa's office. She knocks on the door. Nicole, still inside, stops in her tracks and advises the nun not to open the door. No one can know she is there! The sis hides her in the back and  promptly opens the door to Sami, who walks in and wants to know who she was talking to. The sis states she was praying. Sami gasps she is very worried. Theresa reassures her and says she has said a prayer for her. She adds she
has things to do. Sami gasps she is grateful that the nun will take care
of her baby. Nicole listens. Sis Theresa admits she had hoped Sami would tell the baby's father the truth. Sami declares he can never
ever find out! Nicole moves. Sami hears. Theresa covers. Must be
the noisy nun in the next room. Sister Theresa mentions she is uncomfortable about Sami wanting her to lie if she happens to meet her baby's father. Sami doesn't believe he would ever come there
but if he did, to lie would be a necessary evil. "His family is evil and dangerous." He can never find out! Sis Theresa will keep her promise and urges her to keep praying for a solution. Meanwhile, she may have found a safe place for her to give birth. A clinic just outside of Salem. Nicole is still listening and she is all smiles. Sami is relieved
but still worried about Rafe. The nun ushers her out. Nicole emerges. Theresa thanks her for her help. Nicole thanks her for giving her hope. Exit Theresa, to check the coast is clear. Nicole takes out her cell and calls Mia. Nothing yet. "Call me if anything happens," instructs Nicole. Nicole now apologizes to a statue of the Virgin Mary for having had evil thoughts. However, she will put things right for
herself this time, even if it kills her!
- Back in the church, Sami prays, thanking God but she cries she misses her other kids, plus she is worried about Rafe. Whatever  is keeping him? She remembers how close they have become. "Please God, keep him safe ..."
- At the empty safe house, a badly beaten and bruised Rafe wakes
up, tied to a chair. He refuses to talk so the killer concludes there is
no point in keeping him alive. Rafe tries to find out who hired him
and assures him he is not afraid to die. The assassin produces Rafe's taser, which he had left behind. Rafe has info he needs. "Why don't
I just shock it out of you." Rafe yells as he gets started. He then appears to be unconscious. The killer slaps him to wake up. He does not want him to die. "Not until you tell me where Sami Brady is!" Rafe silently unties his hands and rushes the assassin. They start to fight again. The killer has dropped the gun so Rafe dives and gets it, only to be tasered and go down again. "Bad guy wins," leers the assassin and ties him up again. He then finds the brochure Sami had picked up at the convent on having a family.  Rafe pretends it
belongs to his girlfriend.
- At the pub, Bo and Hope make merry with Kayla and Steve. Enter Abe, who wants a word with Bo. Why do they have no suspects on the mayor's killer? The taxpayers are paying. "Solve the case!"
Mayor Abe says sternly. Bo gets defensive. Abe understand he is working hard, yet the press is all over this. Bo reminds him it was a pro hitman, likely connected to the DiMera cartel. Enter Lexie with happy Theo. Abe is thrilled and gives him a hug. He turns back to
Bo to thank him for making the early call and saving his life. The
gang pleasantly chat. All of a sudden, Bo has a split second vision of
a gun pointed at the hospital! Hope asks what is wrong. Bo covers
and mentions Abe wants him to solve the mayor's murder pronto. Time to think outside the box. They go back to their friends. Lexie would like Theo to have a piece of Caroline's gluten free chocolate cake. No one suspects Bo's turmoil. Pretending they need to get
more beer, Bo takes Steve aside, He needs his help finding the killer. "I hear ya," says Patchman. Bo still believes the order for the hit
came from Stefano ... Bo suddenly has the new vision again. A gun
is pointed, a scream is heard. Bo blinks back to reality. Steve notes
he is as pale as a sheet. What's wrong, man? He tells him about the visions he started having at Christmas after falling and hitting his
head. "I see this bad stuff." Like Theoís accident before it happened. Patchman is all ears. He figures Bo must have had another one. Bo says yes and he thinks Hope was in it. He thinks a shot was fired but it makes no sense. What else did he see? Bo replies it's not what he saw. "It felt like death!" This future thing with Hope, he does not know if he can prevent it. Thus, he must take her off the case. Still making merry at their table, Hope, Kayla, Abe, and Lexie mention baby Joe. Theo gets excited. "Baby Joe!" They all toast to family and friends. Lexie, Abe, and Theo end up alone at the table after Kayla and Hope have found Bo and Steve at another table. Bo announces
he is taking Hope off the murder case. "The hell you are!" says
Hope. What is up with that? Bo says he just does not want her out
on the field for this one and he is the boss. Kayla and Steve take their leave. Kayla is baffled and even more so that Steve agrees. Still with Bo, Hope is mad. She senses he is hiding something. Another vision? He sidesteps. "Just promise me youíll be extra careful." He thinks she is a great cop and he loves her. She smiles and they prepare to leave together. Before they depart, Bo promises Abe he will do whatever it takes so solve the mayor's murder. Outside the pub, Patch informs Kayla that Bo has given him a job and wants him to start right away.
- Alone in her apartment, Mia writes a private letter to the daughter she actually does not want to give up but must as she cannot take
care of her. "How am I supposed to do this?" she laments, then recalling Nicole insisting she can give her child not only advantages, but also love. However, Mia is clearly having second thoughts.
- Back at the convent, Sami encounters Sister Theresa again and informs her she has decided to go and find Rafe! She will start at the safe house. The sister will not allow it. She would call 911! Sami gasps and grabs her stomach. "I think I'm having the baby!"
- Meanwhile, Nicole has arrived at Doc Baker's clinic with new instructions. If a nun calls, he should take the call and do whatever she asks. The doc dubiously wonders what she is up to now but Mia interrupts with an important phone call. "Iím in labor ..."

Next on Days of Our Lives
Kate asks an uncomfortable Dan and Chloe if they are going to tell
her what is going on.
Phil tells Steph he gets to pick what their bet is. "What do you have
in mind?" Steph grins.
Mia tells Nicole "You can't deliver my baby." Nicole exclaims "I am bringing this baby into the world - now!"
Doc Baker tells a bedridden Sami there is stress on the baby. Sami exclaims "You have to do something - now!"
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