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Friday, January 23, 2009 
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At John's bedside in the hospital, replay of John and Marlena's
magic moments, after which John utters to his beloved "I remember all of it, doc, especially you!" The tears flow, the smiles come. "Oh, doc, I love ..."  "I love, too," whispers Blondie. Enter Dr. Kayla,
who does not seem surprised, but why so glum? What is wrong? John's central nervous system is not in good shape. Staying in the hospital would be detrimental to his recovery. What can Marlena do for him, she asks, teary-eyed. Doctor Kayla recommends a facility in Switzerland. Marlena fetches Brady to see his papa. John recognizes him. "There's my boy." "You're back," smiles Brady. John is proud
of his son and tells him he has been in his heart all this time. Brady steps out to rejoin Marlena and Roman. Marlena returns. John is suddenly dismayed that he cannot move his arms and legs. Upon discovering he has been paralyzed, he orders Blondie to move on without him. Marlena refuses to listen. They are in it together, thru thick and thin and they will overcome! There is a place where he has a chance of recovery and she is going with him. John now asks her
to marry him again. "Yes," she cries. "Now, right here, before we
go," John mutters.
- At Horton cabin, Kate visits Lucas and she would like to know why he cancelled his trip with Chloe. Where is Chloe anyway? "You tell me," says Lucas. He admits he cancelled the trip after Sami called. Kate is exasperated. "You need to get Sami out of your life!" She will only hurt him again. She destroys everything!  Lucas mentions that Chloe got mad about it and now all he gets is her voicemail. Hey, maybe Daniel knows where she is! Perhaps he should call him. Kate is perplexed to hear that Dan had dropped by as he was concerned about Chloe. Lucas repeats he will try and call him. But Kate says
she has a better idea. She will visit Dan her ex in person. Mama Kate
sweeps out of the cabin ...
- At Dan's apartment, Chloe stops kissing Dan. They cannot do this again! Indeed. He suggests she go now. Chloe opens the door and turns, casting him a longing look. Then she is back and their passion continues! They are soon by the fireplace, wearing mor more than their perfume and cologne. "I love you," breathes Dan. Afterwards, they lie on the sofa, locked in each other's arms. When Chloe looks
in his eyes, she says, she knows it is so much more than their wanting each other. Dan says he will not be ashamed of his feelings for her. He wants to end the deception. "Let's tell everyone the truth." Chloe does not agree and besides, it is her life. Dan points out he wants her to be happy. They are later dressed. Dan blows out the last candle. Chloe fesses up that she loves him! All of a sudden there is a flurry
of activity. The phone rings and there is a knock on the door. Dan
will get the phone, can she get the door? It is probably some test results he has been expecting. Chloe walks toward the door, unaware
that Kate is standing at the other side ...
- At DiMera mansion, EJ waltzes in, looking for dahling, who is not there. He wonders where the devil she is. He soon finds Stefano, who has not seen Nicole. EJ mutters if she went to Chicago, he will bring her right back! Stefano is busy getting ready for a trip to Rome, Italy, to save the DiMera fortune. He will be back tomorrow. He is certain he will back for the new grandchild's birth. Stefano's phone rings. "What? Dear God!" Moments later, EJ gets upset fatha a glass of water. His contact at the hospital has informed him that John Black was attacked and poisoned and may not recover. The phoenix is beside himself. EJ offers to take the trip to Italy so Stefano can go
see brotha John.
- At the hospital, a visibly upset Stefano has arrived. Elsewhere, Marlena announces to Kayla, Brady, and Roman that she and John are getting married. There are preparations to be made! Stefano now approaches Marlena and assures her he had nothing to do with this. Marlena retorts she does not care as he cannot hurt them anymore and walks off. Stefano considers. He then watches thru the window
as John and Marlena are wed by Father Jenson, the witnesses Brady, Kayla, and Roman. "John and I," explains Marlena. "are simply
meant to be together." They discuss the hardship, their love, and gaze into each other’s eyes. "That love mean everything," says John. “Without it I can't breathe.” Blondie adds she will always be by his side. John's eyes well up with tears.
- At the convent, Sami prays as Nicole silently observes from behind. Sami asks for God's help. Nicole then has a demented daydream about blasting Sami as a "lying two-faced wh*ore." In her freaky fantasy, Nicole goes crazy and attacks her with a statue of the Virgin Mary. She blinks. Now she is back to reality, staring at the pregnant Sami, who is unaware of her presence. When Sister Theresa enters with food for Sami, Nicole takes off unseen thru the other doors.
The nun reassures Sami that her pal Rafe will be fine. Sami says she has prayed and thought about it and has decided that she needs the nun to take the baby until she can figure out something else. Sister Theresa agrees. Nicole listens from behind the other door. The nun would like to know where she will be giving birth to her child. Nicole is still listening. Sami hasn't thought that far head. Perhaps not in Salem, but somewhere nearby would be best. "Where no one will know me." Nicole later gets herself taken to Sister Theresa's office
by another nun, who agrees not to tell anyone she is there. Her cell rings. Tis Elvis. Where is she? Going for a walk, she fibs. He informs
her he must leave town now. Enter Sister Theresa. "Bless you, my child." EJ asks where she is. And why is somebody blessing you?!" She lies a nun was passing by and ends the call. Sister Theresa wants to know why she lied. Why would she do that? Nicole sits down and states she wants to make things right for once in her life. The nun is her only hope!
- As Lucas leaves another message for Chloe, Kate decides to call Dan first and takes a few steps away from his apartment door. Meanwhile, Chloe opens that door and has seen her, though Kate does not see her!
- EJ heads out of DiMera mansion, leaving a note for his beloved, who, at that very moment, is telling Sister Theresa a tall tale. Her name is Mary and she is in need. Her strict Catholic family would disown her if they found out she was pregnant. She needs the nun
to pray for her. Theresa agrees. Nicole adds she will have the baby outside of Salem. Sister Theresa marvels at the coincidence.
Sami, is still praying in the church and hears a noise so she turns around hopefully. "Rafe?"
- Back at the hospital, John and Marlena's reunion continues.
"You're my life, doc." whispers John. They are then pronounced
man and wife and seal the deal with a long kiss ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Nicole, standing with Dr. Baker, asks Mia if she can call her back as she is in the middle of something. "I'm in labor," the teen announces over the phone.
"I think I’m having the baby!" gasps Sami.
A solemn Steve asks Bo what he saw. "It felt like death," says Bo.
Rafe is unconscious in a chair as the assassin exclaims "Wake up,
you hear me! You can't die."

Thursday, January 22, 2009


At Horton cabin, Dan tells Lucas there is something he needs to
know about Chloe. Lucas looks concerned and asks him in. Lucas says Chloe was upset when he last saw her. Dan thinks that she is covering up what she is going thru. Lucas acknowledges they had a fight but where did Dan see her? At the pier, when she mentioned they were preparing to go away. Lucas remarks they had their fight after. He wrongly assumes Dan is there as a concerned doc. Dan
gets exasperated. There is more to it than that! He asks what their fight was about. "None of your damn business!" replies Lucas. Dan points out she is stressed. Were they leaving to elope? Lucas informs him of the audition and their plan to spend some time alone and why is this Dan's business anyway? Lucas' cell rings. Tis Julie. Lucas tells her he is not going to Vancouver so he will be able to pick Aly up. After the call, Lucas tells Dan he must leave to get his daughter and does not have much time. Dan has soaked it all in. As Lucas gets his coat on, he tells the doc that Aly has a tape of Chloe singing, that is how close they are. Dan considers. He covers he was just concerned and now sees it is none of his business. He is sorry he bothered Lucas. He is clearly gonna back off and let Chloe figure things out
for herself.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole flips upon hearing from Chloe that
Sami is gonna have a baby! Oops! Chloe confesses she was not supposed to tell anyone. Nicole assumes Lucas is the papa and offers her sympathy. It must be hard for Chloe.  Nicole calls Sami names and continues. Chloe now blurts out the truth. Lucas is not the father,  EJ is! "I'll kill her," Nicole mutters thru clenched teeth. Her first response is that Sami must be lying as even EJ does not know. Chloe insists. Sami had pleaded with Lucas not to tell anyone. Nicole now wonders how long Chloe has known. She is dismayed her pal did not tell her. Chloe is sorry. Nicole gets angry and cries. She won't let that b*tch ruin things. Chloe tells her poor Sami is hiding in a convent. Nicole has no sympathy and speaks meanly of her. She slyly gets the name of the convent. Nicole is livid that Sami has torn her world apart, even when not there! She does not want Lucas to be aware
that she knows the secret. Chloe anxiously asks what she is going to do. Nicole is not sure, she has to think this over. She suggests Chloe go home. She does. Once alone, Nicole hastily searches for the contact details for the convent of the Holy Cross!
- At the deserted safe house, the assassin gets the gun and points it
at Rafe. "You're gonna die, but not right away." First he must tell him where the blonde b*tch is. Rafe is soon tied up, with a gun to his head, as the killer repeats his demand. Rafe refuses to play along.
The killer taunts him with talk of Hilda. Rafe points out she was a
fed so he will receive the death penalty for that crime. The killer
vows to make him talk. He dangles the medal and talks tough. Rafe attacks and they fight some more! Rafe gets the gun, but the assassin kicks it out of his hand. Rafe goes down. The killer pull his knife and hovers over him.
- At the convent, Sami cries to Sister Theresa about her predicament. Sister Theresa would like to finally know who she really is. Ok, she
is Samantha Brady. Sami tells her she is in the witness protection program, gives Rafe's name, and admits she is hiding as much from the baby's family as she is from the killer she could identify. She complains that her son Johnny spends half his time living in his evil grandpa's house. She begs the nun to help her hide her baby. For
how long, asks the sister? Sami says it is just a temporary solution. She laments that the baby's grandpa is evil and she feels she has already lost Johnny to that family. She does not want to let the same
thing  happen to this one, too. If the nun hides her child, she will
visit. The sister advises her to think it over more, pray, and walks away. Sami proceeds to light a candle suddenly realizing she has lost her medal. She must have dropped it at the loft! Sami kneels down and starts to pray, unaware that Nicole has silently slipped in thru the door and is listening to what she is about to say ...
- At Marlena's home, she continues to administer cpr. Bo has summoned paramedics. Marlena instructs Brady to hand her the adrenalin syringe. He does. John is still unconscious. Marlena injects John and hopes it will work. "You're too late." Charlotte leers. Ladycop Hope carts her off. Marlena wants Brady to follow them
and find out what dosage Charlotte gave him. Meanwhile, Bo continues the cpr as Marlena gives unconscious John a pep talk. He must keep on fighting! John gasps "Blondie." Marlena is overjoyed.
- Bo and Hope inform Charlotte they will be taking her down to the station. Bo berates her for doing harm as a doctor. They are unable
to get out of her what she stabbed John with. She is smug she ruined Marlena's life. John will never recover. Charlotte is escorted out. Hope hopes the crazy lady will not win.
- At the hospital, Kayla now attends to John as Brady punches the wall. He shoulda killed Charlotte! Marlena points out she is disturbed. Blondie is pleased to hear John saw the tape with his memory and he loves her sooo much. He soon comes to, and Kayla warns Brady and Marlena he seems to have had a stroke. Marlena tells her that John remembered things as per the tape. Kayla feels that his knowing that prior to the attack would have been a good thing. Brady has stepped in to see John and steps out again, with news. He thinks he has his memories back cos when he showed John the tape, he squeezed his hand and said "See light." Marlena rushes in to his bedside and starts to talk to him. "John, I need to reach you, you need to reach me."
She adds they can do so thru their memories. She takes his hand. They have the most beautiful memories, says she, and then the flashbacks start. John asking her out for dinner in their younger days, their wedding day, reunion on the foggy pier, All of a sudden, John starts to convulse. Kayla returns and stabilizes the Salem patient. Once alone with him again, Marlena kisses his lips. More flashbacks follow of their romantic moments. The Salem patient opens his eyes. "I remember!" the conscious John Black whispers!
- At Dan's apartment, the doc is having a drink when Chloe shows up at his door. He did not expect to see her. She had a fight with Lucas. He knows. He admits he was gonna tell Lucas about them but did not for Aly too would be affected and she needs her. Chloe agrees. Dan then tells Chloe he loves her! "Oh God," Chloe whispers. Dan goes on. When you love someone, you don't destroy their life. Sultry
Chloe sadly wonders if that means they are over.
- Back at the cabin, Lucas is waiting for her to come home ...
- Meanwhile, in his apartment, Dan tells Chloe it is probably best for them to be over. Time to say goodbye. Tormented Chloe closes the distance between them and they start to kiss passionately again and

Next on Days of Our Lives
Dan and Chloe are lying under the covers together and he wants to end their deception "Let's tell everyone the truth."
Kayla informs Marlena that if John stays there just one more day,
his chances at recovery are slim.
Nicole is seen telling Sami she does not deserve a baby and proceeds to hit her with a statue of Mary as Sami is seen screaming for help.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Chloe is on the phone with her agent. Looks like there might be a
gig for her in Vancouver. Another call comes in. Tis Daniel. Guilt ridden Chloe opts not to answer the call. After getting off the phone with her agent, Chloe informs Lucas they should get out of town together. He can come with her to the audition and they can spend
a bit more time there for a holiday. Lucas points out he does have a job. Chloe is adamant. Lucas accepts the invitation. He has errands
to run first, however. And Chloe also has somewhere to go. She
must take baby Aly's favorite blankie to Julie.
- Meanwhile, Dr. Dan consoles himself with a drink, unable to get Chloe off his mind.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ would like to know where dahling Nicole
is sneaking off to. She cringes and then regains her composure, claiming the youth center would like her to go to their center in Chicago. Master Elvis does not approve! Matter of fact, she and that baby are going nowhere, he decides! Not without him, anyway.
Nicole says she will cancel, in that case. She then places a call to  Baker, pretending he is a Mr. Kandowksi and she will not be able to make it to Chicago this evening. "What the hell are you talking about?" says Baker. Nicole continues to pretend she is having a
convo about her trip with someone else, for EJ's benefit, thanks him for understanding, says she can’t wait to meet him, and hangs up.
EJ reiterates he would like to go everywhere with her from now on. Nicole pretends she is scared as his compromise sounded more like having his way, just like a DiMera! They sit in front of the fireplace and talk. EJ explains he missed Johnny's birth and does not want to miss this birth too. And that is non-negotiable! Nicole looks uneasy. EJ must go back to the office. She appears relieved about that as
once she is alone, she calls Dr, Baker again. She has hit a snag. EJ
is getting overly protective. The doc reminds her that when Mia goes into labor, she must be ready to move, "or the whole plan blows up
in your face."
- At the now empty witness protection apartment, the assassin discovers the medal Sami had been given by the convent. It is clear
he knows where to head next!
- At the convent, Sami is overcome when she realizes Rafe will be leaving her there. She throws her arms around him and sobs that he should stay. FBI agent Rafe assures her he will soon return and departs. Feeling alone and desperate, tearful Sami makes a call to Lucas. "I just had to talk to you. I screwed up again!" She fills him
in on Hilda's murder. Lucas gets worried. She tells him she is at the convent. She just wanted to talk to him. Please tell Aly she misses her. Lucas asks about the baby. The baby is ok but will be born
soon. Can he do anything? She admits she shouldn't have called
him and no one should know where she is cos there is a leak on
the inside. Lucas is dismayed when she ends the call. Sami is later comforted by Sister Theresa, who notes her friend is a good, strong man. Someone will be looking out for him. Sami kneels down and starts to pray.
- Back at the witness protection apartment, agent Rafe cautiously enters, his gun drawn. The assassin awaits, with his own pistol
drawn, and he is behind a wall. "I know you're here," says Rafe.
The killer is beside him in an instant. "Then you know you're a
dead man!" He wants his gun - now. Rafe complies and then starts
to wrestle with the killer to relieve him of his weapon. They fall to the floor and continue fighting.
- At the pub, Brady drops a bomb to a most interested John. Doc Taylor has been lying, explains Brady, cos the hypnosis has been a success after all! John is none too pleased to hear how Brady has
been snooping around his life, but realizes the lad is right when Brady whips out his cell phone to show the very telling clip of the pawn remembering Marlena, love of his life. He adds Marlena has seen it, too. John is in shock! How did she react? Brady says she became furious. John is dumbfounded by Charlotte’s deception. Why would she do such a thing?
- Meanwhile, Charlotte has just entered Marlena's home and reaches inside her handbag. She accuses Blondie of breaking doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena retorts that she knows Charlotte has been withholding vital information from patient John! Charlotte spews venom. Marlena's cell rings. Tis John, warning her against trying to handle Charlotte alone. Marlena replies it is too late, and she thinks she has the situation under control. "I want you to get outta there!" John insists as Charlotte approaches Marlena, a syringe held behind her back. "Hang up the phone!" says Charlotte and then tosses it across the room, ending the call. Charlotte is mad as she believes Marlena ruined her life. And now she will make her pay! She
presents the lethal needle. Charlotte calls herself crazy. All her father ever did was talk about how wonderful Marlena was. She will kill
her and steal away John!
- Down at the pier are Bo and Hope. He tells his beloved Fancyface he has had enough of the dull departmental meetings and maybe he should quit. He misses working with Hope. Fancyface wants him to think about it long and hard before making such a big decision. He agrees.
- Tormented Chloe is now at the misty pier, where tormented Dan stops her. "Don't you think we should at least talk and try and figure out what the hell is going on?" She is uncomfortable. "You can run away from me but that doesn’t change how we feel," says Dan.
Chloe replies she is leaving town with Lucas for a spell and she and Dan are over. She walks away.
- Returning home, Chloe hears Lucas mention the convent of the
Holy Cross as he ends a phone call. She then gets the latest from Lucas on Sami, who called. A guard was murdered and now Sami
has been moved so he cannot go anywhere. Chloe gets hot under the collar and storms off. Lucas then tries to reach her via her cell phone, which is turned off. There is s knock at the door. Tis Dr. Dan! "It's about Chloe …"
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ rejoins Nicole. He has work to do.
She will turn in early and promises to be more upbeat in the morning. They kiss. Exit EJ. Nicole laments she needs a stiff drink! She then takes out her cell and calls Mia, who seems to be ok. Ding dong! Tis Chloe, who complains Sami is now going after Lucas and she is getting her hooks into him. She lets it slip that Sami is pregnant.
Oops! Nicole is astonished ...
- Back at Marlena's home, doc and Charlotte struggle. John rushes
in, only to be stabbed with Charlotte's lethal injection! Marlena is horrified. "It's alright," mutters John as he collapses. "You’re safe now."  Marlena administers cpr while Bo and Hope arrive on scene. Charlotte is cuffed and Marlena continues to give John cpr, vowing she will not let him die.

Next on Days of Our Lives
Dan informs Lucas that Chloe is going thru something and covering
it up. "What are you trying to tell me?" asks Lucas.
Nicole tells Chloe she would love to give the name of Sami's
convent to the guy that's trying to kill her.
"Please help me hide my baby," whispers Sami.
Rafe and the assassin continue to struggle on the floor as the gun slides out of their reach!

Tuesday January 20, 2009
Inauguration Day

Monday, January 19, 2009


At DiMera mansion, replay of somber EJ asking Nicole why he had
to find out about her volunteer work from Tony. And the pregnant young girl at the house? Nicole says it was a friend, one she bonded with. EJ is not impressed. He has a right to know what is going on
and when he hears it from his sarcastic brother, he looks like a fool. Furthermore, is she hiding something? Elvis pours himself a drink. Nicole pretends to be indignant and blames Tony the gossip. She lies that she planned to tell EJ but he has been busy with work, and she only started a couple of days ago. Elvis is sorry. He sees this is her independent streak. Perhaps he overreacted. He is proud of her and kisses her. He loves her, she loves him too. EJ then states he has
been withholding work info from her. He has been doing secret negotiations for fatha and must keep his work hush hush. Nicole is pleased by his admission and hopes he can forgive her as she has
been keeping something from him as well. She shows him Mia's ultrasound pic and passes it off as their baby. "Fantastic," coos Elvis. They kiss. He thinks she is the most wonderful woman. Nicole has another secret - concerning her charity work. She explains she might be doing some traveling. They have asked her to give speeches at other teen centers in the state. EJ is supportive after he gets over his surprise at the notion of her traveling in her delicate state. He catches her off guard by saying he would certainly go with her! His cell now rings so he walks off to take the call. Once alone, Nicole answers her own cell.
- Meanwhile, Mia is in pain, assuming her baby is coming. She has called Nicole. "I'm on my way to the clinic. I'm in labor!"
- At the pub, John is surprised Kayla has told him not to trust his therapist. It is her gut feeling, she replies. John retorts he would need more than that. Kayla elaborates. In a fight with Marlena about John, Charlotte became so angry, Kayla feared she would attack Blondie. She has doubts about that woman's mental state. "So, you're saying my shrink needs a shrink," John concludes. Kayla thinks he should talk to her. John agrees.
- In her office, Charlotte starts to gasp. Who would have broken in and watched John's video? She summons a guy from tech support, demanding answers. Who broke into her computer? Mr. Tech Support notes the file in question was sent as an email. The recipient was Dr. Marlena Evans. Charlotte later gets her stuff together, angry at that b*tch Marlena. Enter John. What did she and Blondie fight about? Charlotte claims Marlena wanted deets on their session, became hysterical, and Kayla intervened. John informs her Kayla advised him not to trust her. Charlotte plays innocent. John plays along. Marlena must have been jealous, plus the therapy isn't worth
it. He is not coming back. "See ya round." Exit John. Dr. Charlotte shoves things from her desk and angrily screams "Marlena!"
- At home, after watching John's session, an elated Marlena whispers to Brady, "That's our John. He's remembering." Brady is incensed Charlotte has been lying. Marlena points out what Brady did was illegal. She is baffled by Charlotte's behavior and is not yet sure how to handle it. Brady wants to take action and make the doc pay for messing with his dad's head! He wants to confront her now. Marlena stops him and wonders why Charlotte is lying. Nevertheless, amid
the madness, she is delighted her prayers have been answered. She has waited for months to hear John say he loves her and now he has! She also understands Brady misses his father but they must proceed with caution. She will handle this and when she is finished with the doc, "She will be praying to get her life back!" When she is alone, Marlena calls a doctor who worked with Charlotte. They chat and she thanks him for the information.
- At the witness protection apartment, Rafe gets off his cell. Sami
asks what is wrong after she sees his long face. Hilda was murdered. Sami is beside herself. Rafe is quietly stunned. Sami wants to know how she died. They remember what a good person Hilda was. Sami can't believe she is dead. "Is it because of me?" Rafe replies in the negative. She was no longer on her case. However, he had no idea Hilda had been there the day he passed out and is shocked when
Sami mentions it. That is the very day the bureau thinks she was murdered! "Probably right after she left here," he drawls. Agent Rafe deduces there is a rat in the bureau. They must secretly leave but
first he needs to know anything else that happened that day. Sami
gets quiet. Rafe is blunt. She needs to tell him now cos her life, his life, and her baby's life all depend on it! Sami pauses. Rafe gets exasperated. Her voice shaky, Sami admits she went to see Sister Theresa. Rafe laments she may have just signed her own death warrant. (doh!) Sami yells. Rafe yells back. "Not everything is a game, Sami!" He does not believe a nun in a convent can help her keep her baby from the DiMeras anyway. Enough. They have to leave. The killer could be casing the neighborhood as they speak!
Sami starts to scream and cry. She is sorry and Hilda getting killed
is cos of her and now the killer might kill her baby! Rafe calms her down. He will take her somewhere safe. And then he will nail him!
- At an undisclosed location, the killer has accessed Hilda's FBI computer file to find out where they are hiding the blonde. "The one who's gonna die tonight." After a while, he finds Sami's name and pic in her file. "Well, well, what have we here!" he leers. He soon obtains an address as well and writes it down. "Gotcha!"
- Still at the safe house, Sami and Rafe have hastily packed. As they are ready to leave, Rafe gets a call on his cell. "Say that again? How exactly did this happen?" He stares darkly. The killer managed to access the FBI computer with Hilda's ID and if he could read the codes, he has their address! They head for the door, Sami still gasping. Then they make for the convent, which will be her new home, so she can spend all the time she wants with Sister Theresa. Sami is surprised. Rafe points out he needed to improvise since all
the safe houses are listed on the FBI computer. But until the killer is caught, neither one of them is safe! At the same time, back at the
now empty safe house, the assassin silently enters, his pistol drawn, only to discover the occupants have given him the slip ...
- At the pub, an arrogant, accusing EJ runs into Brady. He would like to know why he has visited his house so many times? Brady retorts
he is done with Nicole and her drama. Besides, he has problems of
his own. He pays for his beer and walks out. EJ appears to consider.
- Nervous Nicole rushes into Mia's room at the clinic. Is the baby okay? Yes, though she thought she was in labor. Enter Dr. Baker, who informs her those were simply Braxton Hicks contractions. Nicole finds out she is a little dilated and it could be soon. Mia smiles. She is packed and ready. Nicole is not pleased the doc thinks Mia should go back home. He reminds her they must be careful, for there is much at stake. Nicole then returns to the mansion to throw together some belongings, and proceeds to sneak out but EJ comes up behind her with a hug! Where is she off to? Nicole laughs nervously.
- At the pub, Brady catches up with John and announces his doctor, Charlotte Taylor, is not who she says she is. John is all ears ...
- Meanwhile, Charlotte has arrived at Marlena's home. They need to talk. Marlena agrees and lets her inside. Charlotte now has a crazed look in her eye ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

"You and that baby are going nowhere!" EJ barks at Nicole.
Lucas asks Chloe what's going on. She smiles. "We're leaving town."
Bo tells a shocked Fancyface "I think I'm gonna quit."
"Please don't go," Sami gasps, throwing her arms around Rafe, "Please don't leave me alone!"
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