Days of Our Lives Summary January 8, 2010
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Friday, January 8, 2010 
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- At the hospital, Carly gets in the elevator with Viv, who leers she is going DOWN. Eerie music is heard as the elevator door shuts. They are alone. The elevator starts to move and it is too late to get out. Vivian taunts her for her claustrophobia as she snacks on munchies. Carly starts to hyperventilate as Viv talks about the time she buried her alive. Her only regret is that she did not bury her dead! Carly tries to get out of the elevator. No luck. She knows why Viv is playing mind games and flips out. She admits she killed Lawrence, that violent, sociopathic bast*rd
and she would do it all again! Madame quietly says may he rest in peace. Carly retorts he was a monster and learned from the best! The elevator door opens at a low level and Carly refuses to get off with her. Madame walks out and vows to see her in hell! The elevator door closes and Carly is stuck again. She screams for help. Now come the flashbacks of being buried alive. She cries for help. The elevator mechanic tells her to hang on ...
- At the pub, Bo sarcastically tells Justin he won his wife, whom he had been after from day one. "Ya got her. Bravo!" Justin sighs. Bo brings up the infamous kiss. Justin thinks he is not being fair. He has always tried
to do the right thing. But he is done being the good guy. "To hell with that!" He originally respected their marriage. Bo calls him a dishonest lawyer type. Justin points out he had refused to file separation papers
for Hope. However, if Bo really loved her, he would not have kissed Carly. He should not blame him for the fact that he does not know what he wants! Exit Justin.
- In the Horton living room, Mia plays innocent with Will, who no longer believes she is ancient history with Chad, as she claims. He intends to check with Gaby and walks out. Mia follows him to Java Cafe. Gaby is not there, but Will warns Mia she has lied to him and he will not let it happen again. He tried to understand her accepting two dates to the dance. Mia plays the "I have been thru hell card." Will reminds her his little sister is missing. He cannot deal with this anymore. They are done. "It's over." Exit Will. Miffed Mia sits at a table.
- Hope comes in thru Maggie's back door, surprising her with star charts. She notes her silence and asks Maggie if she is okay."No," she whispers. "He was upstairs, he was packing for the trip .." Hope looks worried. What happened? "I tried CPR, I kept trying and trying ..." Maggie gets choked up. She was not brave enough to stay. "He was gone ..."
Beyond help. Hope covers her mouth in shock. Maggie weeps that she hopes it was quick and her beloved Mickey did not suffer. Hope offers
to go upstairs. The redhead is devastated and says she already held him
in her arms. She will wait downstairs. Hope steels herself and goes upstairs, Maggie raises her pretty, sad eyes to the heavens. Hope later returns and cries she said goodbye to the now peaceful Uncle Mickey. She has also called 911. All has been taken care of. She hugs Maggie
as they cry together. The paramedics later come down with a body bag. Maggie stops them. We see only a hand, which Maggie caresses. She puts back his wedding ring, which he took off while working. She kisses him she loves him and nods at the paramedics, who roll him out. Maggie dramatically sobs as Hope consoles her. They later sit in the kitchen. Maggie thinks of Alice. She fears she will not be able to take the news about her son! Hope does not think she can protect her from the news. Maggie sadly agrees. Hope offers to call Gran and does just that. "Gran, it's Hope ..."  She arranges to come by and see her. She now sees she
has a missed call from Bo and gets choked up. Maggie hugs a photo of Mickey. Hope tells her she must go see Gran. Is there someone she should call? Maggie cries she would rather be alone. She also has to call the girls, Melissa and Sarah. Hope tells her she loves her and departs. Maggie mournfully touches Mickey in the picture (John Clarke).
- Chez Sami, Rafe wants to know what she is not telling him. He looks her in the eye. She replies she loves him and insists she would tell him if there were something. He suspects EJ was not pleased about his return
to the FBI. Sami insists he wants only to find Sydney. Rafe thinks being
a DiMera, he feels he is above the law, which is a dangerous attitude to take in such a case. In fact, he believes she would already have Sydney
if not for him. Maybe the whole thing was done by an enemy of the DiMeras. Rafe calls it strange there has been no ransom note. Something is missing. Sami appears ready to tell him ... Knock knock! Tis Bo, who wants to coordinate search efforts with Rafe. Sami steps into the next room to make a call about Johnny. Bo and Rafe discuss the fact that
they have nothing. Rafe is anxious, as the clock is ticking ..
- Anna opens the door to EJ, who demands to know what she thinks she is doing. MASTERMIND ALERT! He takes Sydney in his arms and chastises the blonde for disrespecting his instructions. She is not to leave that place and either she must obey his instructions or the deal is off!
She explains she was spooked by a noise. Elvis reminds her he had to check the area was secure. That was why she could not reach him for a brief time. He informs her the area is indeed secure and no one knows where she and Sydney are. But no more excursions! Anna points out she came to his aid when he needed her and she is no idiot. She has done everything he asked of her. EJ assures her that she will get her money - which she calls Tony's rightful inheritance - and he will get his daughta. "That's how it works." He sits and holds his daughta, whom he has missed terribly. He compliments Anna the boots were a nice touch, as they implicated Kate. Anna smiles, then takes Sydney for her nap. EJ stands up and makes a call ...
- Sami is still at home. Ring ring! Tis EJ. She asks if he has heard from the kidnappers. "No word yet," he smoothly states. Sami replies maybe Rafe could help. Elvis is against it. They do not need any complications. Sami informs him Rafe thinks she may have been kidnapped by an enemy of the DiMeras. He doubts it, as they would surely know how dangerous it is to cross a DiMera! EJ believes that Samantha has good mother's instincts. What is her feeling? Sami says her instinct is to find and protect her daughter. She just wants what is best for Sydney. So does he, drawls EJ.
- At the hospital, Carly is freed from the elevator. Bo arrives on scene and she collapses in his arms. He takes her home and they sit on her bed as she updates him. She is not as strong as she thought she was. Bo assures her she is the same Carly Manning he feel in love with and touches her face. She stands up. He does too. She is grateful he was there for her today. Bo starts to kiss her and she kisses him back.
- Sami returns to the living room. Bo is gone. Rafe wonders what she wanted to tell him. Nothing. She loves him so much. They kiss on it.
- Back at the cabin, Anna happily attends to Sydney. Elvis is not pleased she overheard his conversation. Anna cackles about Samantha Brady, who should have turned out better, as Marlena was a great mother. She thinks Syd deserves better and will get it now that he has turned his back on that evil woman as well as his father. EJ wants her to stop. She does and now talks of returning to Bora Bora. Elvis laughs about her hideous dream house. She wonders when it will be over. He coolly states it will
be over when he says so. Sydney does not look happy. Anna is curious about the timetable of his mysterious plan. "The only thing you need to know about is that you get paid when the job is done. Thank you." Elvis now sits with Sydney and sings Twinkle Little Star to his daughta as she falls asleep in his arms. He kisses her gently on the head, smiling ...

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