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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 
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- Chez Sami, replay of Rafe getting interrupted by a call just when he wants to tell her something. Sami flashes back to EJ's assurances he
will bring Syd home, and decides there is something she must tell Rafe, too. After the call is done, he returns and wants to go first with his amazing news. It is official, he is back with the bureau. Sami agrees it is fantastic news. He impressed the new man in charge with the way he has coordinated the cops and FBI in Syd's case and as of now, he is the FBI point person for said case. He adds he just spoke to the D.A. Nicole's sentencing hearing is today. They get dressed for the occasion. Enter
Will, who wants to join them. He goes in his room to change. Rafe updates Sami on Brady's visit. Nicole is depressed but Rafe thinks she should not have expected better.We should not lie to the people we love. Sami looks a bit anxious.
- EJ gets a call that displeases him and so he is on his way!
- In her cell, Nicole confers with her lawyer, who warns she could end
up spending the rest of her life behind bars. Is that what she wants? Nicole laments she is guilty, though, and in her opinion, she deserves no mercy.
- At Java Cafe, Chad and Gaby cutely makes plans to hang out. Enter Mia, none too pleased to see them connecting. At another table is Troy, who anxiously looks at his watch. Mia later tells Chad she has to testify
at Nicole's hearing. He would like to as well and heads out back to get time off work. Meanwhile, Mia sneakily suggests Gaby join her in court cos Chad will be there and she is sure he would want her to hear him!
- At the hospital, Nath is back at work,out of jail. He makes light of it to Stephanie, but she is not as forgiving as Maggie. Nath says well ... Phil threw the first punch. She points out he asked her out for New Year's, then got in a fight over Melanie. How does he think that made her feel? He is sorry. He later hopes they can come to an understanding. He did a lot of thinking about some changes he is making, starting with her. He
got carried away with the Melanie fiasco and totally forgot what he really wanted.
- Phil carries Mel across the threshold of the mansion, looking forward
to getting hitched in Vegas. They will be taking the Titan jet. They head upstairs to pack and she teases him about his choices. They soon end up on the bed, giggling and kissing. The pair make love and he gets back to packing. Mel closes her eyes and proceeds to dream of being in bed with Nathan. She eventually wakes up to reality and tells Phil she would like
a favor. A long honeymoon in Europe to avoid facing the music back home after their elopement. He happily agrees and they seal the deal with a kiss.
- At Brady pub, the killer sneaks up behind Arianna. Enter Brady, who barks they are closed. Ari stops the music and turns around. Killer hides his weapon and says he just wanted his coffee. Then he exits. Arianna is surprised to see Brady, who says he had heard she was alone. He is now off to Nicole's sentencing and invites her to come. She says no thanks,
as she has inventory. Brady is still concerned about leaving her alone as she has told him she is expecting Troy. Ari quips Troy is the least of her worries and gives him a look. Exit Brady. Ari now flashes back to an argument they had about his Nicole addiction.
- Outside, Troy threatens the hitman that he had better go back and do the job. He does not care if he has to off Arianna AND the guy she was with!
- The gang arrive in court, where downtrodden Nicole is brought in to face the music. Chad informs D.A. dad that he wants to testify. D.A.
dad tries unsuccessfully to talk him out of it. Enter Mia and Gaby. Gaby does not comprehend what Chad's involvement is. Mia suggests she just sit and listen. When Rafe walks out to take a call, Sami asks EJ abut the ransom. He is working on getting it and warns her not to tell Rafe. A
door opens. Here comes the judge! Nicole has pleaded guilty to three felonies, including kidnapping and baby switching. The stern D.A. wants punishment to be a 70 year sentence! The judge will base his judgment on the facts and the testimonies he is about to hear. The court calls EJ to the witness stand. Nicole takes a deep breath. EJ speaks of Nicole saying nothing as he grieved for Grace, a child that was not his. Next is Sami, who sadly remembers Grace. Mia now tells the court the sad story of Nicole making her lie about her baby. Then Chad testifies about finding out about his girlfriend's baby, how he never got the chance to raise her because of Nicole's lies. Gaby lools stunned. EJ gets back on the stand, echoing the sentiment that Nicole is a liar. Sami is also back on the stand after him, recalling how Nicole was with her yet never told the truth
when Grace died. Mia comes back to say how Nicole made her lie about being with lots of guys. At the end, Sami blames Nicole for what has
now happened to Sydney. Nicole sits in silence. The judge thanks them for testifying. He asks if Nicole has anyone to speak on her behalf. "I will," drawls Brady as he saunters in. EJ smirks knowingly and shakes
his head, not in the least bit surprised. Nicole turns to look at the only friend she seems to have left.
- Back at the pub, Ari is annoyed when Troy tells her the shipment will be late and then ushers him out. She decides to head to the court in lieu of doing inventory ...
- At the hospital, Nath informs Steph that he has realized the fantasy of Melanie was not for him, just as the fantasy of Phillip was not for her. Steph wonders what that means. Nath states if she is ready to give him
a second chance, she knows where to find him. He walks away as she uncertainly watches ...
- On the witness stand, Brady speaks of Nicole's pain at losing her baby. He believes on some level she went insane. Nicole listens and cries as he points out her current suffering must be worse than any sentence. He concludes she deserves mercy. Sami gasps in disbelief. Meanwhile, Ari has entered and she too hears his impassioned plea! Now Nicole numbly testifies. She weakly cries she wants everyone to know "There is no excuse for what I did." She is sorry she hurt so many people and feels she deserves the worst sentence. All she cares about is Sydney and she cries she wants her to be brought home.Then she breaks down. Afterwards, the judge remarks she is remorseful. EJ stands up to
protest but the judge reminds him he himself has not been punished at
all for his own crimes!
- At the hospital, Phil sees Steph and tells her he and Mel will be away,
as they plan to get hitched in Vegas, then take a honeymoon. They talk about Nath. Steph repeats what the young doctor told her. Mel was just
his fantasy, but he needs someone real. “Like you?” Phil asks. Steph replies that anything is possible ... Elsewhere, Mel is filling out a form to give her notice. Nath is unpeasantly surprised that she is dropping out of nursing school.
- At Java Cafe, Mia overhears Gaby telling off Chad for failing to tell her he had a baby. Mia smirks.
- Back in court, EJ gets madder that the judge is prejudiced against his family. He eventually sits back down and the judge points out Sami too has not exactly been blameless, given her own lies to the baby's father. His Honor now declares he has reached a verdict ...!

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Ari tells Brady.
"Stay away from me ok" Gaby sadly tells Chad.
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