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Friday, January 29, 2010 
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- At the house of Kiriakis, busy Victor is pestered by Viv, who gleefully announces she has had an epiphany. He is annoyed. She knows what to do with Carly. "Be still my heart!" quips the Greek tycoon. Madame now drops a bomb. She is going back to plan A, to obliterate Melanie. Victor looks exasperated. That is his son's intended! Besides, she had a grand
old time with Melanie, who reminded Viv of herself. Viv airily denies it. Victor calls her a phony. Just who got to her to change her mind ...?
"Lawrence," says she. "He might be listening." Vic sarcastically addresses the furniture. "Your aunt's gone bonkers!" he tells the unseen Lawrence. She insists Lawrence came to her in a dream. Victor threatens Vivian not to have any contact with Melanie, his son's future wife. She is not to lay
a finger on the girl. "Or you will answer to me!" Vivian pretends to agree. Exit Victor. She calls Gus and summons him to an emergency meeting.
- Down at the pier, Mel flippantly tells Carly sure, she can keep a secret. Waves are heard lapping in the background. Carly declares it is time she knew the truth but wants to go somewhere private. And so they head for Maggie's place. No one is there. Carly first wants to put ice on her hand. Mel wants her to get to the point. What is her secret and what does it
have to do with her? Carly admits years ago she had a daughter. Mel
asks what the big deal is. Carly adds few people know about her. It is complicated. Melanie makes a comment about her being a murdering adulteress so she is already complicated. Carly would like a chance to explain. She realizes she has come on strong with her. Mel asks where
her daughter is now. She talks about Maggie, who is like a mom to her, not to mention that Kate and Viv having a strange competition over her. Carly thinks she should leave. Mel wants to hear about her daughter. She lost her shortly after she gave birth. Mel assumes she means her daughter died. No wonder she connected with Mia! Carly states she would indeed like to help Mia but does not correct Mel, who is sorry for how she acted.  Carly gets teary-eyed. Her apology means so much. Mel states Dr Jonas talked sense into her and Maggie told her to take the high road. She now wonders if Carly thinks of her daughter much. "All the time," cries Carly. Mel asks if she has thought of having other kids. Carly laments she has a son, though they are not getting along. Mel assumes she came to town for Bo. Carly replies that was not the reason. She pretends she came back as Salem was a place that made her happy. Mel mentions France. She had friends there and giggles she misses the eclairs, which she was discussing with Vivian the other day. Carly looks concerned. Mel comes clean on
her view of Madame. She finds Vivian sincerity challenged. Carly appears relieved. Mel asks if she is on duty at the hospital tomorrow so she can have her look at her hand. Yes, and she will see her tomorrow. Carly
smiles and takes her leave, elated over the progress she has made ...
- Chez Sami,Rafe drawls he will get his remaining stuff tomorrow. Before he goes, Sami wishes to give him the St Anne medal from the nun. She believes it is still keeping Sydney safe wherever she is. It gives her hope and makes her feel close to Sydney. She whispers now Rafe might need
it more than her. She places it in his hand and adds she wants him to have it. He is moved but cannot take it. She insists - and she is sorry she said he was not Sydney's father. He did much for her when she was pregnant and returned her little girl to her. They are bonded forever because of
their love for Grace and Sydney. Sami begs him to take it. He does and promises he will not rest until he brings Sydney home safe and sound. Then perhaps things will be different for the two of them. Recent events are mentioned. Sami cries she thought she was doing the right thing and she knows he believes the same. Rafe sadly departs. Sami covers her
face with her hands and cries .
- At the police station, Brady gets impatient with Roman. Ari's life could be in danger! He cannot reach her. Roman assures him he has someone with her 24/7 and suggests he settle down. Brady is exasperated. She could be in danger right now. Roman thinks he would have heard about
it. Brady snaps he will find her himself and storms off. Rafe later enters and asks for word on his sister. Roman is waiting for an update from the higher ups. Her freedom may only be temporary. Roman now brings up the way Rafe and Sami disagreed on the ransom. He sides with Rafe on that matter. Rafe alludes to the fact that it cost him the woman he loved. Roman is sorry to hear he moved out.
- Chez Sami, she opens the door to Brady. He realizes she is still mad
that she testified for Nicole. He is looking for Rafe, who might be able to help him find Ari. Sami points out he is not there and is not coming back. Brother Brady lends a sympathetic ear. She tells him of the ransom notes, the botched drop off, and their subsequent fights. Brady thinks it is time she and Rafe put aside their differences and work together. Sami exclaims they betrayed each other's trust and her child is still lost. Later, when she is alone again, she puts on the Cubs cap Rafe once gave her and flashes back to happier times.
- At DiMera mansion, replay of Anna talking on the phone. "Hello?" says Ari. "Do I know you?"  Click! No more Anna. Enter Elvis, who demands to know what Ari is doing! She looks confused. Elvis wonders if she was spying on him. Ari explains she thought it was her phone and shows him they have the same phone. Elvis apologizes for overreacting. Ari is now curious. What made him so upset about her answering his phone hmmm?
He talks of the difficulty of waiting to hear from the kidnappers. Ari is understanding and slips in a question. "Who's Anna?" Elvis raises his eyebrows in surprise.  Why would she ask? Cos she called. He wonders what she said. Something about wanting chocolates, then she hung up. Who is she? He clears his throat. The widow of his late brother Tony.
Ari continues with her questions. Why would she say to come when it is safe? He replies she is in town to take care of some business matters and does not want fatha to know, as he let Tony down many many times and she despises him. Ari thinks that is sad. Elvis asks why she is staring at him. She thinks there is more to it than that. He becomes annoyed by her suspicions. Ari says she could see the pain in his eyes, as his father seems to have hurt him too, not just Tony. He admits it is true. It is because of him this nightmare started. He asks Ari not to tell anyone that Anna is in town. She smiles in agreement and departs. EJ is livid at Anna and her stupidity.
- At the cabin, Anna tells Sydney she just made a booboo and hopes she has not blown things for all of them. Elvis soon calls and rages at her for identifying herself to FBI Rafe's sister! Anna wonders what they will do about her. "I'll take care of her," he decides and ends the call.
- Brady finds Ari at her place. Where was she? She went to EJ's to thank him for saving her life. He is relieved but points out it is best not to get involved with that criminal mafia family. Ari now asks after Sami. Brady updates her she is not good, due to the breakup with Rafe, which seems
to be permanent.
- Down at the pier, Gus meets with Madame. He was successful in fulfilling her request. Madame is thrilled. They are still eliminating Mel,
as per the plan, yet will need to be more discreet due to Victor. However, accidents do happen "and Carly will be there to see this one!"
- Outside the pub, EJ runs into Rafe and remarks he has his bag. He realizes he has moved out and claims to be sorry. Must be quite a blow
to both of them, says he. "See ya round," drawls Rafe as he walks away. Elvis watches smugly ...

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