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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 
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- At the pub, Hope joins Justin at a table. He suggests they go elsewhere, given that Carly is there too. Hope declares this is her family's pub so she is staying put! Carly departs. Justin drawls Carly is no longer the same person. She has changed and he hopes Bo knows what he is in for. Hope wants to hear more, but Justin's phone rings. Law emergency ... Hope agrees to a rain check, announces she has something to do, and walks out. Meanwhile, Carly is on her phone at the pier, arranging to meet Bo at
Java Cafe. Hope comes along and warns this is not a game and if she hurts her husband, she will have her to answer to! Carly reminds her she is the one who hurt Bo and points out she and Justin were making out like teenagers! Hope calls her a cold blooded killer. Carly says who Bo spends time with is not her concern. Hope insists it is cos of her daughter and her baggage had better not hurt Ciara! Carly reminds her she had a small part in helping raise Shawn D. when he was little. She makes a remark about what Hope herself has become and starts to leave. Hope stops her and leers she had better not walk away from her!
- Chez Maggie, Mel sadly looks at the wedding dress that Carly spilled coffee on. Maggie is sympathetic. Mel complains how Carly overreacted to Viv, while Maggie attends to the dress, to remove the stain. Mel admits Carly presses all her buttons and she has no remorse about being unkind to her. The redhead patiently explains that by being rude, Mel demeans herself. Mel gets it. From now on she will try to be polite. A delivery  arrives. Boxes of Mickey's office belongings. Pens, a coffee mug, desk clock with a note on the back. "Don't forget." Now they will never know what he meant. Mel finds an early Valentine gift for the redhead, for their anniversary. Maggie is in tears. He would have been on their cruise with her if all had gone according to plan. The gift is a pair of tickets to the ballet. She wants to give them to Mel.They decide on the hospital charity receiving them. Mel thinks Mag is simply amazing and gives her a hug. Mel leaves to take some of the belongings to the shelter. Alone, Maggie opens a box containing Xmas gifts and comes across a bottle of booze. She toys with the idea of having a drink and gets a tall glass ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Vivian is reading Egdar Allan Poe, thinking of ways to torment Carly. Victor snaps for her to act instead of fantasizing. He does not give a damn about avenging her nephew, he just wants Carly out of Bo's life! She stammers she will but the plan of course must now change. He knows, as Mel will be part of his family and she likes her too. Victor growls she needs to get Carly out of Bo's life soon! Madame later imagines killing Carly with a machete. She has a headache and places some ice on it, closing her eyes. When she opens them, Lawrence has appeared. She is delighted to see him, so she can say a proper goodbye. He declares if she loves him, she will forget about Carly. He does not
want Carly dead so he will be doomed to see her. He wants her to suffer! "Hell on earth, that's what she deserves." says he. Auntie needs to make her suffer every day of her miserable life. Her idea of destroying Carly's bastard daughter is still brilliant, so forget Victor! If she ever loved him,
she will make it happen and take Carly's daughter away from her forever. Besides, Phillip will find someone else to play with .Viv agrees. Lawrence fades away ...
- At the station, Bo approaches glum FBI Rafe, who admits he was there all night, going over leads. Now he is awaiting the results from forensics on the lab report. Bo has nothing either. Bo suggests he go home to Sami but Rafe doubts she wants to see him. She thinks it is his fault the ransom drop was a bust and is now leaning on EJ. Bo does not approve. Rafe remains determined to bring Sydney home. He is handed the forensics report, mutters about that son of a b*tch, and storms off.
- At the pier, Hope and Carly glare daggers at each other. Bo arrives on scene. Hope wants a word alone. Bo is not interested. Hope gets in one final parting shot. She tells Carly she is grateful she was there for her son, but she did choose Lawrence and his money over Bo. Bo and Carly now head home, Carly thinks Hope is the least of her worries. Bo is distracted. Meanwhile, Hope calls someone and states she needs to talk to them ...
- EJ calls Anna from the mansion, to report he will be a tad late. Anna states Syd seems okay now, though she is asking for dada. Dong dong! Tis Samantha, who announces to EJ she is upset as she is starting to forget what Sydney looks like. She fears she will lose her forever. Elvis places his phone in a pocket and musters a sympathetic look. Sami is exasperated and feels badly about all her "wrong decisions." That includes lying to him about Sydney. She hopes one day he will be able to forgive her. He reassures her and lets her look at his Sydney photo album as he looks over her shoulder. He is sure Sydney will be fine. He has operatives out looking for her and promises he will bring her back. His men can go
to places the FBI does not even know about. Sami is most impressed.
She knows he keeps his promises ... In barges Rafe, who states the only fingerprints and DNA on the ransom notes belong to EJ, aka the man
with the criminal record! He blames him for smearing his prints all over the notes so they would be left with nothing. He has contaminated the evidence! Elvis claims he had already had his people analyze them. Sami angrily says the FBI is only repeating what EJ has already done. Elvis boasts his men are working day and night and they will find Sydney. He leaves the room. Rafe informs the Sami that the FBI has not given up
yet, but she laments they have nothing. He feels they will get more leads. She sadly asks why he did not come home last night. He was working. Sami recalls he once disappeared before and she feared it was happening again. Rafe grumbles she looked just fine with EJ when he found them together. Voices are raised. They argue. Meanwhile, EJ places a quick
call to Anna, who thinks he must have the TV on, the noise level is so high! Like Armageddon. Elvis is visibly pleased. Sounds like someone's world is coming to an end. Things are moving along nicely and he will
be there soon. Moments later, Rafe wonders if Sami wishes she never
met him. She cries she just wants her daughter back and storms out. EJ gives Rafe a triumphant look ...

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