Days of Our Lives Summary January 26, 2010
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 
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- Carly has a dream that she made dinner for Phil and Mel. Phil goes
into the kitchen. Mel smiles Carly is her mom and that is good. Carly is overwhelmed. Mel suddenly falls down, shot dead.
Vigilante Viv stands
in the doorway. "Payback's a bitch!" Carly gasps and wakes up on the sofa. Someone is at the door. Tis Justin and he wants to talk to her. He calls her on being a hussy and shacking up with Bo, with no respect for Hope. She sarcastically calls him the morality police. Justin exclaims Bo has a wife and a daughter. Carly points out Hope is responsible for their affair coming out. Justin brings up the fact that she is to blame cos she went to Maggie's house. And she had no reason for being there! Carly flashes back to Mel and then pretends she went to offer her condolences. Justin continues. He is starting to wonder if maybe Lawrence becoming
so bad had something to do with her! Carly smacks him across the face hard. Justin calmly states perhaps Lawrence changed her. Carly retorts she finds hypocrites disgusting and she knows that he is just waiting to comfort Hope. He declares he has not acted on his feelings for Hope. However, Carly has done all kinds of cr*p. And what Bo and Hope have is real, not like what Carly and Bo have. She reminds him Hope left Bo. Justin doubts she believes what she says, drawls why did she come back to town anyway, and walks out. Carly reminds herself that no one can know why she really came to Salem!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil interrupts Victor in his work and asks if
he is in love with Vivian. Victor doubles over with laughter. Phil helps
him to a seat, worried for his health. The Greek tycoon cackles he has
not laughed so hard since Kate's wedding! He loves Viv in Vivianland! Phil is relieved. Viv had also told him they would accompany him on his honeymoon. Victor agrees to inform Viv they will not go after all. Phil
still appears to be somewhat concerned.
- Replay of Mel asking Viv if she was talking about her on the phone.
Vivian smiles and covers it is a surprise. One of the biggest of her life!
Mel remarks she looks frazzled. Viv states her necklace has come undone and places her hands around her neck. Mel says it is fine. Viv removes
her hands and purrs everything is fine. Eerie music is heard. Viv admits she is emotional. As Phillip's fiancee, she has charmed her. Mel chuckles for a second it looked like she wanted to kill her. "Not you, honey," says Madame, remembering Carly, the one she really wants dead. Later on, Mel is alone with Maggie and tells her how Viv got weird. Women are complicated. Maggie informs her Kate tried to pump her for info about Mel, which is likely what Vivian was doing. Mel says Phil loves mommy dearest Kate regardless of what she has done. She is still baffled that Viv wants to get close to her. She mentions the mommy wars, as Phil calls it. Maggie gets depressed again and decides to go to bed. Melanie hugs and reassures her. Maggie smiles she is a young face with an old soul. Once she has retired for the night, Phil saunters in and kisses his beloved. He hopes they can get something to eat, but she is worried about Maggie.
He charmingly smiles time for plan B. They have a homemade meal in
the kitchen. Phil is displeased to hear that Viv came over and continued
to pry into her background.
- Down at the pier, Vivian goes over the disturbing news with flunky Gus. "Poor child," she clucks. Mel is Carly's daughter. Then again, she should remember that she is but a pawn and pawns are meant to be sacrificed. Madame sighs, clearly conflicted.
- Sami is at home. She looks at her FBI shirt and recalls her argument with Rafe, when she lashed out at him that he is not even Syd's  father. Enter Rafe Their eyes lock. He laments there is no news about Sydney. Sami admits she should not have said what she did. She was just angry and upset and she was wrong. Rafe sadly replies he thinks she told him what was in her heart. He is not Sydney's parent and she does not trust him. Sami insists she does. Rafe feels she wants to, though deep down, she does not. His eyes are filled with pain. She repeats she trusts him. Rafe sighs the ransom notes were their best shot. And she trusted EJ
more than she trusted him. Sami starts to cry she knows if they do not
get Sydney back ... she thinks it is her fault. Knock knock! Gaby is there to see Rafe. It is urgent. Troy attacked Arianna and she must return to prison tonight! "She's not going back to prison," drawls Rafe and they
race off together. Sami comes back into the room, gets miffed he has gone, and departs.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano again asks Elvis why he has a medicine bottle for an infant. What is rrrrreally going on! EJ plays it cool. Stefano deduces this is about Sydney. He must know where she is. Just what
kind of a game is he playing! EJ denies the charge and states it is not his business. The phoenix chuckles. "Ah. I'm afraid you're very wrong about that, Elvis." EJ pours himself a drink and disagrees with him about ranks. Fatha will not run his life anymore, for he no longer trusts him! Stefano sighs he should and threatens to update Roman Brady about this bottle
of infant medicine, unless he tells him the truth. Elvis toys with his drink. It is for Johnny. Stefano is doubtful. Enter Sami. She confirms she has been giving Johnny medicine with a dropper. Stefano still does not look convinced and walks out. Sami sadly admits she does not want to be alone. Elvis sits down beside her. "Alone?" says he. She laments she and Rafe are not seeing eye to eye, then exclaims they do not know if they
will even hear from the kidnappers again! Elvis assures her they will. He pretends he thinks it would be awful if she and Rafe broke up because of this.
- At the station, Brady loudly argues with Commander Roman about the unfairness of sending Arianna back to jail. Roman replies she knew of the dangers involved. He is sorry but his hands are tied. Brady protests."You used her!" And the drug kingpin is still out there!Roman suggests he keep a cool head and reminds him he is at a police station. Ari will be going to Statesville. She complains she could be locked up with Nicole! Brady assures her she is not going to prison. Now enter Rafe, who promises to set Roman straight. Alone with Ari, Brady wants to contact Victor for help. She is against it. Meanwhile, Rafe angrily advises Roman this is not over! Roman goes back to Ari. "Time to go."
- Dow at the pier, Rafe talks to his FBI pal Tim. This case should be
spun like a success or he will go public about the fact that an untrained young woman was put in harm's way! Tim agrees to make some noise
and grins life would be dull without Rafe around.
- Vivian mournfully returns to the house of Kiriakis, where Victor makes
a comment about her not talking for a change.She sits down and suggests he brace himself, then shares the contents of the envelope she is holding. "Read it and weep." Victor is shocked. "My God!" Indeed, says a woeful Madame. Carly's bio-daughter is Melanie Layton, the girl Phillip plans to marry. Once over the initial shock, the Greek tycoon warns her not to
hurt Philip. He loves that girl. Vivian laments she likes Melanie. Time to rethink. Back to square one, but killing Carly seems too antii-climactic!
- Back at the station, Ari tells a tearful goodbye to Gaby and Brady as
the cuffs are slapped on her. Brady vows not to give up. Arianna starts
to cry. Enter Roman. An angry DEA agent just called him. She has been granted a stay, pending an investigation. T'was Rafe's doing. The mood suddenly changes, There are smiles all around as she is freed.
- Back at the mansion, Elvis places a reassuring arm around Samantha
as he smoothly promises to get their daughta back. Stefano lurks in the doorway, observing the scene. "What are you really up to, son of mine," he wonders ...

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"I hope Bo realizes what he's letting himself in for," Justin informs Hope.

It's time to bury you again.


Elvis repeats to Sami "I will bring Sydney back. I promise you that!"