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Monday, January 25, 2010 
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- At the cabin, Anna walks around with Sydney, glances at a photo of Tony, and kisses the baby. Oh dear, she seems to be burning up!
- Replay at the police station of Troy ranting  Ari is a NARC. Elvis is stony faced. Troy is carted off. Brady wants to know why Troy was telling EJ those crazy accusations. EJ claims not to know him and points out he told everyone that crazy accusation. Ari thanks him for saving her. Brady demands to know why he was at her door. EJ explains he was there to tell her of the ransom disaster, how Rafe is blaming himself. He suggests she call him and sarcastically asks Brady if he has any more questions. Seems not. Ari starts to say she does not know why Troy ... Elvis makes a comment about having secrets and walks to Roman's
office to give his statement. After speaking with Roman, he gets a call from Anna, quietky says he will call her back later, and departs. Roman has news for Arianna. The operation is officially over. She becomes teary eyed and realizes she might have to go back to prison. And that is not the least of her worries. When Troy's boss learns she was working for the cops, he will come after her! Brady vows to protect her. She fears that is not possible. Roman later approaches and confirms he has been ordered
to take her back to prison - tonight.
- At the pub, Hope holds a model of the FancyFace. When she gets up
to leave, she bumps into Bo and it falls and breaks. Bo is sorry. It was
for Ciara. Hope will get another one. She stops and asks for answers. How could he lie to her? She whispers the real secret is not that Carly returned to Salem for him. She now believes it must be far more dire. He refuses to share. She claims the secret ended their marriage. Bo quips no, she did! But he never meant to hurt her. Hope accuses him of continuing to hurt her. If he were sincere, he would tell her the secret. She bitterly whispers she seems to be as replaceable as the sailboat and walks off.
- Maggie is in her kitchen, promising to call the restaurant later. She shakes her head and cries. Knock knock! Tis Carly. Maggie invites her
in. Carly says she came to apologize for what happened earlier. Maggie is not in good shape. Mia enters and tells Carly to scram. Maggie hoarsely tells Mia to stop. This is her house! Mia is sorry. She is there to get her science book. Maggie hands it to her and advises her to go to her study group. Exit Mia. Maggie gasps she needs to rest. Exit Carly. The redhead locks the door, cradles a picture of Mickey, and cries.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Madame gets off the phone with Gus, then enters the living room, where Phil and Mel are smooching. Viv coos she had a wonderful aft with Mel. She talks guest list and asks how many of Mel's stock are coming to the wedding. Mel cringes. Phil is not keen on Viv prying and tries to blow her off, but Mel wants to make nice with the eccentric Viv. Phil relents. Mel explains her brother Max is in London. Parents? Both dead. Viv wants to know what happened. Phil intervenes. Mel's past is none of her business! Vivian is sorry if she has brought up painful memories and continues to press. Enter Victor, who suggests everyone have a drink. Exit Phil and Mel, who is still gracious. Victor
gets a drink and informs Viv that Mel's father was a pimp who ended
up with a knife in his back. The same fate as her Lawrence, laments Viv. She adds she suspects Melanie Layton and Carly Manning have "quite a connection." Carly's demeanor is like a lioness protecting her cub. Why, Melanie might be Carly's daughter. Victor snaps it is a tiresome waste of his time. First Mia, now Melanie. Who is next? Lexie Carver! He has had it with the procrastination. He wants Carly gone now and he intends to do it on his own, so then he will not need Viv around anyway! Viv stares at him in disbelief. She now gets an idea, declares she knows how to get results without anyone seeing what she is up to, and dramatically departs.
- At the grand DiMera mansion, a phoenix rages. "Ungrateful swine! Egotistical Judas!" barks Stefano. Enter DiMera wife Kate. The phoenix complains his son lied to him about his reason for selling the stock. Kate
is not surprised. No one knows the real EJ. He has changed. Stefano updates her on the ransom note, hence his liquidating the assets. They discuss. She warns him EJ will never forgive him. He points out her sons have started to forgive her. Kate patiently states they are more forgiving than EJ. Stefano still thinks he and Elvis have a special bond, regardless.
- Elvis returns to the mansion and talks to Anna on his phone. He learns Syd's fever is worse, promises to pick some medicine up, and ends the call. Enter Stefano. The two men lock eyes. Stefano offers to have his men find Sydney. He is sorry if he hurt him, for he simply did what he thought was best. Elvis darkly says he is sorry that his father betrayed
his trust and he is sorry he might never see his little girl again due to his machinations. "You have ruined my life!" The phoenix growls he can go to hell and exits. Ring ring! Tis Troy, promising not to give him up. Elvis drawls he will be safe as long as he is loyal.
- Carly runs into Mia at the pier and wants to talk. They once had a nice rapport. What changed? Mia states her wanting to move in changed it. Carly laments she was just trying to make a connection but she will not bother her or Melanie again. She walks away, leaving Mia baffled.
- Carly heads to Bo's place and wonders what happened to make him look so upset. He does not want to talk, so they just sit together. She is there for him ...
- Meanwhile, Hope sits on a bench down at the pier and remembers the Fancyface, good times. She now tosses the broken boat into the river ...
- Mel returns home to Maggie's and finds her sitting in the dark with Mickey's picture. She offers to bring her a cup of tea upstairs. Maggie cries and heads upstairs after Mel assures her she is happy to take care
of her, given that she is the closest thing she has to a mommy. Mel now prepares the tea. Knock knock! Tis Viv, who coos she should call her Mama and invites herself in.
- Stefano returns to his elegant living room, searching for some papers.
EJ is nowhere to be seen. When Stefano moves his coat, the empty medicine bottle falls to the floor. The phoenix picks it up and considers.
- At Java Cafe, Kate asks Phil if she can help Mel pick out a wedding dress. Phil informs her Vivian already did. Kate is dismayed he allowed it. Vivian is dangerous and destructive! Kate is worried. That Viv has done terrible things.  Phil reminds Kate she has done things to people, too. He points out she was buddy buddy with Chloe when she tried to kill her so perhaps Melanie is safer with Vivian!
- Meanwhile, Vivian awaits Melanie, who goes upstairs to give Maggie
her tea. Ring ring! Tis Gus, with an update. He has the birth date of Carly Manning's daughter and it is an exact match with the birthday of Melanie. Madame is beside herself. "Melanie is ..." Enter Mel, who wonders what she is saying about her. Vivian smiles charmingly.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis enters the living room. Stefano holds up what he has found. "This is very interesting.Why do you have a medicine bottle for an infant, hmm ...!"

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"No!" cries Carly as Viv points a gun at her in a dream and leers "Payback's a b*tch!"
"I trust you with my life, I trust you with my kids' lives," Sami insists
to Rafe.
Stefano stares at Elvis as he holds the medicine bottle. "This is about Sydney, isn't it."