Days of Our Lives Summary January 22, 2010
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Friday, January 22, 2010 
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- At the hospital, Commissioner Bo is on the phone, asking for an update
if they get word on Sydney ... He now runs into Dr. Dan and wants a word about Carly. The doc agrees to be discreet about his friend. Bo informs him the problem is Vivian Alamain. There is a restraining order against her. Dan, however, is not so sure Viv is the kind of woman who can be deterred. Bo realizes that, which is why he needs his help. Dan is on board. If he spies Vivian lurking around when Carly is at work, he will contact Bo.
- At Java Cafe, replay of Carly watching Madame Viv cozying up to her daughter. Viv asks Carly why she looks so upset. Carly sternly says Mel has no idea she is talking to a snake, an evil woman! Mel suggests she
stay out of it. Carly will not relent. "Vivian wants to destroy you and I won't let it happen!" Mel sarcastically asks if she is on meds she forgot
to take. "Priceless!" cackles Viv. She thinks Mel should let Carly explain how she thinks she will destroy her. Mel does. Carly talks Vivian's track record. Mel accuses Carly of bothering her. What is her problem? Viv quips she too would like to know. Carly explains she felt the urge to forewarn her about the dangers of letting Vivian get close. One could end up buried alive! Mel demands to know why Carly is so invested. "What am I to you!" Vivian observes. Carly claims she would not be human if she did not try and help. Viv implies she has lost it. Carly gets closer and warns she faced down the devil and he lost! The same thing could happen to her! Madame tells her to spew her nonsense elsewhere. Enter Dan, who reminds Viv of the restraining order. Madame points out that Carly approached and threatened her. Mel backs her up. Viv announces she
will file a complaint with the hospital board. Dan suggests they all take a breath and wants Carly to come with him. Carly now accidentally spills coffee on the wedding dress. It was a designer original, laments Mel!
Dan drags Carly out. Madame consoles crying Mel that she will have another one made. She brings up the possibility of  her and Victor joining the newlyweds on the yacht for their honeymoon. Mel is polite and then departs, to return to Phillip. Alone again, Vivian ponders why Carly was so protective of Melanie. It would be dreadfully unfortunate if ... She decides to do some checking and calls Gus, instructing him to investigate Melanie. There was something in Carly's eyes when she looked at her ...
- Outside, Dan lectures Carly. She almost blurts out Mel is her daughter, then stops. She cannot burden him with yet another secret. He insists he
is a friend and wants to help. He is curious why she is so protective of Melanie. Carly thanks him for intervening, states she is sorry, and walks away.
- At the pub, handsome, happy Phil hopes things are well between him and bro Bo. They are indeed and Bo still wants to be part of his wedding. Phil reminds him Carly will not be invited. Bo understands.
- Brady is on his way out of the Kiriakis mansion when he finds Chloe
at the door. She wants to talk about Nicole, who is not doing well. She continuously calls Chloe, asking for news on Sydney, but her best friend feels it is more than that. "She misses you, Brady." He points out she asked him to stay away. Chloe thinks she was trying to be selfless. Brady admits it would be hard to see her. He feels partially responsible for the mess her life became. Chloe encourages him to at least call. His answer
is a resounding NO. And he will not change his mind. If he calls her, he will end up holding her hand yet again. Besides, he promised Arianna he had moved on. Chloe accepts his decision to only communicate with Nicole via her if there is any news on Sydney. Exit Brady as Phil enters. Phil excitedly shows Chloe a charm necklace he got for Melanie. A new charm will be added for each child they have. Chloe looks uncomfortable. They talk about the planning of the wedding. Phil asks how her wedding
is coming along. Chloe replies she wants to take it slow, as it may be too soon and she is concerned about how it might look. Phil asks if she wants kids. Chloe gets teary-eyed and hastily excuses herself.
- At the cabin, Anna wonders if EJ plans to keep Sydney locked in the little cottage forever. She wonders if he even knows when this situation will end. Soon, says he. He has already punished Nicole. Now he must simply deal with Samantha and Raphael. He recounts how he overheard the pair discussing that Sydney would have been better off had their plan succeeded, had he not learned she was his daughta. They will pay dearly for that! Anna points out Sydney will need a normal life, a real family structure. She cannot be a nanny forever. He understands and is soon on his way out, to run errands and pick up more medicine. Anna cackles to Sydney that her papa is complicated but very rich. She now notices Syd
is still warm and there is little medicine left. Oh oh!
- Ari opens her door to Troy, who is 2 hours early. He claims it is urgent, about a shipment. She does not want him there long, as Brady is on his way over. He insists this will not take long so she lets him in. Once inside, Troy pretends the big guy wants to move fast with this new shipment. Ring ring! Tis Brady, telling Ari he is running late. When the call is over, Troy whips out a sample of the new stuff. She assures him she could find a buyer for it. Troy starts to hand her the sample and purposely drops it, blaming her. She scrambles to clean it up. He gets mad and proceeds to rant about her wanting to take his place. His gloved hands hold his scarf tightly. Ari glances nervously at the scarf and stands up. What is going
on? His eyes crazed, he attacks. She goes for her gun. He knocks it out
of her hand, wrestles her onto the bed, and starts to strangle her with the scarf. EJ, however, has just arrived outside her door and hears sounds of the struggle. Elvis storms in, pulls Troy off, calls him a son of a bitch, then quietly tells him to scram. Ari manages to cal 911, then passes out from the lack of oxygen. She is soon conscious again and curious what
EJ was doing there. Commander Roman arrives on the scene. Ari says
she was attacked by Troy, a pub patron. Roman spies the drugs which must have been Troy's. Ari credits EJ with saving her. Elvis smoothly states he just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Ring ring! One of Roman's guys has picked up creepy Troy.
- Carly bursts into Bo's house, raging about Vivian trying to get close to Melanie. Bo does not approve of overprotective mama bear Carly going near them. Carly admits if Dan had not shown up, she might have blurted out that Melanie was her daughter!
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Melanie complains to fiance Phil about Carly ruining her dress. At least she is getting another one made. Phil smoothly assures her the bad day is over. He adds he will make it better than good and gives her a kiss ...
- Roman accompanies EJ and Ari to the police station. A cop shoves
handcuffed Troy into Roman's office for an interrogation. Enter Brady, who is stunned to hear that Troy tried to kill his beloved and equally surprised to find out EJ was there! He appears suspicious. Why was he near her room? Elvis steps away to take a call - from Anna. She tells him that Sydney is crying and needs more medicine, possibly because she is teething. He will handle it and gets off the phone. Troy is now brought out. Roman quietly mutters to Ari that the perp is going away for a long time. Troy sees them talking and exclaims for all to hear "She's a narc!" He turns toward EJ and shouts again. "SHE'S A NARC ...!"

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