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Friday, January 15, 2010 
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- At the hospital, replay of Carly saying daughter Mel hates her. Bo
points out Melanie can be defensive and  ... aggressive. Carly retorts
that is a euphemism for rude and obnoxious. Bo is now stunned when Carly anxiously informs him Mel is engaged to brother Phillip. Things
just got more complicated. They are both concerned, as Mel living
under the same roof as Vivian would place her in a precarious position. Carly reminds him Viv is ruthless. She now decides it is time for her to
go see Melanie. She will pretend to be apologizing for the scene with
Hope ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor looks doubtful about Viv's deduction
and gets himself a drink. Mia and Carly have no resemblance. Perhaps
she is wrong. Vic now backtracks and calls her assumption more of an excellent guess. She holds up what appears to be  a closed little case
and presents it as her tracking device. "Risky business," quips the Greek tycoon. She elaborates. She will attach it to Carly, who must be tracking her daughter.
- Chez Maggie, Mel unhappily looks at a picture of Mickey and Maggie and talks about Mag's family. Mia listens as Mel says how great it would be to have a mom like Maggie. "What about your mom?" wonders the teen. Mel pauses. Her mother died when she was a little girl. She was raised by her angry now dead dad, who was her only family until she
met Max, the brother she still misses. She gets teary eyed and confesses she has been thinking about her mom, then catches herself and states there is no pointing in thinking of what might have been ...
- Sami leaves another voice mail for EJ. She is desperate as she has not heard from him for over 24 hours!  At the cabin, Elvis gleefully lets his phone ring and whispers to Sydney on his lap that mommy has called
ten times. He chuckles. Anna worries she might start to wonder. What
if Sami or Rafe get suspicious? Elvis ignores her concern and looks at a picture book with Syd. He later clarifies his position to Anna. "Samantha deceived me, so I shall return the favor."  Auntie Anna is increasingly nervous. The FBI is involved and Agent Hernandez might have already tripped him up. "No," says Elvis. He gets sarcastic about Samantha and Rafe outsmarting them. He accuses Anna of insulting his intelligence.
"I've orchestrated this entire plan everything seamlessly alright, perfectly. Every move, And my next move, just as flawless." She wants to know what his next move will be. "Sydney," he says smoothly. He now gazes
at his daughta, who is walking in her playpen for the first time. This is what it is all about. He missed these moments with Johnny. But with this child, he will not have his pleasure undermined by others. This time, with this child, he will get plenty of firsts. He lifts Syd and praises her.
- Chez Sami,, Rafe comes home and she perceives he has something on his mind. Indeed. Something has happened and he is now convinced that EJ is keeping secrets, and he is not with them. He tells her of EJ selling
off the DiMera stocks at a low price, his odd explanation, followed by Stefano's warning that his son can be quite duplicitous. Sami raises her voice as she cannot believe Rafe would even listen to Stefano, given all the things he has done to her family! And who cares what he thinks anyway! Rafe thinks she is overreacting and suspects something else might be going on. Sami pouts and gives him a look, then exclaims she
is just upset. And every day that goes by makes it harder to be hopeful about finding her daughter. Rafe puts his arms around her. She asks him to stop interrogating her and to drop the questions about EJ. He quietly replies he cannot do that. He does not understand why she becmes so defensive when he mentions EJ's name. She assures him she only wishes to focus on Sydney. Her eyes are filled with tears. Rafe looks at her intensely and wants her to trust in him, that they are in this together. She does and starts to say something. Ring ring! Rafe has just received word about the robbery at the pub and races off to check things out. Ring ring! Tis Elvis. Sami says they are doing the wrong thing. Elvis calmly replies he has heard from the kidnappers and summons her, alone. Sami grabs her bag and is out the door.
- At the pub, Chad walks up to Gaby, who is covering for her sister. All
of a sudden the ice machine makes a strange noise. Chad fixes it. Gaby
is impressed. Chad brings up his past with Mia and says he is really not like that jerk anymore. He is trying to be a better person. He hopes they can hang out as friends. Gaby laments he seems to still be into Mia.
He insists he is no longer into depressing Mia. Gaby is more fun. He pushes her to make plans to spend time together. He will be meeting friends at Java later and she agrees to stop by. Exit happy Chad. Enter Rafe. Gaby tells him Ari is at the station. She is fine and did not want
him to worry. She now talks Syd. Only someone with no heart would kidnap a child. He declares they will get Sydney back. Gaby asks about his first impression of Sami. She was a handful. Gaby adds now they
are great together. Exit Rafe. Gaby wonders. Maybe she was wrong
about Chad ...
- Mia has summoned Will to Maggie's. She needs to get out somewhere
so they can talk. They decide to go to Java and leave Melanie alone. She stares at the pic of Mickey and Maggie and cries, recalling her words that it would be wonderful to have a mom like Maggie. She tidies up. Knock knock! Tis Carly, who announces she is there to see her. She is sorry about the confrontation with Hope. Mel retorts that she slept with her husband and should not have expected her to be warm and fuzzy about
it. Mel gets snarky about her murdering her husband, too. Carly says she would like her to understand. Mel wonders why she should understand why she does horrible things? She will not lash out at her this time, but what she is doing with Bo is not cool. She suggests she apologize to Maggie about it. Carly agrees and brings up her wedding. She blurts out she is young, so why the rush. Mel looks annoyed and says she has crossed the line. She gets mad and wants to know why Carly even cares what she does or thinks anyway ... Carly decides it was a mistake to
come and walks out. She stops outside and decides she cannot leave things like this.
- Mia and Will sit at Java Cafe. She asks him for another chance. Will agrees and they kiss. He wants to check in with his dad so they stand up. Enter T and Kinsey, who notes Mia has been crying. Kinsey shows little tact about Mickey's passing. T tries to stop her from asking if Will and Mia are back together. Mia admits they are. Enter Chad. Kinsey tells him the news of the Will/Mia reconciliation. Chad looks down. As Mia leaves with Will, Chad gets a message and grins .. Gaby shows up at the cafe
as Chad finishes telling Kinsey and T that he has permission from his
folks to invite three pals to the Vancouver condo, along with tickets to
the winter Olympics snowboarding finals. He has already invited excited
T and Kinsey and now asks Gaby if she would like to come, too. Enter Mia. As Chad tries to convince Gaby to go, Mia looks miffed.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Madame Vivian is about to flounce out the door, where Bo awaits. He saunters in and hands her a restraining order, to stay away from Carly. Victor stand behind Viv as Bo warns her that nothing had better happen to Carly. Madame notes his impassioned manner, the flush in his cheeks, and concludes that they are sleeping together. Victor demands to know for how long. Bo snaps at them both
to stay the hell away from Carly and storms out. The Greek tycoon has had it. "Get her already! Do it!" he tells Viv. He goes on to call Carly a duplicitous b*tch, and advises Viv to find her daughter and destroy her weakness!
- In front of Maggie's house, Bo approaches Carly and asks how it went. Mel opens the door just in time to hear Carly lament she needs to tell the truth. The truth about what, asks Mel ...
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis shows Samantha the latest note. He has the money and says they should do as ordered. He hopes for the best and disagrees with the idea of her calling Rafe. Why the sudden change of heart? She is convinced he can help. Ring ring. Tis Anna, with her voice disguised, giving instructions for Sami ...
- EJ and Sami head to pier 47 together, as instructed, after taking the secret passage out of the mansion. Sami continues to insist they should call Rafe, but Elvis insists they are pressed for time. As Anna holds Sydney at the cabin, EJ and Sami arrive at the deserted pier, EJ carrying the ransom money in a bag. All of a sudden Rafe appears and he wants
to know what they are doing there ...!

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"Not only are you sleeping with her husband behind her back, but
you're carrying his kid," Mel accuses Carly.
"It's like they're keeping some deep dark secret from me," Hope
mutters to Vivian.
"Just tell him the truth!" EJ exclaims to confused Sami. Rafe blinks.