Days of Our Lives Summary January 14, 2010
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Thursday, January 14, 2010 
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- Maggie stands sadly next to a large framed picture of classic Mickey (John Clarke). Hope embraces her. Doug and Julie are there. Doug wonders where Bo is. Maggie later opens the door to a crying Melissa, who is so sorry she missed the service. Mel approaches with a plate of food. Here comes Nath, who hugs his mother. Steph watches.
- In the kitchen Brady opens the door to Elvis, who wishes to offer his condolences. Brady drawls he is not welcome! Doug, Julie, Hope and Mia watch. Doug thinks it is okay for him to pay his respects. Elvis enters, recalling how he had the privilege of working for Mick at the law firm. "I mourn his loss." He asks the gang to offer his condolences to Maggie. Hope whispers her thanx and hopes they will find Sydney soon. Elvis appreciates it, claims her words are a comfort to him, and departs.
- Bo is at the hospital to get Alice a medicine prescription. Carly suggests he go to Maggie's for the service reception. She later flashes back to her elevator fiasco and vows to kill Vivian before she lets her get to her daughter!
- Ari is all alone at the pub. Knock knock! Tis Rafe. The pub is closed but she gets him a coffee. He says there is something new in Sydney's kidnapping. He knows his next step. He shall return to the scene of the crime. Once he is gone, Troy, who lurks outside, calls the assassin to let him know his prey is alone.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano looks through some papers. "Verrrrry interesting." He makes a call to a Mr. Davis. While on hold, the phoenix dangerously murmurs that Elvis Jr. is about to learn a lesson from the master! He lights a cigar as Elvis later enters, and accuses him of selling valuable DiMera stocks at bargain basement prices. Why is he doing it? Rafe walks in and declares he would like to know the same thing! The phoenix is not amused Mr. FBI easily gained access to their home. Rafe suspiciously wonders about EJ's need for cash all of a sudden. Elvis explains he wishes to establish a good name for his children and thus wishes to rid himself of the tainted DiMera assets. Rafe gives him the
evil eye, states he has a list of suspects to attend to, hands him an updated sketch of Sydney, and walks out. Stefano smiles at the drawing of their precious little Sydney. He misses her. Elvis does not care. When he gets his daughta back, he is keeping her far away from the likes of him!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor reads the newspaper and makes snide remarks at Vivian, who is determined to crack the case of Carly''s secret daughter. Madame  calls Carly a cold blooded b^tch and she will avenge Lawrence's death! She pours herself a cup of coffee from an elegant silver pot and discusses with Vic. She now remembers seeing a picture
on Carly's phone and declares she knows who her daughter is! She will say when she is certain. The girl is someone Carly showed a great deal
of interest in. She now takes her leave, to get the truth from the horse's mouth ...
- At the cabin, Anna is sitting with Sydney. Eerie music is heard as she laments about not hearing from EJ yet. He will not be able to put Auntie Anna off forever. Maybe it is time to shake things up! Anna, as it turns out, has a contingency plan.
- Bo drops off the medicine to Maggie, and Hope says he can stay. The gang give them their space. Bo is sorry he hurt her. She is sorry she hurt him too.She hoarsely admits she is partly responsible for what happened. However, it feels like there is no going back now. She remembers saying goodbye to Zack without him and collapses in his arms, crying. Enter Justin. Hope breaks away from Bo and thanks him for coming. Bo looks annoyed and exits the room, muttering he should give them their privacy.
- Mel and Mia leave for the hospital, to take the remaining flowers. Nath now introduces his mom to Steph, but Melissa wrongly assumes she is Melanie.Oops! Nathan corrects her and she is sorry about the confusion. Her mom had told her Mel was a troubled soul and that is clearly not
her! Steph smiles. Maggie soon has news for Nath. Mickey had his arrests expunged. Nathan gets choked up, Melissa finds out her boy was in jail twice! She is none too pleased to learn it involved Melanie Layton. Nath overreacts, then apologizes. Mom Melissa is worried. Nath assures her he plans to keep his distance from Mel and they are done.
- At the hospital Carly gives Vivian the brush off. Viv spies Mel and Mia dropping off the flowers. "This must be my lucky day," she purrs. She slinks up to the two girls and a brief convo takes place. Viv tells Mel to call her, compliments Mia on her bone structure, and adds she hopes to see her around. Viv now flounces off. Carly, having just returned, glares after her. She walks up to the girls and notices Mel's ring. Mel admits
she is engaged to Phillip Kiriakis. Carly is a tad surprised and adds she is sorry for her recent loss. Mel gives her a dirty look and walks off with Mia.
- Back at Maggie's, the gang stand up, and each gives his/her own recollection of Mickey, also heaping praise on Maggie, who laments she would not be one single thousandth of the woman she became without her Mickey. A flashback of their first moments together is shown. She was alone at the farmhouse, he the rugged traveler passing thru. Maggie cries and thanks God for him. Doug stands up and leads them all in a toast. "To Mickey!"
- Brady returns to Ari at the pub, unaware that a killer lurks in the alley. After checking up on her, he gives her a kiss, and departs again. The killer shoves a mask over his head. He then enters, gun drawn, ordering Ari to hand over the cash from the register. She nervously does. Brady now walks back into the pub, sneaks up behind the dude, and wrestles the gun from him. They struggle and the assassin races out, Brady in hot pursuit. He is soon back, with Arianna dabbing at the gash on his face. He does not know what he would have done if anything happened to
her! They embrace tightly ...
- VIv returns to the house of Kiriakis, elated she has spoken to Carly's daughter. Vic demands to know who Carly's bastard child is. Viv replies she is a little blonde haired moppet named Mia.
- Bo visits Carly at the hospital and wonders why she looks so upset. "My daughter hates me, Bo," she laments. "Melanie hates me."
- Meanwhile, Mel looks thru Mickey and Maggie's photo album and smiles and cries.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano quietly sees Rafe to the door and advises him to keep an eye on his duplicitous son, who seems to be getting closer and closer to Samantha.
- Elvis is back at the cabin, holding Sydney He boasts to Anna that Rafe suspected nothing, and drawls the ransom drop off will be handled soon, as phase 2 to comes into action ....
- Maggie's guests are departing. The redhead stays behind to get her purse, stares at Mickey's picture and flashes back to their wedding and meaningful moments. She places a kiss on the picture and wistfully exits. Close up of our Mickey.
Thanks for the memories, John Clarke ...

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