Days of Our Lives Summary January 12, 2010
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 
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- Bo and Carly are in bed and she tells him she loves him. Ring ring!
The shirtless commiss has news. "It's Hope." He sighs he will let it go
to voice mail. However, Carly advises him to answer it, as it might be about Ciara. He takes the call and tells Hope it is a bad time. She wants to know where he is. She goes on to update him, crying how Maggie found Mickey. She now asks him a favor. "Anything,"  says he.  She cries that she needs him to come with her so they can break the news together. Doug is already on his way. Carly nods when Bo gets off the phone and explains Hope needs him cos Mickey died. She assures him she is fine with him leaving. She is there if he needs her. Bo gets up and gets dressed. Carly is concerned, as she knows how much Mickey and Maggie mean to her daughter. Bo will call her and let her know how she is. He is sorry he must take off. Carly is understanding. When he has gone, she looks at a baby pic and sighs she is too young to go thru such
a thing alone ...
- At the pub, Doug meets with Hope. She wonders what is taking Bo so long. She feels stupid about having thought of filing separation papers. Now she realizes that she cannot even face the folks at Mickey's office without Bo by her side. However, she feels in limbo and it might be too late. Doug is sad for both of them. Hope whispers about the sadness of Maggie. Doug insists Hope has time, as she and Bo still love each other. He advises her to take her time and talk to Bo. Exit Doug. Hope now thinks maybe she should just go home to Bo. Enter Bo. They embrace. Hope would like them to sit together for a while. She admits she was discussing their relationship with her dad and there are many similarities between them and Mickey/Maggie. She is about to tell him her decision to come home, until ...Someone from the hospital stops by the table and commends Bo for calming Carly down, and seeing her home. When the woman walks away, Hope realizes Bo slept with her and was still with Carly when she called! He does not deny it. He is sorry, Hope makes a comment about needing to get thru things alone and bitterly departs.
- Chez Maggie, Nathan grabs and kisses Mel. Phil is at the door. Steph approaches him and updates him on Mickey. Inside, Nathan stops and exclaims what is he doing! Mickey is dead, not to mention that she is about to get married! Mel says he got carried away. Nath points out she did not exactly push him away. Enter Phil and Steph. Phil hugs Mel,
who weeps what happened to Mickey was awful and she is so sad. Exit Nath. Steph suggests Phil go in the living room ahead of Mel. She thinks they need to talk. She offers Mel her earrings as something borrowed. She feels Mel and Phil should proceed with their elopement. Mel later discusses with Phil. He asks what she wants to do. She quietly flashes back to kissing Nath. Phil says he would like her to be happy about getting married. They both decide now is not the time ...
- In her living room, Maggie panics she cannot retrieve Mickey's last message. Enter Lucas, who consoles the crying redhead with a hug.
She remembers his last message. Lucas points out he was thinking of
the women he loved till the end and he was lucky to have her. Maggie cries he was her everything. What will she do without him?
- At the secret cabin, Elvis shrugs off Anna's worry that she might not sound disguised enough and Sami might recognize her voice. He wants
to think. She wonders if he changed his mind. No. He is simply sitting comfortably with Sydney and enjoying her company. Anxious Anna wants to know when it will end. He advises her to do as he orders. It
will be over soon and then Sydney will be back with him. He smiles at
his daughta and she waves as he later departs, promising they will be together soon.
- Chez Sami, she leaves a frantic message for Elvis. Enter Rafe, back from a lengthy FBI meeting. Ring ring! Tis Julie. Sami is upset. She is
so sorry and leaves a message for Will. She and Rafe discuss the passing of Uncle Mickey. Sami laments she cannot go to Maggie, as she is waiting for EJ to show up. Rafe offers to wait. Sami laments she has nothing to offer Maggie. This is just too much. She has changed cos of the abduction of Sydney and when she finds out who took her, she will kill him! Rafe says it is okay to hate them. She admits she feels out of control. He assures her she can tell him anything. She throws her arms around him and then agrees he should go get Will. Rafe offers to stay
and wait for EJ so she can be with Will. She would rather he go get Will and sends him on his way. Once alone, she gets mad about not being
able to tell him. Elvis soon arrives and Sami exclaims she is going to tell Rafe. She unhappily adds she has to inform Will of Mickey's death. This is just too much and she is clearly having trouble coping. Elvis is sorry and now agrees they should tell Rafe if that is what she truly wants. She leaves Rafe a voice mail for him to call her. Meanwhile. EJ is happy to take little Johnny off for his bath.
- Mia is in tears at Java Cafe. Enter Will, who wonders what is wrong. She updates him on Mickey. Will is upset. Mickey was everything to Maggie! The teens later run into Rafe outside Maggie's front door. Rafe passes on a message about Will's greatgrandma wanting to see him. Mia thinks he should go ahead, as there are lots of people with Maggie now. Will and Rafe sit on a bench. The teen informs him he ended things with Mia, who now only has Maggie. Rafe thinks he won't regret it if he tries to be there for her.
- Chez Maggie, Doug tells her the latest on Mickey's law associates. Lucas agrees to help her get a present for the wedding of an associate's daughter. Doug hugs crying Maggie. Knock knock! Mia opens the door
to Carly. Meanwhile, Hope enters thru the back entrance and puts her hand on her head.
- At the cabin, eerie music is heard as Anna coos to Sydney her daddy loves her so much and no one will ever take her away from him again...
- Chez Sami, EJ smiles about reading Where the Wild Things Are to Johnny six times before the lad fell asleep. Sami remarks his children
are the most important thing in the world to him. If it were his decision, would he involve the FBI? No. Sami sighs Rafe would have no choice but to involve the agency if he knew about the ransom note. She now decides it is best to keep the secret after all, as it really would be best
for Sydney. She trusts EJ. He charmingly smiles she always can ...
- At the pub, a cop hands Bo an envelope. They have news about the DiMera kidnapping!
- Chez Maggie, Hope walks into the living room, where friends and family gather round to console Maggie. Hope sees Carly standing at the front door, stops in her tracks, and calls her a HO who has some nerve coming here, after sleeping with her husband ...!

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"You're with Stephanie and I'm with Phillip. There's nothing to
discuss," Mel informs Nathan.
Bo leaves a nervous message for Carly. "Hope knows."
Hope flies at Carly. "Thank God you were there to comfort him, huh!"

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