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Monday, January 11, 2010 
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- Julie asks Nath what is wrong after she enters the hospital. Melanie, says he. Julie suggests he let go cos that one is marrying Phillip Kiriakis. Nath retorts it is a mistake and gets back to work. Ring ring! Tis Hope. Julie is stunned. "My God." The news of Mickey.  He was not even ill! She will see her at Maggie's soon. After the call from Hope, Julie hugs Nathan and sadly says she has something to tell him.
- Chez Maggie, she weeps upon receiving a delayed text from Mickey, shown as John Clarke on the pic. "I love you, too," she says sadly, then sits and touches his photo on the table (also John Clarke). Julie and Nathan are soon there, offering their condolences. The kids will be coming when they get a flight. Julie will see Alice later but now Maggie
is her main concern. What happened? Maggie takes a deep breath and tells the tragic tale of how she found Mickey, who lost consciousness while packing. Nath places a call to mom Melissa. He will see her soon. He spies a note in the kitchen which Mel left for Maggie. She is Vegas bound, to marry Phillip. His face falls even more. Julie walks in and
sadly says at least Mick did not suffer. What a tragedy that they could
not take their cruise. Nath wishes he had been there. Julie suggests he move back in with Maggie. He agrees, if that is what she needs.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Victor chastises Brady for getting the likes of Nicole a reduced sentence. Brady points out he was a drug addict but he changed cos folks gave him chances. Vic is mad he defended his enemy. Brady insists she is already suffering and deserves a break. "I think I
liked you better when you were high!" Vic growls. She tried to murder him! Brady states people change. Grandpa Vic snaps he has lousy taste
in women. Brady drawls that he is nuts shacking up with the likes of Vivian Alamain and saunters off. Victor frowns.
- Viv is outside on her phone, plotting to make Carly's worst nightmares come true, given the documents ... She enters Java Cafe in time to overhear Phil on his phone, talking about his honeymoon in Vegas. She cannot conceal her surprise. He is eloping with Melanie? She had so many ideas for the wedding! Phil reminds her she is not a part of his life. She agrees not to interfere and wishes him a wonderful honeymoon in Vegas regardless. Phil does not buy her sudden change of heart and wants to know what her game is. Viv insists she is on his side. She only wants to establish a relationship with that little boy she carried all those years ago. He is suspicious there is a catch. Madame assures him she has no agenda and wants him to be happy. He is the closest thing she has to
a child. She gives him her blessing and he starts to leave. Now she adds she has a favor. Madame hands him one of her old pieces of jewelry and asks that Melanie wear it. Phil politely thanks her.
- Bo and Carly deep kiss. Bo thinks all that matters is they are together now. They continue kissing. She wonders if they are rushing things. Bo realizes she worries he will later regret this. He replies this is right at the moment and they should leave the outside world outside. They get back to being passionate and the clothes come off. In bed together, they are caught up in the moment. Amid their passion under the sheets, Carly
says she loves him ...
- Troy stands outside Brady pub on his phone, ordering the hitman to
get a silencer so he can pop the b*tch. Inside Ari looks at the headline that Brady helped get Nicole a reduced sentence. She is not taking calls from him. Enter Mel, happy with her wedding dress. She realizes what is bothering Ari and advises her to let it go. They sit and discuss what she will need - something old, new, borrowed, blue. Mel discovers she has nothing borrowed and decides to head back to Maggie's to borrow perhaps jewelry. Arianna wishes her luck. She has given her some embroidery for something blue. Mel happily flounces off, adding that things will work out with Brady, who loves her so much. Outside, Troy gets a call from the hitman, who has gotten a silencer. Soon she is going down! He makes himself scarce when Brady approaches and enters the pub. Brady earnestly tells Ari anything he had with Nicole is over. She asks who he is kidding. He declares he loves her and wants to make it work, She looks at him with her big brown eyes and agrees to try again. They hug. Brady promises things will work out. They can solve the drug ring together. Ari thinks they should put that on hold and concentrate
only on them. He agrees. Outside, Troy talks to his hitman. She is with
a guy now but soon he will pass the word. "And then she'll be dead!"
- Mel enters Maggie's, sees solemn Doug, Julie and Maggie, and asks who died. Oops! Maggie runs out in tears. Mel finds out what transpired and follows Maggie into the kitchen. She is so sorry and praises her for her and Mickey making her believe people could love each other that long. Maggie cries when she sees the breakfast dishes, the keys to his
car, the newspaper he had opened to the sports page, all still on the counter. Melanie puts her arm around her and together they remember Mickey. Maggie recalls Mel made him laugh. Nath gingerly enters the kitchen and sees Mel tell the redhead she and Mickey were like the parents she always dreamed of having. If her marriage is half as good as that, she will be happy. They embrace. Nathan listens. Meanwhile, Phil wonders where Melanie is and tries to reach her by phone. No luck. Phil departs to find her. Back in the kitchen, Maggie tells Mel to go be with the man she is going to marry. She advises her not to waste any time
and go get married. They see Nathan, who hugs crying Maggie. The redhead gets back to her guests. Exit Doug and Julie. They will be back soon. Maggie has another look at Mickey's text message, which has
been deleted, and starts to sob. In the kitchen, Nathan thanks Mel for helping Maggie. They have an uncomfortable moment. She has to go.
He says he will miss her. Mel starts to leave, then drops a few things. Nathan helps her pick them up.
- Viv returns to the mansion and tells Victor she has excellent news. He
is in a foul mood. She updates him. Her man in Switzerland has been working to get her more and "Carly is further down the road to hell."
She shows him on the computer - the latest report. Victor takes it all in. "Interesting," How long until they can break her so she does not get her claws into his son? Turns out the lab report has been partially restored and confirms Carly had a DAUGHTER. Vivian leers when she finds her, Carly will learn what it means to lose someone you love ...!

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Anna nervously tells EJ. "What if Sami figures out it's me!"
"Oh my God," Sami gasps into her phone.
Shirtless Bo, still in bed with Carly, takes a call from Hope.
"Where are you?" she asks.

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