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Friday, February 6, 2009 
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- At the snowy park, Melanie walks and recalls overhearing Phil and Steph allude to what they had been doing at his place. She assures herself she doesn't care. All she wants to do is shake things up!
- At Titan, Phil smiles upon seeing Steph. She is just there for a minute to see him. He wanted to see her too and is happy her mom
is doing well. She thanx him for taking her to the hospital and staying with her. She was also happy at his place last night and meant those words. So did he. They repeat they are falling in love and kiss. Steph soon departs and runs into Mel, who forces a charming hello. Alone with Phil, Mel drops a bomb. She claims she is concerned about the lack of professionalism for her project. Perhaps Titan is not the right company. The lab is slow and the CEO is busy with his sex kitten. Phil is not pleased. They discuss a memo. Phil gets pleasant. Perhaps they should step into his office for a chat. Mel warns him not to try and play her. She has had enough of him and Titan. In fact, they are through! He smoothly says he can stop her. She retorts he would
lose. He retorts the loser would be her! The project does not leave Titan, says he. And he is aware that nothing has been finalized between her and the DiMeras despite their interest. She brings up all the DiMera lawyers ...
- At Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Brady what is going on with Melanie. Is she trying to take the project from Titan? Brady thinks perhaps the DiMeras have made contact but ... Vic growls he knows what kind of woman Melanie Layton is. The kind that brings a man down. The kind Brady likes to get involved with. He mentions "that slut Chloe Lane." Brady refuses to discuss her. The Greek tycoon brings up Nicole Walker. At least the DiMeras are now the ones "stuck with that conniving little b*tch!"
- At the hospital, Maggie tells Lucas there are things he should know about Chloe. "It just simply has to be said." As Dan listens, Lucas grins. There are no probs between him and Chloe. Kate approaches from behind. "I don't think you have heard this," the red head announces to Lucas. Kate says hello. She will be joining Lucas and Chloe at the Cheatin Heart in 20 minutes. Lucas says Maggie was about to tell him something private. Kate excuses herself. Lucas
points out his mom is real anxious for him and Chloe to choose a wedding date. Maggie had forgotten they were doing that today.
She silently reconsiders and says she just hopes everything is fine
between him and Chloe. It is, he smiles, and walks off.
Meanwhile, Kate tells Dan she has bad news that could destroy
Lucas and Chloe. Sami is coming home! She cannot let her come back and destroy them. Dan warns her that she cannot control everyything and if Chloe has second thoughts about being with
Lucas ...  Kate does not want to hear such talk! She states she knows Dan wants what is best for her and Lucas, smiles, and then walks off for some blood work. Dan looks guilty.
Maggie soon meets up with Steph. Maggie informs her the reason
she is at the hospital is to visit Kayla. How is she? Better, says Steph. Maggie notes she is dating Philip Kiriakis. Steph happily replies in the affirmative. Maggie hopes Mel is not causing problems for them. She cannot do that, insists Steph.
- At the pub, Lexie congratulates new father EJ, who is beaming. She would like to visit the new baby. EJ is not sure now is the right time. They have coffee and discuss the incident at the hospital. EJ explains he needs to have a private chat with Nicole as Sami will soon be coming home. Lexie senses he thinks Nicole will feel threatened.Sami is Johnny's mother only. No more than that, adds Elvis. And the DiMeras have accepted Nicole into the family. Lexie wonders why
he does not just go ahead and marry her then. Elvis grins and appears a tad uncomfortable.
- At DiMera mansion, Chloe prods. What on earth did Nicole do? "Something wonderful," she says vaguely. She stops herself from revealing more. Chloe assumes it has something to do with Sami. Nicole looks at her baby. Chloe continues. Does her baby have something to do with Sami? Nicole admits her baby has everything
to do with Sami. Nicole covers again and brings up Sami's secret pregnancy. She feels bad about keeping that secret. Chloe says she is always there for her if she needs help. Nicole replies she needs one last favor "and then everything will be perfect for EJ and me." If
Sami comes back, EJ cannot find out she knew Sami's secret.
"Please promise me ..." "Trust me, my lips are sealed," says Chloe, who goes back to lamenting about Lucas and Daniel. Nicole reminds her everything is in her hands. She is in control of her life and can decide. Chloe now leaves.
- Chez Dan, Chloe waltzes in and tells him Maggie Horton ...
"Knows about us," he finishes. Turns out she ordered them both to end their affair. Dan told her he would not do it! Chloe thinks they should end it. Dan thinks they should end the deception. Chloe insists they are over. Dan asks if she is sure about that. They get closer and closer. He refuses to walk away. Chloe says she will make the decision for both of them. "We're done ..."  Or are they? They start
to kiss again!
- Back at Titan, Mel speed dials EJ in front of Phil. "I think I'm
gonna go with you." He is delighted but has no time for a meeting at the moment as his fiance has given birth. They will discuss soon. When he has already hung up, Mel continues in front of Phil, pretending they have a date for a meeting in mind. No way, says
Phil! He now tries a flirtatious approach. Mel insists she is not interested. He understands. Because he chose Steph, she wants to walk away. She will never come between him and Steph, he warns. She warns him not to mess with her. Enter Vic, who sees the
tension. What is going on here? Did Phillip fire her again? Mel quips she has fired HIM. "Ciao." She flounces off. The Greek tycoon is incensed to hear she called EJ in front of his son. The two Kiriakis heavies fail to notice Steph approaching as Vic states Mel has become a liability. Phil agrees to bury her!
- At The Cheatin Heart, Kate and Lucas meet and have a seat. Kate
is ready for their decision, but Chloe has not arrived. Kate and Lucas now discuss possible months for Lucas and Chloe's wedding. Kate reminds him Sami is coming back to town and an early wedding date would make Chloe feel secure. She knows she is perfect for Lucas!
- Meanwhile, chez Dan, Chloe and Dan give in to their passion ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Brady has arrived. He slowly walks toward Nicole (who holds Sydney), stops in his tracks, and blinks in disbelief. He does not approve and his expression says as much. Nicole reminds him he would not help her and points out she won,
she is a mommy. "Nicole, your nightmare is just beginning," Brady predicts. She has done something criminal. It will comes back to
haunt her. And what shall she do once EJ finds out? What about
Mia? She could change her mind. Is there a written agreement?
Nicole insists she has it covered. Brady tells her to look at the
realities of the situation. "Would you please just consider the possibilities!" Enter Master Elvis. What possibilities? Nicole covers
up. They were just arguing about vaccinations for the baby, she lies. Brady came by to wish her and the baby ... Elvis wants to know why he stopped by and he wants Brady to answer. Brady repeats what Nicole has said. He wanted to wish them luck. He is sorry he raised his voice earlier. Elvis accuses him of picking a fight. He always turns up, floating around his fiance! Why is that? Nicole insists there is nothing going on. Elvis continues. Why was he yelling at her? The baby starts to cry. Elvis asks Nicole to attend to her. And he would like Brady to answer a few simple questions. Nicole returns to the living room. The two men argue in the front hall. EJ warns Brady he will find out ... "My baby! Something's wrong with my baby!"
Nicole suddenly screams. EJ and Brady rush back in ...

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Sami says she has a really bad feeling. "Like I'm never gonna
see him again."
"You're gonna make very powerful people very mad and that's
never a good thing," Max exclaims to Mel.
"I will do what it takes to keep that patent here at Titan," Phil coldly insists to Steph. "Even if it means destroying Melanie," she finishes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


At DiMera mansion, EJ watches sleeping Sydney, who has kept
them up half the night. He is elated nonetheless. Enter Nicole. EJ explains he brought her down to the living room to give dahling a chance to sleep. He notes Nicole is crying. Tears of happiness when she sees him with Sydney, she claims. EJ says with her light coloring, the baby looks like her mother. Nicole's cell rings. Tis Mia again.
She wants to talk to her - now! She is leaving for the airport, she laments, and does not even know her baby's name. Nicole steps
away from the living room, informs her it is Sydney, and thanks her forever. God will look after her and her baby. The call ends with EJ standing there. "Who was that?" Nicole evades the question. She is just emotional nowadays. Enter the phoenix, with a big hug for EJ. Stefano takes Nicole by the hand. "I know this baby is going to have your beauty and your strength." Nicole lifts her up and presents her
to grandpapa. Stefano takes her in his arms. "Beautiful," he coos. "And I will never forget what you have done for this family." Nicole appears to cringe. Stefano is surprised that this baby looks just like Giovanni when he was born! He asks Nicole about the delivery and
is stunned to learn EJ was not there as she was at a faraway clinic
and Sydney had breathing problems. "My granddaughter was born in a shack?!" the phoenix explodes, and born in a shack after he had an entire wing built at the best equipped hospital for miles?! No wonder she had problems! Nicole replies the drama is over, all is well.
Stefano is convinced the clinic is inadequate and must therefore be investigated. Nicole protests. Stefano now has the impression that
she is hiding something. Nicole loses her cool. If she cannot have her independence, then she leaves. "Me too," says EJ. Stefano teases he does like her and chuckles.
- At the convent, Sami walks and bottle feeds Grace. She will keep her away from the DiMeras. It is so nice to be there. She thanx
Sister Theresa for agreeing to look after her but she does not know how she can leave her. She later cradles Grace and tells her she is doing what's best for her and sometimes that means having to leave. Perhaps she will never understand but leaving her is best right now. "Iím going to have to go away for a little while ..." 
- At the Brady residence, depressed Hope examines her gun as she remembers shooting Kayla. Bo comes downstairs. Hope puts the gun in a drawer and wonders if he is checking up on her. Bo tries to be compassionate. Hope lashes out with her accusations again. She
raises her voice and cries. Chelsea walks down the stairs, sensing the tension. She offers to help with Ciara, to give them the time they need. She is at pre-school. Chels offers to pick her up later. Seeing Hope does not want him around, Bo agrees to go to the station.
Hope thinks she should return too and they should  "go by the
book." Chelsea does not agree.
- At the hospital, Chloe comes looking for Dan. She pretends she has follow up questions about the transplant. They step away together.
He solemnly says she does not sound good. "Iím not," she sighs. "Thereís something you need to know." Before she can tell him, he gets paged and must run off. Maggie waltzes in and confronts Chloe. "Did you come here to talk to Daniel? More to the point, did you break off the affair?" Chloe dodges and departs. "I didn't think so," the righteous red head concludes. She then gets to Daniel and orders him to break off that sordid affair. He thinks she should go. She will not leave until he will break this off. She accuses him of not giving a damn about Lucas' life or Chloe. He politely tells her it is not her business. She will not back down. In addition, she will tell Lucas if they don't end things!
- At the pub, Lucas enters and sees Max on his cell, serious. What's wrong? Max shows him the newspaper. "Mayor's Assassin Slain!" Lucas is brought up to date. He is sorry about Kayla and realizes the mayor's killer getting shot means Sami will be coming home. Lucas frowns. He needs to let Chloe know. He calls her cell but she does
not pick up. He then joins Max at his table and asks about Stephanie. How is she doing? Max points out it was rough for her. Before Max leaves for the hospital, he adds Sami will now be able to come home so that's good. Exit Max. Lucas considers. Now how is she gonna
hide that baby? EJ shows up at the pub. Lucas congratulates him on the new baby with Nicole. He tells him the latest. Bo shot the killer
so it seems Sami will be able to come home. EJ says that is terrific news but he will not let Sami affect his life anymore. "Wouldn't be
too sure about that," mutters Lucas. EJ asks what that is supposed to mean. Lucas gets ironic. EJ smiles. Samantha is not the threat she used to be. Lucas takes his leave, his expression an indication that he thinks otherwise! Stefano later joins Elvis, who is reading the Wall Street Journal. He knows Sami can return as the mayor's killer is dead. He drinks the bad coffee and warns his son that two woman, two babies, and one father does not make for domestic tranquility. Elvis becomes irritated. He and Samantha share a son, that is all
there is to it, he insists.
- Outside, Bo, who is playing hooky, runs into Max. Bo admits he is in the doghouse with Hope, yet does not elaborate. Meanwhile, Hope is on the phone and is pleased to hear Kayla had a good night. She tells Chelsea she is not good company at the moment. Chelsea is supportive. Hope appears a broken woman. As Bo talks to Max, his cell rings. Bad news. Bo makes a call to someone and announces he has to get home. Max later runs into Chelsea, who senses something
is seriously wrong between Bo and Hope. They discuss. Max thinks things are about to get worse ...
Bo arrives home as the phone rings. He tells Hope not to answer, it is Internal Affairs. He will accompany her instead. Hope mumbles they should go by the book and walks out with him.
- Back at the hospital, Maggie calls Dan "not much of a man" and warns she will do what she believes she has to. The doc quietly refuses to do what she wants. Lucas arrives at the hospital with flowers. The red head storms off.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole shows visitor Chloe her pretty
new baby, but the opera singer is distracted. Nicole notices. Chloe blurts out that she loves Lucas but can't stay away from Daniel. She has no idea what to do and comes clean about their passionate affair. But what about her life with Lucas?  Nicole wonders if Chloe really just wants her freedom. Chloe goes on. Maggie Horton now knows about her and Daniel and she does not know what she is going to do. Nicole is sorry that Chloe is unhappy. She should fight for what she wants in life. She recalls how she fought for EJ and lets it slip "Do
you think I liked having to ..." Chloe looks at her intensely as
ominous music is heard. "Nicole, what did you do ...?"

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Phil looks Melanie in the eye. "The loser here, that would be you."
Nicole tells Chloe "I need one last favor and then everything will be perfect for EJ and me."
As Dan overhears, Maggie declares to her nephew, "This isn't easy, Lucas, but it just simply has to be said ..."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Replay of Patch interrupting Phil and Steph's lovefest with the call about her mama getting shot. They jump up and get dressed.
- At the hospital, Hope frowns and berates Bo for not telling her
about the vision. He admits there was a vision but it was not very clear. "You lied! You lied! You lied!" she accuses. She says he could have stopped it. Lexie comes out and tells Steve that Kay is ready for surgery. He walks in to see her.At her bedside, Steve poignantly begs his beloved to stay with him. She whispers she will not leave him. He forces a smile, tears streaming down his face. Lexie returns. "It's time." Steve kisses her and stands up. "I'll see you real soon, baby." Kayla is wheeled away as Hope whispers she is so sorry. Patch now gets it and stares down Bo. "You knew? You actually knew this was gonna happen?!" Bo explains the visions were not clear. Hope scowls at him. He points out he did ask her not to spend time with Kayla.
She thinks that was not enough. He informs her he could not make any sense of those visions and feared she would not take it seriously. Hope is mad and walks away. She is soon with Bo again and Roman approaches. He needs to know what happened. Hope scowls again and storms off.
- At DiMera mansion, Master Elvis has given the servants the night off. "Just me and my two favorite girls." He settles on the sofa with the baby in his arms, Nicole at his side. Nicole then stands up with
her baby, sadly recalling her bad childhood. Elvis assures her she will be a wonderful mother. He has never met anyone as kind and gentle and loving. He is just a tad disappointed he missed the birth. He then gets an idea, kisses Nicole,and walks off. Nicole sits back down. Her cell rings. Tis Mia. Nicole gets unfriendly. "What do you want!" She adds she will have to hang up if EJ walks in. Mia asks how the baby is. Fine, replies Nicole. Did Baker stop by? Yes, says Mia and she is fine. She will use all the money Nicole gave her for a plane ticket to Japan. The baby cries. Mia is overcome, starts to cry, and gets off
the phone after telling Nicole all she cares about is that Nicole really loves her baby. Enter EJ as Nicole ends the call. He hands her a glass of champagne and raises his own in toast. "To a lifetime of love, happiness, and. family." The doc he summoned soon arrives. The baby is doing well. She just wants to follow up with a sample for blood typing, etc, at a later date. Nicole blanches. No blood typing! Nicole covers. She does not want to have her baby pricked. The doc asks Nicole's blood type. B positive. Then the tests are not necessary. She hands over the paperwork for the birth certificate. They are surprised to hear that Nicole will not be breast feeding. Exit the doc. EJ remembers she wanted to breast feed. "So what changed?" She claims she tried but her milk would not come out. He thinks she should give herself more than a day. Breast feeding  is not for her,
she insists. EJ forces a smile. It is her choice, though he thinks he knows the real reason - she does not want to be the only one getting up for those late night feedings, hence her preference for the bottle! She invites him to do the honors now. He holds the baby and feeds her the milk bottle. They then watch her sleeping.
- At the convent, Rafe repeats the killer is dead, Sami is safe. She wants more time. He cannot stay. She needs more time to think of
her baby's future. "The job's over," he explains. His boss is gonna expect him back. And does she not want to see her twins? She should lose the baby weight first, she replies. One week. Besides, he is in no condition to travel. Rafe's cell rings. Tis Roman, calling for Sami,
who makes a funny face. Roman informs her she needs to stay put a while longer so they can make sure the killer was acting on his own. He tells her of Kayla's shooting. Sami gasps. "Please tell Uncle Steve
I am praying for her." He will call her when he has news of her surgery results. The call is over. Sami smiles faintly. Rafe is stuck with her for a little while longer, she gloats. Rafe worries she might never be able to leave her baby at the convent alone, as she had planned. Sami repeats she will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter from the DiMeras. She wonders if Nicole has had her baby yet. She hopes EJ will be focused on that one. Sami later cradles her baby. Rafe observes. He thinks babies are amazing and she is also amazing! Sami sadly says they will soon have to go their separate ways. Rafe sadly agrees. He wonders who the baby looks like. No one, says Sami. "DNA can be a strange thing," deduces Rafe.
- Warning! Daydream ahead! The setting is Titan. Mel sits on a red file boss Phil is seeking. She seductively hands it to him and shows him the projection numbers. He likes what he sees and gives her the eye. He mutters he has not gotten all he wanted and grabs her in a kiss, for a moment of passion right there on the desk ... Max now wakes Mel out of her hot daydream. She blinks. Max has come by to take her for dinner. He asks if she is still playing the DiMeras versus Titan. She sidesteps. Just then Max's cell rings. Tis Caroline with the news about his sis Kayla. Max must join them at the hospital. He leaves Titan, Melanie following him for moral support.
- When Mel and Max get to the hospital, Steph and Phil are already there. Mel gets coffee for everyone and gently asks Steph if she
would like one, but Phil thinks it would be best if she steered clear
of her right now. Max approaches weepy Steph and consoles her with a hug. Steph soon comes back and Phil says he hopes she does not feel guilty about why she was not around. She has no regrets.
Teary-eyed Mel notices their closeness. Lexie now walks out.
Kaylaís heart and lungs were not hit by the bullet but the pericardial sac was hit and is leaking, so they must momentarily stop her heart to operate. Steve considers. "Do what you gotta do." Lexie later returns with good news. "She made it thru the surgery!" The patient is stable,
prognosis is good. Steve and Steph hug each other in relief. Steph
now hugs Phil and thanks him for being there. Everyone is smiling except Hope. Steph and Steve head off to see Kayla. Mel asks Phil if he has a moment to talk work with her. He gives her the brush off
and walks away. Hope then tells Bo she is leaving for home and saunters off after saying she needs time alone. In Kayla's room, Kay wakes up to happy Steve, Steph, and Joe.
- Meanwhile, Nicole and EJ discuss possible names for their new baby. Nicole comes up with Sydney. At the same time, Sami and
Rafe talk names. Sami thinks of a name not on the list. Grace, because of her religious upbringing. And it is thru the grace of God that she has her. As EJ holds Sydney, Rafe holds Grace. Sami gets emotional. She does not know how she can ever be separated from her little baby Ö

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Sami whispers to Grace that even though she does not understand this, "Leaving you is what's best for you right now."
Mad Maggie glares at a surprised Dan. "We're gonna talk about you and Chloe. You're gonna break it off, Daniel.  The affair is over ..."
Chloe tells her pal, "I love Lucas but I can't stay away from Daniel. Nicole, what am I gonna do?!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


At the Cheatin Heart, Phil returns to Steph shooting pool. "You
came back," she smiles. He walks over and they kiss. They get majorly up close and personal. Suave Phil wants them to move to
the music. They dance. Phil admits he never imagined they would
be together. Neither did she and now she thinks about him all the time! He kisses her. He thinks he is falling in love with her. Too
soon? Steph is surprised. Matter of fact, she is falling in love with
him too. Phil wants to go to his place. "Lead the way," says she.
- At the clinic, replay of EJ meting his new baby, "Can you believe
it, she's finally here!" Nicole gushes. Baker watches as Nicole hands her over to smiling papa. EJ admires her and then gets serious. "She resembles somebody else." Nicole looks worried as Baker glances dubiously. She has a distinctive birthmark and he has seen that on someone ...  EJ thinks she looks like him! Nicole is visibly
relieved. EJ thanks Doc Baker. Were there any complications he should know about? Nicole remembers the baby being born not breathing. There was a complication, says she. They almost lost
her, for she was not breathing when born, though now everything
is perfect. EJ is sorry he was not there. "I love you," he tells Nicole.
"I love you, too," she replies. EJ now plans to take Nicole and baby
to the hospital to be checked over. Nicole agrees to the baby getting examined but she will only be examined by Baker, no one else! She asks Baker to give them some space. Exit the doc. Nicole insists she does not need another doc to examine her. Junior relents. She then sends him out, with baby, to fetch Baker as she would like to express her gratitude. He does so Baker and Nicole are alone again. She whispers for him to head to Mia's apartment to check up on her. Meanwhile, a nurse starts to tell EJ how much the nun helped with
the labor, assuming he is Sami's husband. Baker rushes out to put an end to that. He sends the nurse off to assist elsewhere and informs
EJ the nun was from somewhere else. EJ returns to Nicole's room. Baker wishes them all luck.
- At the convent, Sami gets Rafe to wake up. He is semi-delirious
but insists things are not okay as he remembers the killer deducing Sami was at the convent. He is soon out again and Sami gasps to the other nuns he has been stabbed in the leg. She does not let them take him to hospital. She blames herself for his injury. "He was protecting ME." The medic nun says he is hurt beyond her care. Sami begs her to do everything she can. She gets to work and things are starting to look up for Rafe once she has cleaned out the wound. Sami thanx Sister Theresa for her help, but she thinks Rafe was trying to tell her the killer found out where she is. They are not safe here. Sis Theresa knows just the place to hide her right there at the convent! She takes Sami and Rafe to a room used by visiting nuns in the convent. As Rafe sleeps, Sami asks for a moment alone with him. The nuns
scurry off to prepare food for their guests. Sami lifts up her baby. They are safe now. She walks over to Rafe and thanx him for all he has done for them. She will never forget it and she appreciates all the time they spent together even though she was a pain. She senses it
will be over soon (so do we, thank God!). She will see her kids and also find a way to take her new baby home without letting EJ know she is his. The only thing she will miss is Rafester. He stirs and opens his eyes. He will miss her too. And yes, the killer knows where they are. This room is not good enough. Rafe gets his cell phone out to
call Roman and reinforcements so he can go after the guy. Sami is against the idea as she does not want anyone to know about the new baby. He still needs to check in with the bureau. He asks how and where she had the baby. She tells him about the clinic. Rafe is impressed. Sami repeats she will do whatever she has to in order to protect her daughter.
- Bo and Steve run into each other on the pier, both already racing to the hospital!
- At the hospital, the assassin threatens to kill Kayla unless Hope
does exactly what he commands. Hope is still pointing her weapon at him. Lexie walks in. Hope advises her to step back. The killer wants her to drop the gun. She gingerly puts it on the ground and stares. Lexie takes off and summons Roman. "We have a hostage situation here at the hospital!" He is on his way! Meanwhile, the killer wants a way out. Hope wants him to let Kayla go. She suggests he take her as a hostage. He starts to inch away, warning that if he goes down, he is taking the pretty doctor lady with him. Hope watches. He wants a way out of he hospital now! Lexie quietly fills Roman in when he arrives. He puts an officer in the back stairwell. The killer continues
to move about with Kayla. Hope points out that, as he well knows, Kayla saved his life. She frowns and  tries to reason with him. A cop now blocks the exit. Kayla keeps gasping as the hold on her neck is tightened. The bad guy wants outta there. Roman is in the back hall, telling his men to stay calm. Hope asks the killer to let Kay go. The D.A. might plea bargain with him. A cop inches up to the killer. He fights the cop and Hope takes that moment to grab her gun.  In the blink of an eye, she fires, but misses the moving killer and instead
hits Kayla! Just then Bo and Steve leap in, Mod Squad style. Bo shoots the bad guy and he drops to the floor. Kayla is down too and she is bleeding. "My God, what have I done," laments Hope as Steve holds his shot wife in his arms. She is soon wheeled off to surgery.
Bo consoles a crying Hope in his arms. He then talks to Roman, who points out he has to turn this over for an internal audit, as Hope's actions will be investigated. Bo returns to Hope, who blames herself. Bo interrupts. He feels he is to blame. Hope looks at him. "You knew!" she says accusingly. She now starts to yell. Did he see the shooting in a vision?!
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Steph and Phil are all over each other. He carries her upstairs. They are half naked when Steph's cell rings. Tis  Steve,  with bad news concerning her mom. "She's been shot."
- At the convent, Rafe has just finished talking on his cell. The killer
is stone cold dead! "It's over,"  he announces. Sami is dismayed. She is not ready to go yet. and needs more time to figure out what to do.
- Meanwhile, Nicole is dressed and ready to go home with EJ and
new baby. He wonders if she wants to nurse her. Nicole replies er ... no, she will try again when they get back to the mansion. EJ thanks her for the little daughta and for making him so happy. Nicole gets teary-eyed. "Now I have everything I ever wanted ..."

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Roman is on the phone with Sami. "I'm afraid I have some bad
news and I didn't want you to hear it from somebody else."
"Oh my God," gasps Sami.
Steve weeps at Kayla's bedside. "You gotta stay with me baby." Kayla whispers "I won't leave you."
Nicole answers her cell to Mia and snaps "What do you want!"
In an evident fantasy, Mel tells Phil "You've got what you wanted." "Not yet I haven't," murmurs frisky Phil as he grabs her in a passionate kiss.

Monday, February 2, 2009


At the clinic, Dr. Baker is ready to give Sami Mia's baby. "That ... that's my baby?" Sami asks. Of course, says the nun. Sami wonders why she never cried. Baker replies that is normal. The tests showed she is fine. Worried Sami hopes she is ok. Baker insists. Sami thinks maybe she is just not herself, that was why she wondered. She accepts the newborn in her arms. "My beautiful little baby girl," she cries. She needs a name. She now remembers they are not safe from the assassin and her face falls. She informs the nun they are getting out of there before the nurse comes back to gather info on the baby. Sami gasps the father's family has money. She gasps she does not want her secret to be out. Theresa points out it is winter, not a good time to travel for a baby.
Meanwhile, Nicole gleefully cradles EJ's baby, now calling her her own. "It's the way it was supposed to be." And she will not let her
be like Sami. It will be like Sami never existed, "Just you, me, and daddy." She places the baby in her basket and calls home to leave a message, stunned when EJ picks up the phone in the middle of her message, having just walked thru the door. "Hey, it's me!" he exclaims. Nicole freezes. He thinks she sounded upset. "Nicole?"
No answer. Nicole hangs up, dismayed he is back already. What to
do now? She cannot come home with the baby tonight. Then she
gets an idea. Enter Baker, surprised she is still there. Nicole instructs him to get rid of Sami. Send her home and give Nicole the room
asap. She threatens him and then tells him he must call EJ after
getting rid of her. Baker does not like the idea. She threatens to expose him again. Exit Baker, who then heads for Sami's room,
which is now empty! Nicole enters with the baby and orders the doc to call EJ and say what she told him to. He does not think it will
work. What if a nurse walks in?
- Back at DiMera mansion, Elvis tries unsuccessfully to have Nicole's cell phone traced. He loses his temper with the operator who will not give him that info. This could be an emergency!
- Still at the clinic, Nicole hands Baker her cell phone after dialing
EJ. Nicole is there, announces the doc, and has gone into labor. EJ will be right there, he is on his way! He is displeased she is at the clinic instead of a hospital but says "tell her I love her." Baker hangs up and turns to Nicole. "He loves you." He then points out it will not be as easy as she thinks to dupe junior, who will have suspicions.
She insists she will come out a winner again and luck is on her side. Baker says there is something she has overlooked, which is beyond her control. Nicole looks anxious. Baker clarifies. Sometimes the resemblance to the mother is like a clone. This baby looks like her
real mother. The eyes, the nose, the chin. That may change over
time but Elvis is coming now. She should pray her luck holds up.
- In the hall of Dan's apartment building (where Steve/Kayla also dwell), Chloe asks Maggie what she is doing there. The red head coldly advises her to button her blouse. Maggie has no words to describe what she is feeling. "I saw you and Daniel kissing." And
they were also rearranging their clothes. Chloe has been sleeping
with another man, while engaged to Lucas! Chloe wants to explain. Red retorts she cannot and storms off. Chloe follows.
- At the pub, Hope is sitting on Bo's lap ( it's not Club Echelon, guys!). Bo says he is feeling the pressure as commissioner. Hope
now moves back to her chair and bugs him about not letting her visit Kayla. She wants to know why. Bo has that vision again. "You
can see Kay, just some other time," he says uncomfortably as eerie music is heard in the background. Bo later suggests they take Ciara
to the planetarium. Hope thinks he wants her to cancel her plans
with Kayla again. Bo pretends he is jealous. Hope doesn't buy it. "What is going on?" "I miss you," says he. Hope refuses to stop spending time with his sister. Bo later departs, looking harassed.
Chloe and Maggie are now outside the pub, standing in the snowy Salem night. Chloe implores her to let her explain. She loves Lucas and the family she will have with him. Maggie's eyes flash as she
tells her this conversation is disgusting. Chloe says her and Dan's chemistry was out of the blue. They fought it. The red head warns
her she will suffer the consequences.
- At the hospital, Kayla tells the assassin she must have seen his face somewhere before. He grabs her throat and starts to choke her! Enter doc Daniel. He rushes forward to overpower the assassin, who now appears to be convulsing. Kayla stumbles to the door. "Help!" Two orderlies arrive to subdue the maniac, who exclaims "Get your hands off me! I'll kill you, you son of a b*tch!" Dr. Dan sedates him. He falls asleep. Dan orders restraints placed on him. Dan and Kayla discuss his violent tendencies. Kayla could swear she has seen his
face before. All of a sudden he flat lines. They give him a charge to revive him. He is stabilized again. The orderlies exit. Dan has the nurse check his vitals. Kayla thanks Dan, who is baffled by the strangling incident. She looks at his face again and recognition sets
in! Kayla asks Dan to attend to the Salem patient and walks out for a moment. She places a call to Steve and leaves a message. She needs to talk to him about that sketch he showed her. Next she tries Hope, who is just about to leave the pub. Bo has left for the office. Kayla asks her come down. Hope agrees and heads off.
- Maggie enters the pub and sits down. Chloe sits with her and begs. She has been so wrong and it will never happen again.  Lucas now shows up and asks why they look so serious. The red head tells him to sit down. He does. Chloe pretends they were talking about Kate, casts Maggie a knowing look, and adds that they must keep Kate's well being in mind. Maggie asks Lucas to fetch her a ginger ale.
Chloe would like green tea. Lucas stands up to get the beverages. Chloe promises she will do what is right. Maggie has her doubts.
And she only cares what is right for Lucas, who now returns with the drinks. He says he spoke to Kate a while ago and she wants them to set a date for the wedding. Chloe forces a smile. Lucas thinks they should set a date soon. Chloe agrees. Lucas' cell rings. It is biz so he walks away to take the call. Chloe thanks Maggie, who wonders
what she is going to do about Daniel. She will make him face reality. Maggie warns she will be watching her and if there is a second time, she will tell Lucas all! Exit the red head.
Bo is outside, about to return to the pub when he checks his phone messages. He is horrified to hear Hope state she is on her way to the hospital, to see Kayla, as there might be a break in the murder case, and races off.
- At the safe house, Rafe is bleeding. He remembers the vicious
fight, how the killer got away, and worries for Sami. He sits up, grits his teeth and manages to stop the bleeding by tying a belt around his thigh. Our hero grabs his coat and staggers off.
- At the convent, Rafe walks in and asks where Sister Theresa and
his pregnant pal are, They left some time ago, he is informed. The sister left a note. The nun goes off to get it. Enter Theresa, gasping Sami, and baby. Rafe smiles as she cradles her. "She's beautiful." Sami sits down and thanks him for keeping them safe. Rafe has bad news. They are not safe there! None of them are! He collapses.
Sami attends to him, but he is unconscious.
- Back  at the hospital, Hope has arrived. Kayla fills her in on the Salem patient, who tried to choke her, and looks like the sketch
Steve showed her of the mayor's killer. "I think this is the guy," she whispers. Meanwhile, said killer has regained consciousness and struggles with the restraints in his bed.
In the hallway, Dan gets called away. Kayla starts to walk by the door. In a flash, the killer bursts out , grabs Kayla in a chokehold,
and threatens that if anyone gets in his way, he will break her neck! Hope stands in the hall, facing him a few feet away. She pulls her
gun and points it at him. "Salem P.D."  She orders him to release Kayla. However, the killer is desperate to escape and refuses.
- Back at the clinic, EJ waltzes into Nicole's room, where she is
lying in bed, cradling his baby as though she has just given birth,
Dr. Baker at her side. 'Hey," Elvis smiles, his eyes focusing on his
and Sami's daughter ...

Next on  Days of Our Lives
Phil tells Steph he thinks he is falling in love with her. "I'm falling
in love with you too," says she.
Hope asks the killer to take her as a hostage instead of Kayla. He orders her to find him a way out of there now!
EJ is holding the baby. "She resembles somebody else," he notes as Nicole nervously watches.
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