Days of Our Lives Summary February 9, 2010
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010 
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-At the pub, handsome Phillip thanks Lucas on the phone for the big bachelor party. Enter nervous Kate, with a dire warning about Viv. She will try to ruin everything! The groom  has other things on his mind but she insists Viv is plotting and must be kept at bay from the wedding! He sighs there is a pattern with his mama Kate, who likes to stir things up. She, however, knows something bad is coming. She can feel it! He gives her the brush off and leaves.
- Carly almost loses her balance on the snow and ice as she bangs on the Kiriakis door, having decided to tell Melanie the truth!
- Mel wakes up at the house of Kiriakis in a grand bed, looking dazed
and confused. Enter Viv, carrying breakfast on a tray, Mel feels awful. Viv is dressed in black, cooing about the wedding. Mel says she cannot marry Phillip. Madame says oh yes she can! Mel wishes to talk to Phillip. Vivian warns she will not humiliate her or her son by backing out of this marriage! She has 2 wedding prezzies for her. Her family necklace is the first. She puts it on Mel and gets a tad emotional. Mel is so full of life,
she woefully says. Mel wonders why she is sad. She denies it. Why, she
is full of joy, and soon the bells shall toll! She gets snarky and calls Mel fickle, weak when she talks about cancelling the wedding. Mel calls her mean. And she gave her too much to drink so she had to spend the night, too! Vivian glares daggers at her. "You're going to marry Phillip, even if
it kills you!" Mel wants to leave. Viv now realizes she is in love with another. Mel admits it's true. Viv does the math. Must be that arrogant, humorless Horton doctor. She should have thought of that before the plans and promises. She still has to marry Phillip, leers Madame, her eyes narrowing. Mel suddenly gets shrill. She cries she just wants to go home. Meanwhile, Carly knocks frantically downstairs, only to slip on the ice. Victor comes looking for his morning newspaper, only to open the door
to find Carly lying in an unconscious heap at his doorstep! He picks up
his paper, comes in, and advises Henderson to call an ambulance for the trash at the front door. Carly murmurs about Melanie, her baby.
- At Java Cafe, Dan helps a little boy playing a game on his computer. Enter Brady, who smiles at the scene. He will be able to pass on all that Jedi computer stuff to his own kids. Dan frowns and tells him to drop it. Cos it will not happen! He then says he is sorry he snapped and updates his pal on Chloe's ovary damage. Her ability to conceive is very unlikely, though there are other options. Surrogacy, adoption. Brady is sorry and understanding and asks if he has discussed those options with her. Not yet.
- Chloe has bought a pregnancy test, ready to go home and take it, just
to be sure. At the pier, Ari spies her with the test and quips it is a good thing, no? Yes, says Chloe, but she fears even if she is pregnant, things could go wrong, Thus, she would rather not tell Daniel ...
- Later at the pier, Dan meets up with Lucas and asks him for a favor.
For Chloe, he will do anything, drawls Lucas. Dan explains Chloe misses Ally so could she spend some time with her? Lucas refuses, as he wants to protect his child from any more hurt, suggests Dan give Chloe a child
of his own, and storms off.
- At the pub, Bo tells Pete there is some ice outside, better get it cleaned. He then tries to reach Carly and cancels his coffee. He will have to track her down and heads off to do just that.
- Hope saunters into the police station, looking for the commiss. The officer there says they miss her, when is she coming back? Along comes Mayor Abe, who seconds the motion! She can come back to work, even if she lives at the house of Kiriakis. Hope is enthusiastic to start asap, to bring some normalcy to her life. For Ciara, too. Abe wonders if there is any hope for Hope and Bo. She croaks Bo is with Carly now anyway.
He made his choice. They step away for privacy and she bitterly informs him she thinks Bo and Carly are in love, as that woman has moved into her house. Abe sighs. He feels for Ciara. As Hope and Bo cannot work this out, that little girl's world is being turned upside down and for what! Hope gets miffed. Abe assures her he is speaking as a friend. If Bo made a choice, she should get him to unmake it! Fight for him, for Ciara! Hope does not want a lecture. Very well, but he and Lexie only had peace in their family when they worked things out, he finishes. An officer now delivers Hope's badge and gun in an envelope, which Abe hands over to her, officially welcoming her back to the force.
- Bo heads to the hospital and asks Lexie if she has seen Carly. Yup, as
a patient who fell and hit her head! Bo is at her side in an instant. Carly does not remember falling. She does, however, remember the urge to speak with her daughter, but she cannot recall the details and soon falls asleep.
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Phillip has been followed by persistent Kate. He warns he has had it with her stories and saunters off. Victor appears and readily agrees! Phillip goes upstairs in time to hear Mel repeat to Madame Vivian that she cannot do this. Phil wonders what and casts Vivian a suspicious glance. Pause. Madame steps away and Phil gently asks his bride what is wrong. She weeps she does not feel worthy of him. He doubts that she expects him to believe that. She reminds him she is insecure. He reminds her she is beautiful to him and gives his beloved a reassuring kiss. Mel is optimisitic about her decision. He will see her at
the altar ....
- Gus is waiting for Viv in the hall, with news of Carly in the ambulance, etc. She needs him to do something! He fetches the gift box for her, the one containing the toxic tiara. Viv has her creepy flashback again, of Mel gasping her last breaths of life as Carly desperately watches. Viv murmurs very soon Carly will know what it feels like to love someone you love!
- Downstairs, Victor orders Kate out of the house. She, however, is not about to give up and she knows just who she can see, someone who will listen. She makes for the police station to see Bo, and finds Officer Hope, eager to help. Kate tells her all about Vivian's Melanie obsession, how she is plotting something with that strange man. She knows Vivian plans to hurt Melanie and she needs to be stopped! Hope takes it all in. Has she spoken to Phil? Yes, but Viv has duped both him and Victor. Phillip loves Melanie - and Kate just wants to make sure nothing happens to her.Hope is determined to look into it.
- Brady visits Ari at the pub and gives her a great big kiss. He gallantly presents her with a red ring box containing a beautiful necklace which
was once the possession of his mother Isabella. He knows she would approve much how he loves her. He now realizes perhaps he should not have placed it in a ring box ...
- Chloe is home alone with the pregnancy test, her face tense.
- Dr. Dan visits Carly in her room and lets her know she will be in the hospital overnight. She laments she cannot remember what happened.
She is even more surprised to hear she had ventured to Victor's house ...
- At Victor's house, Vivian patiently waits for Phillip to leave Melís room. He is all smiles. Enter Madame. Mel declares she is going to marry Phil, as he truly loves her for who she is. Viv presents her with the box and purrs the time has come to open her very special wedding gift ...!

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"Listen, you screwed up your life and now you want me to screw up mine," Phil drawls to Lucas.
Madame whispers to Gus."Everything's in place. The poison is untraceable!"
Bathrobe clad Sefano sits holding a cigar. "I can have the problem with Vivian eliminated," he offers Kate, who smiles while stirring her drink.