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Monday, February 8, 2010 
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-At the cabin, replay of Elvis trying to toss Anna out, her protesting.
She will make him regret it! He asks if she is threatening him. She now claims she just meant emotionally. He calls her an overpaid nanny and rages at her for her slip-up. Why, he could just break her neck and no
one would be the wiser. Sydney would, says she, and the poor baby
who was snatched for her mother has become quite attached to Auntie Anna! She picks her up and talks to her. Elvis repeats she is replaceable. Anna points out she is her niece so no one he hires will love her as much. Elvis is still unyielding about her stupidity and recklessness. Anna warns he will mess up the child by handing her to a bodyguard ... Elvis holds
his daughta and later relents, as Sydney has apparently spoken a gurgled version of Anna's name and responds well to her. Besides, he has made some phone calls and Rafe will never trace her to Syd. However, the longer he has to wait, the harder it might prove to find the right time to take his children away. Anna asks if he really wants to do that and mentions Sami.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Madame Viv talks on the phone, gleefully saying to leave everything to her. Melanie's gift will leave her breathless. She imagines Mel gasping for breath, the tiara on her head, as Carly rushes in and Viv leers now she knows what it means to lose a loved
one. Back to reality. Viv adds even if Carly does not come ... She starts talking caviar as Victor enters. He knows she was speaking with Gus, however, and not a caterer! He calls him a henchman. Vivian feigns innocence. She does not know any Gus. The Greek tycoon reminds her there are surveillance tapes. Viv explains he is her boy toy. Vic growls
they are plotting something and he wants to know what it is! Madame points out Gus is helping her get Carly. Victor reminds her he only cares about Bo and is not involved with her crazy fantasy. Viv laments the real problem at present is Kate. She must be jealous of her relationship with Phillip, who is touched by her attachment to his bride to be. Vic snaps
she is only close to the girl since she was ordered not to kill her!
- Outside the pub, a very drunk Nathan wishes Mel would not marry Phillip. She asks why he would say that. He claims she knows why and starts to stammer, then hugs her. Before he can continue, Steph comes along. Is she interrupting something? They pull away from each other.
Mel quietly reminds Nathan he was about to tell her something. Steph
sees he is intoxicated. She will drive him to her place. Mel says they can walk him home to Maggie's. Steph reminds Mel she is getting married in the morning. No prob. The two girls walk Nathan home and enter the kitchen. Nath gets clumsy and the contents of Mel's purse are spilled. Nath is sorry he broke her phone. Mia prepares coffee. Steph attends to him. Mel is sent back to the pub to fetch Nathan's keys. There she runs into Lucas, who is there to pick up food. He remarks Nathan has not seemed himself of late. She pries. Lucas wonders why she cares. She replies he is her friend. Lucas gives her his take. He thinks the guy is heartsick. Girl trouble.
- Back at Maggie's, Stephanie makes him more coffee. Nathan grumbles about talking to Melanie, Steph pries. What did he say to her? Nothing, but maybe he should have told her to stop looking at him like she feels sorry for him. Mel now returns with the keys. Before he leaves with
Steph driving him home, she asks Nath what he wanted to tell her. He says it was nothing important and departs.
- At the hospital, diva Kate announces she knows there is a connection between Carly and Melanie and insists they can help each other. She intends to stay until she can get the truth! Carly says this is not a game. Kate must tell her what SHE knows first. Kate considers. Carly thinks
she is bluffing. Kate starts to leave. Carly stops her. The two women agree to speak openly with each other. Carly claims Mel is just a nursing student she got close to. They now talk Viv. Kate informs her Vivian reacted strangely about a gift for Melanie, not to mention she overheard her talking to a very strange guy about Carly and Melanie.  Kate suggests she watch her back with that one and updates her on the gift box fiasco. Carly is appreciative. Kate says maybe she can help her later and walks off, leaving Carly alone to ponder.
- Carly now heads for the house of Kiriakis to find Bo, but runs into Vivian instead. Madame is busy trying to plan the wedding. Carly spies flowers on the chair and flashes back to her wedding to Victor. No good can come of any wedding that happens there! Carly suddenly spies the
gift box and would like to have a closer look. Vivian covers the box with her hand possessively and tells her to leave it alone! Carly states she is acting like there are venomous snakes in it. Vivian wants to know why
she is so interested in Melanie anyway. Unlike Carly, she has good reasons, as Melanie is marrying Phillip. She coos about Carly's alienation from her son, which will prohibit her from knowing what it is like to gain
a daughter, once he is married, of course. Carly slowly walks out of the mansion and it dawns on her that VIVIAN KNOWS. She has to warn Melanie before it is too late ...!
- Chez Sami, replay of her and Rafe kissing. They fall on the sofa together. Sami suddenly sits up. "Wait! I canít do this!" She adds it is wrong. He disagrees. She sighs. He breathes is it because she still blames him for Sydney? She breathes not as much as she blames herself. Rafe drawls it does no good, if she blames herself. She already knows that,
but when she looks at him, she thinks of what might have been for them with Sydney. He suggests they move forward. She cannot forget what was lost. He promises she did not lose Sydney and he will find her, not
to mention hat she has not lost him. Rafe whispers they are stronger together. He reminisces about the laughing penguin story, how much he loves her kids, including Sydney, even though she is not his. Sami insists Sydney is partly his, as he brought her back to her. She smiles he makes her a better person. They kiss and fall back on the sofa, then make for
the bedroom, where things get steamy. Afterwards, Rafe grins she is
stuck with him and they fall asleep in each other's arms.
- At Java Cafe, Kate is relieved to see Victor as she wants a word. She
is concerned about Vivian and tells him how she overreacted to Mel's
gift. The Greek tycoon already heard Kate tried to steal it! Kate thinks Vivian has manipulated Victor and she is worried that Viv is dangerous. He thinks Kate and her husband are equally dangerous and if she makes trouble for Phillip, he will have her barred from the wedding!
- Back at the cabin, Anna tells EJ she knows Sami still floats his boat. Elvis reminds her Samantha kept his beautiful daughta from him. Anna states he is lonely. He denies it as he has two wonderful children. He
also has the satisfaction of knowing that at that very moment, Samantha
is more lonely than him ...
- At Java Cafe, Nath and Steph have coffee. He clutches his head and moans he wants this wedding business to be over with. Steph looks intense.
- Mia opens the door at Maggie's to Carly, who is desperate to find Mel, but Mel now has no operational phone. Mia says she has no idea where she is right now.
- Meanwhile, weepy Mel arrives at Kiriakis mansion, to see Philip, who
is not there. "I can't marry him!" she tells Vivian. Madame declares if
she cannot talk her back into marrying Phillip, then it is time for plan B! Her beady eyes rest on the pretty gift box nearby, the one containing the

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Carly bangs on the front door, begging someone to open. "I need to
speak with Melanie!"
"I do know you have to keep her away from the wedding," Kate warns Phillip.
Viv glares at Mel. "You're going to marry Phillip, even if it kills you!"