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Friday, February 5, 2010 
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- At DiMera mansion, replay of Rafe showing up to question Elvis on Anna. Why does he want to know about Anna, says EJ. Rafe then drops
a bomb. He just spoke to her and she was at Sami's. Elvis solemnly asks what exactly she said, what she told him. He turns away, anxiously toying with his drink. What did Anna say? His face is tense. "Is it just me or do you suddenly seem really nervous?" drawls FBI Rafe. EJ denies it and pours himself another drink. He blows off Rafe's suggestion that Anna,
as an enemy of the DiMeras, might know something, even if she does
not realize it. Elvis overreacts. Rafe notices. Elvis claims he is concerned about Anna being bothered and admits he was aware she was in town.
He kept that secret for her as she despises Stefano. Anna, he insists, has nothing to so with Sydney's disappearance. Rafe quips he did not say she did. EJ accuses him of bringing up Anna to ingratiate himself somehow into Samantha's life. However, it will not work!
- At the hospital, Carly asks Dan for a favor. She needs to work a certain shift. He senses it has to do with Phillip and Mel's wedding. Yes, as she cannot go. He wonders why. She simply does not want to hurt Melanie's feelings, hence needing an excuse not to go. Dan is baffled she cares so much what Mel thinks. Carly covers. Along comes Dan's glamour girl Chloe. The lovebirds kiss and arrange to meet up later. The doc gets paged away. Carly says he is a great guy, her old pal. She wishes Chloe would tell him how much pain she is in over not being able to conceive,
so she will get emotional support from him. The smiles slowly fades from Chloe's face. Carly is sorry and hopes she has not overstepped. Chloe replies she did not and she appreciates her concern, but she is no longer unhappy She knows in her heart she and Daniel will somehow find the family they want. She smiles again and excuses herself. Carly makes a call.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Madame panics. No one can see what is in the box Kate swiped. She must simply get it back!
- At the pier, Melanie comes upon Kate. What is she doing with the box? Vivian was going to give her that box! Kate pauses and pretends this gift was going to be from both her and Vivian, as they have come to a peace accord, since they both love Phillip. Viv has agreed to let her chip in. Mel smiles. What is it? Kate suggests she open it and see. They sit on a bench and Kate hands her the box. "Stop!" cries Vivian as she arrives on scene. "Don't open that!" She snatches it away and accuses Kate of theft. Kate says they did patch things up. Viv accuses her of lying thru her fangs.
Mel does the smart thing and cheerfully takes her leave. Viv warns Kate her foolishness will make her pay dearly! What will Victor and Phil say! Kate reminds her they wouldn't think it was as bad as embryo stealing! Vivian gloats she has replaced her in both of those relationships and mentions collateral damage. Kate wonders what she means by collateral damage. Gus approaches and asks if Madame wants the car. Kate vows
to find out what she meant by collateral damage and then she will have
the last laugh! She walks away. Viv whispers to Gus she almost opened it in front of Mel. Gus notes that would have been a catastrophe. Madame alludes to their plans for Carly on the wedding day, declares they have much work to do, and the pair depart. Diva Kate now steps out from the shadows, having overheard every single word!
- Carly has summoned Mel to the hospital, to let her know she has to work and will be unable to attend her wedding. However, she would like to give her a bracelet. She removes it from her wrist. Mel admires it and says it looks like a family heirloom. Carly pretends she just bought it. Mel smiles thank you. Carly hopes she and Phillip will be happy always. Mel thanks her again and leaves. Carly sadly says goodbye.
- Chez Sami, Brady drops by and Sami tells him of Anna's strange visit. She was acting bizarre, but maybe it was just cos she feels sorry for her. Seeing Anna reminded her of her own siblings, and how despite their differences, they still love each other. She fears Syd might never know hers. Brady tries to make her feel better. He is certain that they will get Sydney back. He gives her a pep talk. Why is she doubtful now? Is it because of Rafe? Sami sighs when he is by her side, she is more hopeful. Brady thinks maybe the time has come for them to work together. Sami replies no, for her sanity, they should stay apart. Once alone,Sami flashes back to telling Rafe had it not been for him, her baby would have been lost to her forever. She grabs her coat, and heads out ...
- Meanwhile, at the cabin, Anna continues complaining to Sydney. This isn't right. Besides, Rafe seems almost psychic and she feels the whole thing could come crashing down on her. She decides to make things right and places a call on her phone. She soon informs Carrie she saw Sami, chats a bit, then says she has things to do. Her cover is still intact and
now she will do what she should have in the first place. Elvis needs to know what she did. Time to call and forewarn him. She stops, nervous about what he will say.
- Nathan has a beer at the Brady pub while awaiting gal pal Steph, who is running late.. He glances at a newspaper pic of Phil and Mel, announcing their wedding, tosses it down, and drinks some more beer. Steph soon shows up. Nathan drawls he does not care about Melanie or the wedding Steph is helping her with. Ring ring! Steph has a call. Nathan keeps on drinking. Steph updates him. The jeweler advised her to get something bigger for Melanie if she wants it engraved. She will be back soon. The jeweler is near Java Cafe so she will also pick them up a couple of coffees. Exit Steph. Nathan plops back down in his seat and slurs for another beer, pouring the rest of his last one on the Mel/Phil engagement announcement.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ snarkily tells Rafe he just wishes to harass his sister-in-law to cover up for the fact that he has no leads. Enter Sami,
who wonders what is going on. She forgot something of Johnny's. EJ sarcastically says Rafe suspects Anna kidnapped Sydney. Rafe denies it. Seething Elvis orders him to leave. Rafe wants to discuss with Sami so they depart together. Elvis now calls Anna. "I don't know what you think you were doing but you are going to be very very sorry!" he leers. She replies she can explain. He warns she will indeed explain  - to his face! Anna looks mortified.
- At Java Cafe, Chloe has a meeting with Father Matt, to discus her latest woes. She still believes there must be one more miracle out there for her. Is that not what faith is about? No, says the kindly priest. God has plans for people ...The father is now called away to a parishioner as there has been an accident. Exit Matt. Chloe sips her coffee. She cannot and will not accept what he told her! She spies Stephanie and they talk about the wedding. Chloe checks her calendar after Steph corrects her on when the wedding will take place. She had miscalculated the time ... "Oh my God," says smiling Chloe, clearly thinking of something else. After Stephanie departs, she touches her tummy. "Could I be pregnant?"
- Rafe and Sami head back to her place. She thinks Anna is a dead end. He retorts he is thorough. Maybe she just believes what EJ does, that he
is grasping at straws cos he wants her back. She asks if it is true. No and yes, says he.
- Elvis saunters into the cabin. Anna begins her explanation. Roman had called and that was why she had to cover but it will never happen again. Elvis agrees it will never happen again. They have been compromised so she is leaving - tonight! She has 5 minutes to get lost and she will not be getting any money. Anna protests. She has no choice in the matter, he coldly declares, about to call a new bodyguard for the baby. Anna replies he is dead wrong!
- Dan and Brady take a jog and stop at the pier. The talk relationships. Brady is glad to have things in the open with Ari. He wonders if Dan and Chloe will tie the knot soon. He knows Chloe wants to have kids. Dan becomes quiet. Brady asks if he said something wrong. No, he wants to be a dad, but there is the timing, he says uncomfortably.
- Nathan staggers out of the pub and plops down on a bench. Along comes Mel. He grins. He then jumps up and starts to sing Here come the bride. She sadly asks what is wrong. He glumly mutters he wishes she wouldn't marry Phillip ...
- Madame heads home with the pretty gift box, pleased that all systems are go with her diabolical plan ...
- At the hospital, Carly leaves a message for Bo. She told Mel she cannot attend the wedding and said goodbye which was tough, though she knows it was right as they cannot afford to alert Vivian to the truth. Enter Kate, who announces they can help each other! Carly’s eyes cloud over with uncertainty. How exactly? Kate, however, first wants to know what the connection is between her, Vivian, and Melanie Layton!
- Back at Sami's place, she and Rafe disagree. It ends when Rafe tells Sami he loves her and always will and nothing will change that. She stops him from leaving. Their eyes lock. "I love you too," says she and they start to kiss passionately ...

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