Days of Our Lives Summary February 4, 2010
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Thursday, February 4, 2010 
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- Carly enters Bo's place and asks Hope why she is doing that! Hope admits she wants to keep Ciara away because of Carly. She angrily says her little girl has been thru hell, which is why she is removing her from
the house and filing for sole custody. And she knows she will win! Bo
has invited a murderer into his house, among other things. Enough is enough. Bo now speaks up. He does have concern for his daughter, who would not have done something like this before ... Hope gets annoyed he is implying she badmouthed Carly. Voices are raised. Enter Ciara, asking her parents to stop fighting! She thinks daddy is mad at her. He assures her he is not and he loves her. She loves him too. They hug. Hope now departs with her daughter in her pink jacket. Bo looks ready to cry. So does Carly. "How could she do this!" he laments. Carly feels she should move out but Bo claims he cannot lose her as well. Carly later comes downstairs, having unpacked. Bo thanks her for staying. She announces she will not go to Melanie's wedding as he was right. And she will try to help him with the Ciara situation. Bo is certain he will not lose her ...
- Hope takes Ciara to the Java Cafe for a chat. It is bad to destroy the property of others. If she is mad, she can talk to mommy or the doctor. Ciara nods and they hug. Justin saunters in and greets "the two most beautiful girls in Salem!" He missed them. Ciara smiles she missed him
too and happily goes off to get herself a hot chocolate when he gives her the money. Justin asks Hope how the discussion with Bo about his daughter went. Hope explains something else came up. Ciara comes back with the hot chocolate. Justin shares the whipped cream with her. Hope goes to get herself one as well, muttering this is so wrong.
- Kate drops by to see Maggie, to warn Mel about Vivian. Mel is not home so Kate complains to Maggie. Viv has hijacked the wedding, which means she will be part of both Phillip and Mel's life. Maggie knows that woman spells trouble. Kate exclaims she is downright dangerous! Maggie considers. She just got a message from Melanie, who is at the Kiriakis mansion with Vivian as they speak. Kate decides to rush on over. Maggie sighs.
- Replay of Vivian and the gift box. She suggests Mel open it and get it over with. Mel thinks that sounds bad. Madame insists it is gooood! Mel agrees, so Viv asks her to turn around and close her eyes. She touches
her hair and sadly imagines placing the tiara on her head. The tiara has a poisoned tip. Carly is too late. Mel cannot breathe. Madame blinks back
to reality, clearly upset. She now declares they should wait. Mel is a tad disappointed. She wants a hint. Something to die for, says Viv! She then reminds Mel she has to wait for the good thing, and offers her florist to help with the wedding. She ominously states people sacrifice things in the name of love. Enter Kate, taking it all in. Mel wonders what she means. So does Kate. What sacrifices? Vivian replies Melanie the poor child has made sacrifices in the name of love. Mel decides to leave. Viv prevents her from taking the gift. Once the two killer divas are alone, Kate accuses her of using Melanie to get revenge on her. Viv steps away to take a call and warns if she is not gone when she returns,she will have her physically removed! Alone, Kate lifts the gift box and makes off with it, determined to prevent Vivian from stealing her thunder, from stealing her son! She is convinced her nemesis has been trying to win over his intended bride with expensive gifts ... Gus later pays Madame a visit and she notices the gift
is gone. "Kate!" she frantically deduces.
- Mel returns to Maggie's cozy house and laments about the two wannabe moms, though Maggie is the one mom she loves and trusts the most. She has an important request of her. She sheds a few emotional tears and hopes Maggie will stand as mother of the bride for her wedding. "I would be so honored," says the redhead and they embrace. Maggie now realizes Melanie looks a bit down. What is it? Mel admits that despite the fun wedding planning, she rather wants it to be over with so she can move
on with her life ...
- Sami takes little Johnny to DiMera mansion to visit daddy EJ. He lifts him up and the guys are all smiles. Johnny then races upstairs to see the new games on his bed. Sami finds a brochure for pirate adventure tours. Who is going? "Johnny and me," drawls Elvis. She thinks he should have checked with her first. He points out he and Johnny have been thru hell. Hence the pirate cruise. He too needs to get away. She cannot believe he wants to take Johnny away on a trip now. He suggests they all go away together, as a family. Johnny comes back downstairs. Sami kisses him goodbye, hands him back to daddy, and walks out after advising daddy
to let her know if he needs anything. EJ now tells excited Johnny they
will be going on a little trip! "Just you, me and your sister," he whispers.
- Replay of Anna leaving Sami a note under her door, when Rafe comes around the corner and confronts her, his eyes dark with suspicion. He stops her from leaving. She asks who he thinks he is. Rafe Hernandez
and who is she? Anna looks mortified. He notices and again stops her from leaving after she says her identity is not his business. It sure is and why was she leaving something under the door! He makes her enter Sami's place with him and demands to know who she is and what she knows. "It wasn't my idea," Anna blurts out. Rafe wants clarification. Enter Sami. What is going on? She introduces them. Anna explains she
did not tell Rafe anything as he was pushy and obnoxious. Her note will corroborate that she wanted to stop by and offer her condolences.Roman and Carrie had told her of the sydnapping. She is just in town briefly on business. Sami insists she stay for a visit with her. Rafe steps away to get the rest of his things, which was why he came back. Sami is sorry for the drama. Anna asks about the kids. Sami gets teary-eyed about the whole nightmare. What kind of monster, sick maniac would keep a child from her mother! Anna appears overcome with remorse. Perhaps Sami needs
to be alone ... Sami, however, wishes to discuss Sydney with her. She
and Tony lived in the mansion when Sydney was a baby so she must
have gotten to know her. Anna replies she was traveling a lot and they all thought Nicole was her mother. Sami reminds her Nicole is in jail, where she belongs, as does the woman who kidnapped Sydney!  She now cries she worries that Sydney might not be treated well. "She is," says Anna. Sami asks how she knows. Anna claims she only meant no one would harm such a precious little girl. She is sure Sami will get her back and gives her a hug. Rafe reappears carrying a couple of boxes. Anna excuses herself. Sami thanks her for lifting her spirits. Anna pauses outside the door and gasps in horror at what she has become entangled in. Inside, Rafe notes Anna seemed jumpy. Sami points out she and Anna only have in common that they both hate Stefano. She wonders what he has on his mind. Sydney, as always. He vows to get her back. Each day brings them closer, he adds, and leaves with his boxes. Sami shuts the door behind
him and covers her face.
- Kate strolls along the snowy pier, about to drop Vivian's gift to Melanie in the river when she reconsiders and proceeds to open it, curious what lavish thing she got her ....
- Sami stares at a picture of Sydney and hopes Anna was right, that she
is well treated. Meanwhile, Anna holds Sydney in the cabin and thinks aloud. Is she doing the right thing in helping her daddy keep her from her mommy?
- At DiMera mansion, Elvis stands by the fireplace, ready to place a call. Ding dong! Tis Rafe, with an urgent question about his sister-in-law, one Anna DiMera. EJ tries to play it cool, though the tension in his face is evident ...!

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"Why were you so afraid to let her open that, Vivian?" leers Kate.
"It's just better if he stays as far away from me as possible," says Sami.
Rafe addresses EJ. "Is it just me or do you suddenly seem reeeeally nervous?"