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Wednesday, February 3, 2010 
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- Chez Bo, replay of the ripped dress and clothes strewn all over, Bo racing up to save Ciara from the clutches of Vivian. He eventually finds her downstairs holding a big pair of scissors, wearing a guilty look. "I didn't do it." He hugs and kisses her, relieved his assessment was wrong. The commiss sits and talks to his daughter. He wanted to let her know that Carly is moving into the house. He is sorry for the recent changes,
but this house will always be her home. If she gets upset or confused or mad, she can talk to him or her mom. Ciara wants him to tell Carly to leave. He suggests they give it time, but she will have none of that.
"I hate her! I hate her!" she chants. After she nods she did it, Bo asks
her to tell him why she destroyed Carly's clothes. Silence. He realizes
she did not want Carly to feel welcome in their home. Ciara has heard enough. She haughtily goes upstairs. Bo replies they can continue when Hope comes by.
- Hope bumps into Viv at the pier and Madame drops her bag, which contains the gift for Melanie. Madame brings up Carly destroying the dress, how poor little Mel has no mother. Hope says she never heard
Mel mention her mother. Vivian mentions she lost her at a young age
and departs with her bag. So much to do! Hope wonders what she is
up to ...
- Hope shows up to get Ciara and wants a word with Bo first. She is surprised to see Carly's ruined belongings and hear that Ciara did the deed! He tells her of her having the scissors and her admission of guilt. Hope is further displeased to hear that Carly is moving back in. He is not putting their daughter first by inviting a murderer back in their house!
She talks what they have been thru with Ciara and Zack. How could he
do this? He retorts Carly will not hurt anyone. Hope says their child is calling out for attention. Bo agrees they can deal with that, but she should not use Carly as leverage! Hope sighs. She agrees Ciara should not get
her way for bad behavior, though she does not want to let Ciara come back to the house if he has a murderer living under the same roof!
- Viv meets the sinister Mr. Lee at the pier, hands him the gift bag, and orders him to do what she asked so she can use it for Valentine's Day.
He soon comes back with the pretty gift box and warns to handle with care, as the contents are lethal. "I'm counting on it!" she gloats.
- At the hospital, Carly tells Nath she is sorry for butting in. He says it is ok and promises to be careful, but why does she care anyway? He would appreciate the same professional courtesy he affords her. Along comes
Dr. Dan, who wonders if everything is okay. Nathan looks miffed and gets back to his rounds. Carly tells Dan she is sorry if she caused trouble. She thinks Nathan is a good guy and Philip is a real Kiriakis so if Nathan has feelings  he should act on them. Daniel drawls then it seems to be about Melanie. Carly explains she does not want her to make the same mistakes she did. Like with Lawrence. Dan starts to say operator Mel is different from her. Carly quickly defends her and asks him not to judge. He agrees. She hugs and thanks him for being there.
- At DiMera mansion, Kate shows Stefano a possible wedding outfit.
Ding dong! Stefano is served with papers. The phoenix reads the docs
and laughs condescendingly. "Elvis is evicting me from my own home!"
As if ...! Kate is worried, but not Stefano. Once Sydney is home, Elvis will change. He now brings up her son. Why is she not involved in the wedding? She laments Vivian has taken over. Stefano reminds her there
is no bio-connection between Phillip and that nutjob. Besides, Kate is the groom's mother and Mrs. Stefano DiMera so she should stake her claim! Kate considers, declares she will be back, and departs to approach it from another angle. Stefano is pleased.
- Phil joins Melanie at Java Cafe. She cutely talks burgers. He kisses his beloved. He is dismayed to hear Vivian is part of the wedding and jokes
it could turn into Armageddon! He would rather talk honeymoon. She would rather not talk at all. They starts to kiss, In waltzes Kate, who was looking for them! She offers to do anything to help with the wedding as that what mothers are for. Mel excuses herself. Phillip now asks Kate to walk him down the aisle - with Vivian. Kate becomes upset. She calls Phillip na´ve for trusting the dangerous Viv. He points out that this is the happiest day of his life, and he would like her to be a part of it. He just wants all parties to be happy. Will she be there? She tearily agrees. He
can count on her support as she loves him. He thanks her, gives her a
peck on the cheek, and heads off to a meeting. Alone, Kate whispers she would not have to get along with Vivian if she were not around!
- Also at the cafe, Rafe has news for Brady. Sister Arianna is in the clear. Brady appreciates it but Rafe fears if Mr. Big wants revenge, she might actually be safer in the slammer!
- At the pub, Ari laments to EJ the big boss is out there and might want revenge. He smoothly assures her that she is safe. If the big guy wanted
to retaliate, he would have done so by now! He wants to get her a drink
to celebrate  She laughs she has to work. He convinces her to have one. What would she like? Mixed drink or beer? Ari knows exactly what she wants. Cerveza with lime. He asks why she would put lime into beer.
She prepares them both one. They toast to her freedom. Elvis takes a sip. "Wow!" Enter Rafe and Brady, who observe the scene dubiously. Brady possessively congratulates his girl and stands by her, hands in his pockets. EJ asks Rafe if he has any Sydney leads. Negative. Exit Elvis. Rafe gets glum. Brady goes to get himself a drink. Ari gives Rafe a pep talk about his abilities. Family hug and then Rafe leaves. Brady comes back and smooches with his girl. They head upstairs to her place to celebrate. She
is looking forward to waking up in his arms. He thought she would be worried about Mr. Big, but she has just one thing on her mind - love.
- Elvis returns to the mansion and remarks fatha will not disappear. Papa Stefano patiently informs him that he gave him leeway due to his anger, though now his time is done. Time to finish with this endless tantrum. Revenge has its own time and place. These days his son appears to be getting some perverse pleasure from it, however, and he does not even feel he knows him. Elvis stares darkly.
- At the cabin, Anna nervously continues the call from Roman, who demands to know why she lied to him. She claims she is in town to settle Tony's estate. Roman points out that daughter Carrie has not seen  her
for months. What has she been up to?  Not much, says she, glancing at Sydney in the playpen. Roman concludes she has been lying to him a lot. Anna admits there is a reason- his daughter Sami. Carrie had asked her to say hello to Sami for her, she now explains. Roman encourages her to go see her. Anna uncomfortably agrees. She soon tells Sydney that Vinnie will be nearby while she is off to see her mommy. Sydney is all smiles. Anna is unsure how EJ will react, but leaves on her mission anyway ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, Viv shows up with Melanie's cleaned wedding dress, Mel calls her a guardian angel. Vivian hands her the pretty gift box and pushes her to open it - now!
- Down at the pier, Rafe holds the St. Anne medal and asks for divine intervention to help him bring Sydney home safely.
- Carly opens the door to Bo's place in time to hear Hope tell Bo she
does not think he should see his daughter anymore ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano reminds Elvis that one day he will make decisions his own children do not like, but he will have to stay strong. EJ pats him on he back and quips he already knows what he means. Stefano is glad they understand each other and strolls into the
next room. Elvis takes a drink and calls him a fool.
- Anna arrives at Sami's door, but she is not home. She leaves a note she is sorry about her baby and sorry that she missed her. Anna shoves the note under the door and starts to walk away, only to run into Rafe, who looks ready for an interrogation ...!

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"Well, I need to talk to Melanie," Kate tells Maggie. "I have to warn her about Vivian."
"Tell me who you are and what you know!" Rafe barks at Anna.
"I will not let it go on, I'm putting a stop to it right now," Hope warns Bo.