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Friday, February 12, 2010 
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(note: Days will not air on Monday, but will be back Tues)


- Sami cuddles in bed with shirtless Rafe. Ally is at the wedding and
Sami is glad they are alone. They kiss, elated  to be together. Rafe acknowledges they have had big fights. Sami regrets some of the things she said. He thinks he should have been man enough to leave his ego at the door. Sami states everything would be perfect if only she had Sydney back. Rafe vows to make it happen. The pair now head for the pub. She reminisces about growing up a Brady, with the tlc of grandma Caroline. That is what she wishes for Sydney. Ring ring! Not important, says Rafe. He goes upstairs to check Ari's computer.
- Elvis talks to Anna on the phone. All packed? Samantha will not know what hit her! He surfs the net for deserted islands and drawls maybe that is where Johnny will end up with his sister. Samantha will wonder what happened to her children and she will neva find them!
- Elvis soon strolls into the pub, surprised to see Sami working. He notes she appears happy. Sami grins she should tell him something. Out comes Rafe, placing a possessive arm around her. Elvis now realizes what has transpired and he does not look pleased. Sami smiles they were meant to be together and she thinks Rafe will bring Sydney home, too. Elvis forces as much of a smile as he can muster. He quietly says he does not think it is going to happen and Rafe only said what he had to in order to win her back! Rafe wonders what is wrong with EJ. Does he not want them to
get Sydney back? Rafe now gets paged away by Gaby, drawls he and DiMera are not thru, and departs. Elvis solemnly informs Samantha they need to talk. She accuses EJ of acting like a creep. EJ accuses Rafe of being responsible for their daughta being missing. Sami reminds him she would not even know she had a daughter if not for him. EJ mutters they will not see Sydney again because of her boyfriend!
- Chloe arrives at the house of Kiriakis, and warmly greets Brady and
Ari, who wants a moment alone. How was the pregnancy test? Chloe
says she is pregnant but it is a secret, Ari is excited for her and promises her lips are sealed. She tells Chloe she has a glow and then goes upstairs to see Melanie. Down comes Lucas with Ally. The little girl runs and
hugs Chloe. Lucas watches disapprovingly. Meanwhile, Phillip asks papa Victor where Vivian is. No one knows. But they are ready! Phillip has a smile for Chloe, unlike Kate, Victor, and Lucas, who give her a dirty look and walk away. Off to the side, Stefano updates Kate. His people who were supposed to detain Vivian, as it turns out, cannot find her and he
has no idea where she is. Kate hopes something terrible happened!
- Replay of Mel telling Stephanie she is ready to get married. She will see
her downstairs. Steph walks out of the room. Melanie looks in the mirror, swoons, and then collapses on the bed like a ragdoll.
- In the cannery basement, Vivian whips out her phone and shows Carly an image of Melanie. She taunts they have grown close and she gave her the something old to wear in her hair - and the ivory crest is poison! Too late. She was also going to suggest to Phillip that he lay his bride to rest in her wedding gown. Carly exclaims she will kill her and starts to choke her enemy. Enter Hope. She quickly breaks it up and assures Carly "She didn't do it!" She explains she found the receipt, which Victor left behind, which indicated he had switched the comb. She slaps the cuffs on Vivian and reads her her rights. All of a sudden, Gus wakes up and pushes crates on Hope and Carly. "Madame, run!" Carly and Hope are both pinned under the crates. Carly gasps and asks Hope if she is alright. Viv taunts that Hope is dead! Exit Gus. Carly weakly begs Madame to leave her daughter alone. Vivian coos she went thru all this trouble. And Carly will simply have to suffer the way she did. Now she must go to the wedding and come up with something new ...!  Exit Viv. Carly gasps and manages to roll out from under her crate. She feels for a pulse from Hope and implores her to wake up! No luck. Hope is out cold.
- Back at the Kiriakis mansion, the ceremony slowly gets underway, a harp playing. Victor informs Kate she will not have to walk down the
aisle with Vivian after all. Kate smugly walks down with Lucas and takes her seat. Victor takes his place. Here come the bridesmaids, carrying flowers. Now begins the wedding march. Enter Brady. Phillip stares at
the entrance. The wedding march continues, but still no bride in sight! More music, more stares. Lucas mutters to Justin he knew something like this would happen. Brady goes back upstairs and knocks on the bride's door, asking if she is alright. Downstairs, the guests are abuzz. Maggie wonders if she should go talk to her. Steph assures Ari she said she would be down. Ari wonders what her problem is. Kate whispers to Stefano she hopes the tramp becomes a runaway bride. Phillip wonders if he should check on her. Mel now shows up on Brady's arm. Phil is all smiles. She looks uncertain. Steph stares as she takes her place, Maggie wishing her luck. Mayor Abe steps up. "Dearly beloved ..." Phil looks dreamy-eyed, while Mel is teary-eyed. Phil holds her hands and speaks of her warm heart, despite the occasional craziness. Mel now cries she fell in love with him the moment she saw him and she cannot believe he chose to be with her. She will try to be worthy of his love. Steph remembers Nath's  note and slips away ...
- At the hospital, Nathan is sour as he remembers his chemistry with Melanie. Dan tells him to go on to the lodge cos the wedding is probably over now anyway. Nath sighs he cannot do this and takes off. He arrives just outside the house when Abe announces anyone who thinks Phillip
and Melanie should not be joined in holy matrimony must "speak now or forever hold your peace." Chloe steps out for some fresh air and wonders what Nathan is doing there. She suggests he not bother the bride and then excuses herself, as she is not feeling well. Nath whips out his phone and proceeds to send a text message ...
- Inside, Mel hurriedly says "I do." The pair exchange rings and pledges
of their everlasting love. "I now pronounce you husband and wife," declares Abe. Phil wishes the new Mrs. Kiriakis a Happy Valentine's Day and they kiss as the guests elegantly applaud. Afterwards, Kate and Stefano enjoy champagne and she chuckles about Vivian  lifting her spirits. Lucas makes a snide remark about the bride not being in a coma. He gets confrontational. Stefano gets sarcastic. Lucas walks off. Maggie offers Melanie her hearty congrats, Phil steps away to take a call from brother Austin. Maggie assures her sweet girl that it is a beautiful day and she looks radiant. Mel admits she used to dream about having her mom
at her wedding and now Maggie has made it possible. They hug in tears. Madame Vivian now arrives on scene, deciding she must get the fair Melanie alone ...
- At the hospital, Bo is back from his stake out and gets his phone back from an officer. Along comes a concerned Dr. Dan, desperately seeking Carly, who is MIA. Bo is not sure where she went. He soon sees her text to him and makes for the cannery.
- Meanwhile, Carly is unable to move Hope's crate. She makes a call to the cops and tells them Officer Hope Brady is down at the cannery. Send help! After that call, she is unable to reach Melanie, as the phone has no more power, so she reaches for Hope's gun and heads for the Kiriakis mansion to protect her baby, now armed and dangerous ...!

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Stephanie faces Nathan. "I really want to find true love. I think I can
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