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Thursday, February 11, 2010 
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- Replay of Carly coming to in the basement and Gus slowly opening his computer, taunting her she is 6 feet under. She flashes back to the coffin. He warns her this is no coffin. but she is indeed underground with no chance of escape! Tis a basement cannery, solid and soundproof, and he tells her what street it is on.
- At the pub, Victor notes Hope is right back into that cop thing! Hope points out Phillip would be devastated if Viv did something to Melanie. Suspenseful music is heard. Victor insists what goes on under his roof is under his control. No worries! Hope pushes. Victor talks of mythology, declares Melanie will be fine, and departs. He has accidentally left his
shopping bag behind. Hope takes a peek. She finds a receipt, makes a phone call, and concludes the Greek tycoon is at it again!
- Chez Maggie, Nathan is very surprised to hear she is not going to the wedding. She cries she cannot do it, not even for Melanie. Nath declares he will cancel his trip to be with her, given the redhead's fragile state. Maggie laments she could not stand it if she ruined it for him. That is like emotional blackmail! Nathan picks up the locket and acknowledges it is a tough day for her. He assures her Melanie already must know she is sad, given it is her anniversary with Mickey. But she on her worst day even has been more for Melanie than anyone else. She wishes she had Mickey. Nathan states he will be by her side if she goes.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Melanie tells Viv and the two bridesmaids she wishes to be alone, to wallow about Maggie. Vivian squeaks in protest
as Ari pulls her out. Steph follows. Mel laments she just wants a great marriage, like what Maggie had with Mickey. She woefully sits at a desk and proceeds to write her last letter to Nathan. She then asks Steph to
give it to Nathan for her. Meanwhile, Madame receives a text message from flunky Gus. SHE'S AWAKE. Viv murmurs the fun now begins!
- Back at the basement, Gus turns the computer to face Carly. Vivian's face appears on the monitor. "Welcome to my hideaway!" she hisses.
She cannot see Carly, yet she can hear her. Carly accuses her of sending in the hired help to kill her instead of doing it in person. Viv leers she is not killing Carly, but she is after her baby girl, who is preparing for the happiest day of her life, also 'the last day of her life!' Carly can only stare in horror. Vivian soon places the tiara on Melanie's head as Carly cries
out NO! She gasps she left messages to many as she was onto her. Gus taunts no one has shown up. Mel is unaware that she is being broadcast live to the cannery. She sits on the bed, moaning she does not feel well. Back in the cannery, Carly bops Gus on the head with a brick and races for the door. Locked! They struggle and Gus goes down again. But still Carly is locked inside. Meanwhile, Madame suggests Mel focus.Probably just pre-wedding jitters. Mel soon feels stronger. Exit Madame. Melanie thinks of the letter she gave Nathan. He must have gotten it by now. Knock knock! Tis Ari and suited Brady, all smiles. The bride is still weak on her feet and confesses she is not sure what is going on right now. Out in the hall, Vivian gets another text, unaware Carly has sent it, claiming there is trouble with Carly, so she must come quick! Madame falls for it and makes for the cannery. Clever Carly, still stuck in the cannery, now texts Bo about where she is and alerts him Viv is on her way, so bring backup! As it turns out, Bo's phone was left at the station, but lucky for Carly, Hope soon has it and proceeds to read ...!
- Chloe kisses Daniel to wake him up. She has cinnamon rolls as she popped some buns in the oven. He teases. She announces she is giving up caffeine and alcohol.She smiles about buns in the oven as he munches on one. Daniel's eyes widen. She talks about intense Scorpios, yet he should be fine as a daddy. He cannot believe what he is hearing. She shows him the various test results and the medicine man chuckles that they are all positive. They are having a baby! The lovebirds kiss joyously. Chloe admits she couldn’t believe it either and hesitated telling him initially ... Dan breathes he is over the moon happy! He gently touches her tummy and calls it the bonus to his happiness with her. She suggests they keep it
a secret at first. He excitedly agrees.Chloe has never been so elated. They cuddle and kiss on the bed.
- Lucas shows up at DiMera mansion, where elegant Stefano and Kate
are about to leave for the wedding. He talks tough with Kate. If anything goes wrong for his bro, she is gonna pay! Lucas now goes to the house
of Kiriakis and promises Phil mama dearest will not pose a problem!
- Steph arrives at the hospital with the envelope for Nathan, who is on break. Nurse Maxine complains about a patient not being returned from radiology, compliments Steph on her shoes, and heads for radiology. Steph starts to wonder what could be so important for Mel to tell Nathan now. She opens the envelope. Tis a letter asking Nath if he has feelings for her cos a part of her will always love him and if he has any feelings
for her, she will not proceed with the wedding. If, however, she does not hear back from him, she will have her answer. Along comes Dr. Nathan. Steph hides the letter. Nath asks if the wedding is over. Then again, he would rather not talk Mel or the wedding. He claims has no patience for ex-girlfriends today and wants only to speak of their trip. Steph does not give him the letter and gets back to the wedding party, after agreeing they will have the best trip. Nathan later speaks to Lucas on the phone and is relieved to hear Maggie seems fine.
- Dr. Dan and Chloe flounce into the hospital. He has a shift, she has a wedding, but he is looking forward to reconnecting tonight. Nath looks at them wistfully. Exit Chloe. Dan alludes to the fact that Nathan could stop the wedding if he so desired. Nath claims he is moving on and he is fine. When he walks away, Dan is doubtful. "Yeah, keep telling yourself that."
- At the house of Kiriakis, nicely decorated for the wedding, host Victor makes a wisecrack about marriage being like a leaky canoe. Phillip gets a call. Bad news. The justice of the peace has the flu! Enter mama Kate with Stefano. Here come Mayor Abe and Lexie. Phil is none too pleased to see Stefano, who quips he knows how to save the day. Victor assures his son he is right for once. Their eyes focus on Abraham, who agrees to perform the ceremony. Phillip goes to check if Lucas has the ring. Victor excuses himself. Kate laughs to Stefano he is going to search for Vivian. "Good luck with that," chuckles the phoenix.
In another room, some guests are seated, including Mia, Will, Ally, and Maggie, who is wearing a brave face. They discuss some nice memories of Mickey. Justin and Lucas walk in. Justin has just left a message for Hope that the threat - i.e. Vivian - has left the building. Justin is filling in for Bo. When the guests all connect, Justin chats with Lexie, who notes her father seems to be on his best behavior. She takes a piece of cake away from him, given his condition. The phoenix is pleased she cares.
She angrily reminds him nothing can change the fact that he did not tell
EJ Sydney was his daughter and walks away in a huff. Stefano looks glum. Meanwhile, Victor wonders where the hell Vivian went. He later speaks with Justin, who brings up the concerns of Vivian. Victor repeats there is nothing to worry about.
- Upstairs, Melanie informs Ari and Brady she is probably just hungry. They leave when Steph returns. Mel eagerly asks if she gave Nathan the letter. Steph fibs that when he saw the letter was from Mel, he refused to read it. Mel now declares she is ready to get married and will see her downstairs. Exit Steph.
- Madame Vivian enters the cannery basement, looking for Gus, Carly stands there, dangerously holding a wrench. "Actually, he’s a little tied up at the moment." It is over. Bo is on his way and Melanie will live happily ever after. Madame, however, claims she will be snuffed out in half an hour! They exchange words. Carly says when she killed Lawrence, he was a monster who wanted to harm her daughter. She will make sure her daughter lives a full and happy life, even if she must kill again! Madame Viv calmly states the plan is already set in motion. Nothing can stop it.
- Back at the house of Kiriakis, bride Mel takes a deep breath, starts to swoon, and collapses onto the bed ...!

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