Days of Our Lives Summary February 10, 2010
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 
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-Chez Danloe, Chloe smiles that her test is positive. She and Dan are pregnant! Chloe is in seventh heaven.
- At Carly's bedside, replay of Dan being paged away, Carly wondering what she was doing at Victor's. She thinks of what Kate told her and it dawns on her why she was there. Vivian knows! Carly reaches for the phone  and leaves Bo a frantic message. Vivian knows. He must find and save her daughter! She now leaves a frantic message for Mel, to beware of Vivian cos her life depends on it!
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano lights a cigar, defiant he will not attend Kate's son's wedding, as he was not invited. Glam Kate accuses him of petulance. She needs moral support. The phoenix offers to make a phone call and have the problem with nemesis Vivian solved. After a biz phone call, the phoenix agrees to attend, to get even with Victor for showing up at their wedding. He promises to be nice to Phillip and walks off to get dressed, still puffing on his cigar.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Phil thanks Victor for handling Kate. Victor wants it to work out for his son and promises his wedding will be a grand celebration. Phil grins thanks and they hug. Lucas soon arrives and Phil informs him Bo is busy with a stakeout. Lucas sighs. He saw Mel at the pub and he wonders is he sure she is over Nathan? Phil’s face falls. He asks for clarification. Lucas explains she was asking about Nathan after
he mentioned him. Phil accuses him of grilling his fiancee about her ex. Lucas just wants to make sure he does not rush into things like he did. Besides, she seems young. Phil is not interested in the negativity. Lucas relents and toasts to the couple. Phil thanks him for standing up for him. He is also relieved Melanie seems to be safe from the wrath of Kate.
- Meanwhile, replay of Madame Vivian gleefully urging Melanie to open the pretty box, after imagining what will happen. Melanie takes it in her hands and removes the lid. Tis a glistening comb/tiara piece. "Wow," breathes the bride-to-be at what Viv has passed off as a family heirloom. Viv starts to put in on her head but they are interrupted by Steph and Ari, wearing their blue bridesmaids dresses, carrying glasses and champagne. They propose a toast to Melanie, may she live long. "Here here," mutters Madame Viv as the friends clink glasses. Steph soon calls Nath and they arrange to depart for their holiday afterwards. Steph, however, notices
the difficulty Nathan has saying Melanie's name.
- Back at the hospital, Dr Dan tells Nathan not to look so glum or people will think someone died!
- Back at the mansion, Ari is ready for more food and drink with Mel, who complains Vivian will not leave them alone. Mel is surprised when Vivian suddenly announces she will leave. Her only request is that she
not let anyone touch the comb. She wishes her a good spiritual journey! The bridesmaids give Melanie more champagne. Steph has a look at the comb. Viv pops in for a moment as she thinks she left something and stares darkly at Steph. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" she growls. The comb is put down and Ari manages to get rid of her. Time
for more champagne and getting the bride dressed! Viv complains to Gus one of those horrible girls touched the comb but thankfully not the tip! Gus reassures her and takes off. He has promised to take care of his part, to ensure Carly sees Melanie's tragic  collapse  at the wedding ... 
Mel is soon ready in her wedding dress, flanked by the bridesmaids.They disagree with her assessment that Vivian is just shy. She will let her put the comb in her hair, as promised. Ari opens the door to get her and Viv tumbles in. "Are we ready?" Madame says hopefully.
- At the police station, Officer Hope leaves another message for Bo. It is about work. In her mind, she goes over Vivian's odd behavior with the bag she was carrying. And why is she after Melanie? Hope soon meets
pal Justin at the pub and updates him on the Vivian/Kate story. She is
sure she is up to something, but why with Melanie? Justin realizes what she is getting at. Melanie is the right age. She is likely Carly's daughter! Hope cannot imagine Carly getting together with Trent Robbins. He was dangerous like a disease. Still, Melanie could be Carly's daughter. Ciara, who has just approached the table, earnestly says "Yes, she is." Hope learns what she heard and then lets her get back to grandma and cookies. Hope and Justin discuss. They need to get to Melanie before someone
else does! But how to proceed? Hope asks Justin for his help. He agrees to take Ciara home and keep an eye on her. He suggests Hope be careful and walks off to get Ciara. Hope is certain she will be fine, as Vivvian is not onto her. She leaves Bo another message. "It's about Carly."
- Alone in her kitchen, Maggie sadly remembers her anniversary. She looks at a locket with her and Mickey's picture, then picks up a strand
of pearls from her beloved, which she puts on. The necklace comes apart and she sobs as the pearls tumble to the floor. The redhead is not in good shape. She cries and calls to tell Melanie she does not feel she will be able to make it. Her timing is impeccable, as Madame was about to place the comb in Mel's hair!
- Carly is out of bed, weakly packing. Nathan orders her back in bed.Can he help? "No, and I have to get to Melanie!" she gasps. He offers to give Melanie a message for her and assumes Carly is simply stressed due to
the head injury. He coaxes her back into bed and departs for a moment. At the nurse's station, he tells nurse Maxine he thinks he talked the patient down and leaves to attend to something. Meanwhile, Carly gets up and dressed again. She is about to leave, only to run into Gus, disguised as an orderly."Nice to see you again, Dr, Manning," he leers, quietly entering the room! A touch of chloroform, then she is out! Gus hides her under a
sheet on a gurney and wheels her into the elevator, unnoticed.
- Dan is home, lying on bed, complaining to Chloe he has had a rough
day and will have to take over Carly's shift. Chloe comes out wearing her robe, with the most wonderful news, but the doc is now fast asleep!
- Downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and groom Phillip discuss  Kate's nerve, and Lucas agrees all will be well. What could possible go wrong today? The brothers laugh nervously.
- At DiMera mansion, Kate purrs that Stefano spoils her and Vivian will not know what hit her! The phoenix is now dressed for the wedding and kisses her hand. She thinks he was right and they keep growing closer. Stefano now asks a favor. If she feels she must deal with Melanie as she did Chloe, she should let him know first. She can trust him that much! Kate smiles he can trust her too and therefore can destroy the evidence
he has on her. "Katarina," he chuckles. "Don't be ridiculous." She says it was worth a shot and wonders what he will be doing to Vivian. Tis  a surprise, says he!
- At the pub, Hope is baffled to see Victor. Why is he not getting ready
for the wedding? He makes a comment about all the rooms being used by guests getting ready and then adds he does not think it will be Phil's last wedding! Hope wonders what he means. Is there something he might want to share about Vivian? She gives him a knowing look.
- Back at the mansion, Mel cries upon hearing Maggie does not feel well enough to attend the ceremony. They exchange  I love you's. Maggie promises they will talk soon, once she is Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis. Melanie is devastated to have to proceed without Maggie and laments to Viv and the bridesmaids that she cannot do this!
- Carly regains consciousness in a basement filled with crates. She feebly demands to know where she is. "Six feet under," says Gus as he slowly opens a computer. "Bring back memories ...?"

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"I'm gonna make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch," Lucas sternly tells Kate.
"Vivian is not going to hurt Melanie," Victor assures Hope.
"No!" cries Carly, as she watches live feed of Vivian placing the tiara
with the poisoned comb on Mel's head.