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At the pub, stylish Kate walks in and sits at the bar with Lucas. He informs her he is going to the courthouse to make sure that S.O.B.
who tried to kills his wife does not make bail! Kate reminds him he is not supposed to speak at the bail hearing and perhaps he should not
go. Lucas eventually agrees. Kate smiles and suggests they hang out. Lucas replies he must first talk to Chloe about whether he forgives her. Kate follows him out and claims she wants to be there for him, to help him, for her sake. She also states that whatever she does, she does for him! Lucas gives her a strange look.
- Suited Bo visits suited Daniel at his cell. The doc is anxious to make bail so he can head to Chloe at the hospital. Bo rehashes the evidence, and brings up the fact that he is a doc and he has money, which may lead the judge to consider him a flight risk.  Maybe no bail ...  Daniel
gets glum. The only person he truly loves is in dire need of his help!
He thanks Bo for sticking by him regardless. Bo now informs him that the D.A. hates his guts and is not likely to listen to any good word the commissioner might put in for him. Dan laments he will be stuck in a cell until the day he dies. Bo thinks that something might have been overlooked. He asks Daniel if anyone might have overheard his last convo with Chloe before she collapsed. Dan does not think so. Ring ring! Bo is summoned away and departs after promising Daniel this is not over. Here comes Victor to the rescue! Dan is surprised to see him. The Greek tycoon grins he was making arrangements and advises Dan to prepare to get out of there. He is free and the necessary papers are being drawn up! Bail was granted at 60 million dollars. Victor adds he is his godson, after all! And he knows he is innocent. Daniel stares.
"Who do you think did this?"
- At the hospital, Chloe's brain activity appears to be diminishing. Abe soon joins downtrodden Dr. Lexie in the hall and remarks she looks
like she needs good news. She should check her email. Lexie does and learns that Theo has been accepted to a mainstream elementary school. What a pleasant surprise, though she is still a tad worried. Abe reminds her they prayed for this and there are always other options in the event that it does not work out. Lexie decides it is a good thing to be sure,
and they hug on it.
Lucas soon finds himself in Chloe's room. He truly wishes he could say everything will be fine and he forgives her, but he is not a saintly kinda guy. He calls himself a moron, an idiot for believing she loved him
when she went and slept with another guy. He declares there will be no forgiveness! If she woke up and explained it to him, that might make a difference, though she cannot. What does it matter now whether she lives or dies? He announces as far as he is concerned, they are dead! Black widow Kate enters and takes in the moment. Is he okay? No,
and he does not think he ever will be. Exit Lucas. Kate taunts Chloe that she is enjoying the consequences of her actions. "With any luck, you're gonna be in this bed until the day you die. The one bed you'll never share with Daniel!"  Mommy dearest now returns to the house
of Kiriakis and gets a phone call, informing her that bail seems to have been denied.. "Excellent," she purrs.
- Back in the slammer, Daniel senses Victor knows Kate did it and implores the Greek tycoon to tell all ...
Meanwhile, Chloe lies in her hospital bed alone and whispers "Daniel."
- At DiMera mansion Elvis demands to know what Nicole means by saying Samantha's punishment could already be happening! She asks him to let it go. He wants a straight answer. She thinks fast and now says it is because of him. Sami made a mistake and for some reason,
EJ cannot forgive mistakes. She adds it is terrifying behavior on his
part and she has made mistakes, too. Like what, he wonders. Nicole snaps he is not even listening to her. Master DiMera accuses her of jumping to Samantha's defense. She yells she wants him to have peace and to let Sami finds hers. Perhaps he suffered over Grace, but so did Sami. Elvis points out his rage is only because she lied to him. Nicole speculates that she might have told him if she had more time. But now Sami must live with this loss forever. EJ agrees. Nicole suddenly loses it. "What if it wasn't even her daughter who died!" Elvis becomes suspicious. "What in the world does that mean?" Nicole tries to cover up by saying she just meant the illness was random and could have happened to anyone. She asks him to show Sami compassion and
sadly mentions the pain of losing a baby is so overwhelming. "Who are you talking about?" wonders Elvis. She takes a deep breath and replies she was referring to Sami.Elvis remarks it sounded like she was talking about herself. And why is she so emotional? He is certain something is going on. Grace was his loss, so why is Nicole emotionally involved? Nicole flashes back to helping deliver baby Grace, and quickly claims her emotional state is because she is a mother. EJ points out there are other mothers and none was as affected as her. He wants the truth, convinced there is some sort of mysterious connection between her, Sydney, and Grace. Ominous music is heard.  Elvis elaborates. He believes she is trying to hide the connection from him. Nicole repeats Grace and Syd are sisters, Ring ring! Master Elvis must head out for
a moment, though when he returns, he wants answers! Once alone, Nicole decides there is something she needs to know ...
- Chez Sami, she reads the mysterious letter she has received, with Meredith claiming that Emily's death was no accident! "This is trash!" Sami crumples and tosses the letter, but cannot resist the urge to keep reading regardless. She grimaces it is not true and almost tears the
paper in half, once again stopping. She places her hands on her hips, telling herself no. Then it's back to the letter for a good read!
- At the gym, Will glances at Chad and realizes he was Mia's lover. Enter Rafe, who is there as the construction crew he works with is doing some remodeling in the back. Mia nervously excuses herself.
Rafe tells Will he is sorry about his stepmom and then notices the
lad's strange expression. Did he and Mia have a fight? No, but he just found out something about a guy and it surprised him. Rafe sees him looking at Chad and does the math. "So Mia has been with this other guy," he deduces. The Rafester understands, though "in the long run, jealousy is a real killer," he warns. He compares Will and Mia to him and Sami. They have chosen to live in the now. As a result, things are better than ever ...
- At the park, Mia sits sadly on a bench. Chad approaches and puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder. He sits beside her and says he hates
to see her cry. He knows it is probably his fault Did he do something? Mia is silent. Chad never wants to see her cry. "I know," the teen says sadly. He wishes he could make her happy again. She admits stuff happened that made life stop being fun. He laments he had no choice
as his folks shipped him off to boarding school. If not, they would still be having fun at the beach. Maybe he cannot change what he did, yet he never wishes to see her hurt or cry again. Mia replies she was not crying because of him. Then why was she crying? Before she can answer, Will shows up and asks if they can talk alone. Mia agrees. Chadman gives them their privacy, though he asks Mia to remember what he said about fun and the beach. Once they are alone, Will states he is glad she was honest with him. It could not have been easy. He claims he would rather care about them than the past, but Mia has her doubts. Will brings up the future and gives her a kiss.
- Back at Sami's place, she angrily tosses the letter to the floor as Rafe cheerfully enters with the news that he has the afternoon off. Sami glares at him and asks him to tell her it is not true! He picks up the
letter and has a look. Sami wants to know if what Meredith wrote
about Emily is true. He asks what imaginary things Meredith wrote.
She counters by asking if there is anything he would like to tell her? Like what? Sami confronts him. Why was Emily upset? Did they have
a fight? Was it because she found out something about him that could hurt his FBI career? Did he make her get in the car with him? Was he driving fast and recklessly? Where was he headed? Did they have a fight before she died? Rafe gets defensive. Is she asking him whether they had a fight before he killed her or what! She denies that is what
she is saying. Rafe is irate that she would believe the letter from Meredith before talking to him! Offended, he announces he is done
and walks out.
- Outside on his cell, Elvis leaves a message for Nicole. He is coming home and would like to continue their convo about Sydney and Grace, as something is obviously upsetting her.  Unbeknownst to him, Rafe lurks in the background, having overheard ...
- Chez Sami, someone knocks on the door. Sami sniffles and opens it
to Nicole, who wonders what is wrong. "Rafe left," Sami admits and sobs on her shoulder that she does not think he is coming back ...!

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"You didn't tell him," Chadman says to Mia. "Tell me what?"
wonders Will.
Nicole asks why Rafe left. "We had a fight," says Sami.
Rafe faces Ari. "I'm leaving Salem."
"You're playing right into my hands, Senor Hernandez!" chuckles Stefano.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


At DiMera mansion, Elvis wakes up in bed alone and flashes back to
his daughta's gravestone, angrily calling Sami heartless and sadistic for keeping his child from him. He smiles at Nicole's picture and marvels how much simpler life is with her.
Downstairs, Nicole is getting her bag when the phoenix enters and wonders where she is off to He will have his driver take her, as he too has business to attend to. He needs only to make sure his plan is falling into place, that Rafael Hernandez has packed his bags to leave town, just as she wished. And what is she up to? Nicole replies she has a few errands, that is all. But what is this about Rafe? The phoenix fills her in on Rafe's fiancee Emily, who died tragically just before their wedding. He had suspected Rafe had something to do with her death so he summoned her sister to clarify. And clarify she did. "Rafael Hernandez killed his fiancee and I have convinced her sister to explain everything
to Samantha." Nicole considers.
- Dressed Elvis later enters the living room. Where is Nicole? Stefano tells him Nicole is running errands and he must leave as well. To
where? He must see off a visitor who is leaving town, to express his gratitude. EJ wonders if it proved a profitable visit. The phoenix smiles it was productive indeed and departs.
- Chez Sami, she shouts to Aly in the kitchen to eat her fruit first
before the cookie. She then tells her to hurry up so they do not keep Jenny's mom waiting. Having taken her down to connect with Jenny and her mom, Sami returns, muttering about car seats. She is surprised to find Rafe reading the paper still. The boss told him he did not have
to be at work for three hours. Sami sits beside him and they kiss.
Knock knock knock! Tis Nicole, who is equally surprised to see Rafe
at home! She bears news for Sami about something EJ has done,
before she discovers it for herself. Sami's eyes widen with interest. 
- At the park, Mia comes upon Will. How are things? He would rather not discuss and tells her to leave him alone. He catches himself and apologizes. Mia understands. Will updates her on someone trying to poison his stepmom and the suspected poisoner being a guy she was having an affair with! "Why can't I just have a normal family," the
teen laments. He thinks if she is smart, she will steer clear of him!
Mia suggests he be strong for his dad. She will help him get thru it and gives him her hand.
- At the gym, Chadman is pumping iron. Enter Kinsey, whom he calls the pompom princess. She hopes Will is going to like her outfit and the plan is a success! Chad teases anything to hook up with Will! Kinsey does want to win him over, though she claims she will ditch him shortly afterwards. Should they do it now? "Let the games begin!" smirks the Chadman. Kinsey opens her cell. Will soon enters the gym, having
been summoned by Kinsey. She pretends to be upset about her parents maybe getting a divorce. She makes him promise not to tell anyone and would appreciate his advice. She casts him a lost lamb look and coos she needs a friend. Enter Mia, who spies the pair together. Chadman approaches her and asks if she is there for kickboxing. Yes. Chad sees her looking at Will and would like to know if she has told him he is transferring to their school. "Not yet," she says airily. Chad grins that Will seems busy as Mia fumes. Nearby, Will is not sure why Kinsey is confiding in him. She wishes they were friends and invites him for a coffee. She touches his arm as Will's pal walks by and grins. Will suggests she talk to a counselor. She thanks him for listening and walks away. Here comes Will's pal, who laughs when did him and Kinsey get so tight! Will claims he is not interested. Not his type. The pal talks about how Kinsey went all the way with a guy after 2 weeks! Once he is gone, Mia, who has overheard, asks Will what if Kinsey got close to the guy because she was in love with him? Chad is all ears. Mia points out maybe she loved the guy and he promised they would be together forever. Will is confused so Mia elaborates. She is talking about herself. She is not a virgin!
- At the pub, Steph is on her cell, also doing paperwork when the silly goose spills coffee. Roman helps her wipe up and joins her, noting she seems upset. Steph sighs and wonders if it is possible to will yourself to stop loving someone. She hates that she cannot deal with this. Roman has been there and points out it is not an easy thing to deal with  Steph thinks he is sweet but really wants to say I told you so. Uncle Roman tries to comfort self-pitying Steph, who eventually admits there is a
new guy she might be interested in. Steph soon departs and pauses outside the pub, leaving a voice mail for Nathan. Last night was great. Maybe they can do it again sometime ...
- At the hospital, Nathan and Mel talk magazines for the patients. He invites her for a coffee and she gives him the brush off. Maggie, who has seen the whole thing, remarks to Nathan that someone does not seem to be very happy with him! She finds out he went to the concert with Steph as Mel listens. Nathan tells the redhead now is not the time for him to have a relationship anyway. Maggie asks why he keeps looking over at Melanie, in that case! He states he is merely trying to figure out why she is miffed at him and walks off. Maggie approaches Mel, who left the house early that morning. Any reason she is acting coldly toward Nathan? Mel thinks it is for his own good, as he wrongly thinks she is such a good person. The redhead sees what Mel is doing. She is pushing Nathan away as she does not feel worthy of him.
Maggie thinks the world of her but she thinks her seeking out bad boys is a result of her thinking that is all she deserves. Time to break the pattern and find a boy who loves her the way she deserves to be loved. Mel tears up.
Outside, Mel soon joins Nathan and makes nice. She tells the story of the new intern who wanted to hang out with her. She only turned him down cos she assumed he would not like her if he got to know her better. Maybe she will ask him out herself. Would he like to hang out with her, she asks, her eyes moist. He retorts he has no time for games and starts to leave, until Mel asks him to hear her out. She realizes she has a reputation, yet things are different with him. "I like myself when I'm around you. That's unusual for me, liking myself." Nathan states
his current focus is his career and he has no time for distractions. She now lets him know she only held back as she thought she was not
good enough for him and excuses herself. She will see him back at the hospital. Nathan stops her. They should give dinner another shot and
no interruptions this time. Mel happily agrees.
- At her hotel room, Meredith opens the door to Stefano. He hands her a flower and says he is there to wish her a proper farewell. She thanks him for the grant. He apologizes for dredging up sad memories. Meredith says she has managed to find closure. When Stefano probes, she gleefully announces that she has ensured Samantha will soon find out everything Rafe ever did to Emily! The phoenix nods in approval. How did Samantha respond? Meredith explains she wrote her a letter, which was picked up by messenger just this morning. At that very moment, an envelope is slid under Sami's apartment door!
- Nicole returns home to DiMera mansion, where Elvis is working. Syd is in her playpen. Where was she? Nicole tries to sidestep but Elvis wants answers. Where was she all morning? He thinks she is keeping secrets. Her response is to sarcastically say he is comparing her to Samantha. She now says she was shopping for Syd and was surprised he was suspicious. Elvis assures her he loves and adores her.
- Meanwhile, Sami angrily stands over Grace's new gravestone, calling EJ names for what he has done.  Rafe assures her they can have it changed. Sami does not understand why he is such a vindictive son of
a b*tch, but she will not let him get away with this!
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole kiss. Ding dong! Samantha calling! EJ opens the door and she flies at him. "You son of a b*tch!" she seethes, loyal Rafe standing by her side. The pair enter and she rages. "How dare you do that!" Elvis retorts she was his daughta.
Nicole rushes in to play peacemaker. EJ wants to know who told Sami, seeing as he only had the gravestone changed last night! Sami pauses. No one. She found out herself when she went to visit Grace. Elvis
starts to talk about his lost daughta. Rafe points out he also has a very much living daughter who needs him and yet he continues to be so obsessed with Grace. He suggests he stop tormenting Sami. Elvis yells he never knew his daughta so Sami yells back that is because his family goes around murdering people! Master Elvis orders them both to leave. Before they do, Sami warns Nicole to take her daughter and run, while tough guy Rafe is more blunt. "Stay the hell away from us!" The
couple now depart.
- Later on, grinning Stefano has returned and quietly informs Nicole "The deed is done. Fait accompli. Samantha and Rafael will be torn apart forever!" Time to celebrate. Nicole uncomfortably rejoins Elvis
in the living room. He is very sorry she had to endure the wrath of Samantha. Nicole tells him he should not be surprised she was furious. Elvis explodes and warns her to stop empathizing. "That girl deserves
to be punished." And he will make sure that is what she gets! Nicole mutters to herself that is probably happening as they speak ...
- Back at home, Sami opens Meredith's letter and proceeds to read!

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"This cell will be your home until you go to trial," Bo tells a frustrated Dan.

Talk to Chloe about what?

Whether or not I forgive her.

"What if it wasn't even her daughter who died!" Nicole exclaims to EJ.

Sami looks at reading Rafe. "It's about Emily. Tell me it's not true."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Kate stands over Dr. Dan in his cell. He comes to his feet. What is
she doing there? She wanted to watch him suffer for what he did to
her. He told her he loved her, she says, teary-eyed. He saved her life and then ruined her son's! She cries and starts to kiss him. Dan now stands up for real and Kate blinks back to reality with a start. "What
the hell are you doing!" demands the doc. He knows what she did to Chloe and he will not let her die! Black widow Kate taunts he is too late! Dan does not buy it. Someone would have called him. Kate now claims she may not be officially dead, though she is brain dead. Kate gloats that whoever wished to get rid of the girl must be feeling much better! "Are you, Kate?" he drawls. She points out she cared more for him than that brain dead s*ut did. Dan reminds her Chloe is not brain dead, she is in a coma. Kate leers her blue eyes will never open again and she will vegetate forever, as he will stay in his jail cell. Daniel remarks Kate seems so proud of what she has done! She states she
and Lucas are heartbroken. He accuses her of wanting Chloe dead
and wanting him to take the fall. She accuses him of preying on his patients. It is all his fault! He was her hero at one point. When she
was on her death bed, was he already involved with Chloe? He advises her to look into his eyes for the truth. He would never have done such
a thing. Kate recalls how Chloe made a vow to God to remain with Lucas and then decided to run away with Dan, which means the two
of them broke said vow. Kate now claims what happened may have been God's punishment. Dan drawls if there were such a thing as
God's punishment, then she would be facing eternity in hell! He talks her vengeance. Tsk tsk tsk. He stares her down and declares this is
not just about Lucas. She should at least be honest with herself about wanting revenge on Dan for hurting her. She loved him, he knows.
She claims she was using him. Dan prods and she accuses him of wearing a wire. Dan removes his shirt to prove he is not and grabs her hand. "Frisk me!" Kate flashes back to their passion and gasps the only comfort she is getting from this is knowing that he will never touch anyone ever again! She now yells for the guard, desperate to get away from the source of her OBSESSION!
- At the hospital, Lucas is in sleeping Chloe's room. He stares as the machine starts to make a strange noise. Enter Dr. Nathan, who takes care of it and then hugs Lucas hello. False alarm. Lucas asks how long she will be comatose. The doctor has no idea. Lucas feels she would hate to be left like this. Nathan says they need to give it time, for it is premature for Lucas, her next of kin, to make a decision on her state. After all, medical miracles do happen. Lucas doubts it. Exit Nathan. Lucas now addresses Chloe. He was looking at their wedding pictures and he had been happy. He angrily says Daniel said they were planning to run away together and leave him and his kids. If that is true, then
she deserves to die and rot in hell! Enter Father Matt, who seems to have overheard. He has come to administer the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. Lucas asks if he convinced Chloe to marry him. The priest can say only that the decision was Chloe's. Livid Lucas wants to know why God would want Chloe to marry a man she did
not love! Father Matt explains Chloe told him many times that she did love Lucas. He thanks the padre for the info. Father Matt promises to pray for them both and adds the only way to find peace is to forgive. Lucas only wishes he knew how ...
- At the park, Phil informs Stephanie that leaving him was the right decision. She should walk away and never look back! She quips he cannot tell her what to do. Besides, she is there for a concert. What
has happened? She encourages him to talk to her so she can help. The prodigal son insists he is protecting her. From what? He admits one of his men died tonight. A family man. He had to break the news to his widow. Steph knows he will take care of them cos he is one of the
good guys. Then why did she break the engagement? She could not
live with what he does. She thinks he should walk away from it all. Steph goes on, and she is talking so fast she sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks! She believes Phil should ignore papa Vic and do what he feels is right in his heart. Nathan approaches and uncomfortable intros are made. Phil wishes them goodnight and departs. Steph now drags Nath to the concert. They drink wine on a park bench and he makes toasts, also thanking her for saving his job. Steph does not tell him that Mel was actually the one who did that(?!) Nathan asks how she likes working at the hospital. Chipmunk Steph boasts she practically grew
up in one and now works with great people. Like him. Nathan smiles and toasts to that.
- At the house of Kiriakis, pensive Phil has a visitor. Tis Carlo's widow Joyce, who is there to anxiously apologize. She assures Mr. Kiriakis
she had spoken in grief and praises the family for treating Carlo well. She blames only the man who shot him and assures the heir apparent that she did not mention Carlo working for the Kiriakis clan when questioned by the police. Phil is not surprised, politely takes it all in,
and thanks her for coming. He again says he is sorry and closes the door as she nervously departs.
- Replay of Ari's delivery. She introduces Bob the "beverage supplier" to Brady after he puts the cash in his back pocket. Bob, she explains, brought by a wine delivery. Brady offers to help her with inventory.
She takes him up on the offer and they get to work as Bob watches. Brady excuses himself for a moment to make a work phone call
outside. Bob thinks that guy will be trouble. Ari replies she will handle him. Brady soon is back at work alone with Ari. They take a banana milkshake break. She is sorry about the concert, though he states he prefers more depth and passion in his music anyway. He mentions working behind the scenes in the music biz. Ari admits she used to play bass in dinner theatre. She talks about changing some of the pub music and asks him to listen to a band. She turns on some elevator music and Brady states he just got that tune. They start to dance and kiss. The song ends. Brady now offers to unload the big new box that has just been delivered, Ari panics and says no! She covers by claiming it was the wrong delivery and must be sent back unopened. Most has been done so Brady says hasta maniana and kisses her goodnight. Once he is gone, Ari hastily opens the box and opens one of the wine bottles, which contains white powder. She dabs her finger and takes a taste.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole has a 6 month birthday cake for Sydney. The almost mother blows out the candles for her and wonders where her daddy is ...
- At the cemetery, Elvis approaches Grace's grave with roses. There
are other flowers on her gravestone and when he moves them aside, he is enraged to see the last name on her gravestone is BRADY.
- Morose Elvis returns to DiMera mansion. Enter Nicole and Sydney. He is sorry he lost track of time. He went to see Grace, as it is her half birthday as well. He complains the name of her gravestone is Grace Rafaela Brady, but she is really Grace DiMera and he will make sure
no one forgets it! Nicole looks uncomfortable and hands him Syd. She starts to cry so Nicole takes her back. They proceed to open her presents. Mother Goose. EJ smiles and says his wife and daughter
mean the world to him. Nicole sadly reminds him Grace is gone. There is nothing more he can do for her. "We'll see about that," says he. He places a call and barks about a headstone emergency. He wants the proper marker on his daughta's grave! Immediately, regardless of the cost! Nicole returns, having left Syd with maid Mary. She wonders
why he went to the cemetery. He wanted to remember what Samantha took from him! Why? Because he had a dream about Samantha.Nicole is visibly annoyed. Was it a fantasy? No, it was the haunting of his subconscious and it drives him insane! He wants her exorcised from
his life! Nicole calls him obsessed. He insists he only went to the cemetery to remind himself of what that woman did to him and he intends to do right by his daughta. Nicole wonders what it is really about. Elvis lets her know he is leaving now, to ensure the changing of Grace's gravestone. Nicole angrily wants to know if this is really about Grace, yet gets no answer. Distracted EJ walks out. He makes for the cemetery, where he tells the shoveling caretaker he will finish the task. Nicole arrives and sadly observes him at work. Elvis is soon done and gently touches the new gravestone which reads Grace DIMERA, lamenting that if he had known she was his, he would have done everything to save her. "Damn your mother!" he cries, suddenly breaking the old gravestone bearing the Brady name. "Damn you!"
he curses Sami ...

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Maggie tells Mel "You're pushing Nathan away because you don't
think you're worthy of him."
Elvis addresses nervous Nicole. "I feel that you're withholding something from me ..."
"He is a vindictive son of a bitch and I am not gonna let him get away with this!" Sami exclaims to Rafe.
Stefano faces Meredith, who leers "I made sure that Samantha Brady will find out everything that Rafe ever did to Emily!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Slick Phil is at the pub, on his cell, having heard from his man Carlo. Carlo staggers down some stairs and gasps that there has been a complication. Phil realizes it is bad. Is he at the pier? Carlo says not
on the phone and hangs up. He has a blood stain on his white shirt, from a bullet wound. Phil frantically tries to call. Along comes Brady, who wonders what is going on. Phil rushes out.
- At Dan's cell, replay of Daniel insisting Chloe was gonna leave
Lucas for him. Lucas tells him to shut up. Dan suggests he leave, but
he knows part of Lucas senses he is telling the truth. Therefore, he knows he would never hurt her, so then who would want his wife
dead! Lucas tells him Kate did not poison Chloe. Dan says she sure
did. Lucas calls for the guard as Dan repeats this is the doing of Kate and if he does not get out of this place, Chloe will die - unless Lucas saves her. The guard opens the cell and Lucas walks away.
- At Chloe's hospital bedside, Kate continues to whisper taunts and
asks if Chloe was thinking of Daniel on her wedding night. Besides, if she had wanted Daniel, why marry Lucas? "You made me do what I did," she adds, just at Hope enters and she would like to know what that means!  Kate turns around, regaining her composure. Hope thinks that sounded like a confession. Kate states she was referring to the fact that she lied to her son about the affair and covered for Chloe. Hope notes she must have hated Chloe. Kate accuses her of putting words in people's mouths. Hope apologizes and holds up her recorder. Now
Kate can tell her side of the story. Would she like an attorney? It appears not, for they later sit and Kate has her say. She feels Daniel was driven to the crime because Chloe chose Lucas over him. Hope brings up the fact that Kate was involved with him, too. Did he seem obsessive then as well? No. Hope notes it sounds like he did not react
as strongly to losing Kate as he did to losing Chloe, in that case, and then apologizes for the remark. Kate's eyes flicker. Hope wants to
know why Kate did not inform Lucas of the affair between Dan and Chloe. She claims she was worried how he would react and still is! Hope suspiciously stares as Kate says Chloe is almost gone anyway
and she feels she will not be coming back. Kate adds she will tell Lucas
she dropped by ... Hope states she is not leaving and alludes to the fact that she does not think Kate should be spending so much time alone with Chloe. She steps away and Kate's cell rings. Tis Lucas. He needs to see her now, but somewhere private. "I know what you did!" he exclaims. Kate looks worried.
- Kate later waltzes into the Kiriakis mansion, where Lucas awaits, staring at a bottle of booze. He accuses her of feeling he is not strong enough to resist the booze or even lead his own life. Kate reminds him she warned him not to marry Chloe. Lucas is none too pleased that three of them withheld from him that Chloe had cheated! Kate claims she went thru hell trying to protect him. He is mad she thought he
could not handle the truth. But Daniel has enlightened him and he now knows the truth. Chloe wanted the doc and the only reason she stayed
with Lucas was due to her deal with God. And yet Kate purposely paired them together on the show! Plus, she knocked the deviled egg out of his hand. He now accuses her of poisoning Chloe!
- At the hospital, Mel joins Nathan, who is sleepily reading about comas. She hands him a coffee. She has a shift tonight so they will not be able to hang out. So much for that concert in the park! Nathan tells her he appreciates her making Maggie feel better. He smiles he still owes her and watches after her as she gets back to work. Nathan soon gets back to work and Steph gets busy with files she high handedly tells him she has taken care of for him. He appreciates her hard work. Steph orders him to go home to sleep and talks a mile a minute about people working too hard. Nathan pauses. When does she get off? He has two tickets for a concert in the park. She thinks it is too soon He says they can go as friends. Steph agrees. Steph later approaches Mel, looking
for Nathan. Mel replies he has left and said he would call her. Steph shows he forgot to sign out. Mel suggests she do it for him. Steph does not think she can pull of his signature so Mel does it. "Voila!" Nathan later rushes in and informs Steph he forgot to sign out. Meanwhile, Lexie is lecturing new interns on the importance of paperwork. Lexie would like to see his sheet and shows the newbies that all is in order. Nathan is surprised. After smiling Lexie walks off. Nathan asks Steph how he is shown as having signed out. Steph will say only that he has friends!
- At the park, Ari walks and talks with the big drug dealer she just paid. He alludes to the fact that she is a dealer as well and no one would suspect it. Only problem is, she attracts those do-gooder types. She promises to run everything thru the pub and hands him more money and a sample. She talks tough that the shipment had better be good
and tells him to scram. He does and gives back the sample. "This one's on me." He now departs but Bo arrives on scene and asks Ari how it's going. She hides the sample behind her back and forces a smile. She replies she is just getting some air and slips the sample in her purse. How are things at the pub? Great. Caroline is awesome. Bo is pleased. Ring ring! Bo gets a call summoning him to the Kiriakis warehouse and takes off as Brady arrives with a picnic basket. Brady makes a call to Phil, who has just arrived at the Kiriakis warehouse, but does not answer.
- At the Kiriakis warehouse, Phil finds Carlo collapsed on the ground in pain. Carlo thinks he should not be there. The cops are already on their way. Phil takes Carlo's cell and calls 911. They need an ambulance pronto cos a man has been shot! Phil gives his name. He applies pressure to the gaping wound in Carlos' side and laments he is still bleeding. Sirens are heard. Carlo has lost a great deal of blood. He asks Phil to look after his wife. The paramedics race in with the cops, including big Bo, who shakes his head at the prodigal son. The paramedics wheel Carlo off as Phil promises to call his wife and meet him at the hospital. But he is now unconscious and hears nothing. Phil sighs. Bo asks if he has kids. Two. Bo calls it a family business and who could have a problem with that! Phil wants Bo to find out who
did this. Bo replies it is always a stooge and he will never find out anything about anything. All he ever has is two old men with airtight alibis and their loyal sons. He cannot help such criminal families cos it always ends up being an exercise in futility. Bo points out at least he
can sleep well at night. "What about you, Philip Kiriakis? You gonna
be able to sleep tonight?"
- Back at the park, Brady and Ari enjoy their picnic. He talks about being in recovery and she notes he is relaxed. He remarks that being
out on a beautiful night with a beautiful woman helps. Ari smiles he is smooth and he kisses her. He then admits he is nuts about her. She
calls him a good kisser. He grins he is having a great night. She agrees. Brady reaches for the dessert he brought and accidentally knocks over her purse, The contents spill out, including the drug sample! He does not appear to see it and Ari hastily piles the items back in her purse.
He teases she must have something in there to make her so possessive and reaches for the dessert. Ari stands up, only to find she has received a text message. "Shipment en route to the Brady pub." She now asks for a glass of wine and appears to purposely spill it on herself, adding she should go and get changed She thanks him for the evening, and gives him a kiss goodnight. Brady is baffled as it is early. Ari walks off and places a call on her cell. "I'm on my way."
- At the hospital, men in black Bo and Phil arrive, only to learn that Carlo died en route. Off the record, Phil tells Bo that his man bled to death because he would not call for help. He called the family first, as per the chain of command. Bo wonders how his wife and kids will feel about that. Phil replies Vic will take care of them. Bo wonders if that is a good thing. He leaves to consult with the medical examiner and admits that while Phil might have tried to do the right thing, with such a family it is doomed to be a losing proposition. Phil sits and sadly closely his eyes. Mel walks over and asks if he is okay. Moments later, Joyce comes to see hubby Carlo. Phil has bad news and slowly shakes his head. Mel sadly watches from a distance but must get back to work. Joyce senses what has happened and slaps Philip, who starts to say Carlo was like family. They will take care of her. She screams and
asks Phil how he can live with himself. "Because of you and your family, he's dead!" She screams at Phil to get away from her so he obliges, sincerely muttering he is sorry.
- Back at the slammer, Hope solemnly approaches Daniel's cell. The doc desperately asks after Chloe.There has been no change. According to Kate, the prognosis is not good. Daniel begs for the cops to place a guard in the room with Kate or Chloe will die! She informs him Kate is aware of what he has been saying about her. Therefore, she will not make a move against Chloe. Dan is hopeful as he realizes she believes him, though Officer Hope is quick to point out what the D.A. thinks matters more. Her cell rings on another case so she must take her
leave. "Hang in there," she says encouragingly.
- At the house of Kiriakis, Kate gets weepy over the fact that Lucas would take the word of a man who slept with his wife that she is a murderer. Lucas states it makes sense. Was she trying to kill two birds with one stone? And why would Daniel have left evidence all over the place?! Kate reminds him to look at what Daniel and Chloe did to him, but Lucas says she should look at what she did to him! "You turned
me into your damn lapdog and you ran my life by remote control!" Mommy dearest claims she wanted him to be happy. Lucas claims everything she ever does is only for herself and storms off, leaving
Kate in tears. She stops him and begs him to take back his accusation. She loved Chloe and was tormented that she cheated on him. She cries at his suggestion that she would hurt her. Lucas admits he might not be thinking too clearly right now and departs.
- Mel heads to Kiriakis mansion to find Phil, only to be told by butler Henderson that the young master is not at home. She wonders where
he could be, for he is not even answering his cell ...
- Phil sits alone in the park when Steph happens by. They look at each other. He is glad to see her. He has something important to say ...
- At the pub, Ari receives a big delivery box. She gives the deliveryman a wad of cash. Enter Brady, who remarks they are still open and asks who the guy is. Ari looks down.
- At the hospital, Lucas visits sleeping Chloe and asks her why, why, why!
- Meanwhile, resting Daniel has a visitor in the person of high heeled black widow Kate. She stands over the prisoner who has not yet seen her, her expression filled with venom ...!

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"This never ends. You are obsessed with Sami again!" Nicole tells EJ.
"You're one of the good guys whether you like it or not," Steph assures Phil.
Ari smiles to Brady she is really glad he came. "So am I," he breathes.
"I am not gonna let Chloe die," Dan vows to Kate, who whispers that he is too late!
"You deserve to die," Lucas seems to say to sleeping Chloe, as Father Matt watches. "You deserve to rot in hell!"

Monday, August 3, 2009


Stefano thinks that Meredith should share what she knows of Rafe! Meredith, however, is reluctant to do so. Stefano announces he will lighten the burden for her by telling Samantha himself and starts to leave, adding that to inform Rafe's new woman of what he did is the humane thing to do. Meredith stops him and points out she already warned Sami about Rafe. Ah, but did she give her the details? That would be her responsibility, to prevent yet another woman from falling victim. Exit Stefano, promising to be in touch. Meredith stares at the phone, then picks up a piece of hotel stationary, and proceeds to write. 'Dear Miss Brady,
I feel it's my responsibility to tell you what happened the day my sister  - Rafael's fiancee - died. Then you'll understand this was no accident... My motives are pure, Miss Brady. I only want to protect you and if I can spare you a similar fate, perhaps my sister's death won't be in
vain. So here's what you need to know ... If only my sister had known what Rafe was really like, maybe she'd be with us ..."
- Meanwhile, Rafe lies awake as Sami sleeps. The cell phone rings. Sami wakes up and answers to shocking news. Caroline has told her that Chloe is in hospital, comatose, as someone attempted to poison
her. Sami tries to call Will, who is more than likely at the hospital with his father. No answer. She gasps this will be too much for her kids, after all they have had to deal with lately. What can she say to them? Rafe believes one must simply treasure each moment with loved ones. Sami is later dressed and leaves a desperate voice mail for Lucas. She angrily tells Rafe that Chloe is a fake who had cheated on Lucas. Rafe points out she is in a coma. "It's her fault!" says Sami. "She brought
this on herself!" She gets testy when Rafe wonders if Lucas might have poisoned her. Daniel is suspected, as they had been involved. Sami believes it was him, too. Rafe points out he tried to save lives. Sami remarks betrayal by a lover can make one do crazy things. She assures him she did not mean him and Emily, though. Little Aly now toddles
out and Sami hastily tells her that Chloe is in the hospital, but it will be fine and they will all be there to help out. Rafe states he will be there, too. "Always."
- In Chloe's hospital room, Brady and Nicole declare they have each other and will be there for Chloe together.Nicole asks how it happened. Brady explains Chloe was poisoned. Nicole is stunned and wonders
who would have done that to her. Brady informs her Dr. Dan has been arrested. Nicole is surprised, as those two were in love! Brady is caught off guard to hear that Chloe admitted to her best friend that she was
still in love with Daniel. He shakes his head. "Wow." Nicole adds there recently seemed to be another woman. Brady now comes clean about Dan confiding in him, and he never said anything about someone new. He had said he was deeply in love with Chloe. Nicole wonders what would have made Chloe feel he had a new woman in his life. They decide that she is the only one who can tell them what really happened. Nicole is worried she might never wake up. They both doubt Daniel
did it, but Nicole states she would believe it of Kate! Who would put it past her?
- In Dan's cell, Lucas cannot believe what he is hearing! His own mother tried to kill his wife?! The doc smoothly states that pretty soon, everyone will know it. Lucas loses his cool. Dan suggests he use his head. Lucas exclaims Chloe saved his mother's life. Dan talks revenge. Kate knew of his affair with Chloe and intended to make them both pay. Livid Lucas now suspects Dan is trying to make himself look incompetent to avoid standing trial. Hence the absurd theory. Besides, she did not know about them. Dan explains Kate knew about them for months and kept him in the dark, for fear that it would make him fall off the wagon. Lucas finds it strange that she would have hired both Chloe and the doc for the show. It makes no sense. Dan agrees and suggests she had an agenda even then. She is motivated by revenge. Lucas insists she is motivated by her children. Dan believes she did
this for her son. She would do anything to protect her children. "Including murder!" He tells the tale of the wicked Kate and how she must have cleverly set the whole thing up. Lucas does not buy it and calls him twisted. In his view, Daniel and Chloe are the villains. He accuses Dan of attempting to kill his wife and frame his mother for the crime. Dan begs him to consider that his mother has been increasingly bitter. Lucas shouts at Dan and calls him a sexual predator. He also knows he now has someone new! Dan wonders who he means. Lucas retorts he is referring to the new girl he has been keeping around. The one who was at his place before he poisoned Chloe! Dan is perplexed. What the heck is he talking about? Lucas tells him they found the scarf in his apartment. He accuses him of wanting Chloe dead. His mom is not evil! Besides, Chloe was onto him. Lexie said Chloe did not want him to treat her and it must have been because she knew he was trying to kill her! Dan now realizes that talking to Lucas has been a waste of time. Mad Lucas lets his mouth roll off more insults. Dan grabs him by the scruff of the neck. If he does not want his wife to die, he must do everything he says!
- Kate walks down the stairs at the house of Kiriakis and is stopped
near the door by Vic. "Fleeing the scene of the crime?" Kate sighs impatiently. He saw the cab outside loading her luggage and advises
her it will look guilty if she goes on the run. Then again, she is guilty! "You are a treacherous bastard," she hisses. She is just leaving the house, not Salem. He thinks it is just as well, given what she is trying
to do to his godson. "I want you out of the house, out of my sight!"  Kate will send for the rest of her things and plans to stay with Lucas. "Brilliant idea!" taunts Victor. He imagines Lucas would be delighted
to have mommy dearest stay at the house he just had built for his beautiful bride ... "The one you poisoned!" Kate says he will never know and she never did anything to Chloe. The Greek tycoon cackles the only way he would find out the truth would be if he told him! Kate moans that Victor has turned on her and he reminds her she crossed
the line this time. He is well aware of the fact that she did this only for herself. Daniel rejected her for a younger woman. "This whole thing was about your shattered ego, wasn't it!" Kate is visibly upset and warns him to stop. She insists it is about her son and that sl*t who betrayed him. Victor notes she did not even bother to tell Lucas, but chose instead to take a life. Kate suddenly decides she might go and
live with Philip instead of Lucas. Vic gives her a dangerous look. "Predictable." She reminds him that Philip loves her and would hate
his father were he to turn her in! Does she want their precious Phil to lose both parents? Vic reluctantly agrees not to turn her in, for Philip's sake, and she may remain there, if she so desires. Victor does not want his son go thru any more turmoil. But, he warns, if any more evidence comes up, he will not protect her! Enter Brady, who has seen the cab outside. Kate smiles she had been thinking of moving out, though Vic sweetly talked her out of it. Brady says he is glad. Kate flounces off. Brady now asks Vic what that was all about! The Greek tycoon later ends a call and tells Brady he must get back to work. Brady asks why Kate would want to move out. Vic explains she had planned to move
in with Lucas to help him and she also assumed he wanted her out. Brady becomes suspicious and would like to know where she got that idea. Vic claims Kate merely misunderstood. He does admit, however, that she has made some mistakes lately. Brady takes it all in ...
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole finds Stefano with a cocktail. "Virgin Mary," he answers. "Perhaps you would prefer the bloody kind?" He notes she appears in low spirits. Nicole laments her best friend is in a coma. They discuss her misfortune. The phoenix tries to lift Nicole's spirits with the announcement that there will be no more worries of
one Rafael Hernandez. Nicole nervously asks what happened. "All you need to know is it is done. Fait accompli!" She wonders if Sami being upset earlier was somehow connected. Was he responsible for that?
The phoenix will say only that Samantha and Rafe's trouble is just beginning. But why is she not jumping for joy? Nicole retorts she has changed her mind and would rather he NOT go after Rafe!
- In Chloe's hospital room, Kate leers she is pale and still and yet her cold heart beats on. For the time being, she must be content with that. She wonders if Chloe, in her half-dead state, can hear what people say to her ... She thinks  that if Chloe had loved Lucas the way she was supposed to, they would have been happy, and she and Daniel might have found their way back to each other! She considers for a moment. "Maybe not. But at least he wouldn't have dismissed me the way he did," she seethes, "humiliated me and my son!"
- Back in Dan's cell, Lucas refuses to take orders from the exasperated doc, who insists he must keep Kate away from Chloe if he wishes to save her! He also needs Lexie to visit him, as he has ideas on how to treat Chloe. Lucas refuses to help. Daniel warns if he does not, she will not recover. Lucas does not listen. Dan changes his approach. If Chloe survives, she will inform Lucas that she and Dan are eternally in love, "and she is going to leave you for me!" Lucas angrily insists Chloe wanted him out of her sight. Everyone saw the tension. Daniel says
they were planning to start a new life together and Chloe will tell him just that when she wakes up ...
- Back in Chloe's hospital room, Kate says Daniel was always elusive, even before she was in the picture. Perhaps her feelings were stronger for him than his were for her. Kate admits it was humiliating but still
his touch was so gentle and passionate. She was falling in love with
him, but now neither of them will have him ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano is none too pleased to hear
Nicole's about-face. Rafe will discover her secrets and she will lose everything. It is not a risk, it is a forgone conclusion without his plan! He demands to know what has caused her change of heart. Is it just because she fears Rafe's exit from the picture will free Samantha for Elvis? Nicole says no, as he will never forgive Sami for lying about his baby. The phoenix thunders she has more to lose, as her deception
was treacherous!  He sees Nicole simply feels guilty and she admits it. They argue and Stefano tells her she must never look back!
- Chez Sami, she and Rafe agree to love and trust each other. Sami hopes she will not screw things up. Rafe grins they are indestructible.
- Meanwhile, Meredith sits with the letter she has just written. "Rafe will think this is my revenge. He'll think this is the end. And he'll be wrong  ...!"

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Kate whispers about what she did as Hope enters the room behind her. "What exactly did you do, Kate?"
"Do you really love her or are you willing to just let her die?"
Dan asks Lucas.
"Damn it, Philip, pick up the phone!" sighs Brady.
Phil makes a frantic phone call. "911. This is an emergency!"
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