Days of Our Lives August 9, 2010
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Monday, August 9, 2010 
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Sami gets duped, Hope gets booked, Brady gets drunk!

- At DiMera mansion, Sami admires the engagement ring from EJ. Ding dong! Tis Roman, there to let her know they have arrested a couple of people tonight, regarding the muggings and attack on Bo. The first name he mentions is Dr. Richard Baker! Then Hope. Sami is stunned. But Baker had no pulse! He was dead!  Roman drawls as a doctor, he would have known how to fake the symptoms of death. Sami wonders about Hope. Roman explains she experienced side effects with sleeping pills.
He is concerned about Ciara. Sami offers to help. She is utterly livid over Baker. Roman reminds her he has in fact been arrested, but Sami deduces that will not be enough for EJ. She is in a hurry to get to the station. First Roman would like to talk. Caroline updated him on EJ's proposal. What happened between her and EJ? She explains they both care about their children, end of story. Roman laments how does she think he would feel as a parent, watching her get sucked into the DiMera family. He warns
her kids will suffer greatly, as well ...
- At the station, Dick Baker is led into a room by a cop and left alone. He complains he could use a lawyer. EJ awaits and stands up. "I'm a lawyer, Dick!" And he will make sure justice is served! Dick tells the "pompous jerk" to leave, cos he will never be his lawyer. EJ, however, will not be deterred and taunts him with all the files on him. Never say never! Dick calls for a guard but no one comes. EJ takes a seat and smoothly states it is time they got to know one another. Baker wonders why is he there. EJ now coldly calls him a pig for switching babies to support his gambling habit. Baker, however, thinks he owes him for having intervened and enabling him to spend the first year of his baby's life with her. Tis a fact! EJ states maybe it is, and maybe he will spare his life. However, he will want something in return. He smirks and then solemnly orders him to never mention the name Nicole Walker in the course of any interrogation. Baker is flabbergasted. After all she did to him, he intends to protect that bitch? He assumed he hated that woman! All of a sudden EJ notices a third party has slipped into the room. His eyes widen "Samantha!" Sami starts to yell. EJ tries to calm her down. When the doc discovers they are together now, he tells her if she sticks with that one, her life is shot to
hell! Sami quips she refuses to listen to a dead guy! Baker reminds both
EJ and Sami how much she hated him, considered him slimy, and adds that DiMera has not changed. EJ grabs him by the collar and warns he might be inviting a death wish! Sami looks on, rather pleased. Doc Baker quietly mutters at him to back off, cos he kept up his end of the bargain, unbeknownst to the chick!. Enter Roman, who demands to know what is going on. Sami boasts EJ was just defending her. She smugly puts her arms around him, having bought the charade, and they exit together.
- Chez Bo, Carly shows up and Julie cannot tell her more than what she knows - something is terribly wrong!
- Meanwhile, back at the station, Hope asserts to Bo she is a danger to him, her family and friends. Therefore, she needs to go away for a long time! She implores him to do what is best for their daughter and not stand in her way. Bo is clearly upset. Hope believes she had that deep-rooted anger, hence what happened. She cries about Ciara. Bo reassures her that their little girl feels her love. He encourages Hope to fight like the fighter he knows she is! Hope gives him a dark look and exclaims she has always fought for her daughter! She had thought that after the kidnapping, Ciara would be better off with her, but now she sees she would have been far better off without her. Bo retorts she is wrong to think that way. He has always believed in her and always will. Carly enters, having found out he was there. Bo would like a minute. Hope claims they are done. Enter Justin, who has received a message from Brady. Hope wants to tell him what is going on. Bo appears dismayed ...
Hope soon sits alone with Justin and finishes telling him her sad story.
He tries to reassure her, though she insists he not defend her. She blames herself and is so sorry for what she did to him. He patiently points out
she needs a lawyer and is troubled when she declares she will plead guilty. She does not want Ciara to go through testifying, as she has been through too much. Justin wonders how much Ciara knows. That her mommy is going away for a long time, cries Hope. He holds her hand and promises
to check in on Ciara and be there for Hope as well. She woefully admits she does not know how she will be able to face the people she loves and starts to sob.
- Meanwhile, a devastated Doug tells Julie to sit down, as he bears very bad news!
- Down at the pier, Carly asks Bo why he did not tell her what was going on. She catches herself, as she is probably the last person Hope would have wanted to see. They sit on a bench. Bo asks if now that Hope has stopped taking the pills, will she be okay? Carly is not sure how she will deal with what happened. Bo confides he is worried about Ciara and also Hope. Yet now he has learned that there might not be an end to it? Carly replies she believes they will overcome, for he and Ciara and Hope are a family. "There is so much love!" Bo is glad she is here. Carly sighs she feels somewhat responsible for what happened, the chain of events. But she grasps that he needs to think of his daughter and Hope at this time,
not her. He thanks her for understanding. They embrace and exchange
I love you's.
- At the pub, Brady downs a good stiff drink. He flashes back to telling Nicole it was over. Ari comes by and grabs the near empty glass. "What the hell are you doing!" He stands up and tries to order another scotch.
Ari will not allow it. "Gimme my drink!" barks Brady, just as a stunned Mel walks in. Brady blows off their attempts to get through to him. They finally realize what made him fall off the wagon was Nicole. No surprise there. Brady slurs at Arianna to go out and get herself a job. Ari is baffled. He adds her name is clear cos they caught the mugger. He now updates them on Hope's arrest and suggests she go to the station. She leaves to do just that. Mel now asks Brady if he is alright. She gets a text from mama Carly. Brady urges her to go. She gives him a hug and departs after telling him she will always be there for him. Brady takes another drink.
- At the station, Justin walks out of the interrogation room and sees Bo, who admits he should have seen this coming with Hope. Justin snaps he is damn right he should have and saunters off.
- Justin joins Brady at the pub, having just received his message. How is Hope faring? Justin feels she is being brave, more concerned for Ciara than herself. Brady asks him what happened. Justin explains the pills led her to the attacks, although the anger and pain drove her to it. Brady agrees anger and pain can drive a person to do things they could never have imagined and takes another drink.
- Carly meets up with Mel in Maggie's kitchen. She feels terrible about what has happened. It is such a tragedy for all parties, especially Ciara. Melanie gets teary-eyed and calls her kind for always thinking of others. She will look out for her. Carly starts to cry and they embrace. Melanie sweetly  makes her some tea and assures her it was not her fault. Carly, however, points out they were married with kids and maybe they would have been able to work things out.  Mel stops her. She reminds her how she never gave up on her and has such a big heart. She now asks her to see herself the way she does. "Will you give yourself a break!" Carly smiles slightly.
- Bo sits with Hope at the station. Can he get her anything? No. She informs him it is time to go through booking. Bo wants to stay. Enter Roman. Bo declares he will take care of it and leads Hope away.
- At DiMera mansion, Sami loudly tells EJ how impressed she was when he threatened to kill Baker. Had he murdered him on the spot, in fact, she would have cheered. EJ considers, a grin on his face. "Spoken like a true DiMera!" The pair soon return to the sofa and she is laughing at EJ's attempt at a lullaby, not to mention Johnny's blunt honesty. EJ gets close to her and contentedly tells her all they now have between them is the truth ...
- Back at the station, Roman is glad to see Arianna. He is very sorry she was falsely accused by certain powers that be. Arianna thanks him, but he is not the one who owes her the apology ...
- Meanwhile, Hope is fingerprinted and photographed as Bo somberly watches. She stares numbly, aware that only jail awaits ... !

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