Days of Our Lives August 6, 2010
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Friday, August 6, 2010 
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Brady's rage, Carly/Chloe's lies, Hope's arrest!

- At the hospital, Carly tries to stop Dan from speaking with the patient, the once again terrified Chloe. He is determined to make things right and suggests an interpreter. Carly goes on to say that it is not a good idea.
Mel watches. Dan is baffled. He wants Mel to ask Sister Anne to find a translator. Carly explains she can translate if need be but he cannot open the curtain! Why is she so opposed? Because it would upset her. She is from the Middle East and would not be comfortable showing her face to
a strange man. One must respect the customs. Daniel understands, but then why is she having an amnio to determine paternity? Carly replies
she had problems with her husband and turned to another. But now they have reconciled. Dan hopes it all will work out and ushers Mel out. Carly opens the curtain and assures nervous Chloe it is alright. Daniel will not know about the paternity test. Soon it is all over. Chloe wonders if she
will keep quiet regardless of the outcome. Carly looks away. If the baby
is Daniel's, she will not hear another word from her. Chloe thanks her. Once alone, she asks God to please make this baby Daniel's. Carly soon returns. Chloe is overwhelmed, as she has just seen her baby on the ultrasound. They will know the test results on her birthday. Chloe hopes Daniel will not ever know she was there. Carly again reassures her no one will find out. Daniel and Melanie are probably gone by now. Carly admits that if her part in this scheme ever comes out, she cannot imagine how
she will ever face them again!
Out in the hall, Dan feels foolish. He had no idea Carly was working with immigrants. Neither did Mel and she doesn't believe it! She now states she did not mean Carly was lying. She just meant she cannot believe how much she fits in. They both agree she is a great woman. Melanie later overhears Sister Anne lecturing the young nurse for her booboo of mixing up the names. The nun warns it better not happen again! When she sees Mel , she congratulates her for being at the top of her class and offers her a nursing job at St. Mary's when she graduates. Mel is flattered. For now she would rather plan to work with her parents. However, that could change down the road. She marvels that she and her parents found their way back to each other. Sister Anne smiles and Mel promises to let her know if she ever changes her mind. Carly approaches, and learns that
Dan has left  The nun smiles Melanie was just talking about her, and scurries off to an appointment.
- Julie opens Bo's door to Doug. "What's up, baby doll!" She gets him to keep it down, as little Ciara is asleep on the sofa. All she knows is that something very bad has happened! Doug will try and call Hope to find
out what is going on. Ciara wakes up and she wants her mommy! Doug leaves a message for Hope just as Caroline arrives. She has come to apologize after she got a little out of line with Bo and Hope and Carly. There had been something intense going on. Pause. Is everything alright? "No, it's not," laments Doug. Julie sends Ciara to the kitchen for milk and cookies. The three talk, Julie blames Carly for making sure Bo and Hope never had a chance to get back on track. Then she started taking those sleeping pills. Doug had no idea. Caroline points out if Bo hurt Hope that much, what is it doing to Ciara? They are worried. Ciara enters and asks
if her mommy is ever coming back again. Julie sadly hugs her, unable
to answer ...
- At the police station. Baker sees Bo walk in with his ex. Dick stares at her. "Hope!" She turns to look at him. "You know this guy?" asks Bo. Nicole cringes. Brady looks suspicious. Hope looks confused. Dick drawls he knows who she is, though she really does not know him. Hope steps toward him and mutters she does indeed know this man. Baker gulps. Bo asks where she knows him from. Baker plays innocent. Roman barks that this guy is on video buying the stuff to try and torch Bo's place. That is either attempted murder or he is an accomplice. Hope frowns. She does know him. She saw him at the pier one day when she was investigating
the muggings. Baker agrees. Hope cannot remember more. Baker insists she is not involved in any of it. "Yes, I am," murmurs Hope. Bo wants
her to choose her words carefully, and gets Brady and Nicole to step aside. They do, but keep on watching the scene unfold. Hope continues, her eyes haunted. She admits she is the one behind the muggings and she also tried to kill Bo! Dick tries to stop her but Bo tells him to shut up. Roman is baffled. Hope admits she did all the attacks and then planned to kill Bo. Baker exclaims he is a doctor and it is obvious this woman is not well, so ... Roman barks for him to be moved to a chair. He is. Roman quietly asks why she would take a hit for Dick the dirt bag. She whispers
it is true, then tells Bo she is sorry. Roman wonders if this was a ploy to make Baker confess. No, though Bo has deduced he was her accomplice. Roman is rendered speechless. He now asks Hope if she means Baker is an accomplice, not the real perp. She mentions telling Bo things last night. Roman, Bo, and Hope adjourn to an interrogation room, where Roman awaits an explanation. He does not buy she would try to kill his brother and that is why he decides to keep this conversation off the record. Hope states Bo will confirm that she was the one who tried to kill him. Roman warns she could be put away for decades! Bo would like her to get an attorney. She insists she is guilty. Roman still thinks this is a ploy to
entrap Baker. No, says Bo. Roman updates him that is the same Dr. Baker who switched Sami's baby. And he has proof from the store that
he was involved in the attack on Bo. Hope announces Bo has proof that she did it. She implores Bo to show Roman the telltale footage. He sighs and puts the tape on the table. "I made this recording last night. It will explain everything." He remorsefully shakes his head at teary-eyed Hope.
- Nicole starts to talk nervously about what has happened. Brady glares, then rushes Baker and punches him! The cop holds him back. Brady wants to finish him off for giving him drugs. Nicole yells at him to stop. Brady suspects they must be partners in crime. Nicole pretends she is just worried he will get in trouble. He walks off to cool down. Dick is curious why Brady hauled her down there. Is he giving her up for something? Nicole nervously considers. Dick asks if he knows how she framed his girlfriend. His guess is that if Brady knows, he is telling the cops right now! Brady suddenly approaches and asks Nicole to leave with him.
She does. Baker sighs.
- In the hospital staff lounge, Carly hands Mel a coffee and asks what
she was discussing with Sister Anne. Mel states how proud she is of her
mom - and her volunteer work. Carly hopes she will always feel that way and gets a woeful look in her eye. Mel wonders why she wouldn't feel
that way.
Meanwhile, a fully dressed Chloe has made her great escape into the elevator but steps out when she is nor sure if she has her phone. Dan comes around the corner. What is she doing there? Chloe plays it cool, pretending she just came by, as she wanted to spend the rest of the day with him. She holds up the opera tickets. He is curious how she knew he was at St. Mary's. She replies she called to ask the hospital his schedule. He is flattered she went through such trouble. They embrace and she murmurs she would do anything for him ...
- Chez Nicole, she confidently returns with Brady and thanks him for not saying anything to the cops about the bank account. He coldly states he felt it best to say what he had to say in private. She thanks him and kisses him. He does not respond. She notices. "Brady?" He demands to know how she got the big money. Did she blackmail someone? Nicole swears she is not lying. He tells her to stop. She says she loves him. He tosses
the crumpled wire transfer statement and growls she is a true whore, as she sold her soul long before she sold her body! She lies and cheats and steals just to get what she wants. He bitterly adds he let himself believe in her. He wrongly assumed his love could change her. Nicole whispers for him to stop. "You are dead to me!" says he and pushes her away. He makes for the door. Nicole cries and pleads for him not to leave, running to him. Disgusted, Brady pushes her away again and declares what they had is OVER. Once he is gone, Nicole collapses to the floor, sobbing
after him.
- Back at the station, Roman watches Hope's very strange videotaped confession. Bo fills him in on the bizarre side effects of the pills she was taking. She had no conscious idea of what she was doing. Roman does
not comprehend why she would mug people. Bo forwards it to the part where Hope claims the only man she wanted was Bo and the only way to have peace was to see him dead! Hope sits in silence. They continue watching. Roman presses stop when the Hope on the video screams she hates Bo. Roman has heard enough. Hope stands up and tells Roman she loves him as one of her best friends. She cries she is sorry she hurt him. Roman walks over and gives sobbing Hope a hug. "We are good," says
he. Bo now thinks he should apologize. It is because of what he did that
all this happened. She retorts it is her fault, for she was the attacker. He, however, blames himself for driving her to it. Hope will not listen. "You and Roman know what you need to do. Arrest me." She now wants a moment with Bo. Exit Roman. Hope bravely says she knows what the commissioner must do and calmly insists he read her her rights. He does just that, his eyes filled with torment. "Hope Brady, you're under arrest
for six counts of assault and battery, robbery, and for the attempted murder of a police officer ...!"

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"You set us up, you sick bastard!" Sami accuses Baker, as EJ looks on.
"I deserve to suffer for what I've done," Hope informs Justin.
"Gimme my drink!" Brady rages at Arianna just as a shocked Mel enters the pub.
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