Days of Our Lives August 5, 2010
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Detailed Day Ahead for Thursday, August 5, 2010 
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- At the hospital, Carly and Mel wonder why they are each there. Carly says she is there to be with a friend. "Somebody I know?" innocently
asks Mel. Carly stammers it is a long story. But what is Melanie doing there? Mel proceeds to tell her of the medical consult she will soon be observing. Along comes Sister Anne, pleasantly surprised to find out they are a hospital mother/daughter work team. The nun smiles she was just speaking with her father, Dr. Jonas. Carly is horrified to hear he is there for a consult, which he is now doing for a burn victim. Carly points out that would be on the 4th floor. No. He is in fact on this floor. The nun remarks Melanie will be a wonderful nurse, as health care is in her genes. She stops the passing nurse, who informs her Dr. Jonas is with the patient Miss Scott. Carly suddenly freezes. "Miss Scott!" That is her patient!
The nun explains it is a coincidence. There are 2 Miss Scotts there, with
a similar first name. She now gets paged by a priest. Mel sees Carly is frazzled. Carly asks her to get a few sodas. Once she is left there alone, she probes the nurse, who is confused. "Where did you send Dr. Jonas?" Moments later, Mel returns with the sodas. Carly is gone, the nun is back. Sister Anne praises her parents for being generous with their time. Mel tells her the story of finding her folks recently. Sister Anne perceives something is wrong. Mel thinks Carly seems nervous today. Sister Anne believes her mother is just worried and then gets paged away. Mel now asks the nurse where Dr. Carly Manning went. The nurse makes a face and complains about the mistake she made ...
Meanwhile, Dr. Dan starts to open the curtain in Chloe's room. Chloe desperately hangs on, keeping it shut. Dan informs shy patient "Donna" that they really need to open it. He will consult on her surgery so he must see her. Is she ready? Silence. He tries to put her at ease. No luck. Well, would it be alright if they at least spoke through the curtain? Still no luck. He brings up the fact that someone close to him will understand and maybe she can talk to her. Her name is Chloe ... Chloe grabs her purse and hastily turns off her phone before it rings! He leaves a message he
will catch her later and tells "Donna" it is his beautiful fiancee. He is sure he can connect with this patient, though he needs to see her. He starts to talk about how much her family loves her, cos he is like that with his family. Chloe gets teary-eyed and gasps. "Your voice," says Dan. "Do I know you?" He assures her his only purpose is to help her. He raises his hand to open the curtain again when Carly rushes in. "Daniel, wait!" This is Dana Scott, not Donna. There are two Scotts. Daniel is baffled. Carly fibs Miss Scott is married to an American, but she herself knows little English. She brought her in. She tells him where his exam room is and suggests he check at the desk. Dan saunters out. Chloe now laments to Carly how wonderful he sounded but what if he sees her! Carly vows he will not and walks out.
Back in her room, Chloe looks up at a picture of the Madonna and child, and touches her tummy.
At the desk, Dan thanks Carly for informing him where his patient was. Carly pretends she met her own patient at a center for immigrant women. Dan, however, thinks she does understand some English, as he heard her cry - and he believes he knows that voice. Carly doubts it. Mel walks up and says she found out Carly's patient is there for an amnio, a paternity test. Dan would like to speak to her again. Carly overreacts. "No!" That will only upset her. Dan insists and walks back. He knocks on her door, then enters. Carly follows him with Mel. Dan says he just wishes to apologize. And he must see her so he will know she understands and accepts his apology. Chloe is aghast. What now ...?!
. - In her motel room, Nicole exclaims to Brady she has done nothing! It must be a mistake. He calls her a liar and himself an idiot for believing
her. And he wants her to come clean about what she did right here right now! He angrily holds up the telltale wire transfer receipt. She remarks
he was going through her things. He drawls he was putting her sonogram away when he found it and warns her to come clean NOW! She woefully recounts how much she has always loved him. EJ was just a delusion and yet Brady warned her about it because he wanted to help her. He even forgave her for switching Mia's baby with Sami's, so can he not give her just one more chance to explain herself? Brady gives her a dark look. He accuses her of trying to soften him up. No more lies! She insists she loves him. He announces they will go to the police station with the wire transfer receipt, where she will explain everything to the cops. Is she ready to go? She claims there is no reason for that and begs him to let her explain. He will - down there. She laments Bo and Roman will make something up, as they hate her. She promises to tell him the truth here. Too late. Either she comes with him now or the cops will come and get her once he tells them of her big fat cash grab!
- At the police station. Baker plays innocent with Roman, who accuses him of buying items in order to burn his brother and his house down.
That is attempted murder of a police officer! He adds they are running
him through the system. Baker wants to call a lawyer. Roman wants to know why "Dr. Baker" was involved in Bo's attack - was it for himself
or someone else? Dick assures him he does not know his brother. All he did was make a wager. Roman gets a message. He now has a read on Richard John Baker, M.D. and knows who he is dealing with. Roman loses it. He demands to know if he delivered Sami's baby, switched her,and gave his daughter's baby to Nicole. He grabs him roughly. "Did you do that!" Baker winces. He denies planning any felony and revokes his right to attorney. Roman growls it is all pretty much over for him and so is his life!
- Replay of Ciara happily returning from camp. She sees the long faces and asks if they are going somewhere. She now smiles and wonders if her parents are back together. Negative. Bo explains he and Hope must go somewhere so grandma Julie will come to watch her. Ciara asks if she
will be back soon. Hope says no, with a very sad, tight hug. Ciara blinks. "Why not?" Bo tries to help but Hope cuts him off, determined to tell the truth. "I did something wrong," she woefully admits to the confused child. She will explain later, as she herself does not understand yet. However, she is sorry for not believing what she told her. Ciara was right and she was wrong. Hope prays that when she returns someday, she will be able
to forgive her. Ciara knows that someday sounds like a long time. It is. Hope loves her so much. Ciara hugs her and begs daddy to make mommy stay. Bo looks ready to cry. He informs Ciara they love her more than anything in the world. Ciara now hugs her daddy. "Make her stay with us!" Bo gives Hope a sad stare. They simply cannot do this to her - or to them. Hope quietly cries her heart out. Knock knock knock! Tis Julie, there to watch Ciara so they can go somewhere. She offers to take Ciara to the park, to give them time to work things out. Bo thinks that sounds like a good idea. But Hope sadly tells Julie they have to go and cries goodbye to her daughter. Julie is stunned. Are they sure? Bo wishes they could stay. Ciara runs up to her room. Julie asks what is going on. Hope cries and asks her to watch Ciara and love her. Julie begs her to talk to her. Bo will call her later and explain. Julie wants to know now and snaps she knows whatever it is, it is all his fault! Hope interrupts her verbal attack and cries everything is really her fault, not Bo's. She does not even know if she will ever forgive herself for what she did to him. More later. Hope now staggers out, supported by Bo ...
Ciara later rests with Julie. She wants her mommy ...
- At the station, Brady and Nicole have arrived. He orders her to tell Roman. Just then a handcuffed Baker is brought back by another cop.
His eyes lock intensely with Nicole's. She cringes. Brady watches the scene unfolding. Nicole improvises, realizing she has no other choice.
She feigns surprise to see that Dr. Baker is alive! Roman asks if they would be willing to ID him. Brady says yes and advises Nicole to do the same. He adds he thinks Nicole knows something cos she overreacted. Roman is intrigued. He advises her to tell the truth. He asks what is going
on. Did he bring Nicole down here for a reason? Brady quietly stares at her. She shakes her head in dismay. She mentions Dr. Baker being alive again. It changes many things. Roman agrees it does, and does the doc have anything to say about that? Dick sighs. Just then Bo solemnly enters with his devastated wife. Baker looks in their direction. "Hope ...!"

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