Days of Our Lives August 4, 2010
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 
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- It is morning and Bo is surfing the net, cursing the drug that drove
Hope to demented extremes. How could it even be on the market! He flashes back to Hope's attack and confession. He touches her blanket. "Sorry, Fancyface," he whispers. She wakes up with a start. "What happened?" All she remembers is going to bed at Victor's. Why is she here? Silence. Hope becomes worried. Is Ciara alright? Bo tries to get
her to relax and pours the coffee. Can she remember what happened before she went to bed? She recalls Carly and Vivian arguing about Lawrence. It unsettled her, hearing the details of how Carly plunged the knife into Lawrence. Then she went to bed. Bo probes. Did she have trouble falling asleep? She replies she took a sleeping pill. Bo shows her the bottle. "One of these?" Indeed, says she, but what is he doing with
that bottle? Bo somberly says this is the answer to all her questions.
Hope is baffled. And what happened to his hand? Bo calmly says he is fine, it was from the kitchen. He informs her that they have found the mugger. He plays the taped conversation he had the previous night with her alter ego  - in which she confessed! They both watch her casually admit to the muggings and more. Hope covers her face with her hands
and starts to sob. Bo presses stop. Hope cries she does not understand. She would never hurt anyone! She pauses and remembers the Celtic symbol. However, there was DNA evidence against Arianna. Bo assumes she may have planted it. Hope laments she does not remember anything. Bo patiently points out there are a lot of things she has not been able to remember lately. She wonders why she would hate all those people. He presses play again and she watches herself state the only way to have peace was to see Bo dead! Hope sobs into her hands. She now tells him
to play it all from the beginning. She wants to know every single detail of what she has done ...
- There is a knock at Nath's apartment door. Tis Philip, there to see Mel about hospital business. She is not there. Phil also wants to thank him. Nath looks confused. Phil elaborates. Due to his support, they were able to get the hospital to agree to more pediatrics equipment. He wonders if Nath has time for coffee, to go over the proposal. Nath is interested. Phil calls him a decent guy. Nath is amused they are bonding and vows to help make the proposal brilliant. Phil chuckles he has created a monster and
the two fellas head out together.
- At the pub, Steph has gotten a coffee for herself and Aunt Adrienne, who asks if moving in with Nath is as great as she thought. Steph frowns she actually may have made a mistake! She found a sweet picture of him and Melanie when they were together. He is holding onto the photo to remind himself of her! Adrienne tells her not to confront him. Besides, Steph probably has a picture of Phillip. He has a right to his memories, that does not mean he regrets choosing her over Melanie. Cheerful Phil and Nathan now enter. Steph stares at them. Phil grins nervously. Steph wants to know what they are doing there. Nath updates her on the board proposal. Phil now decides he wants to treat him to breakfast at the Penthouse Grill. The two guys depart. Steph notes how bizarre it is that Phil wanted to get away. Adrienne is not surprised, as she too recently bore witness to his evasive behavior. And it all started after she saw him
at Chloe's apartment. Steph takes it all in. She wants to know more. Adrienne tells her how he claimed he was there to pick up Chloe's watch when she was in the hospital. Steph realizes whatever Phillip is hiding has to do with Chloe ...
- At home, Chloe is on the phone with Carly and she does not seem to be sure about getting the test done today. Carly insists they should not put it off. Chloe agrees and gets of the phone. Dan enters with the news that his consultation seems to have been canceled. She tries to explain she has plans. She fibs she is going to Chicago to pick up tickets for Faust. One cannot get them online and it is one of her favs. The lovestruck doc grins he will go with her and seductively kisses her hand. Chloe sighs. She will be waiting in line for hours. He just wants to be with her and will not take no for an answer. Ring ring! His consult is back on. Chloe hastily wishes him a good day, kisses him, and abruptly takes off. Dan appears tense.
- Baker is on the phone with Nicole, who assures him someone is coming with the bail money soon. She reminds him not to let anyone know who he really is and instructs him to go home as soon as he is sprung. When the call is over, Baker has his back to Roman, who is talking about finding the mugger. He stares at Baker's back. The doc cringes, desperate not to be recognized by anyone, especially not the Salem P.D. Baker paces and waits for Nicole's contact to show up. Meanwhile Roman glances at a composite sketch of the suspect who purchased the items to torch Bo's house - and he looks familiar. Roman gets a smug grin on his face and walks back to Baker. "It IS you!" He thinks Baker is the man who tried
to burn down Bo and his house. Baker denies it. Roman orders the cop present to make sure he stays put while he runs his name through the system, to check if he has any priors. Dick laments he was about to post bail. "No, you're not!" drawls Roman. And where else has he seen his
face before?
- Brady is on the phone, getting as much information as possible on Nicole's mysterious offshore account. He gets precious little. Ring ring!
Tis Mel. He tells her it is not a good time. She wonders if something is wrong. Hell, yeah! He admits he is as angry as he sounds but cannot say more. Moments later, Brady calls Nicole, who pretends she has just finished at work. He states he is still at her place. She smiles they have much to talk about. He holds up the seedy wire transfer and scowls "We sure do!" When Nicole arrives home, Brady is intense. He kisses her hard and asks her if her investments have paid off. Not yet, she lies. She notes he is tense. Is her money situation a problem for him? No, though he is worried about her finances. He can help if need be. Nicole pretends she is just busy making an honest living. Brady angrily starts to kiss her. Nicole, however, likes it rough! Afterwards, Brady coldly gets dressed. "That
was intense," says she. She asks if he is upset. He muses whether she has done anything to upset him and taunts her it is lousy being in the dark,
isn't it. He now has a newsflash for her. He is done being her victim and that was the last time they are ever going to be together! Nicole does not understand where this is coming from. He seethes she lied to him again - about being poor. He knows what her risky investment was and he is sick of her lying. He now demands she tell him the truth! Nicole blinks her baby blues at him ...
- Dan stops by to pick up excited Mel. He is not sure the consult will happen, given it was already canceled once. He complains Chloe wanted to go to Chicago without him. Mel thinks she is keeping a secret from
him. Probably a surprise for the baby. Dan brings up how he regrets not being there for Mel. She speaks only of the now and calls him the best dad. She hopes he is aware of how much she loves him. They hug.
- At St. Mary's, Sister Anne sees in Carly and Chloe, whom she has been told is called Dana. The OBGYN will be in shortly and she shows Chloe to her bed, then closes the curtain. Chloe comes out once the nun is gone. Carly hands her the opera tickets she managed to obtain, to help support her opera tickets in Chicago story. Chloe is grateful and also appreciates that she will soon know if her baby is Daniel's. Carly sincerely hopes she will get the answer she wants. They share a friendly moment and laugh as they wonder how Victor would react if Chloe asked her to be the baby's godmother. Chloe is serious, though. Carly would be a good role model and Daniel would approve. She now sees Carly with the same admiration that he does. Carly admits she would be honored if she asked her. Later on, Chloe is wearing her hospital gown. Carly steps out to fetch the doctor. Elsewhere, the nun is with Mel and Dr. Dan. She tells Dan the name of the burn victim he will be meeting with, and gives him the name Donna Scott. As it turns out, Donna Scott's chart is next to the chart of Dana Scott (Chloe's alias) and a nurse accidentally hands over the file of Dana! Dan takes off to see the patient for the first time, carrying the file
of Dana Scott. He soon stands outside the curtain and informs Miss Scott he is Dr. Daniel Jonas and he is there to consult on her case. Chloe looks mortified! He asks if he may pull the curtain back. Chlos is speechless!
Carly, meanwhile, bumps into Mel, who asks what she is doing there. Carly blanches!
- Hope has just finished watching the damning tape of her alter ego's admission of guilt. "What have I done!" Bo reassures her it was the pills, she was not herself. She exclaims she is responsible for hurting so many. How can she face them again. She cannot even face him. Bo promises they will get through this, but she does not believe it is possible. This cannot be fixed. She must put an end to it! Bo wants her to think about it but she sadly states he already knows what needs to be done. "You have to arrest me!" Bo looks dismayed. He disagrees. There must be another way to handle this. Ring ring! Tis Roman, with an announcement. They have a suspect in his attempted murder case. He will fill him in when he gets down there. And where is Hope? Bo replies she is with him and they have information to share as well. Once off the phone, he tells Hope they must go. Hope wants him to take the camera, too. Bo thinks they should wait. Hope, however, insists she must do this for Arianna, for her victims
- for him. She is ready to face her punishment and believes she deserves to be behind bars. All of a sudden, Ciara races in and hugs her mother, whom she missed so much last night. Hope gives her a woeful kiss as Bo watches the tragic scene unfolding ...

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