Days of Our Lives August 31, 2010
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
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EJ finds Nicole, Safe lovefest, Sami terrified EJ will steal her kids,
Caroline warns Will not to trust Stefano,  Steph suspects Phil!

-  The conflict continues outside the pub as Sami wants to know how
Ari thinks this is all her fault. Rafe is not impressed, but he assumes
Ari is not thinking clearly and shoos her away. Exit Ari. Sami reluctantly admits she might have a point. Rafe disagrees, vows to defend Sami, and they leave together. Once at Rafe's place, the clothes start to come off. Sami gasps she cannot do this, as she almost married EJ today. It was
only cos she saw Rafe kissing Nicole! She berates herself for her crazy decisions. Rafe wonders why she came to see him. She sighs she wanted him to stop her from marrying EJ. He drawls he did everything for her
and assures her he loves her. Sami wonders if he knows what kind of person she is - the idea that she would marry someone just to get even ... Rafe promises he knows her very well, given all the time they spent in
the safe house, and he loves that person. They exchange I love you's and continue kissing. After the lovefest, they lie blissfully in each other's arms. They are together now and that is all that matters. Later, Sami has a night terror of when EJ told her that the ransom note was a hoax, their baby was dead. She tosses, turns, and cries out for Sydney. Rafe comforts her. Sami admits she is really not okay and fears the children are not safe. She should not have trusted the guy who stole her baby. Rafe points out kids raise the stakes and people do crazy things. Sami laments EJ will get away with it. Rafe vows to put him away. Sami, however, fears it is not over.
He will come after her and the kids ...
- EJ sits alone in the bedroom, woefully recalling Sami's threat to make sure he never sees his children again. Enter Lexie, who snaps how could he do what he did! She sees the tears in his eyes and sighs. "You must be devastated." He raises his wounded eyes to her and whispers "Homicidal, actually." Lexie sits beside her misguided brother and consoles him. He mutters he has lost Samantha forever and then suddenly exclaims it is all Nicole's fault! She told Rafe! She has squandered all of his dreams! Lexie asks if Nicole found out about Anna. EJ saunters out, murmuring that she should pay!
- Back at the pub, Caroline comes out and is dismayed to hear Ari leaving a friendly, concerned message on her phone for that "son of a bitch EJ" after all he has done! She lectures her on the importance of family.
- Steph sits alone in the apartment, pondering the test switch. She opens the door to Ian, whom she was on her way to see. He deduces she wants to know who switched the tests. Ian feels badly for Dan, the duped dad. Steph insists he really wants the baby so this is good all around.
- Phil has walked Mel to the hospital and starts to kiss her. Dr. Nath on duty glares at the display. They walk arm in arm, to the nurse's station. She asks Nath how his elbow is. Phil wonders what happened to it. Mel praises him for stopping her attacker at the clinic. Phil ushers her away, upset that she kept the incident from him. Mel claims she just wanted to forget the scary run-in. Phil is sorry. Nath asks Mel to come to the OR now. Enter Steph. She kisses Nath possessively. Mel updates Nath and Steph on Chloe's pregnancy, the fact that her dad will be a dad again. Nath's eyes do the math, though he says nothing! He takes Mel off to prepare for the OR. Steph smiles sarcastically at Phil. He wonders why she is staring like that. Got something to say? She smugly replies she
does not think they have anything to say to each other. Phil gets testy
and walks off.
- Down at the lake, Kate stops Will from taking off and swears she was not aware of what EJ had done. He believes her. Will turns to Stefano. "What about you?" The phoenix repeats he was shocked. No one else knew. Only Elvis ...
- Down at the pier, Dan obviously wants to talk. Nicole asks George to give them their privacy. He does just that. Dan is concerned about the safety of his wife and child. He needs to know what Nicole's problem is. She will be up front, but not in a public place. He agrees to discuss later, back at the apartment. However, he warns her he will not let her screw things up for him and Chloe. His family means the world to him. Nicole states if anyone screws it up, it will not be her! She realizes Daniel loves Chloe and only puts up with her because of Chloe's wishes. Dan repeats he does not want danger around his family. Nicole promises she will tell
all back at the apartment, and then they can decide if they would like her to leave. Dan agrees. Nicole now explains she will pick up a few items from her place and be back soon, no prob. Exit Daniel. "George we're done!" she calls out. Nicole hears footsteps approaching and assumes tis FBI bodyguard George returning. No such luck. Tis EJ, his face drawn and deathly as he grimaces at her. They are alone. He unfastens his tie, then leers that Nikki seemed to be avoiding him! He implies he offed her bodyguard and drunkenly taunts her. He adds he has nothing to lose, and that makes him a very dangerous man! Nicole inches away ...
- Dr. Horton and nurse Mel are in scrubs for the operation. The nurse in charge solemnly reminds him he is only being allowed to operate so soon  because his name is Horton. When she steps out for a moment, Mel calls her a name. Nath has other things on his mind. He flashes back to Chloe wanting him to keep her affair a secret, then blinks back to reality, and presumes Mel  must be excited about the new baby. She sure is. He adds then he is happy. Once surgery begins, Nath's elbow seizes up and his hand starts to shake. Mel asks if he is okay. "I dunno," he admits. He confesses he has a sharp pain in his elbow. Mel blames herself. Nath tells the nurse he has a small cramp and needs a moment. Mel whispers she believes in him. Later they are at the nurse's station. Nath pours himself a coffee. Mel asks about his elbow. It is better, thanks to her. "It was you. When I looked in your eyes, I knew everything was going to be okay." She smiles they have each others' backs. He is glad. She excuses herself and tells him to take care of his elbow. Nath watches after her as she departs ...
- Stefano and Kate return to DiMera mansion. Stefano assures her it went well, not to worry, but diva Kate warns if she loses her grandson, she will walk out that door and never come back! He tries to reassure her, but Kate is terrified and angry. If Will finds out, Stefano has better make certain Will knows she had nothing to do with it! She is done playing the dutiful wife if Stefano screws it up for her family. He repeats he will take care of it. "The same way you took care of Rafe!" Kate points out.
- Phil drops by Chloe's place, just to quickly let her know how relieved
he is about the paternity test results. Chloe is, too. Phil spies Nicole's luggage. Chloe explains she is staying there for a while, as the DiMeras
are after her. Phil evidently does not approve. "Perfect timing," he drawls sarcastically. "Leave it to Nicole!" He hopes Chloe has not confided in
that one. Chloe replies she would not take such a chance. He warns her Nicole has a nasty habit of ruining lives and bringing people down ...
Chloe chides him for being cynical about her pal. Phil reconsiders and grins that they are lucky anyway, having dodged quite a bullet!
- Steph meets up with Ian outside the pub, and shares her suspicion that Phillip was indeed the one who switched the tests. However, he tends to be sloppy so she needs to know. Can he help? Yes, but then what? Then she will help Phil keep the all important secret ...
- Inside the pub, Will is on the phone with papa Lucas, explaining that Stefano had nothing to do with EJ's transgressions. Caroline leans over and snaps surely he does not buy that! EJ DiMera and Anna DiMera were both involved. It was a DiMera plot. Will believes what Stefano told him, as he is always good to him. Caroline tells him to grow up and face the facts. Will pauses.
- Still in bed at his apartment, Sami confides her biggest fear to Rafe -
that EJ, whom she has utterly humiliated, will hit back at her by taking the children away from her. She is convinced of it ...
- Down at the pier, Nicole gasps at EJ to wait! He dangerously drawls she went too far. Nicole suspects he is about to off her, so why not be honest about himself! She accuses him of not caring about his children. He fakes being human so he can fool himself. She did not realize it when they were together, though now she sees it. She takes his face in her hands and sadly concludes "You go after people because you are dead inside."
EJ's bloodshot eyes flicker with torment ...!

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Dan agrees with Nicole. "You're right. He is going to kill you!"
Sami bursts into the DiMera mansion and calls out EJ's name ...
Sitting on the bed all alone, disheveled EJ take a deep breath and raises
a loaded gun to his head.