Days of Our Lives August 30, 2010
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Monday, August 30, 2010
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Nicole to stay with Chloe & Dan, Sami & Rafe reconcile, Ari consoles EJ, then tells Rafe that Sami not so innocent, Stefano
feigns ignorance of sydnapping to Will ...

-  Replay of Stefano joining Kate and Chad at the lake, Chad departing. Kate is miffed. Stefano wonders what she was discussing with that boy. Kate explodes. She is tired of all the lies and secrets! Stefano appears caught off guard by the outburst. She knew he would have secrets. She brings up the destructive lies that hurt her grandchildren, as they had thought their baby sister had died. "I suffered too!" exclaims the phoenix. He has no idea what Elvis was up to until it was too late. What could he do? He had to protect his son! Kate angrily says he protected only his
son. Her family is going through hell. Stefano assures her they are alive and will be fine. She snaps they will go insane after they learn how EJ
was behind the kidnapping and papa Stefano condoned it! He insists he could not have done anything else. Kate warns him he will lose them all now. And if she loses Will, she does not know how she will be able to
live with herself - or him! Stefano calmly promises they will not lose William. Kate gets sarcastic about his bribes. How about a yacht?! The phoenix asks his wife what she needs. He points out he gave it all to her and she forgets what he has done for her. "Sometimes secrets are a way
of protecting the people we love, no?" Kate flashes back to sneakily keeping Chad's birth certificate and readily agrees. Moments later, Will arrives, having been called to a rendezvous. He adds his mom also left
him a number of messages. She told him to join her at the pub. What is going on? "It is about Sami and EJ's wedding," starts Kate. The whole thing  is off. Stefano sighs. Will has been expecting it. However, EJ and his mom seemed so sure. What happened? Kate now shares what Rafe uncovered about EJ. "He hired Anna DiMera to take your baby sister away." Will is stunned. Stefano claims he too is shocked - beyond words!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Dan accuses Victor of insulting his beloved.
She is happy indeed, except for here. He will be sure to keep her away from the house of Kiriakis!  Victor realizes they are in love, yet he does not see smooth sailing ahead. Vivian stands nearby, taking it all in. "Right back at you," drawls Dan as he storms out. The Greek tycoon grumbles about Vivian's lousy timing. She speaks of the internment for Isabella's sarcophagus and promises to oversee all the details. Victor pours himself
a good stuff drink and glares at the nothingness ahead.
- In the pub, Rafe grins about Sami hugging him. And that's not all. She wishes to apologize for allowing EJ to turn her against him with doubt.
She will always regret it. Rafe understands. She wanted her baby back. Sami whispers she now knows it was really Rafe who brought her back. And he continued with the investigation. Why? He wanted the truth - and they finally got it. Sami agrees it is over and she and her kids are better
off without EJ. She notes Rafe's silence. He drawls he is thinking of all
the DiMeras put her through. Sami laments she is surely no innocent victim. She cries about her bad decisions and sobs her heart out that she
is sorry. They soon hold hands over the table. Rafe forgives her, then murmurs he should go and allow her to spend some time with her family. Sami begs him to stay. "You saved me today - again. Since the day I met you, every action proved what kind of man you are. You're every girl's dream come true. You're my dream come true." The tears flow down her cheeks. Rafe gazes at her, moved by her words. She chides herself for being weak enough for EJ to manipulate. "I let him come between us." She realizes Rafe might need some time, but she does not want to be sensible or mature. "I can't let you walk out that door without telling you that I love you, that I love you with my whole heart." Rafe echoes the tender sentiment. "Don't you know that through all the problems and the fights and the deceptions and all that stuff, there was one thing that always stayed true. I never stopped loving you. Not for one second - and I never will!" He closes the distance between them and they kiss with passionate abandon ...
- At the mansion, cross Ari lectures EJ for what he did and for hurting his child. How will he atone for it? He snaps he did not deserve to have his children taken away! Ari is surprised that Sami did that. EJ adds his kids mean everything to him. She asks what he will do. He mutters justice will be served. He will go and see Nicole ... "Absolutely not!" declares Ari.
But what has Nicole done now? EJ bitterly recounts all her past lies and snaps that is just the tip of the iceberg. He proceeds to pour himself even more champagne. Arianna takes the glass away and warns him not to make things worse. He must look to the future. That is all they have,
after all. EJ looks down. Ari sympathetically points out hurting Nicole will not bring back what was lost. EJ stares numbly ahead, realizing there is nothing he can do to make things right. Ari touches his hand and whispers she is sorry. He sighs nothing will ever be the same. "I think you should go." He picks up the wedding ring and woefully says a few hours ago, everything seemed right. Ari thinks the truth had to come out eventually. "Don't ..." he mutters. She feels it could have been worse if the kids got used to their parents being together and then ... EJ loses his cool. Arianna insists he accept the fact that it is over. He thanks her for all her kindness and asks her to leave. He must deal with the fallout on his own. Arianna reluctantly agrees to go and adds she will be back to check up on him later. EJ solemnly walks out of the pretty room, which is still decorated
for the wedding that never was ...
- Nicole congratulates Chloe, amazed she could conceive. Chloe realizes this must be hard for her, given her own loss. Nicole is happy for her but has one question. Chloe quickly states Daniel is the father and Carly has backed off. She praises Carly for her support. Nicole remarks dreams do come true. Chloe will have it all, with her husband and baby, and she deserves it. Chloe smiles she will too. Nicole doubts it. But she would rather celebrate her pal's birthday. Chloe opens the gift, She admires the lingerie and thanks her. She is tired all of a sudden. Nicole suggests she take a nap. She will remain for a while. Knock knock! Tis George, asking if all is well. Nicole explains that is just her own FBI bodyguard. "Your what?" says Chloe in surprise. Nicole admits  ever since she blew the whistle on EJ, Agent Rafe has considered the bodyguard a necessity. For protection. Chloe is sympathetic. Nicole admits she also needs something else. She can no longer afford rent , Brady will not even look at her, and she has nowhere to go. Chloe offers their guest room, for as long as she needs it. Nicole excitedly opens the door to tell George the good news. Daniel stands there, and he drawls George must be that big guy. Chloe smiles he is Nicole's bodyguard. She invited her to stay with them a while. Dan gives Nicole a look. Nicole stares at him like a lost puppy. It will only be for a few days. Dan cannot say no. Nicole excitedly congratulates the proud papa. Life will be a big bowl of cherries! She promises to be quiet and not talk on the phone. Chloe suggests that she check out the guest bedroom. She will follow. Once they are alone, Daniel wishes Chloe had talked to him first. What is going on? All Chloe knows is she is terrified
of EJ and has nowhere else to go. "Please can she stay here. Please." Dan does not feel having her around when she is in danger is a smart move. Chloe sighs she will tell her it is off. Dan relents. It would be cruel and where else would she go? Probably a homeless shelter. Dan grins she can stay for a few days as long as the FBI guy sticks around. They kiss on it. Dan steps out to pick up some takeout food from across the street. Nicole emerges from the guest room, relieved to hear he agreed. Chloe explains Dan is a softy. But they need to know what is going on, why she needs
a guard. Nicole would rather not discuss. Chloe informs her Dan already assumed it was about the DiMeras. Is EJ trying to come after her? Pause. Nicole uncomfortably promises to tell them everything - later. "The last
24 hours have been hell for me." She would rather focus on the positive for now. Like their baby. Chloe admits she is glad Carly insisted on the paternity test, for she knows the baby is Daniel's. She will not have to tell him about the affair and risk losing him. "Disaster averted," smiles Nicole. Enter Daniel with a bag full of food. "Disaster averted. What disaster?" Chloe stares in dismay. Nicole blinks. She pretends she was referring to the dire straits she would have been in without them. Dan has Chinese food. Chloe steps away to get some plates. Nicole decides to head to her apartment with George to pick up a few things. Dan wants to accompany her. "You and I need to get a few things straight!"
- Back at the pub, Caroline interrupts Rafe and Sami with the news that the kids are asleep. And Roman has posted policemen, just in case the DiMeras try anything. She gives them their privacy again. Rafe asks Sami back to his place to talk. "That sounds great," she breathes ...
- EJ goes upstairs to the bedroom he was to share with Sami and opens a small gift box she would have presented him with on their wedding night, his demeanor devastated.
- Down at the lake, Kate stops Will from rushing over to Sami. She might not have all the facts straight just yet and so they would like to explain some things to him. Will, however,  insists on talking to his mother first and walks off ...
- On their way out of the pub, Sami and Rafe run into Ari. She knows what happened. Sami notes she does not look happy about it. Ari's brown eyes are filled with concern. She claims she is happy for them. Ring ring! Tis Will. Sami steps aside and thanks him for calling her back. "Thank God for Rafe," says he. Is she with him now? Indeed, at the pub. She would love him to come by later. Will promises to be there soon. "There's something I need to do first."
Meanwhile, Ari states to Rafe she is glad he knows the truth. However, she has also seen EJ, who is a mess. Rafe exclaims that he should be in prison. Is she defending him? Ari retorts no, but Sami is certainly not blameless, given what she has done! Sami has overheard and confronts Rafe's sister. "What were you gonna say about me? How is all of this my fault ...?"

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"If things get screwed up between you and Chloe, it won't be
because of me!" Nicole coolly tells Daniel.
Rafe and Sami lie nekid in each other's arms. "We're together now.
That's all that matters," he drawls.
EJ's face reddens with rage as he faces Lexie. "The one person who has squandered all of my dreams, one after the otha!"