Days of Our Lives August 3, 2010
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010 
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-  Brady and Nicole cuddle in bed together. "This is without a doubt the happiest day of my life," she coos. Shirtless Brady kisses her and assures her he will make sure every day from now on is the best day of her life. She glances at the clock. He notices. She explains she was supposed to be on the news at 11. Brady drawls what a shame and they kiss passionately. Later shirtless Brady is doing up his pants. She asks if he wants mustard or mayo with his sandwich. Brady pushes some papers aside to make room for their tray. sees the picture of her old ultrasound and has a look, his face solemn, Nicole laments she found it when she was unpacking some stuff from storage. She could not have gotten through the loss without him by her side ...
- Fay suddenly decides she should not betray Nicole's confidence. Rafe senses this is bad. He tries to put mama Fay at ease by pointing out he is not after Nicole. Matter of fact, this time they have the same enemies -
the DiMeras. So if she wishes to protect Nicole, she should tell him what she's got! She agrees to tell him as much as she knows. Nicki paid her back what she owed her and threw in some extra money - 1200 bucks,
out of the blue! Rafe wonders where it came from. Fay informs him she sent her a package to hide. She could be blackmailing someone with the contents of said package. Rafe considers. Fay continues. In her letter with the package, she warned Fay no one could see it or she would be in big trouble. Rafe assures her Nicole will not find out. But for her daughter's sake, she needs to show him what she sent. Fay explains she did not keep reading after the first few lines and destroyed it. She hands him the bag it is in - what is left of it. Rafe looks at the pieces of the burned letter. Fay
is sorry, He will take the letter pieces and what is left of the cd to the lab and see what he can do ...
- Chloe enters the apartment and gets off the phone with Phil, after telling him she will let him know as soon as she has the results. When Mel walks by, she wonders what she is doing there! Daniel gave her a key. Chloe is sorry and states she was jumpy due to her pregnant state. Mel envies her. She really wants to have Phillip's baby! They looks at a baby book Mel brought. She hopes Chloe is having a girl. She goes on to confide in Chloe that Phil wants to wait with having kids a few more years. Chloe takes it all in. Mel is cutely enthusiastic for Chloe and Dan's baby.
- At the hospital, Carly gets a swab from Dan's cheek, pretending it is for gene mapping. It will be good for Melanie to have. Dan assumes she is
still worried about Bo. She is and will not rest until his attacker is locked up. They discuss. Bo has no memory, but Carly knows he will figure it out. Before she walks out, Dan thanks her for helping him with Chloe.
She is doing better. He just wishes he had been there for the first child.
So does Carly. She looks uneasy when he tells her how happy he is for this second chance at being a father.
- Meanwhile, Bo fights off wild woman Hope, who lunges at him like a creature possessed. He asks her what the hell she is doing. "Trying to kill you!" she leers, as he keeps the knife away. She gasps she was in so
much pain, yet he turned his back on her. She cuts his hand and he assures her he is sorry for what happened, as he tries to reason with her. Hope holds up the knife and vows to rip his heart out, just like he did to her. Bo stares at her in disbelief, realizing that she is the notorious Salem man mugger. "That was you?!" Indeed! She simply had to stop him from killing her and Ciara! He gasps he wanted them to live in the house with him forever. She reminds him she had told him she wanted to return with Ciara to their home and all he did was tell her it was a bad time. Carly
was there. She had to explain to their little girl that daddy had moved another woman into their home. She will now make him suffer the way they did! Bo does not believe that Fancyface would really wish to kill
him. Hope leers SHE does not want him dead, but it is a necessity. Bo perceives the Hope he knew still exists somewhere in there, and is not aware of the existence of this she-devil. He disarms her and places his arms around her. She struggles. He sadly tells her he does not wish to
hurt her. She, however, claims he has already killed her! Hope is soon sitting handcuffed to a chair as he goes through her purse and finds the empty pill bottle. He now makes a call and asks Dr. Carly if the drug found in his system was onovac. Indeed. And retrograde amnesia, likely what he had, is a side effect. In addition, a few women experience erratic behavior and sleep walking. Bo thanks Carly for the info, assures her he
is fine, and ends the call. Hope remarks he did not tell her. Bo patiently promises they will get through this together. Hope bitterly accuses him of oversimplifying the situation. The pills did not do this to her, he did! Bo's eyes are filled with remorse and confusion. He wants to hear her side of the story. "Go ahead, tell me. We got all night." Hope purses her painted red lips in thought. As a concealed camera records, Hope proceeds to tell him her sad tale, starting with the sleeping pills, which led her to the muggings. Bo brings up the wallets. Hope wants to know how he heard about those. From Ciara. She complains Ciara was a problem the whole time. He asks her motivation for each attack. She coldly criticizes all her male victims and adds she soon realized the only one she really hated was HIM and the only way for her to achieve peace was to see him dead!
- Down at the pier, Dick Baker bids Salem one final goodbye and starts to walk away. A uniformed cop steps out and places him under arrest! Once at the police station, handcuffed to a desk, Dick calls Nicole for help. As Brady watches, Nicole tries to act like the conversation is nothing out of the ordinary. Dick laments he has been arrested for illegal gambling. She promises to be there soon. Click! Nicole now pretends to Brady she must get to work. He offers to drive her. She turns him down and says she will be back as soon as she can. A frown creases Brady's brow ...
- At the hospital, Mel joins Carly. Dr. Dan approaches and thanks his daughter for giving his beloved baby books. He gets back to work. Carly senses something is wrong with Mel. Mel feels Chloe does not like her. She recalls she once warned her if she hurt papa Dan, she would make
her pay and that is probably now always in the back of her mind!
Mel later cracks jokes with a new nursing student and introduces her to Dr. Carly Manning, who is an amazing surgeon and her mom. Carly smiles. Mel  introduces the newby - Kathleen - to papa Daniel, also a doctor. Kathleen must get to her rounds. Alone with Dan, Mel proudly admits she likes to introduce people to her parents. Dan is glad she and Carly are getting along. Mel points out she realized that even by telling
lies, people can mean well. She has a mom and maybe soon a family. He hugs her and promises her they are indeed a family. They arrange to head to St. Mary's tomorrow morning. She will be watching him in his skin
graft consultation ...
- Carly shows up at Chloe's place. She is still stressed about Bo. She got the DNA samples from both Mel and Dan and is very worried she could lose them both for this deception! She confirms to Chloe that they are scheduled for the test tomorrow morning at St. Mary's. Hopefully they
will be done and gone before anyone even notices they are there. Chloe is grateful she is still keeping her secret ...
- Nicole drops by the police station to see Baker. She does not stand too close lest they be perceived communicating. She has a plan. She calls Brady and informs him this will take longer than expected. She adds she
is so happy. Once off the phone, she vows she will stay that way - so help her God! She now informs Baker she will send someone down tomorrow morning to bail him out. He promises her that once that happens, they are through. "Things are looking up,"says she and departs.
- Meanwhile, Brady picks up Nicole's phone. Tis a foreign bank, which mentions Nicole's unusual transaction activity. Brady states he will give her the message and then starts to tidy up. He puts her papers back in the drawer. That is when he spies her wire transfer receipt, the huge balance from the Cayman Islands bank!  "Nicole, what the hell have you done now ...?"
- Bo asks Hope what next. Hope laments she has always loved him and could not bear to watch him with another in their house. Every time Ciara cried, she wanted him to hurt as much as their daughter. "I hate you!" she screams and cries. Bo patiently responds by saying he still loves her. She cries he is the love of her life. He is sorry. So is she and tired, so tired ...
Her head falls back and she is out like a light. Bo stops the camera and carries her over to the sofa. Sleeping Hope does not stir. He covers her gently with a blanket and holds her face in his hands, whispering in horror "What have I done? What have I done ...?"

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"Chloe's keeping a secret from you," Mel says to Dan.
"Nicole, where the hell did you get all this money," murmurs Brady as he studies her bank details
"I would never, I would never hurt anyone!" Hope cries to Bo,