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Friday, August 28, 2009
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At the hospital, Lucas is at Chloe's bedside, thinking. Enter Lexie, who understands he has a tough decision to make. He is uncertain what to decide.  Enter princely Dr. Craig, who is there to help! Lexie hugs him. He walks over to have a look at sleeping Chloe. "My beautiful daughter." After his examination, Craig joins Lucas
in the waiting area. Lucas feels guilty. Craig assures him he is not
to blame for her current state. They head back into the room together. Lucas takes out Chloe's living will, which states she does not wish to live in such a state. What should he do? Craig cannot tell him what to do. Lucas leaves, to give him some privacy with
his comatose daughter. Craig laments she does not deserve this
and tells her the family all love her. He soon informs Lucas he will be checking into the Salem Inn, and whatever Lucas decides, both himself and Nancy are behind him. This is no life for his daughter. Once alone,  Lucas ponders, then sighs. "I know what I have to
do ..."
- Down at the pier, drinking Daniel stops Kate from walking away, pretending he would like her to stay there with him! Kate stares at him. He asks for 5 minutes of her time. The drunken doc claims she does not realize what she did to him. "You broke my heart." She hurt him terribly. Matter of fact, he only hooked up with
Chloe because she dumped him. The soulful doc pretends to pour out his heart and bitterly accuses her of always walking away - the easy way out. He agrees Chloe was only his rebound. All Kate would have had to do is ask Dan to come back to her. Kate sadly gets closer and then suddenly rips open his shirt. "Where's the wire?" Dan sarcastically removes his shirt. "You satisfied?"  No.
He starts to leave. Black widow Kate stops him. He tells her to go home. His fate is all but sealed anyway. Kate returns to the Kiriakis mansion and considers the exchange. How does she know he is not playing her? Meanwhile, Dan mulls over his plan to do whatever necessary to bring her down and bring Chloe back, even though
the very touch of Kate makes his skin crawl!
- At the pub, Brady takes his leave and promises new Ari that he will return later, after his meeting. She smiles she will be there until closing. Ari now joins Rafe, who is working at a table with the computer, still trying to solve the Nicole/Baker connection and whether it is connected to the death of Grace. He also has Baker's phone. Ari realizes he stole it! He drawls it was misplaced. He has questions for which he has no answers. Ring ring! Tis Dr, Baker. "Nicole, are you there?" Rafe says nothing but quietly traces the call. He pinpoints his exact location in the Dominican Republic and then sends the doc a text message, pretending to be Nicole, busy with EJ and Stefano. What does he want? Baker replies with a text. They need to talk! Rafe attempts without success to get a detailed answer from the doctor, who replies with a vague threat. It is clear he has something on Nicole! Now what, wonders Arianna? Rafe needs to fly to the Dominic Republic. She grudgingly hands him
her credit card. He promises to find a cheap flight and soon exits. Ari thinks that Baker has tangled with the wrong guy this time!
She now gets a call of her own, agrees to meet someone in the park, and departs.
- At the park, Euro-Elvis is with daughta Sydney, telling her that soccer is really to be called football, as it is done with the foot.
Mia comes along and he asks if she knows how to play soccer. When she was younger. EJ finds her response amusing, as she is still very young. When his cell rings, he gives the now cranky Syd to Mia for a moment. Syd settles down. After the call has finished, Elvis compliments Mia on being a natural with the baby and Mia compliments him right back by saying she has wonderful parents. Elvis now departs with Syd for the hospital. Mia sits alone, feeling sad. Brady happens along and perceives all is not well with Miss Mia. She does not deny it and admits that EJ allowed her to hold Sydney. She hopes Nicole will not get mad, as Mrs. DiMera had ordered her to stay away. She laments she sacrificed her baby for her life. Brady assures her Sydney is just fine and has everything she needs. There is nothing wrong with her wanting to get on with her life. Mia thanks him for the talk and walks off. Brady tries to reach Ari, who is no longer at the pub, but soon appears at the park! She quietly meets with Luke, who wants more money. She considers. If he introduces her to the higher ups, then she will get him more money, says she. But he had something else in mind
and gets closer. Along comes Brady. He has not heard any of their words and suddenly realizes that is the guy who came onto her recently at the same park. He races to the rescue! Luke takes off and Brady demands to know what the hell is going on!
- Dr. Baker paces his tropical room, talking to himself about the mo money he will be able to procure from Nicole. She had better come through for him so he can turn that seed money into a fortune!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is a wreck, talking to her bank on the phone. She wants assurances that no one will be able to access her account! She gets put on hold and rages into the receiver. Ding dong! Tis Sami, with news on Baker, who just called her. And she will not believe what he told her! Nicole blanches. Sami continues. Baker asked about Grace. He had no idea that Grace had died so she had to tell him the news and remember losing Grace all over again. Sami laments she wants her baby back and starts to cry.
Nicole consoles her with a hug. She should stay strong. Sami adds that Baker never told her what he planned to say after that. He was calling from the Dominican Republic. He sidestepped her questions about Grace's birth complications maybe contributing to her getting meningitis and would only say that he was calling all patients, to inform them that he had moved. Did he call Nicole, too? Nicole thinks she should not be obsessed over it. Sami is certain that something is not right and decides to call Baker right then and
there. Nicole talks her out of it. Baker sounds troubled and she
does not need someone like that around. Sami agrees she needs to move forward, thanks her for the talk, and departs. After shutting the door, Nicole seethes that he has gone too far this time! She intends to make sure there is no repeat performance. Realizing
she does not have her phone, which was likely taken by Rafe, and can therefore not call the doc, she panics. Why was Baker calling Sami? What if she finds out the truth! Baker soon calls her at
home and asks if she received his text messages. No, as her phone was stolen. He insists she wire him more money. She insists she already wired him money. He says in that case, he will call back one Sami Brady! He hangs up. Exasperated Nicole wonders where the hell Stefano is!
- At the hospital, Elvis approaches sister Lexie. He is there to pick up a copy of the DNA tests that were just done, to put his mind at ease. She thinks he should take it easy. He gets testy about Sami and Rafe keeping his daughter from him. She says he is starting to sound like Father and they simply must talk about Sami. Does it bother him that she decided to be with another man?  No. He was bothered only by the fact that she kept his daughta from him. He cares only about his wife and family. Lexie asks if that is the case, why can he not let go of Sami and Rafe?
- At the pub, Sami arrives, and asks after Arianna, who will be able to tell her where Rafe is. Employee Pete lets her know she stepped out, and Rafe is bound for the Dominican Republic. Sami does the math and realizes he is headed for a showdown with Baker! When Pete hands her the brochures he left behind, Sami gets a very determined look on her face and walks out. She then returns home, packs a bag, and orders a taxi, on her way to find out what Rafe is up to with Baker ...!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole leaves Stefano a desperate message. Enter EJ, who would like to know why she needs to talk to fatha.
- Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, Baker is nervously packing. There is a knock on his door and he stares in terror ...!

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"I'm going to bring Chloe back, I am going to save her life,
with or without you!" Dan tells Nathan.
"Maybe it's time that we take her off life support," Lucas says
to Kate.
Stefano faces Nicole. "Dr. Baker is not a problem of yours anymore."
Baker is dead on the sofa as Sami screams and Rafe covers
her mouth with his hand!