Days of Our Lives August 27, 2010
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Friday, August 27, 2010
up at 5:15 p.m. est Aug 26
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Sami leaves EJ with the kids, Stefano makes a mysterious order,
Viv wants Maggie in sarcophagus, Nicole flees to Chloe's ...

- At the house of Kiriakis, Dan and Chloe sweep in to inform Victor
that she is with child. He makes a snide remark about who the father is. Chloe gets offended. Dan defends his lady. The Greek tycoon covers, pretending he assumed she might have done things artificially, given he
has heard she was barren. He goes on to say a baby is a blessing. Chloe agrees. She has been given everything she wants by God. Victor pours himself a drink and gets sarcastic about God singling her out. Chloe explains she is just grateful. Dan complains this visit is a bigger nightmare than he thought and starts to leave. Victor insists any child of Daniel's is family. Chloe gets a faraway look in her eye. She glances at a picture of Phillip and touches her tummy. Victor apologizes for his lack of tact. Chloe explains she is tired. Victor asks Daniel to stay. Chloe thinks he should indeed and try to work things out. She will see him at home later. Once they are alone, Dan informs his godfather he is sick of how he
treats Chloe. Victor thinks she was overly sensitive. Dan points out she
is fragile in her pregnant state. Victor suspiciously wonders why she is fragile if she is as happy as she claims ...
- Chez Maggie, the redhead is observed through the window by Vivian. She is on her computer. Knock knock! Maggie stands up and opens the door. Viv claims they must talk - about Victor. Maggie hopes this is not another ultimatum. Viv is actually there to ask a favor. She removes a loose earring and then places it in her purse. She reminds Maggie of the sarcophagus for Isabella. She would like the name of the funeral director she used when Mickey died. Maggie snaps that she certainly did not keep the mortician's card, and gets upset having to remember Mickey's death. However, she has all the details on a bill from Mickey's funeral. She will go get it, if Vivian will leave afterwards. Madame agrees. Maggie snaps she should also not make a habit of dropping in and waltzes out. Viv gets miffed, then reminds herself time is of the essence. She spies Maggie's travel brochure and gloats this will be easier than she thought! She places some papers in her purse. Enter Mel. "What the hell are you doing here!" Viv hastily hands Mel a note to give Maggie, says she must dash, and gleefully departs. Maggie now returns. Mel hands her the note and grins Viv had said she would call her. They appear both relieved and amused she is gone.
- Meanwhile, Viv touches base with Gus. The sarcophagus has arrived. Excellent. Now she just needs to write Maggie's farewell to Salem! She goes back to the crypt. When she sees the enormous sarcophagus, she only regrets it will be sullied with the person who is going inside!
- At the pub, replay of Stefano suspiciously telling Nicole the liar he sees she is very very afraid. He walks back to Kate, and shakes his head as Nicole departs. He wants to leave. Kate asks about the conversation. He retorts he will tell her in the car and instructs her to get the children. Kate does just that. Once alone, Stefano places a call on his phone and quietly orders henchman Marco to take care of a problem!
- Replay of EJ announcing to Sami that he wants to spend the rest of his life making this up to her. Hence his wedding proposal. Sami can't believe he thinks that justifies him putting her through hell. He reminds her of the pain she has inflicted on others. He is ashamed of what he did, but she must know he is now the man she always knew he could be. He promises to never hurt her. Sami cries she cannot believe him. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. He insists that is not true. "I love you and you still love me," he says. Sami sheds more tears. She coldly breaks away from him. He begs her not to leave and repeats she still loves him. Sami replies love has nothing to do with this. He, however, thinks otherwise and speaks of them having a family. He has changed and so has she. They have come far and he firmly believes they can get through anything with their love. He gets down on his knees and begs her to marry him, holding her hands tightly. She pulls her hands away and leers she went to Rafe last night, to give him one more chance."And I saw him kissing Nicole!" That was why she decided to marry him. Not because she loved him, but because she loves Rafe and he broke her heart. Thank God Rafe cared enough to find the truth and thank God he enlightened her today. EJ weakly says she loves him. She rages that anything she felt for him, he destroyed! She is getting out of there with her children and she will make sure he never sees them again! Stefano enters, and he is clearly shocked.
- Down at the pier, Roman admits he despises EJ more than he already did. Rafe laments he is trying to make his legal case. Roman owes him
big time. Rafe thinks he will get out of jail time, given his wealth, but he will have to pay!
- Nicole heads home to pack, cursing Rafe for failing to protect her. All
of a sudden, a gloved hand reaches for the doorknob. Rattle rattle!  She panics she is a dead woman! She turns off the light and conceals herself, clutching a pair of scissors.  A figure enters. When she comes face to face with him and sees he is holding a gun, she screams at the top of her lungs, assuming the worst. He shows her his FBI badge. He is Agent George. The other FBI protector asked to be reassigned. Nicole continues packing and nervously admits she does not trust him. Matter of fact, she will never trust anyone ever again! She soon finds out, after calling her bank, that
her accounts have been frozen. Still, she cannot stay here. She has no money and EJ knows where she lives. George asks where she will go, in that case. "The only place I can," says she.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano wants to know what is going on. Sami accuses him of hiding EJ's secret and accuses EJ of relishing the pain they suffered because of Sydney's faked death. Stefano impatiently suggests she pull herself together. Sami rages she will take her children and make sure the DiMeras never see them again. "Over my dead body," growls Stefano. Rafe saunters in and drawls if Stefano or his psychotic son try to stop her, then it WILL be over his dead body! Sami smiles triumphantly. Kate walks in. Sami demands to know where the kids are. With Mary.
EJ tries to stop Sami. She warns him not to touch her and storms out to get them. Kate wonders what is going on. Rafe proceeds to update Kate on the sydnapping fiasco. "EJ why?" she gasps. Rafe drawls it was an act of revenge, to punish Sami for not telling him of her pregnancy. T'was an act of revenge. Stefano grimaces. EJ is silently devastated.
Sami comes downstairs and starts to leave with the kids, Rafe at her side. Johnny does not wish to go. EJ promises he will see him soon. When he informs that Sami he has not had a chance to say goodbye to Sydney, she glares daggers at him. That is exactly what he did to her! Exit angry Sami, Rafe,and the kids. EJ watches from the doorway and looks ready to cry. He goes back inside. Stefano wants to know how Hernandez won. Kate
is shocked that Stefano already knew. EJ replies with one name. "Nicole." The phoenix asks Kate to give them a moment alone. She protests. "Not now!" he growls. Exit Kate. Stefano wants to know what Nicole has to do with the nightmare. Elvis fills him in on her break-in and that damning, recorded conversation. Stefano lectures his son for being careless. What happened? Did he actually give her money? EJ yells she assured him the truth would never come out. Stefano barks at him for believing her. He is
upset about the children being lost. Is his son's life going up in smoke all because his love for Samantha has made him lose his mind?! EJ has no answer. Stefano grumbles he did not even come to him for help. EJ takes a drink and declares he will fix the mess - for he will kill Nicole!
- Back at the pub, Caroline is dismayed to hear of EJ's evil scheme from Roman. Roman feels it would be good for Sami and the kids to stay with her. Caroline wonders if the DiMeras will let her leave with the precious children. Roman points out they have no choice this time and they have lost everything! Sami and Rafe soon arrive with the kids. Caroline takes them out to the kitchen for hot chocolate. Sami tells Roman she left a message for Will. They must protect the children, she laments. Roman promises they will all be taken care of. Sami cries she is afraid, as EJ is
the most dangerous when he is down - like now!
- At the Kiriakis crypt, Vivian coos about the technological progress in the art of the burial. This will be easier than the last time!
- Nicole arrives at Chloe's place with a pretty birthday box. When she realizes Chloe is pregnant, she exclaims they have major catching up to do!
- Down at the lake, Kate leaves a nervous phone message for Will, to call her back as soon as possible. Along comes Chad. He realizes she is upset and asks if she would like to talk. He finds out about the wedding being called off. Kate admits Will does not know and asks Chad to have Will contact her if he sees him. He agrees. Stefano now finds his wife and wants to speak to her. Exit Chad. Stefano wonders what she was talking
to that boy about this time ...
- At DiMera mansion, Arianna shows up at the door as EJ is about to leave. He assumes she, like everyone else, is there to denounce him. She stares at him, her big brown eyes mirroring sympathy ...
- Back at the now closed pub, Caroline and Roman offer to put the kids
to bed. Roman is relieved Sami is safe and sound. He shakes Rafe's hand for a job well done. Caroline and Roman step out. Sami remains all shook up. She profusely thanks her hero. "You saved me today. Again!" Rafe modestly shrugs his shoulders. Sami throws her arms around him. He smiles and closes his eyes as they hug ... !

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