Days of Our Lives August 26, 2010
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Thursday, August 26, 2010
up at 4:45 p.m. est Aug 25
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Baker pleads guilty, Shocked Sami hears tape, EJ states his case ...

- Replay of Hope being summoned to the witness stand. She enters, looking like a lost soul. Baker and Bo appear dismayed. She glances at Dick, then raises her wounded eyes to Bo. She is sworn in. Bo complains to Roman she is not up for this ... The defense attorney starts with the questions and points out she was a detective at the Salem P.D. when her husband was the commissioner, not to mention the fact that Commander Roman Brady was her brother-in-law. And as the lead detective in the case, she was the one who interviewed both Roman and Bo after their attacks. The defense yells about her crimes. Bo yells at the defense to stop, she has been through enough! The judge silences him, else he shall have him thrown out! The defense continues. Hope feebly testifies she
did a profile of the suspect they were seeking. The defense forces her to read the highlighted portion. She clears her throat and goes on to say the perpetrator's rage was fueled by personal motives. The defense wants to know if she is mentally competent. "I don't know," whispers Hope. The defense points out that evidence gathered by a crazy woman should not
be accepted against his client! Baker stands up and protests. The judge makes him sit down. Baker jumps up again, fires his lawyer, and declares the trial is over. "I plead guilty! Let her go, just let her go." She cannot take it. He tells the court there were times she did not even know who he was, so she should not be punished. The defense states this is against his counsel. The judge retorts the defendant has a constitutional right to be an idiot. Baker repeats he is guilty. He glances back at Bo and adds he is not the only one! The judge accepts his plea. Sentencing will be at a later time. Court is adjourned. The bailiff escorts the doctor out. He stops to address Hope, then changes his mind, and is gone. Hope will soon be transported back to her facility. Roman asks if she is alright. She whispers she is fine, though he does not believe it. Carly quietly leaves. Roman heads out to check on Sami. Bo tells Hope he is sorry. He should have seen this coming. She tells him to stop trying to look after her. Bo laments Baker was right about him. Hope wonders what will happen to the doc. She had thought when she looked at him that he knows the real her, whereas she does not! Bo reminds her that was not who she was. She asks Bo to keep that thought and is woefully led away. Bo sighs.
- Replay of Vivian gloating, then being warned by Gus that Victor will put her in a sarcophagus, if she is not careful! She thinks he is too negative. He points out when Maggie disappears, she will be suspected. He reminds her the last time she did such a thing, she was less than successful! Viv speaks in circles, claiming Maggie herself will take care of all that, so no one will be suspicious. She instructs Gus to await the sarcophagus. She is now off to lure Maggie into her trap!
- Nicole walks along the pier, relieved she is alive - for now. She laments after EJ finds out she gave Rafe the cd, she will be swimming with the fishes!
- At the mansion, EJ is unable to stop Sami from listening to the tape. "I have to hear it," she whispers, as Rafe watches approvingly. She believes they cannot live with this hanging over her head. EJ warns her that Rafe manufactured it. Sami says she will know if it is a fraud. EJ states he will not allow it. She states she will not marry him until she hears it! EJ frowns and steps aside. Rafe confidently presses play. After EJ's voice is heard saying he lives with that and he knows he could stand to lose everything
if Samantha found out, EJ insists on stopping it and announces he cannot let her listen to this. Rafe smirks. EJ begs her not to listen to anymore of this rubbish, for their children! She replies that she is doing this for their children. EJ looks like a cornered handsome rat. The recording continues. Sami hears the damning dialogue, EJ's admission of complete guilt and anger to Stefano. Her blue eyes fill with tears. She stops the cd and, looks at him accusingly. "You did it," she whispers as a tear trickles down her face, ruining her bridal makeup. "You did it." He tries to deny it. Sami quietly asks him to stop. She recognized his and Stefano's voices. She
asks Rafe to leave. He asks her to come with him. Rafe wants to take the cd to Roman. EJ retorts it will not be admissible in a court of law. Rafe berates him for only thinking of himself. He has to pay! EJ replies he will pay. "Not enough," growls Rafe. Sami asks him to stop. Rafe is sorry she had to go through this, takes his cd, and saunters out. Sami's gaze returns to EJ. "Just be honest with me. Look me in the eye and tell me that you took Sydney from me." Pause. "Yes, I took Sydney," he quietly admits. "Oh my God!" she exclaims as the horror of the thing sinks in.This means that at the hospital, when Nicole implored them to believe she knew not where Sydney was, he had her! Every time he put his arms around her,
he knew. He wanted to see her suffer, she accuses. EJ gets upset and
snaps she too once told him that his daughter was dead! Sami is utterly flabbergasted. "What?" He rages he spent hours with her body, thinking deceased Grace was his daughta and she kept her from him! Sami yells at him for exacting revenge when he found out their daughter was Sydney. She points out she kept the baby from him as a mother, after seeing a murder on the DiMera doorstep. She should have trusted her instincts. "You're a monster!" she cries. EJ insists she knows in her heart that is
not who he is!
- At the pub, Kate rejoins Stefano. Ally and Johnny are playing in the kitchen. The phoenix is darkly distracted. She asks what Rafe is up to. Stefano murmurs he knows not, but he sure as hell intends to find out!
He still does not share the details and glares at her when she makes light
of it. Did he really want EJ to marry Sami, given how much he despises her? Stefano stands up. He needs some air. Enter Nicole. She sadly notes that Sydney has grown. Kate wants her to get lost. Stefano is not in the mood for fireworks. Nicole wonders why they are not at the wedding. Stefano wonders what she knows. She mentions Rafe and hopes he does not do anything rash. Stefano would like to know what he could do! He pulls her aside and demands to know what she has done. She plays innocent. Stefano dangerously states he senses she has done something and is very afraid ...
- Chez Maggie, Mel is attempting to knit something for Dan and Chloe's baby. Enter the redhead, with news. She appreciates Mel and Phil being there, but they should really have their privacy. Mel assures her she is not going anywhere. Maggie smiles and says that she, in fact, might be leaving Salem, at least for a little while. Mel's face falls. Maggie would like to visit her daughters and take that cruise she and Mickey had planned. Mel cries she will miss her but hopes she will have fun. She forces a smile.
- Mel now heads to the hospital, where she sees Carly and finds out she cannot knit, either. She calls Carly mom and tells her she does not look well. Carly explains it was a rough morning, as Baker's lawyer put Hope on the stand and was brutal. She adds Bo cannot stand to see a woman in distress, her eyes filled with sadness ...
- Later Carly is home, in bed. Bo slowly gets in next to her and puts his arms around her. "How's Hope?" she asks. He replies he is worried about her. Moments later, Bo has a vision of Hope, imploring him to save her. He wakes up with a start and glances at sleeping Carly, his eyes filled with turmoil.
- Rafe meets up with Roman down at the pier, with an update. Sami is busy cussing EJ out and the wedding is off. He triumphantly hands the commander the cd, explains all the proof he has, and drawls the end is finally in sight!
- Back at the mansion, EJ dramatically confides that his plan was to take all the kids and leave Sami high and dry. Then he realized he was really just angry because she had deceived him -  and he still loved her. Sami gasps he does not know the meaning of love. He reminds her of all their recent tender moments. Sami cries it was an act. EJ continues, insisting
he loves her and they had wonderful moments. She bitterly tells him those days are over forever! EJ continues to state his case. He could no longer go through with it. He hated what he had done! In the end, he saw the light and could not take the children or leave her. He has been trying to make up for the horror he put her thru ever since. "That's why I asked you to marry me! So I could spend the rest of my life making up for what I did to you!" he declares.  Sami's blue eyes widen  ...

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