Days of Our Lives August 25, 2010
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
(up at 4:45 p.m. est Aug 24)
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Rafe's CD,  Nicole's admission, Dick's trial, Viv's plan ...

- At DiMera mansion, replay of FBI Rafe declaring that he has PROOF. Therefore, it is over for EJ! EJ snaps that he manufactured evidence. "Portrait of a man drowning," drawls Rafe. The fellas almost come to blows. Sami gets upset. "He ordered Anna to kidnap Sydney!" exclaims Rafe. "Him!" Sami turns and looks at Rafe in disbelief. Rafe explains he paid Anna a lot of money and it was about payback. EJ acts indignant. Sami cannot believe he would have done such a thing. EJ appeals to her. If he did that, why would he ask her to marry him? Rafe asks Sami to remember that he brought Sydney back after claiming she was dead.
How did he know where and how to find her? Sami's eyes are filled with tears as she faces at EJ. "You wouldn't do that to me ..." she says uncertainly. EJ replies he would never have put her through such pain. Rafe accuses him of wanting to put her through hell and watch first hand. EJ angrily orders Rafe to leave now! Rafe calmly states he will indeed - after Sami listens to this. He whips out his mini-recorder. He presses
play. Nicole's voice is heard, nervously telling the tale of how and why
she broke into the mansion. EJ looks down. Sami rolls her eyes. Nicole claims she taped the conversation she heard between EJ and Stefano ...
EJ suddenly snatches the mini-recorder away and growls that is enough! Rafe agrees. It is enough! The two adversaries stare darkly at each other. Sami sneers his proof is Nicole?! Rafe insists what he has is accurate.
He went halfway around the world chasing leads. And he did it all for her. He wanted her to know what a sick bastard EJ is. "Because I love you." Sami slaps him across the face. EJ smugly suggests he leave. Rafe quietly informs Sami he only went to Nicole for information. She must listen to the truth. He has never lied to her, unlike EJ. He reminds her how Elvis threatened to get his children back at Grace's funeral, with hatred in his eyes. That was the real him. Sami considers. EJ starts to get nervous. He points out he has changed. Sami agrees. Rafe disagrees. Sami barks at Rafe to shut up and accuses him of being with Nicole. And she will never take that liar and bitch Nicole at her word. She cries and asks Rafe to leave before EJ throws him out. He calmly refuses. "Cos there's more ..." What if she heard EJ say it in his own words to his father? Sami stops EJ from attacking and asks Rafe what he is talking about. Rafe has come prepared and triumphantly produces the CD. Sami blinks.
- Bo and Roman saunter into the courtroom. Suited Bo gets an update on Sami's non-wedding. Enter Baker in chains, escorted to his seat. Bo warns the doc he knew what he was doing so he will pay, despite the fact that this judge is usually overly lenient . He will see to it. Baker points out cop commissioners are supposed to be impartial. He stands up and calls him clueless. Enter Carly. Bo lunges to attack the prisoner, but Roman holds the tough guy back. Bo later sits with Roman and Carly. Roman reminds him if he screws it up, the doc will walk. He should think about Hope. Bo exclaims Hope is all he can think about! Here comes the judge. He reads the charges against Baker. The doc's defense wants all charges dropped
as the unstable woman already pleaded guilty. The D.A. insists he was a conspirator. The judge wishes to hear out the defense. Bo quietly tells Carly if the judge does not do the right thing, he will make sure Baker wishes he was dead! After Roman has given his testimony, Dick Baker's defense points out that Roman is family to the victim, and he was the one in charge of the case. He also points out Hope is already in prison for the crimes his client is accused of! The judge wants to see both lawyers in his chamber. Carly steps away to check her messages. Roman must get back to the station. Bo stands up and stares down the doc. He vows to make him pay if the judge lets him go free. Baker points out Bo put her through hell and he was the one who saved Bo. Bo accuses him of not helping her get help. Dick tells him he saw his house, what he had. He drove her out of her mind. Perhaps he must live with what he did, but so does Bo! Later, the trial continues. The judge refuses to dismiss the charges. Bo is called to the witness stand. He is solemnly sworn in, after Baker makes a snide remark about all the Bradys in Salem. Bo testifies that his wife is now in custody for the muggings. He agrees she attempted to take his life. He accuses Dick Baker of being the doctor who convinced his wife to kill him. The defense objects. He believes Bo has a vendetta against his client to appease his guilty conscience. Bo explains nothing will ever get rid of his guilt. He remarks he loved and admired Hope, only to watch helplessly as she slipped into hell. She loved him and their children. In the end, she was lost, and he was not there for her. Carly listens. Bo snaps. He shouts at Baker that he used and manipulated her and he will pay for what he did to his wife! Carly weeps. Bo steps down. The D.A. wishes to consult her notes. Bo is grateful Carly is there. She is sympathetic and stops him from having another outburst. The D.A. rests. The defense now plays its trump card, calling Hope Brady to the stand!
- At the pub, Victor growls at Vivian that these pics of sarcophagi make it look like Isabella was a pharaoh. Whatever possessed her to decide they needed one? Enter Maggie.Viv grins it must have been divine intervention that made her decide! Victor sarcastically invites Maggie to come see the sarcophagi. Maggie sarcastically says it looks nice. Viv purrs she is glad to hear it, especially from her, of all people! She goes on to tell Maggie of
the cold marble and satin lining. Eerie music is heard. Ring ring! Viv tells the caller the sarcophagus design is just genius. What a divine way to spend eternity! Victor gives her a suspicious look.
- Nicole rushes to Brady at the house of Kiriakis. She needs his help! EJ
will kill her! What did she do? She gave FBI Rafe proof to put EJ away. "For a very long time." Brady wants to hear all about it. Or she can get out! Nicole complains EJ thought he might have something to show she framed Arianna for the muggings, but she really didn't do it. Brady says, disgusted, she must have planted evidence on Ari. She denies it and gets back to the real story. EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney and she recorded him saying so, after which she blackmailed him. Brady nods bitterly. She did not bother to tell Sami and then cashed in from her hell. "You are unbelievable!" He adds she owed Sami after what she put her through. Nicole explains Rafe will stop the wedding that is about to take place. But after EJ hears what she said, he will kill her! She fears for her life. Brady thinks she should be. He suggests she call the cops. Even if she ends up
in prison, it might be the best place for her. She refuses to turn herself in. Brady drawls maybe he should turn her in! Then again, she is not worth the trouble. He concludes he is done with her, gives her a farewell peck
on the forehead, and walks out. Enter Victor, applauding, taunting he will celebrate with a drink! He smugly adds he heard something about EJ wanting to kill her. That must mean Agent Hernandez was successful. He was the one who delivered her up to him, he cackles! That was why Rafe was able to play her. Nicole thinks that was nasty. She declares she will not give up without a fight and starts to leave. Victor laughingly calls after her that Vivian can help her pick out her coffin!
- Vivian meets up with flunky Gus inside the gloomy Kiriakis crypt. He warns her if she goes through with her sordid plan, she could wind up dead, courtesy of her husband. Madame VIv will not be deterred. She purrs poor Maggie's red hair with clash with the pink satin lining of her sarcophagus. And she planned that on purpose, too. "Tacky in perpetuity. I love thinking about that!"
- Brady heads for the pub and orders a scotch on the rocks. Maggie tries to stop him, but he drinks up anyway. "No more Mr. Nice Guy." The redhead gives him a look. He puts the drink down. Maggie is still not impressed. "I think we need to go to a meeting." He reluctantly agrees. She wonders what he was upset about. He found out his grandfather was right and he was wrong. And he hates that!
- Back at the mansion, EJ repeats his claim that the evidence has been manufactured, as Rafe places the CD in his computer Sami wants Rafe
to play the damning dialogue he claims to have. Now. EJ is speechless,
his eyes filled with desperation ...

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