Days of Our Lives August 24, 2010
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Chloe hears the baby is Dan's, Rafe announces he has PROOF!

- Angry bride Sami snaps at Rafe that the house had better be on fire
for interrupting her wedding! He drawls it is every bit as serious. EJ is
not amused. Stefano darkly advises him to leave. "Not until I talk to Sami," says Rafe. EJ laughs sarcastically. Sami reminds Rafe they have both moved on. There is nothing to say. She begs him to leave. Rafe insists he never stopped caring about her and once she hears what he has to say, it will all be clear. EJ frowns. He dangerously warns him to leave. Rafe flat out refuses. Stefano reminds him they have security people. Roman intervenes. What is an extra five minutes? Sami exclaims nothing he says will change her mind. Roman points out then there is no harm in listening to the guy. Stefano asks Rafe if he wants things done the easy way or the hard way. Rafe is not in the least bit intimidated and lets him know. Sami now informs EJ she will give Rafe only 5 minutes, though
she is certain nothing will change her mind. EJ tensely watches as Sami and Rafe walk out of the room together. He assures Stefano it is only a
last ditch attempt to win her back. The phoenix hopes to God he is right. Roman wonders if there will be a wedding. EJ insists there will. Roman doubts it and warns he wouldn't shed any tears. Stefano cannot believe
EJ would want that man as his father-in-law. EJ admits he intends to keep the whole Brady bunch at bay once he is wed! Kate and Lexie get some champagne, then look at EJ, as he sits alone.
Out in the foyer, Sami accuses Rafe of seducing Nicole and not wanting her to be happy. She starts to leave, but stops dead in her tracks when he points out this is about SYDNEY. Still mad, she accuses him of sleeping with Nicole and defends EJ as a father who will be good for her kids, but Rafe begs to differ.That man does not deserve to be a father. He shakes his head. "Not after what he's done!" He has used his children as a tool to manipulate the mother of his children. Sami continues to defend him and wants Rafe to leave. He tells her he loves her and begs her to listen to what he has to say.
Inside, Stefano reminds Will that they must show respect for his mother. Will is impressed. Lexie takes a seat next to EJ, who is confident that Sami's attraction for Rafe is permanently over. Kate soon approaches
and reminds EJ it is not too late to call of this wedding. Sami will never make a good partner. EJ drawls he has no intention of walking away from his wife. "Don't say I didn't warn you," coos Kate. Sami now returns with a solemn Rafe and announces she must ask everyone to leave. Except EJ. He must stay ...
- Chloe opens her door to Carly, who bears new. The baby is Daniel's!
They embrace. Outside the door, Dan mutters it was the right thing. All that matters is for Chloe to be happy! He enters, surprised to see Carly. She explains she dropped by with Chloe's birthday present. He would like to see it. Pause. She whips out teething rings. Chloe profusely thanks her for everything. She now asks Daniel where he went. He received a text which made him need to get away. Carly thinks she should get going. But Dan would rather she remain, as he has something to say to them both. Carly gets tense. Dan praises Carly for being a great friend to him and Chloe. Carly smiles she cannot wait to meet their baby. Dan explains to Chloe that someone on the hospital board was able to snag two tickets for them to Carmen, as well as a private tour of the art institute. Hence the text message that made him leave for a moment. Chloe is elated, thanks Dan and Carly for everything, and goes in the other room to call her parents. Carly nervously flashes back to saying she was DONE on the hospital computer. Dan wonders what she is suddenly so serious about. She replies she is fine, but admits she was previously concerned about a patient. There were two options and she made the choice herself. She thinks she did the right think. Dan says that is good. Carly gets emotional that he will at least be able to raise this child. He assures her that in the end, things also worked out for himself, her, and Melanie.
- At the hospital, a nurse sees Nath on his laptop and teases him about checking the sports scores. He closes it hastily and says he will see her around.
- Meanwhile, Ian and Stephanie discuss who mysteriously changed the paternity test results. She wonders if it was Phillip or someone she does not know about. He does not think she should care, given the end result. She repeats the importance of keeping Mel away from Nath. Ian assures her things are good. Just then suspicious Nath walks in and demands to know what is up with them! Steph lies he came to install a new firewall. Ian departs. Nath states he does not like that guy. Steph promises he will not see him again. She is relieved to hear his bone was just bruised, there is no fracture. She notes he is jumpy and also took long to come home.
He explains he stayed at the hospital to await some important test results. However, she seems jumpy to him - and he is pretty sure he knows why. She mentions having computer problems. He brings up everyone at the hospital knowing. She gets worried for a moment, then becomes relieved when he assumes she is having difficulty with the new software at work. She loves him. They kiss and end up back in the bedroom. He teases her about her areas of expertise. Afterwards, he gets himself a glass of water. Steph thinks of the possible repercussions of the test switch for Phillip's baby and is now not sure about what she is doing. Nathan returns and notices her long face. She admits she has kept things from him, out of
fear of losing him. He promises her he is not going anywhere. As of right now, no more secrets. She agrees and they kiss. As she sleeps in Nath's arms, he appears preoccupied.
- Alone in Maggie's kitchen, Mel stares at her computer, muttering this was best for everyone. Phil is outside, relieved about his own problem being solved, and saunters in to kiss his wife. He is hungry, but not for food. He notices she was on the St. Mary's website. She shares that she decided not to go there and notes he is in a good mood. How did his problem work out? He grins things went his way and it is all good now! The computer problem at work was solved by IT genius Leonard. Mel is glad. They kiss and then discuss getting their own place. Mel would like
to be close enough to her dad and Maggie. Even Chloe? asks Phil. Sure. She hopes she will calm down soon. Phil's phone rings. Mel notices and wonders why Chloe is texting him. Phil grabs the phone and has a look.
It is nothing, Chloe just wants them to come over. Mel giggles to let the good times roll in broken French. They return to Dan's apartment. Chloe is glad they came, as she feels it is time to really celebrate her and Dan's baby! She smiles at Phil, who grins right back. The gang enjoy a toast
with sparkling cider as Chloe thanks them all for putting up with her being so high maintenance. Life is now perfect. They drink to the baby ...
- Back at the mansion, EJ points out this is supposed to be their wedding. Sami is sorry, but she promised to hear Rafe out, and she needs EJ to be with her. Roman cheerfully suggests the guests head to the Brady pub for free drinks. Stefano cannot believe it. EJ asks the phoenix to get the kids out of there. Roman grins he will not be able to make the wedding - if indeed it takes place - as he is expected in court. EJ states there WILL be a wedding, after he shows just what a pathetic man Rafe Hernandez is! Roman mutters to Rafe that whatever he has, he hopes it's good. Rafe continues to stare down EJ. The guests disperse.
- Stefano, Lexie, and Kate arrive outside the pub. Lexie is paged to the hospital, advises papa Stefano to stay calm, and takes off. The phoenix sighs. Kate senses he knows what is going on with Rafe. He believes they
will soon find out ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami woefully wonders if Rafe just wanted
to make her happy day tragic. He states she will remember it indeed. He turns to her almost groom. What about EJ? What is he thinking? Sami snaps he probably wants to throw him out. Rafe, however, is convinced he is trying to figure out what he has. Sami is sick of his thing about EJ. Rafe addresses EJ. He has has been chasing one dead lead after another, though he now has proof! "Proof," EJ drawls doubtfully. Rafe stares him squarely in the eye and informs him he has long known exactly what he did, he was simply missing the proof to make Sami believe it .The time has come. He has the evidence he needs. "It's over!" Rafe triumphantly declares."It's finally over!"

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