Days of Our Lives August 23, 2010
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Monday, August 23, 2010
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- At DiMera mansion, Judge Fitzpatrick tells the bride and groom the importance of truth and honesty. She gets to the speak now or forever gold your piece part. Kate makes a snide remark about Sami's wedding disasters. All of a sudden, wild banging is heard on the front door! Sami cringes. Will thinks it's funny. Stefano assures the guests it will take but
a moment. Kate now opens the door. Tis Roman, who has heard about the wedding. He barges in and announces he is there to make an arrest! Stefano voices his disagreement. Roman explains he is not there to arrest Stefano. EJ thinks he is there to arrest him. Roman, however, is there to arrest his daughter, to prevent her from making this disastrous mistake!
He places handcuffs on a flabbergasted Sami. Will is laughing. "Sorry, sweetheart," drawls Roman. The judge excuses herself to the garden. EJ wants to know the charges. Roman does not know yet. Sami assures him she does not need his protection. She wants a life with EJ, whom she loves, and they will have a life together. That is what she wants for her children. She implores him to let them be happy. Roman decides not to stand in her way and apologizes. He loves his daughter. She loves him
too. He walks toward the door. She follows him and invites him to stay. He wonders about Rafe. What happened when she went to see him? She flashes back to what she saw and laments she was wrong to think they could reconcile. She adds she has feelings for EJ. Roman has his doubts. Sami repeats she loves EJ, who is great to her and her kids. She hopes Roman can be a part of that life.
Stefano takes EJ aside and admits he was worried Roman would say something about EJ kidnapping Sydney. EJ nervously says that is not possible. Lexie returns and asks the quiet phoenix if he is alright with this wedding. He chuckles the DiMeras have many other enemies. The judge returns. Roman grudgingly takes a seat. EJ goes on to charmingly praise
all the kids. "Our children, they really taught me to love." He cannot imagine not having their love and Sami's love in his life and it makes him ever so happy that today they are making things permanent. Roman sighs. Sami praises EJ as someone who loves her and she trusts him. She thanks him for bringing Sydney home to her. He is an amazing father and she feels he will make the best husband.
- Meanwhile, Rafe listens to the entire taped conversation -
read it here! Nicole looks defeated. Rafe repeats it is all he needs. She wishes to know what he will do with it, her voice feeble. She assumes he intends to rush over and cut EJ's throat with it. Not yet.  He will have to wait until he has all his t's crossed in this case, but EJ is soon going down! Nicole warns him that Sami is not worth it. He tells her to shut up. She has no right to badmouth anyone, especially not Sami. Nicole was the one who started the whole mess! She points out she has saved his case, so no need to be nasty. He reminds her he is giving her immunity and letting her keep all that cash. She, however, fears the DiMeras will kill her, and she just
wants him to care! The guy she spoke to last night cared and he would never knife her in the back. Does he remember that guy? Pause. He can offer her FBI protection, take it or leave it. She retorts she will leave it
and walks out. Rafe watches after her ...
- At the birthday party from hell, Mel goes in the other room to get some sparkling cider. Everyone now gets a glass. Dan toasts to his fiancee, their love, and their baby. "May all our wishes come true." Clink clink! Chloe
is most anxious. Dan reminds his beloved that things will change but they will only get better. Starting right now. Melanie agrees. Phil puts his arm around her. Dan thinks this is the day they realized all their dreams will come true. Phil loses it. "That's it!" he growls. It is time to go! He states he forgot he has a conference call planned. Dan and Chloe thank them
for coming. Mel hugs them. Phil adds he hopes this day is good for Chloe and leaves with his wife. Once the guests have gone, Dan notes Chloe is tense. She is fine, just birthday pressure. She loves him. He understands the pressure of having a baby. But it will be wonderful. Chloe blinks her pretty blue eyes at him and says as long as she has him, she can handle anything. They kiss. Afterwards, shirtless Dan lies with sleeping Chloe.
He murmurs he would do anything for her! He gets a new message on his phone, kisses sleeping Chloe, and slips out of bed.
- At the hospital, Sister Anne is surprised Carly came to pick up the ready results in person. Carly explains that her patient means a great deal to her. The nun checks the computer.Oops. There is a problem. Miss Scott did not sign the necessary form to allow her to give out that information. She could call her. "No!" exclaims Carly. Not necessary. She is certain Dana signed the form. Sister Anne goes off to check. Carly soon talks to Mel
on the phone and asks about Chloe's party. She was hormonal but Daniel is looking forward to the baby, Mel says solemnly. She remarks that Carly sounds stressed. Carly admits the patient whose test she is awaiting means a lot to her. Mel must now go, as Phil has arrived for their meetup at the pub. Click. Sister Anne comes back and smiles Carly was talking to her daughter. They discuss how talented a nurse she is. Unlike the nurse who dd not file the signed confidentiality form. Sister Anne can show her the results now. She turns the computer so Carly can have a look.
- At the apartment, Steph looks at the computer monitor and declares it is a total nightmare! She starts to gasp. Ian is confused. If the father is not her boyfriend, what's the big deal? She gasps she will lose Nathan, and others who are dear to her will lose everything! Is he sure? He turns the computer around and points out the results are negative for the guy who was tested. She cries Mel will run to Nathan. Dana Scott is a pseudonym for Chloe, who slept with Phillip. She panics she has lost Nathan and rushes out. Ian follows his weeping friend down to the pier. He consoles her by pointing out things might not be that bad. Steph sighs she knows what will happen unless ... She now gets a hopeful look in her eye and decides maybe everything can be okay. They go back to her place and
she charmingly asks if he likes and trusts her. Affirmative. She wants him to hack in again - and change the word "negative" to "positive." He replies no way, it is illegal. She tells him if he cares about her, he will do this for her and she will be forever grateful. He stammers it is wrong. She stares
at him. He looks at her pretty face and agrees. She thanks him for saving her life. He gets to work ...
- Rafe is with Nicole at the FBI HQ, advising her not to try and run away again. She is curious about something. After he blows EJ out of the water, how exactly does he intend to get Sami back? Moments later, Nicole is introduced to Agent Lou, who will be taking care of her. Lou informs
Rafe that Gabi called him. Rafe gets on the phone and his little sister tells him of a very strange text she just received from Will - about Sami. What about Sami? She is marrying EJ DiMera right now!  Rafe takes off like a bat out of hell ...
- At Brady pub, Phil gets a text message. He informs Melanie that he has something to do, kisses her, and departs, a grin on his handsome face.
- Chloe wakes up alone in bed, then goes on her computer. She visits the St. Mary's website ...
- Daniel walks along the pier alone and takes out his phone. He sends a message. "Do it!"
- Meanwhile, Phil is on his phone just outside the pub. "It's a yes or a no. Can you? Man, if you could pull this off, it would mean the world to me!"
- Back at home, Mel stares at her laptop monitor and visits the St. Mary's website ...
- Back at the hospital, Carly logs out of the records computer. "Alright. Done."
- Hopeful hacker Ian now gets back into the St Mary's system as Steph anxiously awaits. He exclaims something is weird. The results have been changed from positive to negative! Steph wonders who would do have done it ...
- Meanwhile, Dan, Phil, Mel, and Chloe have each finished taking care of something important, but unseen by others!
- Carly heads to Chloe's place and stops at the door, ready to knock.
- At FBI HQ, Agent Cooper gets a call while chowing down on pizza Nicole sneaks out.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami takes Elvis to be her lawful wedded
husband. They are holding hands. Roman stares darkly at the scene of almost wedded bliss. Elvis takes her to be his lawful wedded wife. The bride and groom are now wearing their wedding rings. Sami smiles and gazes up at EJ. The judge starts to pronounce them man and wife. All of
a sudden, Rafe bursts in. "Hold it! Stop!" he commands. "Nobody say another word!" The guests all turn and stare at the intruder, whose dark eyes burn with intensity ...

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"You can stop playing games with me because I think I just figured out why that clown Ian was here!" Nath snaps at Steph.
"There's something I would like to say," Dan tells Carly.
Sami faces Rafe. "We don't have anything to say to each other!" Rafe's eyes flicker and he glances at EJ.